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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick Zoom
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  • (714)
  • Abused
  • Androgyny
  • Anna Nicole
  • Blow Pony
  • Blue Velvet
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's
  • Celebrity Skin
  • Checkmate
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Crocodile Tears
  • Designer Blood
  • Dirty Money
  • Doll Parts
  • Dominatrix
  • Dreamhouse
  • Flamethrower
  • Gemini
  • I'm Nude
  • I'm Royalty
  • Leo
  • Mannequin
  • Masochist
  • No Tea No Shade
  • Nude Beach
  • Posh Spice
  • Prom Night
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Pussy Whipped
  • Queen Supreme
  • Redrum
  • Rich Blood
  • Rose Matter
  • Sagittarius
  • Scorpio
  • Unicorn Blood
  • Virginity
  • Watermelon Soda
  • Weirdo
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5 Lowri
I love love love JSC liquid lipsticks!! I bought Pumpkin pie in April and I loved it so I had to get Leo and now I've ordered rose matter! The formula is So lush and stays on all day, I even eat and drink whilst wearing it and my lips stay flawless all day! I would definitely recommend all of Jeffree's products!
5 Millie
I bought the shade celebrity skin a couple of days ago to finally try out Jeffree's cosmetics. Came next day (Sunday!), and I absolutely adore it, the applicator is super soft and you only need one coat! Dries matte and stays on even when I'm eating! Will definitely be buying again!
5 Lois
Literally the best liquid lipsticks ever, stay on all day and don't budge. Really good for a night out as you don't have to worry about having to top them up. Really lightweight and comfortable to wear, I own 12 and will definitely be purchasing more!
5 Lisa
A few months ago I bought pumpkin pie, Sagittarius and pussy whipped and I can say these are some of the most amazing products . They have so much pigmentation , comfortable on the lips and do not transfer . This formula is so different to other liquid lipsticks I've tried which stay in fine lines . These are easy to correct and apply and overall worth the money ! The shade Sagittarius suits all skin tones especially pale like me it's a gorgeous and wearable shade . Pussy whipped is so lovely and natural to wear and has the loveliest sheen to it and pumpkin pie is one of the most flattering shades and is so diverse in everyone ! 100% love these products and recommend to anyone debating buying one ! X
5 Joseph
I ordered this product on normal uk free shipping and it was with me the next day! The shipping is honestly astonishing,when the item came there wasn't a scratch on it,the product is amazing over all,it doesn't transfer,it's lightweight and isn't uncomfortable,by far my faveourite liquid to matte formula. 10/10 WOULD RECOMEND
5 Jamilla Krupsdahl
I always wanted to try Jeffree Star and then i saw an offer in Beauty Bay and I bought Checkmate and Pumpkin pie. I used checkmate for going to the concert and Even i drank and ate the lipstick still on my lips. I have to use a makeup remover at 1am because the lipstick still. I love the formula and I bought 3 more. I dare to say that Jeffree Star Cosmetic are better than Kat Von D cosmetic and Kylie Cosmetic. Because i have them too and the lipsticks vanish easily. I will highly recommend JSC.
5 Laura
These lipsticks are everything! The colours are beautiful and they stay on all day... will definitely be adding to my collection!
5 Ciara
Adore this product and beauty bay is amazing, fast delivery, high quality products !!
4 Lucy
Beautiful. I have 9 of these now and they are a real shout. The four is because out of the 9 that I own, one has a really weird formula that you have to re-apply like a million times (I'm shook the Many MUA one.) And designer blood doesn't dry down properly and doesn't do justice to the rest of the colours. Absolute steal though
3 Georgia
I bought Crocodile Tears and I'm not sure if it's because of the colour, but it really doesn't stay on as well as other reviews say. It bled around my lips and came off around my mouth, and if I ate or drank it came off quite a lot. Still, the colour is gorgeous and for a short period of time there would be no problem. It arrived super quickly. For a pricey lipstick I was expecting it to stay on better.
5 Matthew
My favourite liquid lip formula I have ever tried so light weight and transfer proof these liquid lips are 10x better than my Kat Von d , Anastasia and kylie cosmetics love !!!!
4 tugba
I have totally 9 shades of these liquid lipsticks, they are all long-lasting, light weight lipsticks and the colors are exactly as shown but they smell really strange! I watch Jeffree Star's channel all the time and know how he is very sensitive about how products smell! I am really disappointed. Especially celebrity skin and doll parts smell like the counter pain cream that I use after injuries. I need to replace these colors with another brand :(
5 Melissa
I have 2 of these liquid lips and am planning on buying more. The formula is amazing!! They are soft to wear and not streaky. And they are long lasting. I can't say enough good things about this brand. I have normally only bought from the brand Napoleon Perdis (in Australia), but since find JS cosmetics I won't go back. Nothing quite compares. I have the colours Watermelon Soda and Mannequin. Hoping to buy more soon once all the colours are restocked.
5 Lauren
i bought celebrity skin and was a little worried it wouldn't look good on me but i'm so pleasantly surprised! the texture, smell and appliance wand are also equally amazing
5 Ash
Mannequin is an absolutely beautiful nude. The formula is amazing and lasts you all day. Pair mannequin with a dark lip liner like whirl or strip down looks amazing.
5 Sophie
I love that you get full coverage with one dip into the product! Absolutely stunning! I've just ordered Rose Matter too!
5 stacey
Absolutely love this! I ordered Gemini to see if i would like the staying power and it lasts all day. I definitely have at least another 5 that i want.
5 Sophie
HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Formula is so pigmented and light weight. Does not dry out and is not heavy on the lips. Applicator is smooth and flexible so easy to be neat when applying.
5 Holly
Chrysanthemum- Was unsure about the colour on my skin tone, but when I had it, and only it, on to test, my mother asked if I'd done full makeup, since it made me look so put together. Will admit the formula was a little streaky at first, but then I got the hang of application. I adore this shade.Designer Blood- Gorgeous rusty sheen, not streaky at all, and made my teeth look super white, which is always a bonus. Androgyny- I bought this shade for my mother as a birthday gift, she thinks it's a little dark for everyday use but she loves the longevity.
5 Rachel
Wow consider me hooked, this was my 1st time buying and trying Jeffree Star valour liquid lipsticks, I bought Designer blood, Chrysanthemum and Dreamhouse! The colors are unreal and are so pigmented I can't wait to buy more!
2 Leah
I was amazed by the formula and colour pigment! The lipstick itself was beautiful, however I was really disappointed with the standard of the packaging I received. The lid was broken and wasn't sealed properly, the application tool that came with the lipstick was bent and there was dried lipstick all around the lid. I love the lipstick but was not happy with the packaging!
4 Raluca
Good formula, although I was looking for a nude liquid lipstick that will not gather in the inner of my lips. I bought Celebrity Skin and did exactly that. So 2 stars for it. I will keep looking for that perfect nude. I loved Androgyny though
5 Sruthi
Amazing on Indian skin would recommend to all the asian girls out there...!! Worth the money...!! Cant wait to get some more...?
5 Kelly
I really love JSC, my latest haul included virginity, designer blood and chrysanthemum. The colours are great but they all have a different texture as pigments tend to mess with the product. I have no problem with having to put on a second coat of lipstick and I have to say that these are the best liquid lipsticks I have personally tried.
5 Sydney
Would 100% recommend to anyone who is in need of a good liquid lipstick! One swipe does the whole of my lips, lasts all day and is smudge proof!!!
5 Siobhan
Never normally leave reviews but thought I had to with this. Honestly one of the best liquid lipsticks I own! Bought it in the shade 'Gemini' and it's stunning. Literally one dip and it covers the entire lips. I don't recommend putting on more than one coat (you don't need it anyway!). Made this mistake the first time and it felt really tacky. Lasts over 8 hours on me without touch up - fab!
5 Belen
I'm absolutely in love with Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks, I've tried a few but this are, in my opinion, the best I've tried. I have mannequin, celebrity skin, redrum, masochist, blue velvet, androginy, pumpkin pie and checkmate and they're all amazing! I'll be buying more soon!
4 Stine
It's a really nice liquid lipstick, it doesn't look flakey, even after you have eaten. It has a nice finish, literally holds the entire night. But it smells like cat piss lol, if you can get over that it's pretty good. I'm definitely buying more.
5 Chloe
I bought both Masochist and Virginity and I absolutely LOVE them!! They glide on so smooth and keep their colour for hours.
5 Ariana
Great formula and amazing colors. I have a big collection and I can only complain about the dreamhouse formula because it is sticky, takes a lot of time to dry, stains and is not as comfortable as the other colors but the shade is gorgeous which makes it still worth it. Overall, it's a 5 star product.
5 Iveta
I loooove this formula! I have very dry lips and any liquid lipstick stay or look good on it, but jeffree´s are perfect. I have cool type of skin and color 'mannequin' looks perfect on me. I have also celebrity skin and now i'm waiting for 715, virginity and chrysanthemum. I can't wait :).
5 Josefin
These lipsticks are lovely. Truly lovely! Bought Scorpio and Androgony and I fell in love! The colours are extremely pigmented and easy to apply. I'm in love with these! Definitely getting more!
4 Amy
I got gifted the colour Androgyny for christmas, I love the colour of this. The formula of the liquid lipsticks does not dry out the lips, I will say though that the colour does come off quite a bit because it doesn't dry down completely. They apply so easy and give out incredible pigmentation straight away. I also bought the colour Chrysanthemum and was a little disappointed that it was so much more of a peach tone than I had expected it also doesn't give off as much colour as the others that I have tried.
5 Terriann
I absolutely love this liquid lipstick! The colour goes so well with the androgyny eye palette and the formula is amazing! So comfortable to wear,doesn't transfer & lasts on the lips all day!! X
5 Carolina
I bought one of the limited edition Christmas one (Pumpkin Spice) and OMG I love it. I get so many compliments when I wear it. It last ALL day (I put my make up at 630am for work and don't take it off til 8pm) and it stays on all day. I will be buying more as they are very good, would recommend to everyone and their mother.
5 Melissa Smith
I purchased Sagittarius and I love it! The only negatives I have are that it's a tiny bit drying and it comes off in the middle after eating, I'm not too mad as it happens with most lipsticks so I'm used to it. To be fair the lipstick was much smaller than I had anticipated, other than that, great product!
5 lilli
These lipsticks are E V E R Y T H I N G! They're so beautiful, not sticky, crusty or rough. Love them so much.
5 Julia
The formula of the lipstick is amazing. It doesn't crack, flake or dry out my lips. You can definitely use a chap stick before you put the lipstick on to make sure lips are moisturized.I own the color 'Unicorn Blood' which seems lighter than the photo presented here, but if you apply 2 layers it will be identical.I'm definitely going to try out other shades because the longevity and the look of the liquid lipstick is a dream!
5 Katie
Best liquid lipstick brand I've ever tried. It's so lightweight and doesn't feel like your lips are drying out at all
5 Kayleigh
So after drooling over the choice of colours for so long. I took the plunge! Wow, amazing, it is not drying like other brands I've used. And it lasted throughout the day, including dinner. I had so many complements on the colour Androgyny! I will be buying more
4 Valeru
I have seven JS lipsticks, just place an order for another one. They're my favorite formula, love the shades and the color of all of them! I'm not really satisfied with just two of them:'No tea, no shade' has a really annoying scent, like burned plastic. But the color is amazing, it goes perfectly on the lips. And I'm not so satisfied with Gemini. It's sticky, even an hour after the application. And the color is absolutely not like described, to me is a really pink nude. Like Mehr from Mac, but brighter. Otherwise I'm really happy with other JS lipsticks!
5 Kirsty
I now have androgyny and unicorn blood and I can't fault either of them, amazing quality and extremely long lasting.
5 Alana
Bought the colour masochist, prettiest colour I have ever seen. Formula wasn't what I expected ,not drying at all! very long wearing and the packaging is cute.First time trying these now I want them all
5 Emma
By far the best liquid lipstick I have ever used. I now have a total of 4 (soon to be 5) and I love them. Apply so easily and stay on all day. My favourite is Pumkin Pie!
5 Carly
I brought Unicorn Blood and it is life! It's a beautiful really deep red, mattifys down quite quickly but doesn't feel dry and is so pigmented. Definately buying more shades now!
5 Melak
Literally the best liquid lipsticks I have ever tried. I've tried the cheap stuff and the highly expensive/raved about products, but these ones are sooo amazing! They're so light on the lips and there is no scent that changes the taste of the food/drink I'm having, which is AMAZING, and it lasts sooo well! Best investment I've ever made.
5 Nadia Patricia
I love this lipstick. Love the formula, the colours! I have Abused, Crocodile Tears, No Tea No Shade, Mashoquist and they are awesome, but my favourite is Unicorn Blood so pretty and all of them last for a long long long LONG time!!
5 Carolina
I've bought Celebrity Skin and I'm so happy! That's the perfect nude, it's the shade I've always looked for but never find before. Application is easy, comfortable, EVERlasting (I applied it this morning, I ate, drink, kissed.. I've still on my lips) and very pigmented. Approved
5 kayleigh
I am a huge fan of these liquid lipsticks, and am so endlessly impressed with their wear, their pigment and their matte-ness! I can eat and eat and it stays in tact! Posh spice is a gorgeous every day colour and No Tea, No Shade is THE colour for a good night out. Im IN LOVE, with Jeffree's cosmetics and still very affordable.
5 Beth
I have unicorn blood and I love it! Stays on for hours, amazing colour. Absolutely love it !!!
5 Megan Knight
you cannot get better than these liquid lipsticks !! I have rose matter and pumpkin pie and they're both extremely pigmented and long lasting. They also just took just 2 days to arrive! would recommend this product to everybody
5 Dimitra
When we talk about JS liquid lipsticks, we talk for one of the best formulas out there! I bought Weirdo, Androgyny, Celebrity Skin, I'm Nude and Redrum. Androgyny and Celebrity skin are very flattering for my skin tone which is medium to light. Redrum is my holy grail red with blue undertones - if you love to rock red lips its a must have. I'm Nude its very light for my skin tone (if you don't use a lip pencil) but with Celebrity Skin is a great combo and last one, Weirdo, its totally black, i have tried to use it as an eyeliner but it was creasing ( i have oily eyelids) even if i used primer. They are comfortable, not too dry, easy to apply and long lasting.
5 Chloe
I'm so obsessed with these!! I bought 2 of the Abused for my best friends and they love them!! My collection begins off with Virginity, Blue Velvet and I'm Royalty and they are just the best! They stay on for absolute ages, nice and light on the lips and come in so many gorgeous coliurs!!! I can't wait to purchase more of them! Definetly recommend this product xx
5 Sidney Whitfield-Browne
I bought Gemini and I love this lipstick. It applies so well and the colour is just gorgeous. I normally find liquid lipsticks really drying but this one felt really comfortable all day.
5 Taylor Fullerton
i love using this as both an eyeliner and a lippy. It is so pigmented and blends well into other lip colours. I never imagined myself wearing a lippy this dark but for some reason it works!
5 Olivia
The BEST liquid lipstick i have ever tried. They are soooo much better than Kylie Cosmetics' liquid lipsticks and last a lot longer too. Would highly recommend!
5 India
Great pigmentation, feel nice on, love that you don't need to dip the wand in again because there is enough product on it when you take it out. Very long-lasting, I'd say it wears less than other liquid lipsticks when eating/drinking. Would recommend (I've already got 5 friends into these!)
5 Michaela
Recently bought another 4 of Jeffree's liquid lipsticks and I've never been disappointed. He knows what he's doing and he knows what everyone's looking for in a high end liquid lipstick and produces and sells his product for half that of a high end product! By far one of my favourite beauty influencers and His liquid lipsticks will always be my go to. So long wearing and pigmented. I can't fault his formula or the product in general. Way to go Jeffree!
5 Ashley
I've been on the hunt for the perfect liquid lipstick - and I've found my fave! So far have Androgyny and Rose Matter - such gorgeous shades! Can't wait to get more.
5 leoni
I bought Jeffree star liquid lipstick dream house it came very quick and it stays on your lips for hours absolutely love it love the colour loud and sparkly which I love will be buying again from beauty bay
5 Michelle clem
I bought masochist and Sagittarius and both colours are stunning, very pigmented and not tacky when dry like most liquid lipstick. I will be purchasing more of these for sure!
5 Esther
I am a lipstick addict and love liquid lipsticks. By far these are the best as the apply perfectly (don't even need a lipliner) and they stay on for hours so are my go to lipstick for a night out. They don't dry out your lips and the colour are beautiful!
5 Jaz
Love this!! Extremely impressed and fast delivery.
5 Lowri
I have a pale skin tone and bought both pumpkin pie and Leo. I would definitely recommend these..!! Will definitely buy more!!
5 Ruby Sambells
This is such a beautiful formula! Amazing product, definitely will be getting more shades soon, the pigment on Androgony is stunning
5 ellie
i brought celebrity skin and omg im obsessed! these lipsticks are the best formula for liquid lipsticks in my opinion they smell so nice and apply on your lips smoothly and nice.
5 Lid
Favorite liquid lipstick formula I've tried! Chrysanthemum, I'm nude and celebrity skin are my favorites. Dry matte and don't seem to transfer, yet not at all that drying on my lips compared to other liquid lipsticks I've tried.
5 mia jones
I have the shades celebrity skin, rose matter and Sagittarius and these lipsticks are by far the best makeup products I have ever used! They last all day without smudging, cracking, flaking, crumbling etc. These last way longer than any other liquid lipstick I have ever tried! Cant wait to purchase some more! I have been eying up Gemini, androgyny, Scorpio and Leo . Much love xx
5 Kyra O'Regan
I love my products! The colours are so vibrant and pigmented. It's amazing. Rich blood doesn't fully dry which kinda sucks but it's still a really nice colour !!!
5 Natasha
Bought celeb skin (twice since I lost the first one) and it’s so great, my fave liquid lip by far! I have Kylie, NYX and ABH liquid lips and I don’t rate them as much as J*. There’s no temptation to lick your lips due to them being dry like there is with other liquid lips as it’s such a good formula - 100% recommend, can’t wait to get more
4 Xx
Wow! I ordered Sagittarius and it was a purpley pink colour - it was a bit different than the picture but then colours show different in different lip tones. I fully recommend the spearmint scrub that jeffree star does as it tastes delicious- haha, and it really nice I the lips. The liquid lipstick wasn't drying but it didn't cover the inner on my lips but overall a really nice product.
2 Gigi Costa
Bought the shade 'Androgyny' and 'Scorpio'. In my opinion, the color did not transfer well on my lips (color on my lips did not match as how it is on the container.) Wasn't so pigmented and did not stay well on the inner part of my lips. Maybe it's just my lips.. I know the product works well with a lot of other people in terms of color and application. I envy them! But on a good note, it is quite moisturising and comfortable on the lips.
