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Milani Amore Matte Lip Cream

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Milani Amore Matte Lip Cream Zoom
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  • Adorable
  • Allure
  • Amore
  • Babe
  • Beautiful
  • Covet
  • Craze
  • Daring
  • Dearest
  • Devotion
  • Emotion
  • Fabulous
  • Fascination
  • Fixation
  • Fling
  • Glamour
  • Gorgeous
  • Honey
  • Loved
  • Magnetic
  • Magnificent
  • Obsession
  • Precious
  • Pretty
  • Striking
  • Stunning
  • Sugar
  • Sweetheart
  • Sweetie
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2 Disha
I don't know why but I had great expectations with this one. Adorable came through, i love the color but it cracks as soon as it dries up. I have applied it with a lip primer/lip balm but it just dries :(. Very unfortunate. I do not have dry lips but this one just didn't work for me.
5 Nika
The formula is great, lasts very long.'Loved' shade is my favourite, I also ordered 'Covet', thought it would be dark brown nude, but turned out being extremely dark brown, so do not use. Hope it helps some of you :)
4 Ellie
I have 3 shades and they're really nice. They're velvety and once dried down still quite moist on your lips. They are pigmented and when you put a thin layer on they are still good colouration they can be sticky but all in all good.
4 Elze
The shade 'Adorable' is definitely adorable although it's a little bit darker than I thought. I have a pale yellowish skin and brown eyes so this deep brown goes along with my natural colour scheme really nicely, but it's definitely not that everyday light nude colour I'd keep in my purse as it's more of an evening/going out lipstick. Dries really quickly though, easy to apply, doesn't have chemical fragrance, so pretty sure it will be used and loved. I would love to see swatches on the lips here on BeautBay, really love how Colourpop shows various shades on different skin tones.
5 Maarika
Best drugstore liquid lipsticks I have ever tried. They are not too dry and last fo rlong time.
1 Izzy
I ordered shade Obsession and was really disappointed with this product! The applicator is a very awkward shape and when the product was applied it was very patchy and it did not dry even. When dry it literally crumbled off my lips when trying to re-outline with a liner pencil. The description claimed to be long lasting and transfer resistant and it was neither of these things. I had high expectations after reading the other reviews but they definitely weren't met and will not be buying any more of these. I think this product might be a hit or miss.
2 cecilia
I bought this in the colour fling, and i really didnt like the formula. It flakes off after 1 hour me. Worst liquid lipstick i have tried formula-wise. Really opaque though, and a beautiful colour.
2 Natalie
I ordered Beloved and it is slightly darker than I thought (but that's down to my pale skin) however these are very drying even after lip balm beforehand!
5 Valerie
I ordered the shade Loved & I really like it, although on the screen it looks waaaay more lighter. I have fair skin so I guess that's why on me it looks like a very deep berry color. I love the formula of this liquid lipstick, it stays all day without getting patchy but I have to admit it feels a bit dry on the lips & for me personally the smell of it is too strong.
4 Silvia
I have Adorable and Covet. They don't feel drying at all, have a really nice smell! I love both shades, adorable is the perfect nude and if u put a red lipliner first it changes color a bit and its just so perfect. Cover is a really great shade too! I find they work better with a lipliner. They're easy to remove with a make up wipe.
5 Aimee
Lovely pigmented liquid lip colour. Not too drying but I'd still make sure your lips are nice and moisturised before using. I have 'adorable' and the pale nudey pink is gorgeous, definatly a winner on paler skin tones.
5 Susan
Ordered 3 milani lipsticks and OMG i love them.. The colours are beautiful and so pigmented i got gorgeous and devotion but also got the metallic one in shade automatic touch and im amazed at how stunning they are! I was a fan of jeffree stars liquid lipsticks but these have now became my number one favs!! Would highly recommend these and the site to other people fast delivery!
5 Shona
Lovely colours but does feel rather clumpy after worn for a while.
