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Morphe 600 12 Piece Sable Brush Set

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Morphe 600 12 Piece Sable Brush Set Zoom
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3 Neena
Relatively good brushes - fan brush sucks though, doesn't pick up any highlight, other than that they're okay for the price.
5 Laila
It is amazing. I'm totally satisfied with these brushes! :)
5 Matilda
I have been keeping my eye on this for quite a while actually, I was shocked when I first read the price. It arrived very quickly (2-3 days of ordering) but if came with an awful smell, it was only the pouch that it came with but the brushes have picked up some of the smell. They all arrived in nice shape, packaged nicely. There are no bristles falling off and thy work perfectly, I haven't yet used all of them, only the powder, blush, fan and spoolie brushes - they have worked amazingly!!! I would definitely recommend this, especially for the price! These will definitely be in good use! :) xxx
5 Kate
Bought this for my daughter and she absolutely loved it. Great brush and such a cheap price!
5 Katerina
I just received my order! I also bought the 350M pallete and I'm sooooo happy!!! Very quick delivery, a week from my order! I will order again of course!
5 Emily
These brushes are really soft and I love them !! They are great value for money and the bristles don't fall out when using them ! The set is perfect for beginners !!
5 Abbie
Very very pleased with these brushes,came very fast and needed a new set off brushes and with this price it's defo worth it!!
4 kim
love them! ordered them last night and they arrived first thing this morning so I was very impressed. The quality of the brushes is very good for the price.
3 nakeelah
is alright,but i agree with chase is very hard
2 Annabel
The eye brushes are good but the rest of the brushes are disappointing. I can't even use the powder brush because it feels like scraping sandpaper down my face and it sheds bristles all over me. For the price this set is okay but i wouldn't recommend it.
5 Annabel
Fab brushes - great selection and perfect for beginners. Very happy with purchase and great delivery.
2 Sam
i have wanted morphe brushes for so long now, thought i'd try this as a beginner set! were hard and itchy and the fan and blush brush didn't pick up anything.
4 Angelina
1) The brush is a very good , considering the good deal you're getting it for.2) Be sure to wash the brushes before the first use , when I got the brushes , I touched them and a weird sort of powder flew up , I washed them and they work like a Charm.3) About the smell , it's not too pungent that you'd want to rip your lungs out. Keep the brush case open for a while , the leathery smell will disappear. 4) There is an occasional fall out of some brush hair / bristles in the starting , nothing to huge.5) Brushes blend the products well and properly. 6) The fan brush might seem an issue to those who are used to wearing blinding highlights, which is not the fault of a fan brush. For a more intense highlighting brush , go check out the Morphe M510 , it is the BEST packer brush for highlighting, and is also available on Beautybay itself. 7) Delivery was very quick and concluding , this product deserves a good 4. Hope this review helped:)
5 Daisy
Very happy with the quality, the brushes are nice and long and feel like they're going to last, powder brush isn't as soft as the Lottie London one that I have already but I'm very happy with the blush brush, perfect size for contour for me.
3 chase
The fan brush was messed up and looked tacky! The brushes where hard until washing them then they work amazingly except for the fan brush it did not pick up any thing so I recommend set but don't get your hopes up for a good fan bush
5 Sana zaman
I've never had a problem with morphe brand always positive things to say. I'm very impressed with the brushes, picks up more on the brush than other brushes!
5 Jessica clarke
Very good product ! Would recommend
4 Aimee
Love these brushes for the price tag!! The eye brushes and the fan brush are amazing! The bigger brushes aren't as soft but still do the job. Also, after washing them there was quite a strong smell but overall I think the brushes are very good!
4 Lizzie
Really like this brush set, the only thing letting it down is the large powder brush. It would probably be fine for applying powder to a specific area of the face (under eye etc) but not for all-over setting as it's not soft enough in my opinion.
4 Tash
Cons: Powder and blush brush are very rough. It's scratches my face. Pros: brushes pick up quick a lot of product, especially the eye brushes and lip brush (I use the lip brush for my eyes to build darker contours in the corner of my eyes). It's a good beginning set, and it's for a good price too.