5 Melanie
Okay, so heres an honest review..I never was really interested in buying these, because I wasn't really a JS fan, even before he started his cosmetics. But with the hype about these, and a lover of make up, I thought i'd give them a shot.Firstly, I will say i have tried SO many liquid lip products, to name a few Kat Von D, Too Faced, TheBalm, Lime Crime etc...and I haven't come along a 'life changing' product yet, everything has been average or below and never purchased again.I purchased 'Daddy' and 'I'm Shook'. First thing I noticed, these colours are beautiful. 'Daddy' is very me and I am in love with it. Now the interesting part... the way these colours glided on was almost like heaven. They really are lightweight, and when I say that I mean it. It doesn't even feel like I'm wearing anything. It's not tacky, annoying, it hasn't cracked or flaked, or bled, which I've had issues with on pervious brands. I actually didn't think i'd ever find a liquid lipstick of the sort. I would really recommend these. I'm going to be saving to extend my collection, and I don't think i'll need to try any other liquid lipstick again! The colour collection is amazing. Daddy almost reminds me of Lime Crimes - Shroom. But Without the heavy cakey feeling that I got from LC.10/10!!!
5 Emely
I bought celebrity skin and it's the perfect nude colour , it plumps my lips a little bit and it's such a moisturising formula
5 Laura
Best liquid lipsticks out there! Huge range of colours and the formula does not dry out your lips.
5 Julie
I added celebrity skin to my collection and I am in love! The formulas are the best ever and this colour is just fabulous!!
5 Lilith Cardwin
As soon as I saw No Tea, No Shade I knew that I had to have it. All I can say is that I am not displeased. This has become a part of my everyday makeup palette. I love this brand so much now that I have just went and bought Pussy Whipped and I intend to buy more in the future.
5 Kimberley
I brought No tea no shade and i have to say i was alittle worried because i am fair skin toned but it looks amazing it feels so smooth and soft on the lips and is a stunning metallic colour that i am not usually drawn to but im glad to have this shade added to my collection definitely worth buying
3 Amber
My sister gave me JS liquid lipstick in Leo I think the colour is gorgeous I ware it to school and I always receive compliments when I am waring it, however I did suffer from some complications with the liquid lipstick. The liquid lipstick on me wouldn't ware that long so I had to bring it to top up and it felt quite tacky after about 1-2 hours after application, however I still think that the product is great and I would definitely recommend and purchase again.For my birthday I will be purchasing:+masochist +celebrity skin+androgyny+Gemini
5 Hollie
honestly cannot fault these at all, applied a whole full COVERAGE coat and i didnt even have to dunk back in, stunned and just absolutely amazed. keeps on all night, although it does seem that the nudes last longer than my designer blood one
5 Jessica
Most pigmented make up product I've used. They stay on from morning to evening, no reapply needed and the colors are beautiful! I almost have all of them:)
5 Emily Havenhand
I've just purchased Mannequin and it is the perfect nude! The formula is amazing. It applies so smoothly, doesn't feel cakey and it smells amazing. I can't wait to buy more!
The perfect liquid lipstick consists of one of the best formulas in the market plus the most unique color range! My favorite shade is celebrity skin xx
5 Emily
I LOVE Jeffree's liquid lips! They stay on all day and the colours are amazing! Sagittarius and Androgny are by far my favourite colours
5 Emilia
Most definitely the best liquid lipstick formula I've found yet! I have several different colours of his and I love them all! Just recently started trying them out for eyeliner and they're even perfect for that too! Wouldn't go anywhere else for my liquid lips now!!!
5 Carina
I bought Masochist and the pigment is awesome. Slides one perfectly and fully opaque. Is not to dry on the lips and the colour is beautiful.
5 Molly
By far my favourite liquid lipstick formula! Long lasting, lightweight and not drying at all! These are such pigmented lipsticks with incredible coverage, only one swipe needed! So good!!!
5 Beatriz
Until last December Ive never try them, and now I have 6 of them. In love!!
5 Christine
I have; Dreamhouse, Dirty Money, Blow Pony.DM & BP formula is amazing! It's super-drying but make sure you have exfoliated/lip balm'ed beforehand preferably 1+ hours before applying, make sure to wipe off the lip balm.Dreamhouse formula is metallic & does not dry down like BP & DM does...although the formula is creamy & is super pigmented as ^ they are. Huge Jeffree fan! xxxx
5 Megan
I now have 19 Jeffree Liquid Lips and I have not been disappointed by any of them! All of them have a beautiful consistency and look flawless for hours! My favourite brand!
5 Sofie
Got celebrity skin, No tea no shade, chrysanthemum and sagittarius and im so happy with them. The formula is amazing, absolutely the best I've ever tried!!
4 Taylor
Bought Weirdo a couple of months ago, the formula for that one seemed a little off as it wouldn't dry down, so I could never use it (however, I did get a refund for this item). I decided to give Jeffree Star another chance and I ordered Unicorn Blood, which is absolutely perfect. Not patchy at all, smells lovely and dries down completely whilst still feeling light on the lips.
5 Samantha O
I have bought several of these lipsticks all different colour and I can honestly say they are the best lipsticks I have ever worn. Gorgeous formulas although some may differ slightly in density. Beautiful colours and very long lasting. My number 1 lipsticks!
1 Rosh
Was excited to order Celebrity Skin after reading reviews. But very disappointed. Find it drying, dries into the creases and doesn't last very long. Also has a medicine chemical smell.
5 Liwia
I revive this lipstick after the day I order it and it's amazing! It's smells nice, looks good and last forever. Beautybay is only place where I will be buying these lipsticks. Love it!
4 Grace
Bought crocodile tears, I use it as an eyeliner and occasionally a lipstick, dries really quick on the eyes what I'm not a fan of, but so pigmented and a beautiful colour. I find that on the lips it's quite drying even after half an hour and transfers and rubs off quite easily. It became patchy after i had one bite of food and it was quite uncomfortable, feel like i can't wear it for more than 45 mins. The scent of the product is pleasant and not overwhelming like many other liquid lipstick formulas.
1 Anonymous
I bought queen bee, and was very highly disappointed. The formula was very streaky and thick. It also came off very neon and not pastel as in the bottle. This formula hardly lasted 5 minutes on the lips and was cakey.
5 Maiken
i have celebrity skin and masochist and sagittarius and they are the best i have !! i really going to buy some more !! 5/5 stay all day long
4 Emily
I love these liquid lipsticks so so much. They're my absolute favourite as they don't crumble or feel heavy like Kylie ones do. For the price i'd say they're completely worth it. i have 7 shades: Celebrity Skin, Androgyny, Gemini, Pumpkin Pie, Checkmate, Designer Blood, and Mannequin (which are all perfect for warm skin tones.) However, I have a slight problem with Designer Blood though as it smudges soooo easily and gets to a point where i either have to take it off completely or re-apply within 2 hours or so, so that was my only disappointment however the rest of the colours are amazing and i cannot wait to buy more!
5 Melissa
In love with these lipsticks! So far I've bought dreamhouse, virginity and doll parts and they are stunning. The formula is amazing and once they are on they're staying on ! Will continue to add to my collection.
5 Syd
I purchased I'm royalty & blue velvet and the formula is amazing. Definitely worth investing in
5 Electre
I bought Pumpkin Pie in December and totally fell in love with this brand. I'm a makeup addict, I've got quite the collection but Jeffree Star velour lipsticks are definitely the best ! This formula is everything. Glides smoothly on the lips, feels so light, highly pigmented, and super long lasting without crumbling. I already bought five more shades and still want more !
5 cat
brilliant product, really pleased, i applied it this morning at 7:30am, its now 14:30pm and it hasnt budged, even with eating and drinkingdelivery was very quick will definitely be purchasing more shades
5 Jessica
Amazing formula feels like you've got nothing on and isn't drying AT ALL!!!?bit comes off on inner lip but best liquid lipstick I've ever tried !!!
5 Ruby
I bought unicorn blood and the colour is so intense and rich. It doesn't crack on your lips or leave them feeling dry and I can't wait to try out other colours - highly recommend!
5 Beth Matthews
I bought unicorn blood and Scorpio off his actual website, I prefer the formula to Scorpio as it stays on a lot longer, but both formulas and colours are brill, just customs fees that are rubbish, but oh my god, I love Jeffree Star's liquid lipsticks. Highly recommend
5 asili
I have bought jeffree star liquid lipstick. shade unicorn blood, Shipping was fast, it has come within four days of free shipping with good condition. I'm happy . I will buy more, and I also recommend my friends to buy dares Jeffree star liquid from beauty Pay. its is more cheap and free shipping only 4 days thank you beauty pay
5 Maryjane
I love these liquid lipsticks the formula is amazing and they go on really and last ages
5 maria
Androgyny is the best. I love the formula. It doesn't dry your lips.
5 shari steen
I got the highlighters Dark Horse and Eclipse and also the liquid lipsticks Celebrity Skin, Androgyny and I'm shook. OMGGG I'm in love with all the products! It applies so well and the colors are amazing! The lipsticks stay on so long and they look so great! I will definetly buy more of them.
5 Holly Tufts
I bought the 'Masochist' liquid lipstick and I have to say, firstly, the service from Beauty Bay was great, prompt confirmation email and it was delivered within a couple of days. This was just standard delivery too! The colour is so bright and exactly how the website showed it. I think its great when you can see the colour online and it matches in reality! The texture and quality of the lipstick is great and my only worry is running out of it sooner that I thought! However, at only 16 compared to other sites wanting 20+ I will definitely be building up my collection of these via beauty bay.
4 Ruth
Got Leo and its my new favourite shade ever! It is slightly drying and has a sticky feeling to it, if i rub my lips slightly they'd stick to one and another, doesn't bother me enough with this CUTEEE shade, but be aware!
5 Charlotte
this lipstick is so beautiful, pigmented, dries well and doesn't dry out my lips - love it so much!!
5 Michelle
Favourite liquid lipstick yet! Brush for application is a great shape and makes it so smooth and easy to apply. I have red rum and it's such a bold red, I love it! Stays on for hours and feels like you're not even wearing anything. Have recommended this to all my friends!
5 Talia
Ok, so I bought rose matter and doll parts. I am seriously obsessed! I thought as my lips are always dry that these wouldn't work and I'd be wasting my money. I was wrong, these lipsticks look gorgeous and don't dry out on me. I only need to touch up once or twice in a day. These are my saviours and I'm definitely buying more in the future!
5 vicky
I have Rose Matters, Doll Parts, Dominatrix, Celebrity Skin and Mannequin and they're gorgeous. Just got LE shade Daddy and it's amazing too. Such a great formula.
5 Eleonora
I now have 5 shades and I love them all! Honestly the best liquid lipsticks I own. So lightweight and long lasting. I want them all!
5 Mariza
These are everything! Great application,no crumbling,water resistant,long lasting and amazing color pay off.Nothing less than 5 stars!!
5 Laura
Bought mannequin, Sagittarius and no tea in the shade. Love these lipsticks and will definitely buy more
5 Courtenay Andrew
I absolutely love the formula! I was eating and drinking and kissing my boyfriend and it hasn't even worn away at all. Best purchase I've ever made.
5 Claire
BY FAR the best liquid lipstick around. The brush is perfect for the corner of your mouth and the product is easy to apply. If you have cracked lips like me though I do suggest getting the his lipscrub for better application.
5 Becky
Love love love the whole brand. Liquid lips are incredible!
1 LicksPussy
It's horrible! I ordered the whole collection of the liquid Lipsticks and 5 of them came broken, 1 leeked in the package and they apply on the lips so dry and feel and look soo fake! Very disappointed and for sure never buying again!!!!!! I don't even think it deserves 1 star!
5 Agata
I love JS lipsticks, such a nice formula and it is easy to apply!
5 Charr
My FAVE liquid lips! So flawless!
5 Amalie Winther
I love these!! I brought RoseMatter and RedRum - Both are so gorgeous and pigmented! I really recommend them
4 Sophie
If you notice that the price of the velour liquid lipsticks and the skin frosts price keeps rising...
5 Rachel
I have Scorpio, posh spice and mannequin and I love them all ! The formula is amazing and the brush makes the application flawless - would love to own the full range.
5 Maisha
I have previously bought the shades gemini and androgyny and I can genuinely say that not only are they beautiful shades, these liquid lipsticks are the best you can get! At a reasonable price and size, this lipstick is the best. I would definitely say gemini and androgyny suits both pale and darker skin tones. IT LASTS HOURS!
4 Millie Bower
Just recently bought this and I've used it loads ,even tho it's matte ,it has a nice finish it's not to dry or clumpy .im obsessed ,definitely recommend and it's so worth the money .
5 Emily Boo
Best liquid lipstick i've ever used. Lasts all day and the colour choice is amazinggg xxx
5 Amy
If your new to liquid lipsticks or just haven't tried Jeffree Star's before, buy one and you will not regret it! I have never been disappointed in anything from Jeffree's brand Androgyny is my favourite! They last all day without touch ups, so pigmented, easy to apply and they dont dry out your lips as other brands do, love love love that i can get them on beauty bay and i dont have to order from USA to get my hands on this brand
5 Anna
Lipsticks are worth it and they are fabulous
5 Megan
My first time buying from Jeffree Star and I can say I am so impressed! These liquid lipsticks are amazing, I got the colour 'Celebrity Skin', and I can honestly say that it is so pigmented and doesn't got streaky, or cakey like most matte lipsticks are! I barely have to reapply on a night out even if I'm eating and drinking, and the smell is amazing! I recommend to anyone! I have just ordered 2 more colours and cannot wait to try them!
5 Lauryn
These lipsticks are everything! I have Posh Spice, Dirty Money, Leo, Androgyny, Unicorn Blood, No Tea No Shade, Dreamhouse, Weirdo and Crocodile Tears! Absolutely incredible formula with so much pigment and longevity as well as being extremely comfortable (it feels like you're wearing nothing on your lips). Jeffree Star is my favourite human and his products are beyond amazing!
1 Kabira
Rose Matter - there was oily substance on outside of tube on arrival, the claims this is kiss proof and a long lasting product is false - it comes off every time you make contact with anything - drinking from a glass etc - the colour was also super dull and didnt suit me at all - i basically am not buying jeffree star products again! I love his videos! But this product and lip ammunition are major fails! This is drug store or lower quality! Also very very drying!
5 Rani
Best liquid lipsticks I have tried. Stays all day, you don't have to reaply it after eating. Feels like I have nothing on my lips. I'm going to order more!!
1 Blobby
I ordered queen bee from the summer collection and I was really upset. The formula was so streaky that when you applied a second coat it was still a little streaky. I hope that it's just this lipstick shade and not any other ones.
5 Polly
I bought crocodile tears and it is wonderful, this is my favourite colour in the world so the fact that I can wear it on my lips is awesome especially how much I enjoy it considering I never wear makeup
5 Louise rae
I bought Gemini and it's by far the best liquid lipstick I've bought, I have the Kylie matte lipsticks, stila, huda and Kat Von D and none of them beat this! Amazing formula and fab colour! I'm in love.
1 Myra
I was convinced by all the good reviews, and I'm still looking for a good blue-toned red, so I tried Redrum back in January. I don't know if I got one of a rare bad batch, but as soon as I unscrewed the lid and smelt it, I knew something was wrong. I've seen some reviewers describe these having a light chemical scent, but nothing like this. It smelt very strongly of ammonia and nail varnish remover, so much so that even two inhales later (imagine a nasal double-take), I felt light-headed and dizzy. I closed it immediately, but a headache lingered for hours. I tried the next day, thinking that maybe I'd just been expecting something else, but the same thing happened. I asked my housemates what they thought - they both took a sniff and recoiled as I'd done, one making me promise not to put it anywhere near my lips, he was genuinely worried for my safety using this product.I looked up the issue, and apparently others have had similar problems, even US customers ordering directly from JS. I was literally too afraid to put this on my skin, not even swatching it on the back of my hand as I usually would. I contacted BeautyBay, told them what had happened, and sent it back to return it. I received it back again a few days later with a letter saying they couldn't accept it as it had been opened. So I'm out £16, plus the return postage, and this is going to the only place fit to accept it - the bin. Please be careful of these products, there are several threads in the subreddit MakeupAddiction with others who have dealt with the same problem, some of their shades smelling like a cat's 'rotting litterbox.' To say I wouldn't recommend these is an immense understatement and honestly I'm disappointed in how BeautyBay handled this.
5 Isabel
Such a great formula in many brilliant shades. Couldn't fault the product, i have all the formulas and they are all remarkable.
4 Rose
YouTube made me buy it! Beat liquid lip I've tried! Androgyny wears all day, Sagittarius gets a tiny bit clumpy after a couple of hours but no big deal. Waiting for masochist today, I'm in love
1 Hifza
I got this masochist and Leo. Not happy at all. Even after taking off your lips the stain stays. And I have tried with waterpoor make up remover. Dose not helps. Very unhappy.
5 Sonia
I purchased the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks in the shades 'Androgyny' and 'Abused' and I absolutely love the formula of them, the applicator makes it so easy to apply to the lips and it lasts all day without feeling uncomfortable or crumbling off your lips! Would definitely recommended trying them out.
5 Anonymous
I wore Scorpio on a night out, 10/10 but it's not kiss proof just to let you lady and gents know !!
5 Gabriella
Where do I begin with Jeffree's products.. they're incredibly pigmented, beautiful colours and so worth the money. I'd recommend his products to anyone - I bought the Gemini and Designer Blood liquid lips along with the Dark Horse highlighter and I'm not even joking when I say that I touched the highlighter and it was as if I'd rubbed my finger in it, it was that pigmented and the liquid lips glide on like a dream, they feel so soft on the lip and not drying like some other liquid lips. I didn't expect the quality to be anything less and I'm very VERY happy with my order!!! Will definitely purchase more (hopefully) xxxxxxx
5 Amy
I got Gemini and it's such a lovely colour!! Most matte lipsticks crack after a while of being on your lips but this doesn't! Also stays on all day, which is a bonus! Will definitely be getting another soon.
5 Cat
For someone that never wore lipstick or even a liquid lipstick I LOVE these. Started watching Jeffree on YouTube months ago and I haven't looked back. I love the formula! I have Androgyny, No Tea No Shade, Pussy Whipped and Pumpkin Pie. My absolute two favourites are Pussy Whipped and Pumpkin pie as they really step out of my comfort zone and I like I can wear different shades depending on the season and I have a real choice now. Thanks to Jeffree for letting me experiment and love make up!
5 Anna
This is the only formula that will actually stay on my lips. For some reason others just come off/crust off. I only ever have to re apply if I have eaten oily food. If you like Jeffree or not his lipsticks are great!
5 Beth
These liquid lips are one of the best I've ever had. I always watch jeffree and his fellow youtubers videos and I love a good liquid lip. It isn't to liquidy or to drying that it makes your lips crack. It doesn't come off when you have a drink or eat. It is perfect
5 Wendy
Oh my god!!!! The best matte lipsticks EVER!!!!!! I will never use anything else!!!!!
5 Leah
I ordered mannaquin and love it best liquid lipstick I've ever tried very comparable to katvon d liquid lipsticks worth the 16 all day long
5 nofar podgayevski
amazing product, i love it so much!!!!!
5 Evie
best liquid lipsticks ive ever tried! i have seven shades and theyre all perfection, would buy them all if i had the money
5 Lauryn Elise Clark
I Bought 37 Items And They Are All Brilliant And They Are All Makeup And They Are All Ready ForCheckout. I Was Starting Makeup At 4 Four And Since Then I Been Using Makeup At School And Home And People's Homes And Outside
5 Amelia
I bought celebrity skin a few months ago and now on my second one. I really love it and it wear it almost everyday. The colours are very pigmented and come out a really lovely colour.
