Alpha-H Limited Edition Super Size Liquid Gold 200ml

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Alpha-H Limited Edition Super Size Liquid Gold Zoom
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1 asif ramjanali
good products
5 Kiana
Repurchased this multiple times. I've tried other things to get the same results but nothing quite lives up to this. It makes my skin shine and is my favourite product ever! Worth the price!
5 Rebecca
This stuff is amazing! My skin is super oily & texture of my skin is uneven, I get a lot of under the skin bumps especially on my forehead & chin. I pour this onto a cotton pad & sweep over the skin after cleansing every other night& my skin has never looked so good! My skin is smooth & bright & it really helps to reduce the amount of blemishes & marks I get. I stopped using it for a while as I was curious to try other products & my skin has never looked worse, I can't live without this product now
5 Biljana
Great product, the best I have ever tried, visible results!
5 Irene
Just love it!!!! I use is every evening and its amazing. In the morning my face glow and all of my past breakouts red marks are all gone!! It makes my skin smooth, im really impressed!!!Highly recommend !!!
5 Chloe
So I've never actually purchased this product but I got sent a free sample the other day and I've got to say that liquid gold is amazing. I don't have clear skin at all I had soooo many spots but I used this once and I woke up with the clearest skin I've had since I was probably 9 years old!!! I love it and highly recommend it's amazing using this once is better than all the products I've used for the past 8 years combined!!!
5 Nicole
This product really is gold, I have broken capillaries on my face and nothing has ever worked to get rid of them, I have even had lazer and it didn't really make much of a difference. This is the only product that I've used that has reduced them. Plus it makes my skin really soft and supple, highly recommend!! x
5 Katelyn
Has made a huge improvement to my skin, reduced my acne and scarring and left me with a much clearer complexion all round. I'm very impressed and its worth the price because my 50ml sample size has still got lots left and i bought it months ago!
5 Leon
I've been using this for 2 weeks and I can already see the results, it's really effective. I am 28 years old with dry, sensitive and dull looking skin that can get congested in hot humid weather. It doesn't dry me out at all and I use it alone 3 nights a week, without a moisturiser after. In the morning my skin feels super soft, it looks glowing instead of dull and it's not drying at all. I am looking forward to seeing some longtime results. Also, I think it would last a really long time since you need to use so little. Amazing!
4 Nataliya Lyalyuk
Results are really visible after the very first application. Alcohol among the ingredients is a downside for me. Also caution with sensitive skin.
5 Olga
ATTENTION!!! Best product ever purchased for any skin type. I don't recommend you to buy it because then there will be just me who is beautiful;) MUST HAVE PRODUCT for ALL WOMAN!!! Rating 100 out of 100. 5 is simply not enough.
5 NIcky
Loved this right from the start. I use it on it's own, every 2 or 3 nights. I never had problem skin, but always struggled with blackheads and just lackluster skin. Honestly I didn't think a product could solve both, tried a bunch of products and just thought most hypes were clever marketing. I now finally have even, glowing skin - I look like I drink green smoothies all day (tried it - even that didn't work). I'm so happy to have found this, and I feel so happy in my skin now (ha!). Bottle (100 ml) lasted me for months. Highly recommended! Ordering my 200 ml bottle now.
4 Worldcultured
I'd heard about the LG for so long and I finally got it, half expecting a miracle that would give me instant glowing skin overnight! Well it's a tad more complicated than that. Now, there is no doubt that this is an extremely well formulated product. The delicate part is to adjust its use to your skin type and its current condition. I've read some review from people complaining that it broke them out, made their skin really oil or irritated... It's all very possible if you don't pay attention to your skin's tolerance to the product. I have really sensitive combination skin, and exfoliation is a delicate part of my routine, since I have to find an effective, yet non irritating way of keeping my skin smooth. I started using the LG every 2 days, on clean skin and without applying anything on top of it. I just make sure to apply my eye cream first and avoir the eye area. After a few times using it, I did see a great improvement in my skin's texture and smoothness. However, I also started noticing rough patches and small breakouts around my jaw and down my cheeks. Since the product is resurfacing, I expected it to detoxify my skin and to break me out a bit. I kept on using it per usual, waiting for the breakouts to receid. But my skin kept on getting rougher around my jaw line. And it did make me oily around the nose. Now, with skincare, it's all about the right dosage and waiting for your skin to adjust itself progressively, and sometimes the product is just not right for you. Still, after finally getting my hands on it, and seing the great results so many people had, I didn't want to give up on it so easily. I started using it every 3 days instead and voila! The product was obviously too potent for my skin and waiting an extra day before using it made all the difference! The breakouts disappeared, and though I'm still a bit oily around the nose, it's well worth the smoothness and brightness I get from using it. I don't go out of my way to use any other exfoliants, and I'm almost done with my bottle. It's important to note that you absolutely need to wear an spf everyday and moisturize your skin with non-agressive products. I already ordered the LG night serum and I can't wait to see how it'll work while I transition from the LG to the serum. This product is worth taking the time to experiment and see how your skin adapts to it. It's perfectly fine to use it even once a week if that's all your skin can take. As far as I'm concerned, I was a bit worried for a while but I don't regret my purchase and I'm really glad I was persistent with it! Just be attentive to what your skin is and what it needs. There is no one magic formula for all! I hope this will be helpful if you're having doubts about purchasing this ^^
5 Rosita
I LOVE this. I have sensitive skin that gets red and irritated easily. But this has worked like a dream. When I have red spots or uneven skin tone and use this at night; I wake up to even, clear and bright skin. It also has worked tremendously with the size of my pores. Since using this they became significantly smaller. I just ordered my second bottle and will continue to repurchase it.