1 Coco
I bought Obsession, Gorgeous and Devotion from Beautybay as I heard the positive reviews on media. The colours are BEAUTIFUL, however, the formula is AWFUL! Patchy, flaky, hard to apply evenly, doesn't layer well, crumble short after application! BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!
5 Unaisah P
LOVE it! I ordered Precious and it is amazing. The shade is really pretty
1 Lauren
I ordered Devotion as I have been looking for a deep - but not dark red for so many years! The colour is STUNNING!!! but its horrendous on! It smudged and cracked after about an hours wear and thats with no eating or drinking. So disappointed. Not sure if I just got a bad lipstick or not!
5 mae
lovely bright and vibrant colours! great price too
5 Alesha
Such amazing colours,tried in the shade precious which is too pink for me but still a lovely colour and long lasting,100% going to try more shades!
5 Rebecca Rousseau
Love your matte lip colors
5 Carla
Milani offers fantastic products. Excellent value for money. Council also because this brand offers the fantastic shades. Lasts several times, it requires a slight draft to become the full and satisfactory color.
5 Henna
The best most quickest delivery ever! Ordered on the 9th and received on the 8th and I was informed all the way to where my package was and I just genuinely loved the service I received! Thank you very much Beauty Bay and I love my Milani liquid lipsticks and lip liner I will definitely be ordering from here! Happy customer!
1 Eszter
I'm not usually fussy about lipsticks, but this one was just awful. I was very excited to try it and wore it when I went to the pub with my boyfriend and his family. At first it looked quite nice, a bit difficult to put on than other liquid lipsticks I've tried and slightly more on the dry side and patchy but I didn't mind until I got about half way through my drink - which I was drinking through a straw - that this started to crumble. By the time I finished my small drink this had crumpled off most of my mouth and left specks of lipstick all down my chin and even on my top! I'd expect this if I was chewing on something oily, but I was literally sipping through a straw and it didn't last more than 15 minutes! Safe to say I never used this again and will never buy another one of this. There are much better alternatives out there for even cheaper! Save your money and don't buy into the hype.
5 Hayley
Brought two of these a while back hoping to find the perfect 'vampy' red i found it in these matte liquid lipsticks but...they were so dry on my lips and seemed to crumble, if anyone seemed to be having this probably I found that moisturing your lips first or adding a drop of oil into the tube worked a treat!! Will definitely be buying these again!! ??
5 Jessica
Received Loved today and well I'm really IN LOVE. It's my first liquid lipstick ever and I really like it. It dries completely matt even though it takes a while. Really good for the price.
2 Mary
Perfect color but the formula not that good..even with a lip balm it's quite dry and not so comfortable..
5 nabina
these are one of the best liquid lipsticks in the market! very reasonable and long lasting. Very creamy and easy. I have many collections from Kylie's liquid lipstick but Milani easily beats them to it in context of the price point, wear and colours! Loved is my personal fav.!
5 Farheen
One of the best formulas!!!! Gorgeous devotion obsession fling precious loved!! Hav tried them all!!!
5 Rosie
I really like the formula of this lipstick, it applies evenly in 1 coat and does not budge or flake. It lasts well through coffees but did need topping up after eating. I got this is the shade Amore which is a very bright red and Fling which is a dusty purple colour. Will be looking to buy more of these.
5 Eleanor
I ordered Fling and I love it! The formula is great and this particular colour is a great dupe for Kylie Jenner's Posie K if you're looking for a cheaper alternative. My order arrived within 2 days also which was amazing! Highly recommend!
5 Negin
These liquid lipsticks are dream come true, I'm so impressed with their colour pay off... love all milani products...
5 Isobella
I have six and I love them to bits! fantastic colour and long lasting, plus they smell delicious. Only downside is that they are quite a bit drying, but if you don't mind slightly dry lips (which you can easily ignore) these are fantastic pigmented liquid lipsticks.
5 Jamila
The shade 19 Covet is honestly such a beautiful luscious colour. I have to admit the best thing about this lipstick is that unlike other lipsticks it doesn't feel like it is flaking away on your lips. It has a nice creamy texture which you usually don't find on matte lipsticks, its amazing !