5 George
I ordered Gemini, it was a beautiful colour and it glided on so smoothly, also it is very long wearing
5 Rachel
I bought unicorn blood and the pigment was amazing! It lasted well except for the fact that eating a 2 course meal and drinking caused it to fade and become patchy (which is pretty much unavoidable from a liquid lipstick). The applicator was good and the I found the formula very moisturising.
5 Molly
I have now got 5 shades ( Sagittarius, Chrysanthemum, Designer Blood, Nude Beach and Celebrity Skin) and they are all amazing, I recently got my celebrity skin shade delivered, it is perfect! will be ordering many more
5 Katie-Louise
Absolutely amazing! These liquid lipsticks aren't drying, are lightweight (so much you forget that you're wearing them) and sooooo pigmented. I own Sagittarius, Chrysanthemum, Androgyny and Celebrity Skin. I could wear these all day and even though eating it would stay put. The only flaw that I have found is that Celebrity Skin smells a bit chemically (apparently it's supposed to be root beer). But other than that they are completely perfect and amazing value for money.
3 Jessica
I have 714 which is terrible. Streaky as hell and doesn't stay put once on. Also brought Celebrity Skin which is really nice, dries down perfectly but wears away after like 2 hours. That's without eating and only drinking through a straw. Will try other colours soonz
5 Rebecca
I have almost all of the available colours at this point, they have fantastic staying power and pigmentation. The colours are both vibrant and lasting. I do find the formula drying, but less so than most liquid lipsticks.
5 Molly
Have about 8 shades, all time favourite lipsticks, not drying, lightweight and the colours are awesome
5 Niamh
I LIVE for these lipsticks!! I have so many already and I won't stop until I have them all, I also have 2 of the ammunitions (beauty padgent and unicorn blood) and are both so stunning, although I do prefer a matter liquid lipstick!
5 Izzy
Looks amazing! Bought No tea No shade and Gemini and in love! Dried really quickly with no creasing and just had a yoghurt and still looks amazing! Hopefully gonna get some more!
4 Erin
shades i haveWATERMELON SODA, MANNEQUIN AND DOLL PARTS, love all 3 colours , i wouldnt layer on top of a dried in coat in as it can bunch up and feel really odd, annoying for touch ups in that way, really opaque
5 lola
i love these liquid lipsticks, they feel amazing on your lips. i doesn't even feel like you have it on. I firstly bought celebrity skin which i love!!!!!!!!!!!! following this i bought leo, if you are going to buy this colour it's darker than the image but i love it regardless. so blessed i found thesegoing on to buy many more
2 Tyler
i bought four liquid lipsticks from here and they aren't the best... the shades were wrong and they label rubbed off...
4 Hollie
I currently have only 15 of these shades. I have shades, Androgyny, Unicorn Blood, Sagittarius, 714, Watermelon Soda, Checkmate, Masochist, Flamethrower, Weirdo, Pussy Whipped, Posh Spice, Doll Parts, Dreamhouse, Crocodile Tears & Pumpkin Pie. Now I love all of these except 714 which I absolutely hate. The formula is awful, but I think I just got a bad batch. My friend bought the same one and is perfect. I find the metallics are much thicker and more of a mousse consistency. I love this brand and will continue to buy and build my collection. I am however disappointed that BB doesnt stock drug lord!
5 Chloe
These liquid lipsticks are my favourite! The formula is so creamy and i like liquid lips like that. i would really recommend buying.
5 Sadie
Bought the shade Sagittarius dries slightly more grey than the bottle suggest at first i wasn't sure but actually really like it x
4 Sophie
Jeffree Star's velour liquid lipsticks are one of my favourite bold coloured lipstick brands. Sagittarius and crocodile tears are my current favourite everyday lipsticks to wear. They wear beautifully throughout the day, are easy to layer and are often complimented on by strangers.
5 Martina
My order arrived today! And i'm so happy. I ordered Dominatrix. These are for sure the best liquid lipsticks i've ever tried. They're so comfortable to wear. I'll order more as soon as possible! I'm addicted!
5 Tiff
These lipsticks are amazing! I have, I'm nude, posh spice, mannequin and celebrity skin and the formula is amazing. It does fade on the inner parts of the lips towards the end of the day but nothing a quick top up doesn't fix. They aren't dry and crumbly like a lot of other liquid lipsticks I have. They smell amazing and the colours are great. Personal fave is Posh Spice, I have repeatedly purchased this shade as it's understated yet striking, its my everyday shade!
5 Wiki
a1 10/10 X
5 Yasmin
I've tried so many lipsticks over time, and I have finally found THE ONE! All of the Jeffree Star lipsticks are perfection, they wear so well through the whole day - I've worn it with no touch ups for over 10 hours before! They aren't too drying and feel so light weight on the lips. The colour range is amazing and there is definitely a colour for everybody! The best liquid lipsticks EVER.
5 Remi
I love good quality Liquid Lipsticks, so if you're like me, these are for you! They are highly pigmented so you only need one thin layer and are very long wearing. They feel very lightweight and don't make your lips look super dry throughout the day. The applicator is very easy to use and controls how much product you use. In all, an amazing product and I highly recommend it! (If you'd like to know, I currently own the shades Mannequin and Sagittarius)
5 Rachel
I went all in and bought 4 shades: redrum, masochist, doll parts and chrysanthemum and I love all of them! They're easy to apply and super pigmented! They dry down beautifully. I am super impressed
5 Alice
Love these, I have a few colours and plan to buy more! Best formula, not cakey, not too drying, and perfect with a gloss x
5 Elisabeth
My all time favorite formula! I have 11 of them and if I could use one lipstick for the rest of my life it would be these. They're lightweight and they glide on amazingly!
5 Federica
I only have Androginy (for now!) and not only is a gorgeous color (on me is a little more on the purple side, but still very wearable) but the formula is great: last a long time, it's perfectly opaque, but it's still confortable and doesn't dry my lips as much as other liquid lipsticks. I'll def buy more in the future!
5 Christine
Was introduced to the Jeffrey range liquid lipsticks what a wake up call to the best colours on the market trouble is keep buying different colours just can't stop latest no tea no shade so good thank you x
5 Imo
I have three of these liquid lipsticks now and I have been so impressed. I used crocodile tears first, I wore it out to a masquerade ball and I did not need to re-apply all night the colour was beautiful and unique and completely opaque easy to apply, non-drying and just absolutely beautiful. It's my new fave! I also bought 714 and Pumpkin pie and I have to say that they are both beautiful also. I mixed 714 with another lipstick for an ombre effect and it blended perfectly. I feel like anyone who is into lipstick needs to own at least one of these!
5 Charlotte
The formula is amazing, I have the holiday colour Hoe Hoe Hoe from last year (basically Rich blood) and no tea no shade. As soon as I have more money in my account I'll be buying more.
5 Jade
Got my 1st j* androgyny and Sagittarius for my birthday and now I'm addicted! They are amazing last all day , don't go patchy , crumbley or transfer! The pigment is amazing and they make your lips feel sooo soft !
5 Gemma Kelly
Hi, I just wanted to ask if you where going to stock the Jeffree star Manny MUA collab. If so what date/time if possible? Also will the items be sold as a bundle or separately or both?Thank you so much.
4 Lekha
One of the best lipsticks I've ever had, and I've tried many! Only problem was the smell, but goes away once dried.
5 Autumn
Favourite liquid lipsticks - hands down! Perfect pigmentation and colours, very long lasting, and can be layered, without changing formulation, or drying the lips
5 Molly
I have celeb skin,androgyny,mannequin and sagaterius and each and every one have a special place in my heart !!
5 Shannon Moonie
5 Reka
Very happy with my recent order, I have 3 colors now and can't wait to get some more!My first one was Unicorn Blood which is absolutely amazing. I was a bit scared to try nudes, because of my fair skin, but Celebrity Skin, and Gemini was a good choice for everyday wear, and the formula is the BEST I've ever tried.
5 Lauren
I recently bought redrum and I was so surprised with how pigmented it was! Right now I have celebrity skin, posh spice, nude beach & androgyny.The formula is brilliant and I would suggest anyone to get this as they change up your makeup game!
5 Koula
I'm really very excited with these lipsticks are very good formula, not sticky on the lips, have a velvety texture! sure I get and other shades! ? I love beauty bay
5 Rebecca
All hail Jeffree Star products, slowing building up my collection! I love the consistency of these liquid lips! Love his YouTube videos !
5 Hollie
These are the best liquid lipstick I've ever used! The colour pay off is unbelievable and they are not drying in my lips at all
5 Loretta
i have five of jeffree's lipsticks, so here's my review on the ones i have.pumpkin pie - my FAVOURITE, it feels amazing and the colour is soooo pretty. it gets sparklier throughout the day which i think is so cool.posh spice - my go to lipstick for if i'm rushing and want something on my lips. so easy to wear and a beautiful greyish brown colour.designer blood - i really like this colour. doesn't dry down like his others do but it has a slight hint of gold and it's GORGEOUS.crocodile tears - i'm not fond of this one. the colour is perfect but the product feels like i've drowned my lips in cakey powder once it's dried. but it's very easy to reapply.dreamhouse - the colour is gorgeous but for me, it was sooo thick and cakey and it went on patchy! but i won't stop buying his lipsticks. I LOVE THEM
5 Danielle
I purchased Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in 'Gemini'. Absolutely fallen in love with it! The colour, the texture, just everything about it is awesome! I wore this shade to a wedding recently, and it did not budge the whole day/night. I was amazed. Will definitely be buying other shades and recommending to friends.
5 Jackie
The best lipstick ever! Bought masochist and it's so beautiful I love the way it feels and stays on for hours
5 Shona
I bought Weirdo for myself and Blue Velvet for my older sister and to say we're in love with them would be a dramatic understatement- they're so so so beautiful, so opaque and one thing that got me is the the applicator is super soft! Many applicators feel like plastic on the lips but Jeffree's are so perfect!
5 Cat
The BEST liquid lipstick on the market, hands down. Gorgeous shade, amazing pigment. I am 100% a Jeffree's girl. He's slaying the game with his make up, I am obsessed!!!
5 Siobahn
These lipsticks are the best I have ever used!!! Bought Gemini and Sagittarius and about to purchase more shades!!! They last ALL day, don't dry out and get all flakey! So glad I have found these! Definitely recommend Xp
5 Lauren
Best formula, absolutely love how it feels! Haven't yet loved another liquid lipstick like this, so long lasting.
5 Alessandra
OMG !!!! I did buy celebrity skin. Well, I have tried so many liquid lipsticks before and none of them kept the promise !!!! They smudged and disappeared on my lips after a while.... they did not keep the promise to stay on all the day long and I'm speaking about both high end and drugstore brands... Jeffree Star is ABSOLUTELY fantastic !!!!!!!!!! WONDERFUL smell. NO Tacky, no dryness and perfect pigments. And it stays on all day (I reapplied it after 8 hours cause he became a little lighter, but I mean 8 hours !!!!!!! ) I'm choosing 2-3 other shades now ... It's amazing !!!!!
5 Grace
I've bought 2 of these lippies already - rose matter and Sagittarius. They are the best matte lipsticks I have ever purchased!! They're not drying and the colours are so gorgeous and pigmented! So long lasting, I can wear it for a whole day, love love love!!! Now to keep buying more ??
5 Kristína
These liquid lipsticks are the best. I have Androgyny, Sagittarius and No tee no shade and I just love them. Very pigmented but not feeling heavy. Stays on forever and does not dry out your lips. Also they smell nice like vanila but it is not too strong. I really love them and will definitely buy more of them I need to have unicorn blood :)
1 Stacey
I bought the Chrysanthemum an can safely say I won't be buying anymore! Totally dissatisfied with the product awful drying an have to use three coats for it to cover my lips! Just awful! :( waste of money!!!
5 Agnieszka
I bought Chrysanthemum, Checkmate, Mannequin, Rose Matter, Pumpkin Pie and haven't said my last word yet. I love those lipsticks for how long they stay, and how light they feel on my lips. I can recommend them without a doubt.
5 Alix
Believe the hype!!This is BY FAR the best lip product I have ever bought. I have Gemini, Pumpkin Pie, Designer Blood and Unicorn Blood. The dry down really fast, are non sticky and last all day. They're really kind on your lips too. Hoping to buy the Androgyny Pallette once Beauty Bay stock it. Officially a Jeffree Star fan!!
1 Becky
Ordered 2 of these products and a milani eye liner so that I could get free next day delivery. However the goods have not been delivered as promised which is very disappointed, next day should mean next day !
5 Kiera
Absolutely amazing. I have 15 shades and I love them all. So opaque and all dry down completely without drying lips out, also the packaging is so pretty!
5 Alana
I have quite a few now, including, Celeb skin, mannequin, abused, some of the Christmas collection and scopio, they are amazing and I couldn't recommend them more!! They tend to be very thin but they are still so pigmented, never have trouble with streakyness, defo getting more!! love them
5 Wendy
OMG!!! I have tried a lot of matte lipsticks and never have really liked them, until I tried these!!! Never will I use anything else!!!
4 Victor
Matte formula:The perfect liquid lipstick.Applicator WAY better than for example Kat Von DConsistence way better than MACpigmentation better than Urban DecayThey are just perfect imoMetallic formula:They could be betterEspecially Dreamhouse is chunky and crumbles on the lips.They stain too which the mattes don't normallyI feel like the metallic effect wears off after you drink which they claimNOT to do
5 Emmi
I love this product so much
5 Erika
These are the best liquid lipsticks. They're not peachy, and very comfortable on my lips. I have dry lips but this lipstick don't dry out more. I bought Celebrity skin and I obsessed with this shade. It has the best formula and pigmentation, one layer is enough to cover my natural lip shade. They are long lasting, it lasts at least 8 hours. They worth the hype.
4 Jo
I bought Designer Blood and Androgyny about 3 months ago..the colours are BEAUTIFUL but the formula isnt great in my opinion. I watched his tutorials before applying and my experience is that the lipstick dries and gets a little 'crusty' looking (awful on a night out). I feel like androgyny lasts longer than designer blood. My lips dry pretty easily with long lasting lipstick fyi.
5 Danielle
Obsessed with these lipsticks. Beauty Bay are so quick at processing orders, you can literally order one day and get your products the next, they are amazing and the packaging is high quality. Thank you Beauty Bay! And thank you Jeffree!
1 Shannon
Just recoeved this and the first thing i noticed is the horrible cheap looking packaging. Dissapointed! this feels so thick on the lips And felt like thick chalk. When i moved my lips i saw already my lip colour was showing. The brush was hard to control and stained my finger. Sorry but idk what the hype is about.
5 Bex
Best liquid lipstick out there. Pigmented. Non drying. Non crumbly. Smooth. Long lasting. Kiss proof. Always get compliments when wearing redrum my signature red lip! Xx
5 Nicole
Loved this liquid lip-went on beautifully and didn't dry or fade. Love the applicator-great shape to it
5 Sigourney
The formula of these lipsticks is to die for! I have the shade unicorn blood and it is so creamy and so pigmented. It feels like you haven't got lipstick on and they last allllll day! Beautiful!!
5 Caitlin
I am sooo in love with this product! The consistency of the liquid lip is out of this world! I've collected 6 so far and don't intend to stop collecting more anytime soon!!!!
2 Shannon
Was great for the first months, now had the l liquid lipstick for 3 months now and it has dryed out! I love it but what a waste of money, For not much use, wouldn't recommend.
Insanely clapped. Really happily disappointed with the product. It was as dry as the Sahara Desert. Ashy af. It was also smelly. Refund please
5 Naz
I love these liquid lipsticks!!!! By far one of the best consistency and formula, not too drying and very long last lasting !! And the packaging and the brush is perfect! The colours are so lovely I just want them all. I have Sagittarius, Scorpio and adrongyny! And I want more. I'm just about to order designer blood, doll parts and pumpkin pie!! I really wanted deceased but they don't stock it :( other than that highly recommend!
5 Toria
Jeffree Star, liquid lips , skin frosts and the new androgyny pallet are amazing, my favourite brand! Totally addicted-bought every LL shade! Would definitely recommend.
5 Emily
I love them all! Sagittarius is my favourite currently. Subtle enough, whilst also making an impact. Lots of lovely nudes, some didn't suit my skin type, but if you have a friend to swatch, you will find your new favourite in there. My tops: Sagittarius, celebrity skin, androgyny, and leo. I'm addicted, I keep buying them, they stay on all day and smell so nice. Worth every penny!
5 Evie
Oml jeffree star lipsticks are literally the no fault in them Gemini is such an amazing colour recommend everyone getting one of them they r so much better than kylies liquid lipsticks!!
5 Sarah
I just got Pumpkin Pie in the mail and it's gorgeous! It's so lightweight I can't even feel it on my lips! Comfortable and long lasting, I can't wait to try out some more shades!
5 Katie Jo
GURL! Jeffrees lipstick f*cking slays the make up game! I have Doll Parts, Rose Matter and Sagittarius, all of which feel so thin on the lips. I just can't. Jeffree himself has opened me up to trying a bigger and bolder colour range on lipstick. I would normally stick with my three neutrals I have already bought off of his collection but gurl. I need crocodile tears, and abused. CHRISTMAS can't come f*cking sooner b**ch.
5 Gemma
Love this product it's my first high end product and I'm so in love can't believe I didn't get one sooner
5 Lisa
I love these lipsticks! I have about 4 different ones and they are all amazing, they are so pigmented and comfortable to wear. I've tried quite a few different liquid lipsticks, I was never sure about them because I found them drying and uncomfortable but after trying these it completely changed my mind. 100% recommend, I can't wait to buy more.
5 Jordan
I ordered Unicorn Blood as I heard fabulous reviews. And I wasn't let down. Even after food and drink, it stays perfect! Long lasting and the colour is perfect. I recommend!
5 Alba
I bought it in the shade Androgyny and it really is the best liquid lipstick I've ever tried. It stays on for hours even after having eaten (unless it's an oily meal, no liquid lipsitck can survive that). The formula is unreal. Easy to apply, doesn't crumble off and a thin layer gives you more than enough colour payoff.
5 lauren
Honestly the best lipstick I have purchased in my life!! amazing and delivery from beauty bay too!! I have Scorpio and posh spice and I loooove these colours, would highly recommend this product!
4 Beth
I purchased 'Gemini' after trying my friends and I hate myself. I cannot believe I actually spent & on a liquid lipstick. But it is good. Really good. Doesn't last quite as long as I hoped, but I like to eat and nothing lasts through lots of food and coffee (but I'm talking full lunch, not just one coffee). Arrived SUPER quickly and I probably will be ordering another one :)
5 erika
I love red lips and this liquid lipstick is the best red ever!
5 Alexandra
I have shades Mannequin, Posh Spice, Designer Blood and Scorpio. I love them all however, I've found that Designer Blood does need a lip liner underneath to prevent bleeding. My latest purchase is Scorpio and it's just as beautiful as the rest of the shades! Definitely the best liquid lipstick I've ever used!