5 Anna Kaur
Beautiful brushes, great price would highly recommend these!
1 Henna
i thought il purchase these and also do a a very honest review about them for people who want to know the truth as i purchased them with my own money. You get alot of brushes for the price which is a bonus however i wasnt 100% happy with these bcz few of brushes you wouldnt even use and maybe throw away. The fan brush is the least i like as it picks up less product and also there is alot of bristals that fall out. I wudnt recommend these brushes and they wnt customers to give them a gud feed bk as thy myt win 100 lol.
5 Kimberly
Arrived so Quicky! and Morphe really does live up to its hype of being cheap and good quality. 10/10 would love to buy it again
5 Kels
For the price point, this set is beautiful. Blend everything out perfectly. Can't fault them!
1 Khadiza
I had to buy these brushes when i saw the price, when i opened the package there was a very strong smell of chemicals and still can smell it when i use it, the brushes are quite low quality in my opinion, i find then quite scratchy and just really not very good,in small words... a waste of money
5 Anna
i got the morphe brushes 12 piece set for my cousins birthday and it's so much nicer in person and its all for a great price I love the morphe brand it's one of my favourites I bought a morphe pallete for my sister I'm hoping I can get one for myself soon enough
5 Esmé
AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!This is perfect if you need some brushes to start your collection this is perfect cheap what you look for in a brush and there's such a lot more like this I'm probably going to spend all my money here
5 Danielle
purchased for my niece for Christmas. They look very good quality and I am sure she will be very happy with them.
4 Emily
Arrived quick. Very very happy with the quality for such a good price! Look a bit dull and they smell pretty strong and chemically however there is hardly any bristles falling off! Have not yet used them but they look fab! :)
2 Alberte
The Tapered Blush Brush and Tapered Powder Brush were very disappointing. I feel like i can't use them without getting any brush hairs on my face. In my opinion the fane brush is to small, it does not pick up much product. However all the other brushes are fine, and good quality for the price. It would be a good buy for a makeup-beginner
5 Maiken
This set is perfect for beginners. The big powder brush and blush brush aren't as amazing as the rest of the kit but it still gets my 5 points here. Love Morphe. This site is so dangerous for me, in a positive way, because once I bought and got my stuff I only want more. Like seriously it's so cheap here and I'm not kidding when I say I'm gonna spend all my money here!!
5 Ella
I had to buy these when I saw the low price and I'm honestly not disappointed at all - they're so good.
5 Sampathi
Love the set!!! I ordered the set a few months back and was waiting to get a good use out of them before reviewing. I'm so pleased, especially for the price. They done shed and are easy to wash. Would definitely purchase more from morphe!
1 Krisantie
Really dissapointed. Brushes feel so rough and itchy. Wanted Morphe brushes for ages and I know this set probaly doesnt define the brand as it's very cheap. However they are very itchy and the brissels come out everywhere, all over my face. Would not reccommend and do not waste your money.
4 Lauren
These brushes are amazing!!! I use every single one and they're so soft! I've had them for months and so far they've not shed at all. Only thing is, I wish there were more face brushes but for the price, this is an AMAZING set for beginners. I use this set alongside about 100 other brushes, so they're not good for a staple set but for beginners they're a great base to start from especially with the price, and more advanced mua's can use this alongside other brushes
5 Jessica
Love this brush set! perfect for anyone looking to build their brush collection, nice variety and great for the price the sponge applicator is useless which i did throw away but i didnt mind. The fan brush is perfect for highlight and the pencil brush is great for darkening the crease.
4 Taylor
I've been wanting Morphe Brushes for awhile since many beauty bloggers recommended them. I bought this set thinking it would be amazing but the powder brushes were quite scratchy and make my skin itch. The angled liner brush is too big to do a small eyeliner look and doesn't pick up any of my brow creme so I cant use it for my eyebrows. Although these were a bit disappointing I would recommend getting this set if you don't mind the cons. The fan brush is AMAZING. The brushes pick up so much product that I can just dip my brush into my powder and that's all I need for my entire face. I will be ordering more Morphe Brushes :)
2 Freya
bought a morphe brush before and wasn't keep on it but decided to give it another shot and bought this set, ended up being just as dissapointed. The eye brushes are amazing but the face brushes are really bad and just fall out on your face. Definitely gunna stick with Zoeva next time.
