Morphe 600 12 Piece Sable Brush Set

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Morphe 600 12 Piece Sable Brush Set

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3 chase
The fan brush was messed up and looked tacky! The brushes where hard until washing them then they work amazingly except for the fan brush it did not pick up any thing so I recommend set but don't get your hopes up for a good fan bush
4 Emily
Arrived quick. Very very happy with the quality for such a good price! Look a bit dull and they smell pretty strong and chemically however there is hardly any bristles falling off! Have not yet used them but they look fab! :)
5 Maiken
This set is perfect for beginners. The big powder brush and blush brush aren't as amazing as the rest of the kit but it still gets my 5 points here. Love Morphe. This site is so dangerous for me, in a positive way, because once I bought and got my stuff I only want more. Like seriously it's so cheap here and I'm not kidding when I say I'm gonna spend all my money here!!
5 Ella
I had to buy these when I saw the low price and I'm honestly not disappointed at all - they're so good.
4 Taylor
I've been wanting Morphe Brushes for awhile since many beauty bloggers recommended them. I bought this set thinking it would be amazing but the powder brushes were quite scratchy and make my skin itch. The angled liner brush is too big to do a small eyeliner look and doesn't pick up any of my brow creme so I cant use it for my eyebrows. Although these were a bit disappointing I would recommend getting this set if you don't mind the cons. The fan brush is AMAZING. The brushes pick up so much product that I can just dip my brush into my powder and that's all I need for my entire face. I will be ordering more Morphe Brushes :)
4 Inka
When I saw this set, I couldn't believe the price but had heard amazing things about Morphe. This set lives up to the hype about the brand! The brushed are mostly really soft and give me the desired effect. A couple of them weren't as soft but still performed well and made my makeup look blended and soft!
5 Ceri
Excellent brush set with high quality soft bristles, delivered quickly and packaged well, highly recommend. :)
5 Lauren
Love these! Super soft and amazing with application, and arrived very quickly!! Definitely recommend
5 Emily
Great quality, arrived very quickly too, super soft too.
5 Anon
These brushes are actually amazing! They are very soft but also sturdy at the same time so that they keep their shape but don't hurt you or feel uncomfortable. I have used almost all of the brushes and love all of them! The blush brush has got to be one of my favourites as well as the fan brush as the blush brush is amazing size and the fan brush is very precise at applying highlighter neatly! Morphe brushes are so good!
5 Elina
Thank you, Beauty Bay, for your high-quality products and fast delivery! The parcel safely came to Moscow in 10 working days as stated. Brush set is outstanding especially taking into account the price! Will definitely order more products from here!
4 Inga
A nice and cheap brush set. I highly recommend this set because of the price and quality of the brushes..
5 Ife
Really soft brushes, particularly the blush brush, it's my favourite already, delivery was quick and would highly recommend.
5 Aaliyah
These brushes are of such high quality for the price, the set has a wide range of brushes which everyone needs. They are incredible in my opinion, they were packaged lovely and delivered so quickly.

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