5 Ashley
I ordered a Jeffree Star lippie after lusting after them for a long time. I've been a pretty faithful Velvetines fan for a couple of years now but I think I've been converted... I bought Androgyny and it feels AMAZING. So light yet so pigmented and goes on so easy. I am definitely going to buy more colors. Love.
4 rosie
The formulas are really really good and they are so pigmented! I bought rose matters and Gemeni but they are not the colours i thought they were after watching so many swatch videos! I was disappointed with the colours not matching me :(
5 Lis
Bought Androgyny to start off and boy oh boy does it live up to it's promises. GOD DAMN that lipstick will not move for the Queen of flipping England. I ate a whole lemon cheesecake with that magical stuff on and it didn't budge or flake. Even kissing won't rub it off - unless you're like aggressively making out. All the colours are gorgeous as well. Breakfast At Tiffany's is so beautiful it literally makes you feel like a water nymph.
5 Jodie
I love the formula of this lipstick!! Smells good to the only thing is I feel the shade looks a bit more of a lighter nude in natural lighting(might just be me) would buy more!!
5 stephenie
I have have a lot of liquid lipstick, colour pop, Gerard cosmetics, MAC , Kylie lip kits, NYX the list goes on. but hands down jeffree star has the best formula for my lips. I have masochist I apply ONE coat and it lasts entire day through eating and drinking. I am amazed
5 Ray
I brought two of these in shades Celebtrity Skin and Androgyny and they are fab! So, so easy to apply and the formula is brilliant they literally stay on all day long! A must have!!
4 Francesca
I bought Crocodile Tears and Pumpkin Pie.Crocodile Tears:this colour is GORGEOUS,just a little bit in the inner lip came off but it feels so light on the lips.Pumpkin Pie is even better! The glitters didn't fell out,it's a gorgeous colour. LOVE THIS BRAND
5 Saffy
Bought Gemini and Androgyny! Best liquid lipsticks I've bought by far! Not sticky at all, an excellent formula and very pigmented. Over the moon and will be buying more!
5 Katie
I bought both the Dominatrix and Leo liquid lipsticks and I think they are the best I have ever had! I love them so much and Beautybay had the best prices around! Would stongly recommend these liquid lipsticks!
5 Tia
I am obsessed with these liquid lipsticks I bought the shade celebrity skin and it glides on so smoothly does not feel Cakey on the lips and has a Devine smell .. I've ordered 3 more shades.
4 Annie
Brought the shade I'm nude in hope of the perfect nude, I've brought from so many other brands such as Kylie cosmetics and they are always way too dark! love the shade, the formula can be bit drying and crusty however, a cheaper and less drying alternative would be NYX lip lingerie. The smell of the product is not that nice, smells bit chemically but its not too bad and doesnt stop me regularly using it. Overall good product, however it won't stop me in still searching for the perfect nude.
5 Lauren
The most amazing liquid lipstick ever created! Jeffree has blessed us all.
5 Avana
i bought both weirdo and abused and the formula, colour and consistency is brilliant!
5 Amalie
These liquid lipsticks are the best liquid lipsticks I've ever tried, and I've got quite the collection of different brands. I got Gemini, Androgyny and Leo and they're all so pigmented and long lasting! The application of the product is so easy, they're so opaque, and they're so comfortable to wear. They don't dry out, crack up or flake off the lips.
4 Paris
I bought androgyny and I have tan skin tone which compliments my skin tone so nicely. The liquid lipstick feels so light on the lips and not drying. I ate and drank and it was still on, just a little bit in the inner lip came off but other than that it's amazing.
5 Sharyse
Jeffree Star's liquid lipsticks are EVERYTHING! I bought No Shade, No Tea and it's perfect. Stays on for hours without crumbling, keeps its sparkle (which is amazing for a LL) and doesn't feel too heavy or thick. Can't wait to buy more!
5 Natalie
Jeffree Star's liquid lipsticks HAVE to be my favourite formula. I've tried so many liquid lipsticks, my lips are very dry anyway and most liquid lipsticks look horrific on me. They become crusty and bleugh. But these!!! Changed my makeup game! They're so comfortable on the lips and they last forever. Very rarely have to reapply even on a night out on the town! I have weirdo, masochist, unicorn blood, androgyny, Sagittarius, Gemini, I'm royalty, dreamhouse, no tea no shade and designer blood. The colour range he has is superb and if my whole lipstick collection was just full of his colours then I would have every lipstick I could need for any occasion. Would recommend to anyone
4 chloe
got two of these leo and celebrity skin i love them they are so nice just one of them smells like really off/ chemicals, i still wear it but not alot because of it. but they are my fav liquid lipstick
4 Shannon
I was very pleased to receive my Liquid lipsticks in the shades crocodile tears and blue velvet. They're amazing! Long Wearing, Comfortable, pigmented and the colour selection is fantastic... I advise you to go out of your comfort zone when buying these lipsticks because you'll be surprised what suits you. My only problem was that Blue Velvet was a lot darker than I'd anticipated and was not bright as shown in the picture. It was also much more streaky than crocodile tears when I had heard that blue velvet was very pigmented online. Other than that I'm very happy
5 Becca
For the time being I have 5 liquid lipsticks; Leo, Crocodile tears, Sagittarius, unicorn blood and posh spice. Everyone of the lipsticks are amazing, the formula is great, there's not cracking or rubbing off, the only way these lipsticks will come of is with oily products or if you're eating oily food but apart from that they are perfect, not too drying and super matte, no doubt I will be buying more!
5 Olivia
Got Androgyny at long last! I love the colour and find it so beautiful. Also got designer blood and pussy whipped, I can't get enough of the formula and how well it lasts, I love that you can use it on your eyes as well. Pussy whipped makes a crazy eyeliner.
5 Kelsey
Ordered the shades 'Pussy Whipped' and 'Gemini' and I am so impressed! The pigmentation is amazing and they are so long lasting. So amazed by Pussy whipped as long lasting metallic lipsticks are so difficult to find and this is just amazing!! I am so happy
5 Francina
I bought Androgyny initially and completely fell in love with the colour and more importantly, the formula. It's not drying at all and is super pigmented! I've recently bought Unicorn Blood and it is equally amazing - so addicted to this formula it's unreal. I've tried so many liquid lipsticks and been majorly disappointed at their longevity (I'm looking at you Kat Von D), so glad to have finally found a brand worth the money! (& that also makes me feel like a sassy goth princess).
5 Kelly
Omg love jeffree star seriously! His liquid lip sticks don't stain and much better than the kylie liquid lip colour i have dream house and pumpkin pie will be ordering whipped and no tea no shade when i'm next paid and will be ordering his lip scrub! A*
4 Yazmin
I bought Androgyny as my first ever liquid lip for Jeffree Star and I really like it. The applicator is a little difficult to use at first because it's so different to ones I've used before, also I have very thin lips so it's a little awkward. The formula itself is amazing. It's so heavily pigmented but it doesn't feel like I have anything on my lips once it has dried down. I'm really enjoying it.
5 Morgan
Wow, chrysanthemum broke my heart. It's a stunning colour but so streaky that it's almost impossible to wear :(
5 Amber
I've bought 9 Jeffree liquid lipstick shades and no disappointments so far! Never going to buy another brand of lipstick again. This formula is the best, don't waste your money on anything else!!
5 Amy
I was desperate to try these out from the second I saw Jeffree swatching them! I didn't know anywhere in the UK to get hold of them but wow, am I glad I found them! I'll never use another liquid lipstick, and I really cannot fault them!
5 Ashley
Made my first ever Beautybay order and I bought Doll Parts,Love the formula and the applicator! Goes on creamy feels like nothing is on your lips which is a plus. Will be ordering more stuff soon really impressed with how quick this item came also! Inlove with Doll Parts thankyou Beautybay xx
5 Katharina
So far I own six of Jeffree's liquid lipsticks and I am completely in love. They are highly pigmented and dry pretty fast, so they are great for everyday use - especially because the colours really stay where they are supposed to stay. I was eating some BBQ today while wearing the color Dirty Money and the lipstick was still on point afterwards. Another great thing is that even though they do dry, I don't have the feeling they are drying out my lips, which is another argument to get them. The only 'problem' I had with some colors (especially Masochist) is that they did leave my lips stained, but I guess that is normal for such a highly pigmented product. I def would recommend getting them xxx
5 Sarah
They apply like a dream last all day are non drying and sheer perfection! The best liquid lipsticks I've ever owned! :)
5 P
Really nice formula, smells a bit minty! Celebrity skin is a winner nude!
5 Ashleigh
I bought Gemini and Celebrity Skin and I absolutely love them! So pigmented but really comfortable on the lips! Will be buying more!
5 Eden
I absolutely adore these lipsticks! I have five colours so far (Redrum, Weirdo, Unicorn Blood, Dominatrix, and Breakfast at Tiffanys) with Masochist on the wayear! They're such amazing quality, I swear by them. So much so that I treat myself to a new one each week
5 Sunniva
These are the absolute best liquid lipsticks i've ever tried. They even beat anastasia beverly hills liquid lipsticks. They're smooth and super pigmented. absolutely worth the money
I got the shade Saggitarius and it's a beautiful colour. It's feels like nothing on the lips and stays forever on. The formula is my favorite so far and i would defenitely buy more soon!
5 Kinga
I ordered Pumpkin Pie and Gemini, and OMG!!! Both of them are stunning, they last through the entire day, I can say that Jeffree's makeup are very high quality and I can only recommend them. They worth the price, don't buy the dupes!!! ;)
5 Madeleine
I recently bought two shades just to try them out and see if they're worth all the hype they've been getting and I'm honestly mind blown! Super opaque, doesn't feel drying or heavy on the lips, I LOVE them! I will most definitely buy more shades. Would recommend!!!!
5 Charley jordan
The best liquid lipsticks I've tried out! I have gemni, celebrity skin and I'm nude and the quality is 100% couldn't ask for anything better
5 Saffron
I am sooooooo in love with all the lipsticks I bought celebrity skin and I am totally in love it's such a smooth feel on your lips and it's not sticky like other lipsticks I have tryed in the past it's such a lovely colour to we're everyday will be purchaseing more thabkyou
5 Olivia-Jade
Such fast delivery and in perfect condition. Absolutely love the product as well. Doesn't dry out my lips one bit and the pigment is amazing
5 Megan
I love this formula! So far I have I'm Nude, Mannequin, Celebrity Skin, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Chrysanthemum. They dry beautifully and don't leave your lips dehydrated. I'll definitely be buying more colours soon
5 Jayia
I bought Doll parts and Sagittarius, both really pigmented and long lasting, light weight on the lips and hydrating, the applicator on Sagittarius is fluffy and soft and gentle in the lips, where as doll parts the applicator was more rough and hard on the lips, you can see the difference between them, apart from that really pleased and will be buying more shades!
5 Keighley
I bought Androgyny and I LOVE IT!! Its a really nice formula and it lasts for ages. Would defo recommend!!
5 Erika
Wonderful product, it lasts forever on the lips! I ate fries and made out with my boyfriend and was still there! I bought Chrysanthemums and Sagittarius, the first one has a bit of shimmer. I'm very happy with the product and I'm looking forward to buying a new one! The deliver does take around two weeks but don't worry, your product will arrive. I live in Italy and it arrived in two weeks.
4 Amina
I bought 3 of these, and yes they are worth the money and worth the hype, made my lips feel a bit dry but look fabulous, as the colour pay off is better than other comparable liquid lipsticks.
2 Emily
Designer blood It's a beautiful shade but it's drier than the other lipstick I have (androgyny) it also leaks from the edge of my lips.
5 Jasmine
I bought Mannequin and I'm IN LOVE! If you're light to medium skin tone it wil be the perfect nude for you! Perfect formula, and the applicator makes it so easy to apply.Now I ordered designer blood, pumpkin pie and leo. Can't wait!
I ordered mannequine fast delivery and i love it will be ordering more colours and it lasts for most of the day
5 Darcey
this lipstick is amazing stays on forever and and feels so light on your lips. i got pumpkin pie and the colour is gorgeous !
5 Louise Campbell
slaying my whole existence to another level, actually thought I'd just met Jesus Christ when I searched this on my arm
5 Amanda
Such a good product. The colours are vibrant and last much longer than regular lipsticks. Application is easy and the sent is nice. 10/10 will buy again.
5 Danielle
I ordered Sagittarius a couple of months ago and I'm absolutely in love! Usually purples and bright colours for me are a definite no due to me prefering to not be noticed by people, however i decided to try this colour purely because I was drawn to how it looked in pictures. It is a very subtle dusty purple meaning that its bright enough to help me feel good about myself however not that bright that I won't wear it. Pigmentation is fantastic and super easy to apply. I will definitely be ordering more!
5 Lily
Straight up the best liquid lipstick I've ever bought. The colour stays on all day, thank you for shipping to UK!!!!! Xxx
5 Lucy
I have 12 colours so far and I plan to get the whole collection! These are by far the best liquid lipsticks I've tried. The formula is amazing, the amount of time it lasts is amazing and the colours are to die for!!! Love love love them
5 Fiona
Bought my first one..which was Sagittarius, I loved it so much the next day I bought rich blood. I don't usually wear lipsticks as I never thought they suited me or I had a good lips shape for them. But ON was I wrong I absolutely love them...I need to get more!
3 Sarah
I brought Celebrity Skin & Dominatrix the other day & fair to say it's not the best liquid matte lipsticks I've had.Celb Skin was more of a paint texture & came off during the day within a matter of a couple hours. But I really like the colour as it's very natural.Dom was fairly thick more like a buttery texture & was alot darker than I thought was going to be. Stays on longer than Celb Skin but is a bit tacky to wear & really hard to get off as it basically sticks to your skin. That said, the colour is nice with the right kind of makeup.I still prefer Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks.
1 Sarah
Have fallen in love with these lipsticks but am very disappointed in Gemini - nothing like the colour stated - just like the colour of a brick !!! Will still be buying other colours tho
5 Megan
Ordered Sagittarius and it came in 2 days, I was not disappointed. The formula is amazing and I am about to order celebrity skin. NEW FAN
5 Pearl
ABSOLUTELY AM IN LOVE!! I have recently ordered Crocodile Tears and it lasts all day and is not uncomfortable to wear. The colour is so beautiful and can give a different vibe to a look as it is not the normal dark red or purple. I have now ordered Unicorn Blood and Celebrity Skin as a gift to a friend, I highly recommend these and worth the price! My experience with standard delivery is it usually arrived within 2 days which is amazing considering its free.
5 Natasha
I Love this brand so much!! If you want a good quality liquid lipstick then this is a product you are going to want to buy. Texture varies in colours and type of lipstick (mattes vs metallic). My favourite has to be pumpkin pie because of the glitter and it's just a really fun colour!!
5 Mooonette
Perfect! Love it!
5 Sophie
Absolutely LOVE these!! I always have the urge to take other liquid lipsticks off because they feel too dry/sticky but I don't have that problem with these. By far the best liquid lipsticks out there!
5 Kat
bought celebrity skin off beauty bay and i absolutely love the colour! it's the perfect nude and the formula is amazing. it is definitely up there with the Kat von D and lime crime liquid lipsticks if not better!!!!!!!
1 Paige
Absolutely terrible product, definitely overhyped. The smell is revolting you can almost compare it to bo. I have the colour Dirty Money, I do not wear it at all now as I just cant stand the smell, my lips feel so dry after wearing the lipstick too, just terrible.
5 Keeley
I'm not a lipstick wearer at all and focus more on my eyes when I do my makeup but these....These are all I wear on my lips now! The only gripe I have is with Scorpio that I bought recently. It's a bit more sheer than the rest of the JS lipsticks I have but that maybe due to me not shaking the bottle haha. Love love love
5 Olivia
This is my first time buying from this brand and I bought the liquid lipstick in the shade Rich Blood and I have to say I'm amazed this is by far the best liquid lipstick that I have bought 10/10 Jeffree 'You Better Work!' xx
5 Imogen
I have every single one now & they are by far the best liquid lipstick I've ever worn. They are so pigmented and you only need one application! Hardly have to top up unless your kissing loads which it says on the box anyway! I can't wait for more to come out. Love Jeffree!
5 Simone
I have brought so many colours from the Velour Liquid Lipstick collection now. I love them all!Great pigment and quality!
5 Anna
I have an ever growing collection of jeffree star lipsticks building as I am so in love with the formula and the pigmentation of each lipstick I have bought. I have designer blood, androgyny, doll parts, no tea no shade, sagittarius and celebrity skin. The lipsticks aren't heavy feeling and last all day with the occasional touch up in the centre of my bottom lip if I have eaten something oily. The application is extremely easy for those who aren't good at applying liquid lipsticks. I definitely recommend and I will definitely be purchasing more of jeffree's lipsticks!
5 Stacey
I bought the colour Masochist and honestly I love it. Its so vibrant on the lips, I got complements from all my friends on the colour. It lasted all day through drinking coffee and going out to lunch, when I tested it on my arm the left a stain which didn't come off for about 3 days (yes I did scrub my arm). I'm going to be purchasing more colours in future. I've used a lot of different liquid lipsticks and this one was by far the best one I've used
5 Chloe piggott
This is the best liquid lipstick I've tried so far it settles nicely on the lips and doesn't feel heavy it's so lightweight unlike other liquid lipsticks you can hardly tell you've got it on. I purchased the celebrity skin shade and it's perfect just the right shade of nude for a day to day basis.
5 Chloe
Amazing amazing amazing!! Feels like nothing on your lips with massive colour payoff and stays put through lunch/dinner and beyond. #obsessed
5 Shawna
I never really invested a lot into makueup but wow, these are so worth it and now I'm hooked! I ordered Scorpio which looked a lot darker on me than on the photo (but it might just be my skintone) I've had no problems with it super pigmented! stays on for ages (unless you eat something oily) the packaging is super cool as well, i like the fact that they click shut so no dirt gets into it from lying about in my cluttered bag (gross!) can't wait to collect all of them!
5 Chelsea
I ordered Weirdo and Sagittarius. I was a little nervous on what to expect as I haven't ordered Jeffrey Star products before. I did regular delivery, so expected them to come in 3 days, as I'd ordered on a Sunday. They arrived the next morning which I'm super impressed with. Weirdo is a proper black, no streakiness and its opaque as well. Sagittarius is a nude with slightly dark pinky tones in it, which stops the lipstick from being dull and washing the skin out. its not super girly though, don't get me wrong, just a pinker nude to say, posh spice and deceased. The lipstick quality is high and the finish is beautiful. I recommend this brand to anyone and everyone. LOVE IT!!!
3 Noah
As Jeffree has said several times, kissing is okay, making out and eating each other's faces off isn't. Also, if you eat oily/greasy food it'll come right off. Other than that, the normal ones are good. I also have '714' and 'Virginity' from the summer collection ans they are TERRIBLE! They won't dry down, they're sticky, transfers off when you barely even touches it, and it looks so patchy and discusting! The normal ones are good (not as good as I expected from all the rave online), but limited edition ones are terrible. Kinda scared to say that as I'm afraid he'll block me.
5 Adriana
I have the color 'Sagittarius' and it's the best liquid lipstick i own! Definitely worth the money!!