1 Fatima
The colour Obsession I purchased was beautiful. Smells lovely. When I first applied it, it went on so well and I thought I got a perfect lip product. After awhile the lip cream dried up and started flaking off. Leaving the lips patchy and not a good look. Although I loved the colour, smell and first application. I will not recommend on the end and finish result.
1 Sophie
I bought the shade Dearest. Although I love the colour, the product is terrible. The first time I tried it on it looked brilliant... for the first minute! Literally after a minute when it had dried properly it started flaking off my lips leaving it all patchy and awful. Some of the colour stayed on but most of it fell off, showing my natural lip colour underneath. I bought this product based on the reviews I had read but I was very disappointed with the product. I hope this gives you more of an insight.
2 Sara
I bought Devotion, Sugar, Adorable and Honey. Devotion is absolutely horrible. She lippy cracks off after two minutes. Such a shame because the color is absolutely breathtaking. Same deal with Sugar. Those two are horrible and I can't score it higher because of those two.---At first swatch on the hand, I didn't experience the same with Adorable and Honey.
5 Natalia
Got it in shade Devotion, amazing colour! It looks velvety on the lips and it is gorgeous! It does stay on great, though shatters with food, but you can reaply without tackiness.
5 Nimasha
I bought Loved, Precious, Allure and Amore shades from this range and I absolutely love them all. Amazing pigment and stays all day long. Doesn't get messy, very easy to apply and I also love the vanilla smell they have. these were my first time matte lipsticks, so I bought with doubt. But I can't praise this matte lip cream range enough. they are just perfect! Don't think twice to buy. A very happy customer here! :D
3 Carman
Very drying and crumble throughout the day. Can't be layered, as it will look very patchy,
1 Notimpressed
Such a pretty range of colours. It's a shame,no matter how I apply them, that I can't manage to get a long lasting result with them. I'm so disappointed. Especially since I love Milani's matte lipsticks. However the lipcreams in all the shades I have crumble off in 5 minutes.
5 Grace
Absolutely amazing defiantly going to buy more as they are so long wearing and definitely good value for money
I have bought gorgeous and obsession. I'm in love with both colors. Staying power is really nice. One problem is that the product crack if we put layers. But the quality for this price is really great
5 Ellie
Super pigmented, great formula and almost completely transfer-proof. I have 'Loved' and 'Covet', very pleased. Will definitely be buying more shades later!
5 Rani
Fabulous service! Ordered late Monday evening received my 2 Milani lipstick first thing Wednesday morning. Despite some bad reviews I'm total ecstatic with Beauty bays service. Will be buying lots more in the future. !!!
5 Mirjam
I got the shade Adorable, which is a beautiful everyday nude. It wears really well throughout the day, you only need to refresh it after eating or drinking anything with fat (milk etc) in it. Highly recommend this!
5 Forhana
Absolutely love these lippys. I have 5 shades now favourite is Loved and Allure. The shade Gorgeouse is as its name a gorgeous deep raspberry shade, it's beautiful I just need more excuses to wear it. Not so keen on the Craze as it's Patchy and a bit too luminous can tone down with another shade. Also have Precious which is a nice pinky nude.
1 Melina
I think it's the worst matte lipstick I've ever had. I bought the shade 'sugar'. Very nice as color but it dries too fast and crumbles in 5 minutes. Very disappointed with this purchase. Crying for my money
4 Neja Maruša
I ordered Adorable and Devotion! The colours are so pretty and pigmented! Adorable is the perfect nude for everyday use and Devotion reminds me of Lime Crime's Wicked, but more redish - it's the perfect red! Though Adorable looked a bit patchy and dried really weird. I feel like they wouldn't stay long, because I scratched Devotion on my hand and I almost completely erased it. It didn't smudge, but it shattered to pieces. They also smell like vanilla.