5 Ana
I am just about to finish my first bottle and I absolutely adore it. I have dry, but acne prone skin and it has helped so much with my hyperpigmentation and old acne scarring. I use it about two nights a week, just on its own. The next morning my skin looks so amazing, the pores are minimized and the overall impression is just beautiful, radiant skin. However, I do not use it on days I know I will be spending a lot of time in the direct sun.
5 Charity
I highly recommend this product. I bought the big bottle months ago and thought I'd leave a review seeing as I'm about to purchase a new bottle. I am a black woman and was suffering from awful skin and bad hyperpigmentation. My skin was very sensitive and after extensive research I decide to incorporate this product into my regime. At first I would inspect my skin to see if there were any changes but soon enough lost interest in my daily inspections as I couldn't see much change. I then went on one of my many summer holidays and one of the girls commented on how amazing my skin looked and that's when I realised how well this product has been working. Then my gymbuddy also commented on how I no longer hard dark hyperpigmentation marks on my face and how much my skin had cleared and was now glowing. I also use it in conjunction with a SPF50. Everytime I look at my skin I am in absolute awe of how far along it's come. I barely even get spots these days. If you're thinking about buying this product I would recommend you get it. Incorporate into your regime and stick with it. Do not expect overnight miracles!
5 Rikke Halberg
5 Yvette
This is a really good product. I's like a magic wand against blackheads and tired, dull skin. Use it as a mask when you go to bed and wake up with a skin from heaven! Definitely worth the money!
5 Joanne
Having used this product for a few weeks now I can certainly see a difference in my skin. Forehead wrinkles are looking smoother (I'm 41 so wrinkles have started to get a bit deeper than I'd like) and my skin looks clearer. I find that it works best for me if I wipe my cleansed face with the product a few times (by the second or third time I can just about feel a tingle). I notice that it clears away any lingering grease and dirt. By the morning my skin looks and feels great - not at all dry. I'd definitely recommend it and it's staying on my reorder list.
Age:29 Skin type: Sensitive/combination Length of product use: 4 weeks Review: Super product deserving of its cult status. Was very concerned initially in terms of whether this would be too abrasive for my sensitive skin. Luckily it wasn't. The initial sensation on application is borderline to burning but that soon disperses (within 5 minutes). The effects are rather spectacular. 1. My skin is smoother 2. My pores are less pronounced 3. Generally glowing more (although this may be due to my general efforts to eat more healthily as well) Independent of the other changes that I have made to my routine. I would highly recommend adding this to your beauty repertoire. I concur with other reviews that the application process of soaking a cotton pad is rather wasteful but have yet to think of a way around that without directly pouring it on to face. I have also shared the product with my mother (56 who also saw a fantastic effect to her skin). My boyfriend who suffers from spots also likes this and says that it does help reduce redness and help the spots go away.
5 Elizabeth
I've been using this for years now, and after going through several of the 100ml bottles, it was time to invest in the large one! This product is so effective for achieving radiant skin, but it has also helped with my acne. This is a part of my skin care regimen that won't be swapped out anytime soon. It's my most used and most loved skin care product <3
4 Penta Veronika Juric
5 Adrienne
This is a really great treatment but make sure not to get in the habit of using it everyday!! Every other day at the most but from my experience, my skin is glowing when I use it only twice a week. The texture of my skin has greatly improved and I find it definitely helps keep blemishes away. I bought the 200ml which will last me a very very long time!