4 Stephanie
I bought Sagittarius but it looks soooo much darker than the picture on me! On the good side, the formula is very good, it feels light and doesn't dry the lips. I'll surely buy more shades :)
3 Kanni
Bought shade Rose Matter. It is a bit darker than expected, quite red on my lips. Nice smooth apply. Have to be careful though as the applicator is quite big and if the colour is that bright then it is really easy to mess up. It doesn't feel too dry on my lips but it enhances all lines. Like it better with a topper. It has a bit minty scent to it.
5 Megan
The formula of this lipstick is amazing, it's so creamy, and it smells exactly like the Kylie lipkits I own, celebrity skin is a good match for dolce k! I would highly reccomend.
5 Anaisa
I love Androgyny so much, it keeps in the lips all day long and leaves a smooth finish. Now i'm repurchase another liquids lispticks, Unicorn Blood and Sagittarious, I hope the have the very same finish.
5 Gina
I own 6 of these liquid lipsticks and they are one a my favourite formulas. Although I would never buy blue velvet again (patchy) the other 5 are amazing.
5 dora
I bought redrum and checkmate and they are absolutely amazing! The lipstick glides on like a dream. The colors are stunning and the formula is the best I've ever tried!!!
5 Kelsey
100% the best liquid lipsticks I have ever tried! I have the shades androgyny, crocodile tears and Leo and they are all beautiful. They are highly pigmented and have a great consistency, they feel weightless on the lips. Amazing!
5 Eleanor
Really nice lipstick, favourite liquid lipstick I've ever tried. I'll definitely be buying more !!
5 Soph
Best liquid lipsticks I've every tired. Feels light weight. Doesn't make your lips feel dry. Stays on really well. Great colour pay off. Only disappointment is Chrysanthemum was very streaky, even after doing several layers. But apart from this, I have tried various other shades with great results. Would highly recommend
5 Karlie chisnall
I love these liquid lipsticks. They are very comfortable to wear and are long-lasting. I have most of the Christmas collection and would recommend them to anyone. Good value for your money!
5 Karmela
The very best liquid lipstick! Soooo velour, so comfortable to wear, like no other liquid lipstick I have. Personal favorite.
5 Rach
I love love these lipsticks they are my favourite now , I have just bought pumpkin pie and no Tea no shade they are fantastic .
4 Emma Greaves
I love these lipsticks, I have designer blood, redrum, posh spice and dominatrix. They are a bit drying but so are all liquid lipsticks but are really good wear the colours are beautiful and they last a really long time. I would give them 5 stars however I also have KYLIE liquid lips and the KYLIE ones seem to not budge at all were as eatting,kissing, drinking causes Jeffes to become patchy a problem I do not have with true brown k but the price and being able to get them in England means that these are definitely going to over take my KYLIE lipsticks
5 Rachel
Love love these lipsticks pumpkin pie and no tea no shade fantastic
5 Lamentia
I absolutely LOVE my new Jeffree Star Cosmetics lipstics! I bought Androgyny and Sagittarius (Christmas limited edition) and they are both beautyful and weareable. Androgyny looks a whole look better on my lips than on a picture, it's colour is warmer and it stays on even when I eat or drink. Sagittarius is a bit more intensive than I imagine but I shortly fell in love with it too. It's not for everyday use for work eg. but I love wearing it over the weekends. So yes to both of these amazing colours!
5 Katherine
I got the shade Scorpio which I am absolutely in love with! The only thing I would say is that it does easily come off after eating or drinking but overall I would definetly recommend to anyone looking for a good liquid lipstick. Can't wait to bye more in the future!
5 Francesca
I bought scorpio: amazing! Soft drafting, excellent covering, it doesn't dry lips. I feel comfortable wearing it even if I must be outside all the day, also having dinner before coming home!It's 5,6 ml, so I think is a good price for a wonderful product
2 Georgia
Androgyny smells terrible (cat pee is the closest and most accurate comparison i can think of), and so do quite a few of the others, and whilst it dries down completely eventually it takes about ten minutes and it can be quite tacky if you have to put a couple layers on, which i usually have to. I love the colour, although it's darker than i thought it was upon purchase, however the smell combined with the texture have put me off buying any other products from this range, especially for the price.
5 Bethany
I got mannequin and Gemini near Christmas and loved them so much I bought two of the Christmas collection and another recently! Each was consistently good. These lipsticks are the perfect balance between longevity and comfort and are one of my absolute favourite liquid lipsticks!
5 Anna
These are my absolute favourite liquid lipsticks. I own Designer Blood, Androgyny, Chrysanthemum, No Tea No Shade and Virginity and all of them are really pigmented and creamy and don't dry out my lips, and they last for such a long time. Definately will be buying more!
2 K
I got the colour 'Androgyny'and the colour is amazing, really looks great against my fair complexion. However the formula IS on the drying side. I can wear it for 2 or 3 hours before it just looks all dry and starts coming off, requiring a touch up. But then you cant keep touching it up or the texture looks weird and cakey. If I put lip balm underneath to stop the drying effect, the lipstick does not set. The packaging is really nice and looks expensive. Overall the colour is beautiful, the formula does not work for me and the packaging is gorgeous. I will purchase this shade in the lip ammunition and hope that I can still wear this amazing colour in a formula that will look nicer for longer and wont dry my lips out.
5 Chloe
I bought 'Mannequin' and is such a lovely nude shade! Has such a nice consistency when applying and the packaging is so cute!! Will definitely be buying lots more from his collection!
3 Jess
Recently got the colour Sagittarius, I would say that the colour is a lot darker on me that on the swatch. The formula is thin and mousse like. The applicator is tough to work with so if you're not used to working with liquid lipsticks I'd suggest a lip liner. The staying power is good, but not great. Comfortable to a point but is to be expected with a liquid lip. Overall, I will buy another because despite all the negatives - I liked it.
5 Magdalena
I have a lot of his liquid lipsticks and I am so happy BeautyBay is stocking them! I have a feeling that slowly slowly I will buy the whole collection because 20 simply are not enough!
4 Nika
I ordered Crocodile tears, which is now the third shade I own (I also have Celebritiy skin and Posh spice) and I love the colour, but the application is a bit streaky and it's not as opaque as the other colours. But all of this can be fixed with applying two layers and it works out just fine. Love it!
5 Lauren
i LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! although im spending an absolute fortune ??????
1 Sophie
I absolutely adore this product! However, I was really disappointed when I purchased Androgyny. I expected so much from this product as it is one of Jeffree Star's more well known shades but when it arrived it absolutely stunk of petroleum and stung my lips! I have never had this problem with any of the other shades I have purchased and also admire Jeffree's highlighters but my androgyny shade is going in the bin unfortunately.
5 Anonymous2568
3 Linn
I bought Mannequin and honestly I was a bit disappointed. The wear time is not very long and it defines my fine lines. If i compare to my other liquid lipsticks this is definitely not my favorite! The shade is nice but looks a bit more warm toned on me.
5 Sofia
Love these, bought three and will absolutely buy more. Androgyny is all it's hyped up to be.
3 Wilma
Disappointed on the shade Rich Blood, I think it is not the same formula as all the YouTube videos I have seen because in all of them the lipstick has a blue sheen and mine has nothing even simmilar to that, maybe it is the formula used for the British market but do not expect it to look like in the videos :( . I think is fair to give it a 3 star because I absolutely love my other 2 lipsticks: Designer Blood and Celebrity Skin.
5 Julianna
I love these liquid lipsticks I have the colours pussywhipped , no tea no shade adrongny crysanthum rich blood masochist crocidle tears check mate celebrity skin Scorpio and dream house although dream house felt a bit different in consistency and didn't dry as well maybe it was just my lips I love these lipsticks Defo one to have in my makeup kit
5 Alice
Love this liquid lipstick!! My lips are thin along the top edges and therefore I can never wear lipsticks because it never goes on properly. The applicator is perfect for any shaped lips, will definitely be buying more!
5 Naz
They are the best liquid lipsticks I own and my collection is huge!! I never looked into jefferee stars products but so glad I did, the formula is amazing, soft and matte and very long lasting! I don't even need to top it up after eating. I bought 3 of these, Sagittarius, Scorpio and androgyny!! And they are such beautiful colours I need to get my hands on more. I want to get designer blood and Gemini and more!! Highly recommend. I have medium-deep skin tone and they just suit so well hope that helps!
4 Margherita
These are the best liquid lipstick ever! I have Androgyny, Posh Spice and Unicorn Blood. Unfortunately I have to give 4/5: the last one arrived open. I'm lucky 'cause the product is still performing, but this isn't ok!!!
5 Sarah-Jane
I received the shade Gemini & Scorpio and honestly I am in love. The formula is so creamy and lasts all day, through eating drinking everything these are just amazing! So worth the price since the pigmentation allows a tiny bit to go a long way, honestly one dip does my entire lips! I want every shade!!
5 Zuzanna
I have so many of these and they're amazing! Really great formula.
5 Lara
Absolutely loved this! I received my Gemini VLL for Christmas. The smell was orgasmic and it was so easy to apply. It was quick drying and it lasted me all day! Would recommend 100%
4 Zen
I have 9 of these and they're amazing!! They stay on all day without budging and don't dry out my lips either. 10/10 would recommend and can't wait to build up my collection!!
5 L.R
Bought crocodile tears, pumpkin pie and posh spice and i felt invincible with these on, I mean these baby's stay on all night, went out with posh spice on and the formula was so good it was full slay the next day with no touch ups that night!!
4 Eden
Just received Androgyny, love the formula, really long lasting however, smells slightly chemically.
5 n
It's a lovely colour and it came within about 2 days!!
3 Rhian
I absolutely love these apart from the Sagittarius shade as it's of a thin consistency and takes ages to apply a more pigmented colour ,so disappointed with that :(
5 Karoliina
The color 'Sagittarius' looked a little bit lighter in the pictures, but still it's a beautiful color. Long-lasting formula that doesn't dry your lips. Looks good for several hours!
5 Yining
I've been eyeing this liquid lipstick for so long and I have finally bought the shade redrum. It is sooooo beautiful, applies smooth and is not patchy at all. It lasted the entire duration of my dinner without breaking off and yet it is very easy to take off. Also it does not leave my lips very dry afterwards. Would repurchase 100%!
5 Nilu
I own many brands high end and low end of liquid lipsticks as it's the only lipstick I'll now use and I must say how surprised I am at the this applies, feels and stays on. I gave it the whole food and drink test and it's the same where it will rub off but re applies much better than other more expensive brands! I have unicorn blood and will soon be ordering 3 more shades! Deffo worth the money.
5 Andrea
Without a doubt the best liquid lips out there forget Kylie it's all about JS. They don't dry your lips the formula is light and not sticky like some and best of all minimal re application on a night out!!! You literally you won't be disappointed!!! Every girls must have love this brand.
5 Saakshi
I had bought this shade rose matter and it is such a unique colour. Goes beautifully on all skin tones. It's matt but doesn't dry the lips and full coverage in one swipe. Perfect shade if you are looking for something nude with a peachy pink tone.
5 Emilia Caulton
I love then. They were my first makeup products
5 Charlotte
Love these liquid lips! Best fomula I have usedAnd so affordable! Only 1 dip needed and whole lips done!
5 Jordyn
5 BenjyDoll
Obsessed with those liquid lipstick ! Started with Dreamhouse, and OMG, the perfect color/formula. True pigment. LOVE IT ! I will buy 714 after writing this comment. I want them all. Need sales !
5 Michelle
I ordered No tea no shade & Pumpkin Pie and got my package in a week (I'm from Belgium). I love the fast delivery.I already had Androgyny before and I love the texture and color so much I ordered two other ones. No tea no shade is a little less purple in real life than on the picture but in fact I like that. I was worried that it would be too purple so. Pumpkin Pie is a very light color so I have to get used to it. But I just LOVE the liquids from Jeffree, they are the very best! They last so good and the texture is very light.
4 Lea W
I bought the shade Androgyny off BeautyBay and i really love the colour and the applicator is SO good it makes applying the lipstick so much easier! The only problem is that it feels a bit sticky around the corners of my mouth but that's not that big of a deal. Great pigmentation and not too drying!
5 summer
I love him/her I found out about him from my brother its also the best liquid lipstick if I had to choose out of mac and jeffree star I would choose jeffree star.
3 Hannah
I love the colour of Sagittarius but hated the colour of chrysthanethmum
5 Charlie
I never ever wear lipstick I always wore vasaline or a clear lipgloss but I tried mannequin by Jeffree star and it's the best thing I've ever brought I now have loads and my favourite is unicorn blood! Smell amazing! Amazing pigmentation! Last all day! Would recommended to anyone!!
5 Maja
I have to admit I was completely refusing to get on the jstar bandwagon. Having tried stila, kvd, dose of c., the balm, abh, smashbox, sephora, limecrime etc., I though no way can this formula match up or simply be needed...I bought the shade androgyny (skintone reference mac nc20) and....well, it got the best of me, I surendered completely! Its in my top 3 favorite shade!!!!!
5 Rachel
I have 4 and I love them all! Really matt, long lasting.
5 Amelia
I Bought no tea no shade my first product from jefree ,a little darker than I expected but OMG I love it so soft and comfortable to wear and the staying power is amazing it stays put all night with a little top ,all in all I will be buying more shade and recommend this product to others.
5 Ruby
THE BEST LIQUID LIPSTICK ! i've tried so many + always come back to these. shade range is so great ( i've got androgny , celebrity skin and doll parts ) they last a really long time + feel WEIGHTLESS which is great. can't wait to try some more!
5 Rosie
The best thing I have ever bought I keep using it over my mac lipsticks I didn't expect it to be as good as it is celebrity skin is the nicest colour and the applicator is so easy to use recommend so much and I got free deliver and it still came the next day
5 Becca
I brought unicorn blood and it arrived so quick !! I am living for it !
4 Evie baker
Absolutely amazing!! Not heaven what so ever, long lasting and doesn't go patchy. I bought the shade celebrity skin, it's can suit every type of skin tone and looks so fab! Only disappointed in the size/quantity of the liquid lipstick, it looks larger on beautybay however it's extremely small. I believe it's not worth the price but I would definitely purchase this again.
5 Ilene
Really amazing lipstick, had so many good reviews on this, i absolutly love it. Beautybay send the lipstick in a week to the netherlands and with free shipping this review is getting 5 stars, thank you so much
5 Beksie B
I fell utterly in love with this nude shade, but even more so with the staying factor. I had two drinks, starter and mains with no need to reapply my liquid lippy.
4 Claudia
I have 10 colours now and I love them,especially the pigments! I find the Red shades transfer and bleed ALOT, but they are still lovely. The nude shades are wondeful, no problems with them at all! :)
5 Abi
I got pumpkin pie when it was on offer and my god, I have fallen in love with the formula. So easy to put on, the doe foot is perfectly shaped for me. It doesn't feel heavy and it doesn't crack or dry out. It lasted all day even thought I ate and smooched that day. I have been so disappointed by other matte liquid lipsticks but I will be replacing the shades I can with Jeffree's!!!!
5 Lexi
Love these so much! I have unicorn blood, celebrity skin, Gemini and Sagittarius definitely going to be buying more. This is my fave liquid lip formula not drying and long lasting I think it's better than the kylie lip kits
5 Holly
I bought Pumpkin Pie and it feels nothing like a matte lipstick normally does, it feels almost like you aren't wearing anything at all. It's long lasting and doesn't need a lot of product for full coverage as its highly pigmented. This will be my go to matte lipstick from now on
5 Samina ali
IM SO HAPPY WITH THIS!! THIS PRODUCT CAME WITH IN ONE DAY AND BEAUTY BAY HAD THE BEST SERIVICE! Oh and I ordered the shade Androdny for a friend so I haven't tried it yet but I will DEFINITELY be bying one for myself very soon
4 Chels
I love these lipsticks. They do however come off at the corners with eating but that can't really be helped. Don't buy Scorpio AND Sagittarius because they're basically the same colour
4 Rubee
If you're after a gentle pink then this is the colour for you! I've not been massively keen on the j* lippies, either too dark or just didn't like the matte feeling but this is fab. Managed to get it in the sale as well which was a bonus.
5 Caitlin
Love this formula not to drying it's great. I got androgyny, designer blood and Sagittarius.
5 Julie
I got the shade 'Gemini' and, I gotta say, the color and finish are lovely! I'm also really happy that it didn't dry out my lips or accentuate dryness, and that I didn't have an allergic reaction to it (I have super sensitive skin).
5 kalina
Great formula as adverised on the internet, Jeffree delivers as promised. Have in mind for Celebrity skin - it look a little colder than photos on pale skin, makes me look a little dead inside (kind of love it). Great, just ordered one more... (all the shame)
3 india
its very comfortable on the lips but i found the color is darker in real life than in the pictures.
5 Alice
LOVE THIS Mannequin is a similar colour to buffy (Lime crime) One of the best liquid lipsticks ive ever had. I found that it fully dries, but doesnt quite. When it sets it feels like nyx lip lingere, however its so much longer lasting. The pigment it amazing. However I find one thick coat is better, as applying more than one coat lifts the lipstick. Once applied i dont advise pressing your lips together as it dries funny. I sometimes exfoliate my lips before use, and sometimes i don't, i dont find that the product is effected by scrubbing or not scrubbing the lips. There is a slight dip in the applicator wand which means it holds a lot of product. I use a real techniques detail eyeliner brush to sculpt my lips with the product before i apply it fully. It is s very forgiving product and doesnt stain if it goes a little high, meaning it can be wiped off. It doesnt dry instantly, so it is a good product to blend with other colours. I'm a qualified makeup artist, and I 10/10 recommend these lipsticks. xx
5 Diana
I bought pumpkin pie off beauty bay and i love the formula!!! It goes on so easily and lasts ages. It also doesnt feel heavy on the lips like other liquid lips do!! Xx
2 Paige
Sooo disappointed in the colour chrysanthemum. Had been so excited to try one of these liquid lips but this one was so patchy and no where near the amount of pigment I had hoped for. Gutted. Will be trying more colours though as I'm not giving up just yet!!!
5 Tasha
they are amazing... the best liquid lipsticks by far!!! i have posh spice, unicorn blood, redrum, pumkin pie, flamethrower, abused and crocodile tears and they're all consistent in top quality! 100% recommended.