1 Malin
I hate them. Never been so disappointed. They are so drying and they started to fall of my lips and crack horrible after just 30 minutes. I'll stick to Gerard cosmetics.
4 Valeriya
I have this one in shade Precious, the colour is very nice but it looks much darker in real life, especially if you have light skin like I do, so look up swatches before purchasing. Overall it's nice and lightweight, but the staying power is not as reliable as, for example, LA Splash or Gerard lipsticks - it wears off quite significantly with eating and speaking, and it is not really smudge-proof. I found it a bit drying as well.
5 Sarah
Love this liquid Lipsticks beautiful shade of colors and love the formula. Please bring back (Loved)
5 Renuka
The shade Adorable is my absolute favourite liquid lipstick to date! It is the PERFECT nude colour I just adore it :) the formula is great. Everything about it is just amazing! I already own two and I'm about to buy I third bc I'm crazy for this shade!
5 Caroline
The formula of these are amazing!! Best ones I've tried. I brought the shade precious and it's the prettiest darkish pink colour, defiantly buying more!!
5 Christin
Best one I've bought and stays put all day, need more of them.
3 Emily
I have 6 of these and I must say they're a little hit and miss. Obsession and Sugar are a little patchy, which is irritating as they're beautiful colours. Along with those I have: Loved, Precious, Covet and Gorgeous. They are all very pigmented but as I said before the darkest ones tend to be patchy. The matte finish isn't drying, it is very comfortable and easy to wear. However is does start to crumble and wear off after a couple of hours, and doesn't work layered so it's best to remove and re apply. Overall I really like these liquid lips, they are some of my favourites, despite the very strong vanilla fragrance which gives me a headache.
5 Christin Ström
This gorgeous matte lip cream is to die for, stays put all day long. Best one I've ever bought.
5 Amy
By far the best liquid lipstick I've ever used and for a fraction of the price! In love!
2 Magda
I just bought the lipstick Babe. Very bad quality. Extremely flaky and patchy. It's very disappointing especially after reading all these good reviews over the internet.
5 Leah
the colour Amore is a pinkish red and looks amazing, the applicator is super easy to use
5 Maja
Love IT
4 Paige
I ordered precious but I'm convinced I got fling. I thought precious would be a really pale baby pink kinda nudish but the one I recieved is basically a dupe for kylie Jenners look it in Posie K. I obvs love the colour just a bit disappointed as now I have two of the same colours. Amazing formula tho. I will say that the Milani lip kits are great value for money and I probably will repurchase different colours! Defo worth a try and if your looking for Posie k but don't want to spend €40 then precious is the one to get.
5 Misba
Another of my favorite liquid lipsticks. Formula is very good, not too drying, feels good on the lips, does not crumple and colours are very nice. Definitely worth it for such an amazing price.
5 Emily
we need more colours!! love them
5 Anja
Best Liquid Lipstick I ever tried! Stays on forever - eat, drink, kiss - you don't have to worry if your Lipstick disappeared. It's highly pigmented and maybe a little bit dry, so I put on chapstick before use.
5 Sasha
Hands down the best liquid lipstick I have tried stays on all day doesn't go patchy or flaky very good formula!!!
5 Liza
If you buy one then next time you will buy more and more because i have used a lot of brands but this one is one of my most favourite one...they are not tooo dry not patchy or flaky after hours, they are just soo smooth velvetty matte, love the pigments, highly recommended and request Beauty Bay to get again some more please because they sell so quick and i miss out to buy some of my desire colours
1 Maria
I bought the color Craze after seeing couple youtube gurus using it and i just hate it! it's very streaky even with 2 coats it wasn't opaque enough and i can feel it on my lips, it wasn't light weight like other liquid lipsticks i own and i do own couple nice brands! add to it it's nearly impossible to take it off even with a heavy duty makeup remover and it did stain my lips...if i can return it i would definitely do!
5 Shana strudwick
Hi I tried to place and order of a few milani products and everytime I go to checkout, the items get taken out of my basket so I can't purchase them. Please help. Thank you.

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