4 Inka
When I saw this set, I couldn't believe the price but had heard amazing things about Morphe. This set lives up to the hype about the brand! The brushed are mostly really soft and give me the desired effect. A couple of them weren't as soft but still performed well and made my makeup look blended and soft!
5 Ceri
Excellent brush set with high quality soft bristles, delivered quickly and packaged well, highly recommend. :)
5 Lauren
Love these! Super soft and amazing with application, and arrived very quickly!! Definitely recommend
5 Emily
Great quality, arrived very quickly too, super soft too.
5 Anon
These brushes are actually amazing! They are very soft but also sturdy at the same time so that they keep their shape but don't hurt you or feel uncomfortable. I have used almost all of the brushes and love all of them! The blush brush has got to be one of my favourites as well as the fan brush as the blush brush is amazing size and the fan brush is very precise at applying highlighter neatly! Morphe brushes are so good!
5 Elina
Thank you, Beauty Bay, for your high-quality products and fast delivery! The parcel safely came to Moscow in 10 working days as stated. Brush set is outstanding especially taking into account the price! Will definitely order more products from here!
5 Aisling
Cheap but very high quality. They were delivered really fast. Would recommend to everyone who wants good brushes for cheap.
5 Beth
Incredible brushes!!! So beautiful and if great quality!!
1 Shaz
The most useless cheap brushes, do not recommend. I would give it 0 stars if that were possible
5 Ali
Amazing brushes and SUPER speedy delivery!!
5 Emily
My goodness these brushes are lovely. Very soft and professional looking. Perfect for me, since I'very been lookong to replace my ancient brushes. Excellent for anyone looking for their 1st brush kit or wanted to refresh their existing kit.
5 Poppy
Delivery was great and fast, the brushes are sooo soft, packaging was amazing too everything was as it should be and I love the matte look of the brush handles, I can't wait to use them!
4 Mia
the powder brush and blush brush are quite scratchy but the rest and soft and very high quality, you get what you pay for.
5 Rachel
I LOVE THIS BRUSH SET!! and although the product arrived one day later than the estimated delivery, 3 days was an extremely quick time. Very impressed. Will be ordering from Beauty Bay much more regularly from now on.
5 Sophia
Amazing quality for the price. Would recommend to anyone especially as a starter brush set
4 miche
I love these brushes. If you read other reviews on the internet they'll say 'they stink' and 'they shed' and while these are somewhat true, they only smell like plastic until you wash them once or twice and it is mostly the wrap they come in that smells strongly. If you let it air out, the smell goes away. I now store my spare brushes in the wrap and I don't notice a smell. There is also a little bit of shedding when you wash the big fluffy brushes - this is to be expected with new brushes and they definitely do not shed outside of being washed. I absolutely adore my morphe brushes. If you're on the fence about buying them - just do it! And remember to wash them before you use them and the smell won't bother you.
5 Ella
I love these brushes!!! Especially the fan brush for highlighting; so soft and I still can't get over the price! I thought they'd be tiny but they're large brushes! Very happy
5 Shannon
For the price of these, the brushes are really great quality and Morphe are one of my favourite brands and never fail to impress me every time I buy their products
5 Robyn
These brushes are great value for money. They are a great starter set, the fibres are as soft as you would expect for the price on the larger brushes. The fibres on the fan brush are extremely soft. Great buy
4 Inga
A nice and cheap brush set. I highly recommend this set because of the price and quality of the brushes..
5 Ife
Really soft brushes, particularly the blush brush, it's my favourite already, delivery was quick and would highly recommend.
5 Aaliyah
These brushes are of such high quality for the price, the set has a wide range of brushes which everyone needs. They are incredible in my opinion, they were packaged lovely and delivered so quickly.

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