5 Paige
I can't reccoment highly enough! If you want to read more about what I think of each shade I have (and I have a few!) then read on. If not and you just want a simple review, then all you need to know is these are fab, and you are not doing the wrong thing by adding one (or two) into your basket :)So, I think it's safe to say I am full on OBSESSED with this liquid lipsticks! I'm my collection I currently have: Celebrity Skin - My all time favorite shade, this is a perfect browny nude for everyday use, it goes with any makeup look and I honestly wear this all the time.Pumpkin Pie - This colour is so unique and stunning. I am a very nude sort of girl usually but the burn orange hue is just divine and like nothing I've seen before. It does wear slightly quicker than the paler shade but instead of fading into a patchy mess the glitter in it just becomes more prominent. Androgyny - I don't really need to explain this one - there is a reason it's his best seller, beautiful!Rose Matter - On my skin tone (I'm pale af) This is a lot more vibrant that I thought it would be, but it makes it a perfect summer colour, it's just the right shade of a pink based coral. Gemini - This like Celebrity Skin is one of my JS holy grail colours. Literally goes with any look, but I'd say because it has a redder base than CS I find it much richer - in a good way!Deceased - As part of his holiday collection I think this sold out super quickly but Scorpio is a very similar colour if you are looking for one like it. Scorpio is just a but darker and more purpley where deceased is more brown toned - they are both such unusual colours though I get complimented on it every time I wear it!Masochist - As I'ce said I'm not really a bright lipstick sort of girl, but this raspberry pink is STUNNING, it's bright without being too much and drys down quite dark, which again makes in super wearable.Designer Blood - This more me is the same as Masochist, in terms of how I feel about it. If you can't get hold of this Unicorn Blood is basically the same as this, just a tiny bit darker and without the golden sheen.Chrysanthemum - Honestly This is the one shade I regret buying, I really don't like it. I wanted a pale pink shade like this for ages and I was really disappointed. The colour is beautiful however it's super patchy and streaky, I don't know why all the others I have are not like this even the lighter ones like CS. Pairing it with a lip-liner underneath helps but I don't wear the colour that often. Overall these colours are a must have. Some shades fade but in a nice way so that even when they do fade you can still get away without reapplying. Celebrity Skin and Designer Blood lasted the best for me I never have to reapply either, even on a student night out! The formula can separate in the bottle sometimes but just give it a good shake before applying and they are fine. Also it worth noting that some of the shades (for me its CS, Rose Matter and Gemini) have a root beer scent. I don't really like root beer so don't really like the scent, I mean it's not horrible just not my thing, but when they dry the smell is completely gone.I hope, if you read this far, you found this review helpful! Right now I'm off to order No Tea, No Shade!
4 Taz
I love these lipsticks. The only negative comment I have is that when they do start to wear out they start crusting I found this to be the case for crysanthemum. Arrived very quick
5 Margot
I have Androgyny and Designer blood. Best liquid lipsticks I have ever tried plus unique shades. Already ordered more :)
5 Megan Stewart
Love these liquid lipsticks have most of the Christmas collection and going to be buying more. Best formula I have ever tried
5 Jasmine
I do love this product so much I bought 4! I don't think I would wear any other lipstick. Having said that it was fairly hard to get off. Apart from that really good.
5 Raluca
I got the shade Scorpio and it is beautiful, love the formula it's not really drying so comfortable to wear. Application is super easy would definitely buy more!
5 Marie
I have bought my daughter 14 so far she loves them colours are amazing and delivery service is prompt
5 Lauren
Ordered Leo and it arrived 48 hours after I purchased it!! It's a beautiful colour but smells a bit like nail polish but once it's on the lips you can no longer smell it. It dries amazing and is so full coverage. I'm in love and I will definitely be buying more!!!!
5 Angela
Absolutely Incredible. Amazing pigmentation and range of colours. My favourite everyday shade and celebrity skin. Does not dry out your lips and wears for a long time.***** 5 stars highly recommend!!!!! 1 swipe is all you need!!
5 Sophie
I have 3 shades from jeffree now and each shade is amazing. Great pigmentation and consistency, wear one everyday! Doesn't dry out the lips too much and lasts for a longggg time. Can't wait to buy more
5 Millie
I really love this formula, it has really high coverage without having a thick and gloopy consistency. Instead, its creamy and thin without being a pure liquid. Colours are gorgeous and would definitely buy again!
5 Caitlin
Absolutely amazing! I received this in shade chrysanthemum gorgeous colour! The formula is smooth and pigmented and the packaging speechless! I can't wait until I get another one! Definitely recommend.
5 Shanice
Absolutely amazing product I wear beautifully on the lip full coverage and long wearing
5 Donna
Absolutely love everything about these! The formula is full coverage, they last all day and almost always through eating and the applicator makes the formula easy to apply and completely streak-free. With other liquid lips, I do find that they dry out my lips and I find them difficult to talk with them on. However, with Jeffree's I have absolutely no issues at all. I own androgyny, Gemini, chrysanthemum and Sagittarius; I would 100% recommend these to anybody. Definitely will be purchasing more in the future :).
5 Katie
I've purchased androgyny, celebrity skin and pussy whipped and they are all BEAUTIFUL. The pigmentation is amazing and you don't need much product and it lasts so long! I didn't have to reapply throughout the day once! I need these in all of the different shades.
5 Amy
i love these liquid lipsticks amazing quality I own a couple of these and they never seen to disappoint really great product
5 Megan
Amazing product! I now have 3 (chrysanthemum, pumpkin pie and mannequin) they are so pigmented and especially good when going out last all night! 100% would recommend!!
5 Claire
I came across these online and thought I'd give them ago. I firstly brought unicorn blood....OMG what an amazing colour!! Abit messy I find when applying but I do love it. I then ordered pumpkin pie which has to be my favourite now. The colour is beautiful!! Im in love. I must say these stay on your Lips so well. I've been out for meals and drinks yet they're still there at the end of the night.... looking as good as when I first applied! the colours are beautiful too. I can't wait to try more out.
4 Molly Rogers
I bought Androgyny. Lovely lipstick and lasts long. Dries Matte which I love! The only downside is that i don't like the smell. Overall im very happy and would buy more.
3 Dan
The lipstick itself is amazing - I bought the shade Pumpkin Pie and I am totally in love with it, a gorgeous pumpkin orange with flecks of gold glitter. It was also super long lasting and wasn't uncomfortable on my lips.UNFORTUNATELY the packaging is awful! It has a two part lid rather than the wand screwing directly on the bottle and part attached to the bottle was only partially attached which meant it leaked, and later came off totally when I picked it up! Such poor packaging for an expensive product.
5 Megan
The best liquid lipsticks out there. Formula is almost mousse like and lasts for such a long time without being too drying
4 Lou
Ordered Androgyny, Sagittarius and Gemini. Androgyny is gorgeous, a bit dark for my skin tone but the formula and cover is spot on.Sagittarius is streaky, does not apply well and there's something off with the colour. I think it looks better in video or pics than in person, had i known i would have not purchase this specific shade.Gemini is cute, the formula is good.
5 Paige
LOVE THIS PRODUCT! so creamy, pigmented and buttery yet still drys down completely matte and doesn't budge! totally easy to layer and re-apply if you have eaten an oily food.
5 Lucy
These liquid lipsticks are the best and came within 48 hours, i love them so much !
2 Olivia
I bought crystanthemum and the formula is great, doesn't feel drying or have that annoying sticky feeling when you close your mouth, however, the shade is WAY lighter than I expected and the first coat was slightly streaky? Not too much though, disappointed :(
5 Izzy
I now have 3 jeffree star liquid lips and I just can't n get enough. The colours, pigmentation, formula. Spot on. Love, love, LOVE ??
5 Connor
I love these! I love a bright lip and these are perfect! I have Breakfast at Tiffanys, Crocodile Tears, Check Mate and Dominatrix and will be buying more and more each month!
5 Sara
I ordered the colour celebrity nude, it was a bit darker than I thought it would be going off the pictures on here but it is still a lovely colour! Really nice formula and good price. Will definitely be trying some other colours.
5 Katie
I ordered Pumpkin Pie on a friday and received it along with another makeup item on the Monday (great for regular postage and packaging). This lipstick is amazing! It's long wearing, feels so comfortable on the lips like there's nothing there. With one swipe along with taking off excess product on the applicator, my lips were covered with no streaky lines or patches. Even at full price I will buy these lipsticks as they are well worth it! ??
5 Tara swinburne
Ordered two jeffree star lipsticks from beauty bay now and they're amazing! Speedy delivery & just lovely products! Couldn't be happier
5 Chloe
LOVE LOVE LOVE! I got this in Androgyny and I absolutely love it, they dry matte really nicely without drying out too much and making your lips look crusty. Really fast delivery so definitely will be getting more!
5 Rochelle
I don't usually leave reviews, but this product is so good, I had to ! I bought the liquid lip Dreamhouse, and the colour is beautiful. You only need one layer and it stays put for such a long time.
5 San
Ordered this in Sagittarius! It's such a beautiful colour! Definitely a must buy. This is by far the best liquid lipstick I've tried on so far! Can easily be worn as an everyday liquid lipstick.
5 Lauren
I love love LOVE these liquid lipsticks! Recently bought chrysanthemum and Sagittarius and they are both beautiful colours! Chrysanthemum is by far my most favourite liquid lipstick colour ever and it has a gorgeous gold shimmer to it which is so amazing. Will definitely be buying more!
5 LaurenCee
I have collected over the past few months, 9 of these liquid lipsticks. They are by far the ultimate best formula there is on the market. The pigmentation is incredible and being an absolute hoarder of lipsticks, These are my favourite.
5 Lauren
I ordered Rose Matter as my first ever Jeffers Star purchase and I was definitely not disappointed! The lipstick smells so nice, the colour is amazing and it lasts so long! I literally wore it on all day at work, had breakfast, lunch AND dinner and didn't need to re apply or touch up once. Love this so much!
5 Zoe
By far the best liquid lipstick on the market .. super light weight last all day doesn't fade on the inside after eating/drinking like most brands beautiful selection of colours. 100% reccomend!!
5 Bethany
I have Mannequin and Celebrity Skin, both absolutely stunning on the lips and non drying. I love how Jeffree creates such versatile colours, some more nude and some more daring! My favourite liquid lipsticks and can't wait to purchase more!
5 Chloe
This is one of the best liquid lipsticks I've ever used without a doubt! It's so easy to apply and drys down matte, but it doesn't dry your lips out either which is perfect! Would defiantly recommend!! Also the delivery was so fast, got my order the next day after paying for standard delivery! Thanks beauty bay!
5 Lea
One of the best liquid lipstick. I ordered the shade weirdo and I never found such a good pigmented black lipstick. It lasts so long and looks just so good. And also the applicator is amazing to work very precise.
5 Sara
literary the best thing your lips could ever experience
5 Hannah
By far my favourite liquid lipstick! I have always stuck to nudes and avoided bright colours/reds. Since having these I won't wear nudes! Absolutely love sagittarius, pumpkin pie and can't rememeber what the dark red is called but love them all!! I would 100% recommend these. Last for hours don't dry up ur lips like other popular brands do! 5*+ x
5 Inka Snellman
Sagittarius is GORGEOUS and my new go-to lippie! I also got Designer Blood which is also beautiful and soooo pigmented. Amazing formula, really nice applicator and tube. Love Jeffree!
5 Jenna
I purchased Dreamhouse and I have to admit it's the best liquid lipstick I've ever had. Such a perfect pink colour and I've had so many compliments whilst wearing it. A must have!
5 Isa
i have Unicorn Blood, and the colour is beautiful. the formula is more liquid than other liquid lipsticks, but in this case it doesnt make it patchy, because its so pigmented, it just makes it very comfortable. It wears with greasy foods, and it does dry the lips a bit, but as far as liquid lipsticks go, this is one of the best for me.
5 Lou
Best liquid lipstick i have ever own. Wonderful formula! I love that it keeps my lips moisturized and not dry.My only complain is that it is not easy to remove unless you are using an oily product and the lips can get a bit irritated.All in all i am very happy with my purchase and i will buy more colours!
5 Tayla Dunnett
I love these products, the formula is the best! I only have lipsticks by jeffree star because i feel like theyre the only ones that really make me feel like i have nothing on my lips and come in the best shades...i have androgyny, designer blood, nude beach, scorpio, posh spice and waiting for crocodile tears...i cant wait to get more!
5 Mollie
After following Jeffree for many years in his music career, I was so excited when he launched his makeup range 2 years ago. I had always wanted his Lipsticks but I heard the customs charges were awful so never did...Then I heard of Beauty Bay....Ordered 4 of JS Velour (Masochist, I'm Royalty, Watermelon Soda and DreamHouse) I AM OBSESSED!! So pretty, soft and dry nicely on your lips. I GET MANY COMPLIMENTS :D &lt's Everyone needs to own at least one Jeffree in their make up kit xxx
5 Levi
Best lipstick ever highly recommend!!
5 Sammy
I have tried many different brands of liquid lipstick, and this is the most comfortable, unique and long lasting quality I have tried yet. The price is out there, however, it is definitely worth the price compared to the cheaper/on par products on the UK market.
5 Nicole Herd
Just got Pumpkin Pie, and it is the most perfect colour. I was worried it wouldn't look good but with my pale skin and smoky brown eyeshadow it looks fantastic. So wish it was permanent.
5 Molly walton
Best liquid lipsticks ever! I have 8 of them and I want to buy more!!
5 Megan
Have Sagittarius and it's so beautiful! I have quite fair skin and it compliments my skin tone so much, often these shades wash me out and don't look good- not this one!
5 Lauren w
Love jeffree star lipsticks!
5 Linda
Never loved a liquid lip as much as I love Jeffrees! Only have to dip the wand in once and it gives me a nice pigmented layer across the whole of my lips. They are not drying at all and last well. Well worth the money!!
5 Amy Macpherson
Absolute godsend! I adore the liquid lipsticks. Packed full of pigment and are completely full coverage. I'm so freaking grateful that Beauty Bay stock them!??
3 Rose Drinkwater
A bit disappointed. I ordered 'crocodile tears'. The postage was really fast, and the packaging is beautiful, however the actual lipstick itself is much smaller than expected, has a horrible smell to it and feels very drying, a lot more so than any other liquid lipstick I've used before. Although, the colour is lovely and dries down fast, I'm just not sure it's quite worth the money, I have used a lot cheaper liquid lipsticks than have over all been a lot better.
5 Lucy
Such amazing lipsticks that 100% live up to the hype! I own breakfast at tiffanys, posh spice, pumpkin pie and crocodile tears and they are honestly the best lipsticks I've ever used.
5 Magdalena
I have tried different brands of liquid lipsticks but none of them can compare to the Jeffree Star Velour liquid lipsticks. I have half of the collection and I am in love with the formula the pigmentation ,how long they last and how comfortable they feel.
5 Charlotte
AMAZING! I have Jeffree's beauty killer palette and peach goddess highlighter which both are amazing! But since ordering Sagittarius, I've decided that his liquid lips are definitely his best product! The formula is so creamy and lightweight, doesn't feel like you're wearing a thing! And the best part, it lasts all day! 100% would recommend to anyone!
5 Anna
I have Redrum and Celebrity Skin and love them both! They go on smoothly.. you only need 1 layer! Remind me a little of the Dose of Colors formula which I also love!! These don't feel drying at all however they do settle in the lines on your lips after a bit which I don't mind at all! Thankyou Beautybay for selling them xxx
5 Amylee Collins
My favourite liquid lipstick ever. I have 12 now and no other lipstick compares!xx
5 Jazz
Favourite liquid lipstick, arrived just 24 hours after ordering on free standard delivery
5 Emily
Ordered designer blood and arrived within 48 hours!! amazing service and great product. Have now ordered another jeffree star liquid lip in pumpkin pie to add to my collection. Can't wait!!
5 Shaz
Quite possibly the best liquid lipstick on the market.
5 Marie Hill
Received my first Jeffree Star lipstick (unicorn blood) and oh my it's amazing! I can't wait to order another one ...
5 Stephenie
First time for me trying liquid lipsticks and I can't have made a better choice with JSC's selection. I have everyday nudes in LEO, and Gemini, a striking day/night shade in ANDROGYNY, and stunning reds in UNICORN BLOOD AND DESIGNER BLOOD and I love them! I can't wait to add RICH BLOOD and REDRUM, and CELEBRITY SKIN to my collection!
1 Agne
We ordered this product third time already and we had not received anything. Plus they don't respond anymore. Very dissapointed ;)
5 septiana
Just got androgyny ,this liquid lipstick AMAZING DELIVERY IS fast .
5 Chantelle
I love these liquid lipsticks. There so stunning , they have long lasting qualities and no dryness .
5 Lizzie
I love virginity such a beautiful pink!!! And arrived so quickly ordered on Sunday and arrived Mia Monday super happy!!!
5 Eloise
The best liquid lip formula ever. Would recommend these lipsticks to everyone, they're simply perfect. All the colours are so pretty and unique, and also seem to have a slightly different look on everyone which i love! Finding it very hard not to buy them all...
4 Taylor
Absolutely love the colour range. I currently have three colours watermelon soda, Leo & celebrity skin. They are so pigmented and smell amazing! They dry fairley quickly and the can get a bit drying but it is a liquid lipstick, only negative is I find the cokour dries a lot darker then when it is first applied, but no biggie! Love these
5 Lilli
Bought dreamhouse for my mom, she loves it and I'm not a fan of pink lipstick but oh my god. The colour is divine, it got here withing two days of ordering it. Going to buy more!
4 Lucy
Really good apart from it slightly faids at the edges which is a shame
5 S
My favourite liquid lipsticks by far!!! I have No Tea No Shade, Androgyny and Celebrity Skin but will definitely be buying more!
1 Emilie
After hearing so many positive things about Jeffree's lipsticks I decided to buy one. I bought the color 'rose matter'. I have to say I was really disappointed. My lips looks crusty immediately after application, the color is not flattering. I don't know if it's the formula in this particular lipsstick, but man it was a waste of money. This one goes straight in the garbage.
5 Reka
Amazing lipstick, got Unicorn Blood a week ago, I'm so in love with the color and the formula is just amazing! Best liquid lipstick I've ever tried, so couldn't resist, ordered Gemini today, can't wait to get it! Also I was very pleased how quick and professional the delivery service is! :)
5 Emily
Best liquid lipsticks I've tried! Fast drying, perfectly matte, long lasting and they don't dry out your lips! I need more
5 Abigail Watts
amaze!!!!! i knoii these r amaze
5 Jess
These are the best liquid lipsticks by far! I have the shade gemini and it's absolutely amazing!
5 Jamie
I brought the shade No Tea, No Shade and I am in love! I have a few of the JS normal liquid lipsticks, although they feel amazing on I don't really like the way they apply but this .... applies like a dream, so pigmented, not drying at all and not chunky like the Kylie Metal Mattes. I actually can't recommend this enough and beauty bays service was 1st class as always
5 Catalina
This is by far the best liquid lipstick formula on the market. Feels like velvet, wears beautifully and it doesn't transfer. My Celebrity Skin survived a lunch and a coffee. Definitely worth the hype!
5 N.lin
One of the best lipstick I've used yet! Just within the first hour I wore it I got compliments on it! I have really tiny lips and I usually only use lipliners to colour my entire lip so I was very skeptical about getting this as I though it would be very difficult to be precise with a liquid lipstick especially on tiny lips. But that wasn't the case at all! The applicator is not long so it makes it much easier to apply without making any mistakes. I also have very dry lips and I was worried that this lipstick might dry my lips even more. But it didn't at all! It dries on the lips very quickly without actually drying ur lips! Just wonderful! And it lasts very long and the colours are sooo beautiful and pigmented! I just want them all !
5 K
Probably one of my favourite lipsticks, reasonably priced and full coverage no matter the pigment. If you don't have at least one of these in your collection then I seriously suggest you re consider your life!!
