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Ofra Ofra X Nikkie Tutorials Collection

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5 Kristina
No words! Perfect!
3 Kathryn
Packaging 2/10Longevity 5/10Application 1/10Texture 4/10The liquid lipsticks were very patchy and didn't have very good coverage but the colours are really nice. Coven is the only lip that covered properly and I didn't have to apply another coat. All the others need a second coat and are very cakey.Poor quality packaging for the price it is, it's just a box with holes in to hold the lipsticks and the highlighter case is very cheap plastic. Highlighter was blinding, the best thing about the whole collection and was very nice texture very creaming on a finger swatch. It's not worth the money for the whole collection, advised to be individually!
4 MissyMisfit
I absolutely love the highlighter with this collection, it's buttery soft and super pigmented. It provides the ultimate glow! The copper shade is too dark for my skin tone to use as a highlighter so I used it as eyeshadow instead and was blown away by how pigmented it is. It blends out really nicely as well. I've only tried the nude potion lipstick so far, it's a really pretty shade and has a nice vanilla scent to it. However it's a bit streaky and needs to be layered. It's ok but not as good as other liquid lipsticks I've tried (Kylie cosmetics and Jeffree Star cosmetics). The collection is beautifully packaged and definitely a great range of products for the price.
4 Elizabeth
The poppies are amazing.The three color highlighters are not my style I don't like it I would recommend the liquid lipgloss but not the highlight pallet
3 Naomi
OK so I was really excited that I could get this on beauty bay as I love nikkietutorials. I'm half Asian so I have medium yellow toned skin, so the pink lipstick isn't for me, the colour is lovely and is nude on lighter skin tones but makes me look dead,it's just way too pale for me. The brown shimmer/metallic lipstick is lovely, applies evenly, feels light and not drying, but I wouldn't say it's an everyday wear and it's not a color I'll be reaching for too often. I don't like the coral lipstick, the formula is horrible, streaky, it doesn't apply well and I really thought this would be my favorite colour but it's my least favorite. The highlight has an amazing Formula, if you like your highlight beaming then I totally recommend, I can only use the gold toned as a face highlight as the light one is way too light for my colour skin and the dark highlight is to dark. However I will get use out of those 2 as I use the lighter shade as my inner corner eye highlight and I will be using the father shade as an eyeshadow so I'm not disappointed that I can't use them on my face. All in all I liked everything apart from the coral lipstick.
2 Betty
I love Nikkietutorials she is one of my favourite YouTubers so when she announced her and Opra were releasing a collab I was super hyped, as soon as it was released and on beautybay I brought it, it came within 5 days of ordering it and I was so excited to try it out, unfortunately I am a little disappointed, firstly I think the price is a little to high for a collab especially seeming Opra isn't actually a proper high end brand I think the price should be a bit lower would have been better so it's more affordable for everyone to purchase, anyway rant over about that. Let's get on to the actual products, the highlighter is stunning I love how versatile it is but I can only use like one of the shades for my skin tone which means the other 4 shades are just being wasted, the good thing about the highlighter is that it's pretty damn blinding, it's a little chalky but nothing to bad, I just wish they maybe did separate highlights or sold it separately because I can't get much use out the of the overall product. Now the lip products, the colours are very unique and Nikkie herself said she choose 3 completely different kind of lip colours so there was a use out of atleast one of them for everyone but the only shade is like is the nude colour which once again seeming I've paid for 3 liquid lips and a wheel highlighter I only get use out of one shade from the highlight and one lip colour. The liquid lips are very pigmented but I feel like you do have to put a few layers on your lips to build to the intensity you want. Overall I don't think this is worth the money or the hype. I think all the shades looked beautiful on Nikkie but they just aren't what I expected. Hopefully the price of this collab with go down eventually and be more affordable for some people. My final opinion is that the products should have been sold seperately so people don't have to spend so much money just to get use out of one or two of the products. I apologise for this review for being way too long but I just wanted to do a very detailed rating so people know what to expect when they receive it.
5 Maria begum
This highlight is really peng I recommend it especially the liquid lipstick however the wand is not very good to apply with but love this!??
5 Maddie
OMG! It came this MORNING!!! Stunning colours, the liquid lipsticks glide on easy and last! Beautiful blinding highlights as expected from Nikkie and Ofra. This collab is a godsend xxxxxxx
1 Farah
Don't like this am medium skin tone and this was a complete waste of money only going to use one lipstick and one of the highlighters
5 Maryam
Ahhhh just got mine and I'm loving it, go Nikki!
5 Bárbara
i love all of these totally worth the money !
5 Bruno
Excellent work I love you so much Nikkie????xoxo
4 Adriana
I like it but it's expensive

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