5 Deeksha
This is god-sent. Just pick it up, make this one investment and your skin will thank you like never before. I wish I could show a before and after picture. So I had bad acne at the age of 24! I tried everything and nothing worked. Alpha H is what you need. It improved my skin's texture like never before and really stubborn scarring has also lightened with time. Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! It will work miracles!
5 Kristine
I was thrilled with the results from AlphaH Liquid Gold the first time I used it. It's done wonders for my skin and I'm totally sold on it. I hated wasting any by putting it on a cotton pad, so I actually transferred some into a little bottle with an eye dropper. I just drop it directly onto my skin, and hold my hand under it to catch it, so I can smooth it right on my face with my hand, and I'm not wasting any on the cotton.
5 Rebecca
AMAZING. If I was to throw out all my skin care products and keep one, it would be this Liquid Gold. Though it's pricey, it's the only product that I've really loved from the first time I used it, so it's more than worth it. For me, I see results almost immediately, leaving my skin so plump and SO smooth. I have a massive problem with acne scarring, and by shedding away the congested layer of dead skin, this speeds up the healing process by a mile (even for active breakouts too). Will continue to buy for a long time!
5 Elaine Helliwell
i bought liquid gold after a friend told me about it, i am 55 next month and i cant believe the difference this has made to my skin, its as if after years of applying products my skin can finally breath, never liked wearing much makeup and with liquid gold i need less, will be buying again and i look forward to the nights i apply this amazing product cant rate it high enough
5 Sophie
Brilliant stuff. Feels bizarre to swipe over your face, and I hate the loss of product through the application, but works wonders : ). Almost all my acne scarring. pigmentation is gone, and new spots seem to disappear before they can ever become something. Pure gold.
5 Nicola
Fantastic product... I have used this product for a month now and the results really are INCREDIBLE.. i have dry skin with the occasional spot.. I also had some weird bumps that were there for years - GONE! skin looks incredible, I will be using this product forever.
5 Stephanie
So glad I bought this. Have been using this stuff for about a month and I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin. It wasn't immediate but it's definitely noticeable. I have had quite noticeable scarring/pigmentation on my cheeks and jawline for a couple years now and Alpha H has been the most effective thing I've tried. Scars are getting lighter and my skin just looks more even/smooth. Can't wait to see what this does long term.
5 Suzie
Hands down best product I have ever used. Wish I could use it every night! The mornings after I have I wake up with such a difference to my skin, especially that time of month I get cystic acne. Normally I'm also super-reactive and am irritated by most products (rashes and/or breakouts), but I've never had a problem with this product, even using it every other night. It's been my personal miracle in a bottle!
5 Karuna
Name says it all.. I just used it twice and I can see remarkable difference.. Love this product!!
5 Josefine Sapire
This really is a wonderful product. My skin has been so greasy and hard to treat since being both dry and oily. I was sceptical of using this without any moisturizer after, but it has really changed my skin totally. Now I have a matte finish, and even if I get sweaty my skin stays fresh. I highly recomend this. Ive been using it together with the Balancing Aloe Cleanser and the Exfoliator cream a few times a week. Im never changing brand again.
5 Ina
Reordered the bigger bottle this time! The product really is a miracle worker and reduced my acne scaring and large pores. The skin looks and feels rejuvenated the next morning. Don't forget sunscreen though!
5 Silvia
I got this product in biggest size. It is amazing for spring and summer nights, or when we don't feel the need to use more than one product to go to sleep. In my 40's.
5 Jaclyn
This is probably one of the best products I am currently using for my skin. I use it once or twice a week at night after cleansing and when I wake up after using this my skin looks and feels amazing. Very clarifying, but gentle. I have sensitive dry skin and this doesn't cause me any problems. Pricey but worth it. A little goes a very long way so you get really good value for the price!
5 Ana
Previously I used the smaller version (100ml) and was super happy with the results. My skin glows the next morning and i even have matify a bit as at times it can be too much :) I don't use this in summer but can't live without it when it's colder. Alpha H is a line of products where it's hard to go wrong...
5 Katherine
I've been using this for about 3 weeks and my skin looks amazing! My skin is no longer flaky, and after I wake up the next morning my skin looks plump and not irritated at all. I will definitely be repurchasing this!
5 georgia
amazing product,skin looks overall a lot better,brighter and healthier.

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