5 Lydia
I absolutely love this formula. Its one of my favorites. Being mixed race (very ran) I do find some of the colours super hard to work with; so I've had to sell like 3 of the colours I bought because they don't suit me. But I have Androgyny which is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE liquid lipstick and also Designer Blood which is everything I've ever wanted in a deep red liquid lipstick. Only rating a 4 instead of a 5 because I really think there's a lack of nude and neutral colours for girls any darker than slightly tanned!
5 Charlotte
I bought Pumpkin Pie and this shade is TO DIE FOR! It's so stunning, feels so light on the lips and the gold reflects are just divine. Such a beautiful liquid lipstick!
1 Alice
Honestly, terrible, doesn't stay on, doesn't dry down properly, would not buy again. Horrible product.
5 Charlotte
If you are thinking about getting one of these, stop thinking and get it! They are the most amazing formulas and I always get so many compliments when I wear any. I have three shades so far and can't wait to grow my collection.
1 Vanda
Ordered Dirty Money on the 17th December 2016 and took my money out of my bank but was never delivered.
5 Kell
So so amazing, feels so lightweight on the lips, like nothing on there at all! The colour is amazing (androgeny) and the lasting power is phenomenal.
5 Joanne
beautiful colour. best liquid lipstick ever!
5 Joel
Brought my girlfriend the 16 she didn't have. Got the cutest kisses in the world as she tried all of them on.
5 Olivia
I ordered No Tea No Shade. All i can say is this liquid lipstick is so beautiful. Just Love it! It is not my first one. I ordered so many times on JSC website. Now, for international customers, we have a chance to order this amazing brand on Beauty Bay. Thank you so much for that!
5 sophie
bought androgyny and celebrity skin and they're amazing! full coverage, and not drying at all which is great because i have chronically chapped lips. highly recommend this product!
5 Diana
I have watermelon soda leo dollparts redrum masochist unicorn blood i am royalty scorpio no tea no shade and peach goddess and i am Washington fore androgny and abused i love Them it is Nice colors and super on the lips !!
5 Sarah
I have six shades in total (I'm Nude, Celebrity Skin, Mannequin, Androgyny, Rose Matter and Sagittarius) that were all purchased off BeautyBay who have continued to provide an excellent service with free, fast delivery every order. I love these liquid lips so much. The only issue I've had is that 'I'm Nude' was quite streaky and crumbled in the inner rim of my mouth but I've still found it useful to mix with other shades. Keep it up BB I need more!
5 Raven
Absolutely love this product! Delivered VERY fast. I wear my Unicorn and Designer blood everyday. I better be buried with it. This is coming to the other side with me and beyond haha
5 Lauren
MY PRODUCTS WERE DELIVERED WITHIN 12 HOURS IM IMPRESSED! amazing product will buy again!!!!
5 Alexandra
Absolutely in love with Crocodile Tears and Pumpkin Pie (the pink glitter!). Such unique colours with a fantastic formula- glides on easily and stays poppin' all day long... I would 100% recommend to anyone
5 Tess
Jeffree is literally queen, I have so many things from his makeup collection I can't get enough. Posh spice is my favourite liquid lip of all time, I'm already on to my second bottle. Apart from Kat von D being my top favourite, jeffree comes fairly close and he never fails to amaze me with the quality and amazing formulation of his products!!
5 Jennifer
I've ordered Androgny, No Tea No Shade, Rose Matter, Designer Blood. Jeffree Star lipsticks are by far the best lipsticks Ive ever had, they last all day and are great coverage.The only one I wasnt to keen on was Rose matter, as I'm super pale and it just didnt suit me the rest I adore! I would Definitely recomend.
5 Elizabeth
I ordered mine yesterday and I got it today and it is amazing !!
5 Megan
I managed to get my hands on Crocodile tears and I have to say it is amazing how opaque the colour is for such a unique colour. It has a weightless feel and although I haven't tested how it wears yet, it is quite transfer-proof. What amazes me most was the delivery service! I ordered the product on a Saturday with UKTracked and it came the next day, on the Sunday! Totally would recommend buying from here again!
5 Karen
The second coming of the lipstick world, i swear to god i need them all. I have sagitarius, designer blood and scorpio and i swear i'll sell a lung to own the lot!!
1 Ellie
I was reluctant to buy this just because of the scandals related to Jeffre Star cosmetics, however I prefer the metallic liquid lip in pussy whipped, and the matte liquid lip in Sagittarius. I found them really dry on the lips and and the metallic was very patchy I wanted them to last longer than they did as soon as I ate they started to clump together and peel off, disappointed
5 Grace
Just the most perfect lipstick ever. Not drying, does come off, love it. Would 100% recommend!
5 Hannah
I've now bought my 4th Jeffree Star liquid lipstick from Beauty Bay and I'm obsessed. I've tried out so many other brands but I can honestly say his are the best and totally worth the price.!
5 Mia
Such a nice formula. They're so easy to apply, they're soooo pigmented and you can hardly feel them on the lips. They last me all night and don't dry my lips out
4 Anna
Beautiful product and I'd give it 5 stars but it does fade on the edges of the lips, still love this though!
5 Sophie filby
I got the colour 'masochist' and I'm so in love with it, the formula of the lipstick is the best I've ever tried, I've just ordered pussy whipped and the strawberry lip scrub. Great brand
5 D
Ordered Pussy Whipped and it was here within 48 hrs. Amazing! Beautiful product. No-one beats Jeffree for liquid lipstick!
5 Vanessa
I got my first lipsticks a few days ago and I already can't remember what I was used to wear before these!These lipsticks are crazy pigmented, creamy and stay on my lips all day without drying them too much.The shades are incredibile, I totally fell in love with Scorpio.I will definitely buy them all.
5 Hannah
These liquid lipsticks are AMAZING! I have Scorpio, Androgyny, Flamethrower, Doll Parts, Pussy Whipped and No Tea No Shade and I want MORE! They dry nicely on your lips (but don't dry them out) and you don't need to use much for full coverage! I would 100% recommend!!
5 Anne
Best velour liquid lipstick EVER! Soft, easy to apply, pigmented etc I got my hands on NO TEA, NO SHADE...but CAN we talk about this crazy shade for a moment? I'm in love with it! Even obsessed! Best shade of Fall and Winter
5 Konstantina
These are seriously the best liquid lipsticks....I have tried high end brands and they were not as good.There are drying at all, my lips were not in the best condition and they did not look bad, on the opposite...the looked great! They are fully opaque with just one swipe and the colour payoff is just extremely good! The applicator is big and it helps a lot with application, i did not even needed to line my lips before(i always do with lipsticks because i have small lips). I ordered Designer Blood and Im Royalty. The last one is a serious head turner.....Will order more! HIGHLY RECOMENDED!
5 Grace
I received this in the shade Masochist today and even though I have only used it once I am in LOVE! I am quite pale but love bright lipstick and Masochist is beautiful!! The formula is so creamy and pigmented and the packaging is awesome! You do get a bit of transfer when you drink or eat (all my cutlery and cups are a nice raspberry shade now) but despite this, you still have lots of colour on your lips! I can't wait to get my next one!
5 Francisca
Just got Sagittarius in the mail box and im absolutely in love with it.. they are so worth buying! amazing colour and consistency. Cant wait to get them all :D
5 Becky
Soooo good! They have a perfect drying time, glide on like a dream and aren't drying or cakey like others. Also super pigmented so a little goes really far. Well worth the money, they put my other liquid lipsticks to shame.
5 Kirsty
I bought a JSC lipstick as a gift for my friend and she loved it so much so I bought one and then two more, the applicator is so easy to use and the curve makes it go on nice and smooth and the colours are pigmented and I have nothing wrong with this product. Definnitely worth buying and good quality for the money:) x
5 Chels
I adore this lipstick. I now have 4 of them and they're just amazing. They glide on so easily and last for ages!
5 Malin
I really really love this lipstick! The formula is perfect! Not dry at all! I want them all now!
5 Fran
I love this liquid lipstick so much! It has very quickly become my favourite formula, not drying at all and last up to 8 hours on my lips. I'll definitely be purchasing more shades
5 Drew
These are the only liquid lipsticks i go to, they are amazing!! Recommend them to everyone i know and do not feel drying. LOVE them.
5 Frenchie
Crocodile Tears is real eloquent. Major kudos to Jeffree Staaaaaaaar x
5 Lottie miles
I have purchased 4 of these liquid lipsticks and they are INSANE! I they think are so reasonably priced for the amount of product you get. The formula is soooooooooo good, doesn't dry out my lips and very long wearing, even when eating and drinking throughout the day - beautiful selection of colours too. Would highly, highly recommend!
5 georgia
love them I have checkmate and rose matter they are so long lasting and super pigmented I would highly recommend
5 Gemma
This is an amazing product!!The formula is one of the best I've tried. It goes on fully opaque and I found I only needed to dip the wand in twice to get the coverage I wanted. It isn't drying whatsoever and stays on a really long time. Totally recommend this product
5 Eleanor
I recently bought Celebrity Skin and I'm in love with it!! Such a gorgeous shade and formula, am planning on buying more very soon.
5 Susan
I absolutely love jeffree stars liquid lipsticks.. So pigmented beautiful range of colours and so long lasting.. His products would be my all time favourites i have tried kay von d liquid lipsticks and they dont compare to jeffrees.. Would highly recommend these lipsticks (infact have been) and most defo will be purchasing more..
5 Daniela Maia
Best lipstick ever!!!It's fantastic. Super easy to apply, lasts for so long and the colors are amazing! Not to mention that I was super satisfied with the delivery time. Beauty bay does not disappoint I had a fantastic experience and will be returning to order without a doubt. Totally recommend.
5 Chloe
BEST LIQUID LIPPY EVER!!!!!! Its a must buy, honestly the best formula I have ever tried and the colours are so opaque! So happy with the purchase. I got Leo and Mannequin! Next BB buy is celebrity skin. Totally worth the money and you cant go wrong with free delivery xx
5 Rebecca
I now have five of Jeffree's liquid lips. They are the best. I would be quite happy to never use another normal lipstick. Colour pay off is fabulous. Applicator is perfect, so easy to apply. Beautiful feel and consistency, and they stay put. What more could you want? As Jeffree would say, I'm obsessed.
5 christine
I have androgyny and chrysanthumum they are both amazing and very pigmented. Perfect lightweight longwear liquid lipsticks love love love
5 Amy
Best liquid lipstick I have ever tried. Received pussy whipped last week and it's my most fave colour ever, now I've ordered the colour scorpio. Seriously can not wait to try every colour. Hopefully will own the whole collection in a couple of months x
5 Talia Ennis
I have four jefree starr liquid lipsticks and they are the best i have ever tried the formula of them are amazing as they are not to dry on the lips but are matte and are long lasting, the colours i have are mannequin, celebrity skin, leo and gemini mannequin and celebrity are perfect nudes gemini is a subtle pink that is lovely for evenings and leo is a dark colour perfect for nights out.I would love for beauty bay to bring in his lip scrubs as i have wanted them for ages and being in the uk it is hard and expensive to order them from his official website so please beauty bay bring in his lip scrubs!!!!!!!!!!!! xox
5 angel
im actually in love with these lipsticks oh my good GOD. i own i'm nude, blow pony, im nude and i just bought crocodile tears. i was unsure at first if it would suit me, but it was my favourite froom the holiday collection. The delivery was fast and the packaging was good, and i am so in love with this shade on me. when is beauty bay gonna get Princess Cut thoooo??? ive been waiting for that ah!!!!!!
5 Chelsea
My favourite by far is Sagittarius. I'm also thinking of buying a back up! Xxx
5 Duran
The best liquid lipsticks I have EVER tried! They last all day and they don't really need topping up either! So worth the money!
5 Grace
Fantastic lipsticks absolutely amazing doll parts is to die for! Brilliant formula and no chemical smell either! Brilliant delivery service by beauty bay as well. Very impressed and will be shopping here again soon!
5 Jess
can you restock celebrtity skin please!! I have the liquid lip in gemini and i love it, it's so pretty!!
5 Tayla
No tea no shade is one of the best liquid lipsticks I have ever purchased! It's so unique and beautiful, I love the matte liquid lipsticks but the metallics are crazy good too!
5 Natasha
Having spent several months buying Kylie Cosmetics, I came across Jeffree Star. I saw the shade Masochist and I'd been looking for that shade for months but could never quite get the look I wanted. I thought I'd try it so ordered off Jeffree site., it arrived and I fell in love with it! The formula doesn't dry your lips out like Kylie Cosmetics does and Jeffrees is so much easier to remove than Kylies which seems to stick to your skin! I then began buying other shades, and then the skin frosts and I have bought any other brand since for lipsticks and highlighters.The brand is brilliant, worth the money and even better since I discovered Beauty Bay I can order without extortionate postage fees and long waits for it! I'm loving Sagittarius at the moment so have bought a couple before it goes off sale!
5 Frankie
So so in love with this! Cannot believe how quick the delivery was, ordered last night on standard delivery and got it today by midday! Wish I could rate this higher
5 sharon
My all time favourite liquid lipsticks as they are very long lasting and pigmented but if you are looking for something cheaper beauty bay also offers gerard cosmetics liquid lipsticks which are my second favourite brand for this type of product :)
5 Stella
Best formula ever! Not drying, not sticky, really pigmented! The doe is a dream! Don't you ever look for an alternative for those! Just go for them! Jyst be careful, after greasy food you have to reaply.
1 alice
I bought the colour Gemini. It tops all my Kylie lipsticks.Smooth thin consistency but still highly pigmented. Delivery was quicker than expected.
5 Jennifer
I've bought 4 lipsticks so far I'm absolutely love them
5 yve pritchard
I have 8 of jeffrees velour liquid lipsticks and they're my go to lipstick, the brand shows high quality from the packaging to the formulas them self. With jeffree being a professional makeup artist himself he knows what the public wants and he gives them his best. My favourite so far is crocodile tears and it's always in my bag just in case. I have other brands like kylie and stilla but I always come running back to jeffree.
5 Molly
I absolutely love Jeffree star! I have doll parts, scorpio and rose matter and their my faveeeeee formula!
5 Ela
This is literally the best liquid lipstick. It lasts so long and you can't even feel it on. I will definitely order more shades. Now I have designer blood which is the most beautiful red ever besides that It makes your teeth look so white.I also have androgyny which I love very much
5 Lois
LOVE these! First off they are cruelty free, paraben free and vegan so who's not happy about that??! The pigment is INSANE, the colour range is insane and they look insane on. They are easy to apply and they stay on forever. These are my go to liquid lipstick every time. I seriously recommend Gemini, the shade is beautiful and I reckon it would suit most skin tones. Androgyny is a bit more purple than what it looks like online but it's still a beautiful shade. Honestly buy one!
1 Lauren
Very disappointed! It came and was a completely different colour than it came across as on the website. It's runny and very hard to work with and makes a mess of the rest of my makeup I've applied. Waste of money!
5 Heidi
Love these! I perchased Leo (cause I am a Leo), androgyny and Gemini and can't wait to get celebrity skin and no tea, no shade. Beautiful and versatile colour range and the pigmentation is great I can coat my lips with the product without dipping back into the product for more, product does rub of depending on what you eat so don't expect it to last. Very happy with my perchace ??
5 Maria
I have Unicorn Blood and love it as it is one of the best liquid lipsticks I have in my collection. They formula is not drying on the lips and the pigmentation is just great and after several drinks it does last. Unfortunatel it doesn't last at all as soon as you eat, but so far this has happened to all my liquid lipsticks.
4 Laura
Amazing, not all colours seem to have the same formular though, I do have a lot of trouble with flamethrower and my masocist seems thicker than the rest (still applies great thogh and the colours to die for) but other colours such as no tea, no shade are flawless, easy applying and long lasting! Managed to eat an apple some chocolate, some pasta bake and some melon and get through a six hour shift today with barely any wear and let's be honest what you can eat with a lipstick is the most important factor to finding a good one
5 Caitlin
Jeffree's Lipsticks have an amazing formaula... almost addicting. Highlight pigmented and stunning packaging I'd recommend these to anyone as they're my favourite liquid lipsticks even compared to kylies these lipsticks are superior. I have 10 liquid lips and each one is amazing
5 Steph
I have celebrity skin, Leo and sagittarius. They are all so beautiful and rich in pigment. Last hours, layers well, applies smoothly. I can't praise these products enough. So amazing!
5 Fran
This is my ever liquid lipstick brand!!!! I now own three of these bad boys and love them all!!! I have unicorn blood which is Divine! Before christmas I managed to get Deceased from the holidays range which is a perfect purple/grey/nude. And just today my No Tea No Shade arrived which is perfect metallic purpley bronze. However was sad that when the box arrived it was open already open on one side, luckily my makeup wasn't affected!
5 Amy
I absolutely love my pumpkin pie liquid lipstick from Jeffree it's incredible lasts so long and has such a beautiful sparkle to it, being blonde with very dark eyebrows I had no idea if it would suit me but I think it really does. So so pleased and with beauty bays delivery service! Definately be ordering again soon xxx
5 Caitlin
I bought celebrity skin and fell in love with the formula as well as the root beer scent, which I find lovely, so much so that I bought dream house, Gemini and rose matter, and I love them all! I'm a big fan of Jeffree who worked so hard on all of his products ! Not only the lipsticks ! Love love love ! Yassss slayyyyyy ??
5 Mollie
THE BEST LIQUID LIPSTICKS EVER!! I bought androgyny and its the best ever. I ate dinner and it pretty much stayed on all day!!!! The formula is soooo good and pigmented too. Deffo getting more. Only thing is i don't like the smell of them but can look past that because they are soo amazing!
5 Polly Manning
I absolutely love these lipsticks. I have a lot of liquid lip brands but I have to say Jeffree star is one of my favourites. They're so pigmented and complete my makeup look so well! Love love love his products!
5 Meg
I have androgyny, rose matter, celebrity skin and abused. The formula is consistent through out. It does not dry out the lips or gather in the inner parts/corners of the lips like most liquid lipsticks. They are opaque and creamy. The best in my opinion!!
5 Conor
Love this brand amazing colours im addicted and love this company real speedy service.
4 Siobhan
The product is very very pigmented! I have mannequin and Leo and both are beautiful colours. However, the product almost burns my lips initially, though only for a short while. Also not a fan of the smell, very chemically, BUT, lipstick isn't perfume and once it dries you can't smell it! Do love this product, just waiting for the two new metallic shades to arrive here!
5 Rachel
Oh my gosh I LOVE these lipsticks! I got the no tea,no shade and it is incredible! So nice on the lips, not drying and stays on after eating and drinking! I didn't want to take it off! Can't wait to get the other metallic colours of his collection now.
5 Leanne
I love these lipsticks there amazing!!! Everything about them is just stunning i have 12 ov these now an im still adding ?? ...high five jeffery
5 Elisabeth
I have Pumpkin Pie, Sagittarius, Leo and Unicorn Blood, and I really like them! They look so gorgeous and even. My favorite is Pumpkin Pie because of the pink glitter in it. Leo is much darker on me than the picture here shows, but I have fair skin. All in all, these are great!
5 Danielle
i have 17 of these liquid lipsticks and i'm certainly not done collecting them they are amazing and beauty bay are doing so well at keeping up to date with new shades i recent snatched pussy whipped and i'm in love,no tea no shade next!??
5 Tim
The best formula for a liquid lippie! Doesn't dry out, doesn't 'weigh' much, just a very light-weight formula. I bought the shade Gemini and it's absolutely a nude you want in your stash! X
5 Oona
I love Jeffree's liquid lipsticks. These are one of my favourites! I recommend this to everybody!!
5 poopanna
5 Thea
I LOVE these liquid lipsticks. Having tried a few others, I was fully expecting rolling or flaking, tackiness, or my lips looking dry all day. Though these do not last all day and some pigment comes off in the centre of the lips, the colour doesn't leave you with rolled up bits, or some gooey outer mouth liner of leftovers (unattractive...). I bought Posh Spice in Aug '16 which I love, and which has not dried out over time. The colour dries on the lip darker than it appears in the tube. This lipstick will last from application in the morning (around 06:00, survive breakfast and countless cups of coffee) until lunch time, when I generally re-apply. In Dec '16 I purchased Designer Blood, which is beautifully and richly pigmented. I really love this colour and it holds beautifully - and found that applying a thin layer allowed me to replace what was lost in the centre throughout the day without looking uneven or patchy. For both colours I usually use a lip scrub before applying, then you're good to go, and the doe-foot applicator means you don't necessarily need to use a lip-liner.
5 Antonia
So I've so far ordered about 11 of these in the last few weeks! They are AMAZING. They last all day on me and the variety of shades is amazing! More Jeffree Star colours need to be available, the ones on the US site are so pretty but we can't get them here in the UK. These are by far my fave lipsticks.
5 Emma
best lipsticks ever
5 Fran
Bought Gemini and Masochist last week. Really happy with the quality as I hardly have to reapply them after I eat or drink!
5 Charlotte
It's very smooth, highly pigmented and no streaky lines!
5 Millie Hebbard
The best of the best!! I cannot recommend these enough - must haves are celebrity skin, androgyny, unicorn blood & no tea no shade!! xx
5 Maisie
Hands down the best lipstick I have ever used. Pigmented, comfortable on the lip, long lasting and beautiful colours available! I'm literally obsessed, they are the only lipsticks I wear!
4 Marthe
I bought Celebrity Skin. I am very pale compared to most mua/girls who swatch these because the color is quite darker on me, but still beautiful! The quality is really good and lasts long, even though i have noticed that after eating anything (not even oily food) the lipstick is quite faded/gone. I love the packaging and you get what you pay for (they contain more product than most other liquid lipsticks). Do make sure to scrub your lips before applying !
5 Heidi
I have rose matter and designer blood! They are gorgeous, long lasting and so light weight!
4 Dáša
I already have poshspice for 3months and I can say I will buy more! :) (I just order no tea no shade) But now when in our country it's weather really cold I can't wear it becouse the weather dry my skin and lips soooo bad... But for other season it's perfect!
5 Kirsty
I have androgyny, I adore it, I've now got 2 in case I run out, getting unicorn blood, Sagittarius and massochist next. Amazing formula, not drying at all in my opinion. Jeffree did good!!!
1 Shannon
I absolutely love jeffree and was so excited when I recieved dominatrix and unicorn blood. Well I'm very disappointed, unicorn blood is good, but dominatrix is awful , I was quite shocked considering the reviews. It does not dry down and feels like a normal stick lipstick, even just drinking it comes off so easily. Maybe I got a bad one but really upset.
5 ashlea
I've been buying these lipsticks for about a year now and have about 18! They are the best lipsticks I've ever used and the shipping from beautybay was super fast :)
5 Millie
I brought Gemini, its a gorgeous mauved rose a nice and creamy application. It feels so light weight on the lips! I forget sometimes i have it on. I have red hair and went for it with the color but it compliments my hair so nicely and its such a nude and nuteral colour you can wear it with anything. I have 3 other shades, designer blood, watermelon soda and mannequin i have found no faults with these ! The smell of Gemini and Mannequin is so sweet but not too much, its lovely ! Designer blood has no scent and Watermelon soda has a watermelony marshmallow scent ! I love these lipsticks and am so happy they restock in an instant love it !
5 Stacey
Love these lipsticks! I have mannequin and unicorn blood. They are long lasting and easy to use. I wear mannequin almost everyday. Couldn't be happier with them!
5 Ngeti
So worth the purchase!Really pigmented colours. Non-drying. so lightweight that you forget you're even wearing it. I never write reviews but I had to for these lipsticks because they're that good. Definitely will buy more!
4 Leigh
I really wanted to 100% fall in love with this product, but I found it to be so drying on my lips and I had to apply 3 coats so it did not go on sheer, which surprised me as I had watched a tonne of YouTube users wear this lip colour and I was obsessed with it. I will maybe try again after moisturising my lips better but the coverage wasn't exactly as great as I had hoped or paid for, also the colour appeared more brown on me than red toned (perhaps just my skin tone) I am still keen to try more of Jeffree's products! I haven't lost hope ...yet!
3 Mai
Currently have Androgyny and applies smoothly, lasts ok but you do keep re-applying throughout the day, great colour. However, the smell. Oh my gosh the smell, it honestly smells like a mixture between cat pee and nail varnish remover. I heard so many good things about this lipstick, but honestly the smell is absolutely revolting that I don't even want to wear it.
5 Katherine
Amazing formula, pigmentation and staying power is great! Plus, really easy to take off. 10/10 would recommend!
5 Ashlay
I have this in the shade celebrity skin, great formula and long lasting. can last the whole day no problem even with eating and drinking! nothing bad to say about this product, wil defenitly be buying more!
5 Susanna
I honestly think these are by far the best liquid lipsticks I ever tried! Super easy to put on, they don't dry out your lips and more important, they don't flake like other liquid lipsticks do.I got Rose Matter and the colour is just beautiful, perfect for everyday makeup. I can't wait to try other colours especially the crazy ones. The only flaw I can find is the smell. Rose Matter is root beer scented and personally I don't like that kind of smell in a lipstick.
5 Amanda
Such high quality liquid lipsticks! I purchased pumpkin pie, no tea no shade, and pussy whipped! I ordered these on Saturday and got them on Sunday (today). I am so happy with my purchase and I will be back to order more goodies! Thank you Beautybay!
5 Amber
I'm so glad I purchased and I'm absolutely in love! So far I have manaquinn, Sagittarius, abused and weirdo the only downside is, and I know black lipsticks are tough but weirdo has a very strong unpleasant scent I'm not sure whether it was intentional but I have to not breath through my mouth when putting in on.
5 Regan towell
These are the most amazing matte liquid lipsticks I have ever tried (trust me I've tried a lot) the amazing application brush helps you to apply the creamy lipstick flawlessly onto your lips, the packaging is beautiful. Well done Jeffree Star
5 Rhiannon
I ordered Masochist a while back and was impressed by the fast delivery and the shade itself. Also ordered one of the new metallic shades in No Tea, No Shade yesterday, chose just standard delivery not expecting it to arrive for 2-3 days, but it arrived the next day which has left me really impressed and pleased, can't wait to order more shades and products from here in general! x
5 chloe
these liquid lips are seriously the best!!!
5 Molly
I have two of the Christmas holiday collection liquid lipsticks in chrysanthemum and Designer Blood, and there are fantastic. the formula of course is incredible and the colours are insane and stay put on the lips even when eating and drinking. Chrysanthemum is such a lovely every day pink where Designer Blood is a great one for a night out, I can't wait to try the nudes in the range now, hopefully they will be just as amazing.
5 Lisa
Love them
5 Tara
Ordered Dirty Money for my sisters birthday present & delivery was so fast and the box looks great! Can't wait to order one for myself! Always been a massive Jeffree Star fan !! #beautykiller
5 Erika
This was my Christmas gift from my boyfriend, best gift ever! It lasts around 6 hours, and it's flawless! I have celebrity skin!
5 Sophie
There good but not amazing
5 Holly
I bought the colours andrgogny and Gemini and I have very fair skin and I think they suit my skin tone very well. The formula is very long wearing, once drip it's smudge proof and I barely feel it on my lips. The formula also makes my lips look so flawless. Very pigmented so there's no need to layer or apply a lip liner and one coat is plenty, no double dipping into the tube to finish application.
5 Kels
AMAZING! I have 'Celebrity Skin' and 'Unicorn Blood' and they are to die for. The formula is definitely the best out there, where liquid lipstick is concerned. My favourite product!!
5 Celine
These Liquid Lipsticks are just amazing! They feel so good on the lips an they last all day! I bought 5 colours last time and I love all 5 off them! Best formula I ever tried!
5 Zabrina
Amazing product! I have celebrity skin and Sagittarius and the pigment is amazing and they stay for ages! No tacky feeling and their easy to apply! Best liquid lipstick!
5 Jenny
Just received my first jeffree purchases and I'm super impressed! Ordered unicorn blood and mannequin, used mannequin today and I LOVE the colour and the feeling, it's not heavy yet full coverage. I have very dry lips but so far it's not cracking. The packaging is also very good, nice size to pop in your handbag, will definitely be ordering more!!
4 Jessie
I've got many jeffree star lipsticks. Scorpio is very unique but all the lipsticks have a great formula. The only downside is that pumpkin pie isn't as glittery as I thought and I'm disappointed in the holiday shades, designer blood and Unicorn blood are the same. Some lipstick colours have longer wear than others too.
5 Lish
I ordered gemini and hands down the best liquid lipstick I have tried so far.Gemini is such a pretty peachy/pink/brownish nude will go with any look/skin tone. I never write reviews but I had to for this one!!
5 Harley
i LOVE these liquid lipsticks!! they're so pigmented that you wont need a lipliner, and they stay on all day! defently going to buy a lot more of these!
5 Lillie
I love Jeffree's liquid lipsticks. I have Sagittarius and Leo (ordered crocodile tears and pumpkin pie, they're sosos opaque and they feel like you arent wearing them. The only problem I have with them is when im wearing them for meals, they seem to come of during the time i am out. Other than that i think the lipsticks are so nice and i would really recommend them to others.
5 chaz
THIS IS AMAZING! I had been searching for a good liquid lipstick for quite some time when a friend of mine suggested jeffree's velour lipsticks ; i bought one and haven't looked back. They are very good quality and feel velvety, not drying like others i have tried, The only thing that annoys me is when i am wearing nudes, like celebrity skin or i'm nude, i get a build up of product on the inside of my lips, however this is a tiny problem and the rest of the product is ah-maz-ing. Good job Jeffree! XOXO
5 Emily
These are amazing - I just got Celebrity Skin and its such a nice colour, perfect for everyday and night. Dries beautifully as if I'm not wearing anything and stays on forever.
5 Alys
Such a lovely colour and feel to them, would deffinietly reccomend
5 Nida
Love this liquid lipstick the formula is amazing not drying at all and offcourse very long lasting definately will buy more formy kit.
5 Tim Schipper
Gemini came in in Holland after 7 working days, pretty quick with free shipping! The formula is great, not sticky, not patchy, not drying. The promise long-lasting is real! Absolutely love it!!
5 Shelby
I love these lipsticks so far I have Doll Parts and Crocodile Tears. The formula is really good I really like them for the more unique colours as I have a Kat Von D lipstick too but I don't like her right colours. Prewarning intelligence don't wear any of the bright colours when youre going to eat because I had a Nando's pitta and managed to get green everywhere :'). But yeah good, just wear lip balm before and you're good to go!
5 Tamz
Have leo,gemini,adrogyny,mosochist and doll parts suits my medium skin tone so well. Best liquid lipsticks I have tried loads Jefree's ones are the best!
3 Lucy
Read some amazing reviews and simply had to try a couple! Went for androgyny and Sagittarius. Found they cracked easily and felt very drying on my lips. Androgyny in particular stained my lips and didn't last very long at all. I prefer Sagittarius by far! But halfway through the day, all the creases in my lips look cracked and felt sore. Sorry but I think I'll be going back to Revlon's matte lipsticks. Pleased I tried them and I'd probably use Sagittarius for shorter periods of time.
4 Stephanie
I have 20 of these lipsticks! I love them dearly but there are some major inconsistencies in this range. Of course pigment changes the formula but recently (keep in mind I've been buying these lipsticks of over a year and can tell the difference) found they've come off way faster during the day, been patchy and not kiss proof, some colours have come out chunky and strange. I can work with them though, I would just reccommed to the potential buyer that you just be aware of the inconsistencies. nonetheless amazing colour range, pretty great pigment and easy to apply!!! I do always recommend!
5 Astrid
Seriously awesome liquid lipstick formula. Fades gracefully, feels like nothing on the lips and really opaque! I would wear a lipliner tho, at at least with the darker colors.
5 Anonym
Best liquid lipstick I've ever tried! and I've tried a lot of liquid lipsticks!!
5 Lynn
I honestly recommend these to everyone. The formula is perfect and so pigmented that one swipe covers all so its great value im so happy with these!!
5 Carrie-Anne
I'm absolutely obssessed! Such an amazing range, light weight,not dry! They are fabulous! I have androgyny,Scorpio,crocodile tears!! Just ordered posh spice woo ???? X
5 kaya
So impressed with this product! I was also pleasantly surprised! at first I thought it was a big hype over nothing and then I tried this product and I couldn't believe it! it goes on with one swatch has full lip coverage and lasts all day! it dries within seconds and looks amazing on! I would recommend this to anyone and everyone
5 Anniken
This is everything !! Have the color sagittarius, it's so beautiful. A dream
5 paris
i have pumpkin pie and it is so gorgeous! comes out an orangey red tone on me with little sparkly flecks which is so stunning and unique. so comfortable on the lips, just make sure you scrub your lips first as dry lips will show through! :)
5 Conor
Absolutly in love with these can't get enough of these
5 Rita
Those. are. THE. liquid. lipsticks. I've fallen in love a year ago and I'm OBSESSED!! I have the colours Redrum, Masochist, Androgyny, Posh Spice (this is the only one i don't like.. but because I chose the wrong colour, the formula is still amazing), Unicorn Blood ( FAAAVE!! ), and Gemini. I cannot thank Beautybay enough for making these available in the EU!!! They do not dry the lips, super-pigmented, and the smell is amazing. LOVE!
5 Cerian
I absolutely love my Jeffree Star lipstick, I ordered Scorpio and it's everything that I wanted. Lasts for a very long time without fading! Plus the colour is so pigmented! Would definitely buy again!
IM IN LOVE THIS THE BRANG. The lipstick is the best i have never tried and i recoment this to all my friends, family they are sooo goodnon the lips and cant even feel them when they are on.
5 Kelly
By far the absolute best liquid lipstick ever it honestly doesn't feel like anything is on ur lips and the colours are so pretty and pigmented definitely recommend 100%
5 Saga
In love with these! Ordered one shade and after trying it, ordered two more! Bless for making it possible for me to get these! Xx
5 Coco
I like this lipstick as it got Incredible colour pay offwith no feathering, last a long time and not too drying as some of the matte liquid lipstick!
5 Kat Gower
I now have Redrum, Gemini, I'm Nude, Sagittarius and Celebrity skin. They are all STUNNING. love love love them all, defo recommend people get these liquid lips in their lives! Can't wait to get the next one (obsessed) x
5 Ida
Got my first Jeffree Star liquid lipstick a week ago and I'm HOOKED! This is by far the superior brand for liquid lipstick of the ones I tried. I have naturally very dry lips and every other lipstick dry out my lips, but with this I can go all day. And the color i amazing, one swipe and full cover!
5 Val3
Got celebrity skin e posh spice, absolutely amazing. The formulation of the first one is a little bit thinner but both dry quickly and they are no transfer at all once they fully dry, last all day and are confortable on the lips (but ensure you scrub the lips). The applicator suits very well my shape of lips and provides a good defined contour. Favourite lip product until now!
4 charlotte
Lovely light liquid lipstick- its very pigmented so you only need a little product. Although it takes quite a while to dry and can sometimes feel a little 'tacky.' I have the shade 'Gemini.'
3 Charleigh
This is my first Jeffree Star product. Its a Beautiful colour (rose matter) im glad i bought it whilst i had a coupon because for the full price i wouldnt have been overly impressed. After reding reviews and watching videos about the liquid lipsticks i couldnt wait to buy it as soon as a discount code came up! Unfortunatly, I dont know if ive had a dodgey one or not but ive worn this lipstick since it arrived today 12-7pm so far and its still tacky, its transfered onto all my food, it isnt kiss proof for sure, but it still looks like i JUST put it on, so overall im happy with it. Id ask for another colour for xmas or birthdays but theres no chance id pay for one myself after trying this one! There are Much cheaper ones from drugstores that work the same or better. Smells lovely, looks lovely, stayed on most of the day so far even with tranfering, feels ok but is tacky as if its not dried properly.
5 Chloe
Androgeny was the first jefree star lipstick I tried and I can't recommend it enough. It stayed perfect after I kisssd two boys on a night out so I can't wait to get another one.
5 Cia
I love them. Got Scorpio, Abused, Posh Spice, Crocodile Tears and Androgyny. My fave being Scorpio. Feels great on and lasts ages. I love that there is so many colours to choose from and have never came across a decent green before, they are amazing.
5 Louise
Ordered celebrity skin and androgyny. This lipstick lives up to the hype! They are both so pigmented, dry so fast and last all day! Cannot wait to order more!
5 rebecca
I have crocodile tears, jawbreaker, i'm nude, queen bee and androgyny and oh my lord they are beautiful!!!! I would say before applying putting some form of lip balm on so then you can get one swipe wonder :) and as long as you have the correct makeup remover (no cheap stuff) then you are ready to go. but other than that I'm in awe with this product
2 Alice
Got to be honest, I'm a little disappointed. The hype was so over rated for this. I found it to be very pigmented (I had masochist) which is really nice, but it didnt dry completely down matte and still left very visible marks on drinks/food, leaving a horrid lip ring where it slowly just comes off. Much prefer Lime Crime Velvetines.
5 Halo
Actually love these lipsticks so much. I'm all about a bold lip. So love it when they don't budge or do that dry lumpy thing on the inner lip. Even after a date night... eating pizza and kisses . Didn't come off . Got virginity, Queen supreme and breakfast at Tiffany's. Ordered no tea no shade directly off his site though cause it's not on here yet and I couldn't wait haha
5 Seren
Amazing formula, so far I've got Leo and Designer Blood and they both last so long, they're so pigmented and dry down to be completely matte.Definitely can't wait to buy more!
5 Mairead
I've loved these lipsticks since they came out - the quality and lastingness is just brilliant. What I think is a shame is that it doesn't say that the pumpkin pie shade has this beautiful undertone of pinky/lavender colour glitter. It's really subtle and so gorgeous! It's not really an issue, but more of a bonus - but this is a selling point! I've also purchased checkmate which is a great vibrant orangey-red. Perfect for transitioning from winter into spring. I love, love, love them!
5 Ciara
I have been loving Matte Lips for a while now and decided to purchase these Velour Liquid Lipsticks after seeing lots of swatches and positive reviews of them on social media. I purchased three shades, Scorpio (Lighter Purple), Androgyny (Dark pink/brown) & Sagittarius (Light Purple). The pigmentation of these lipsticks is incredible and the finish is super matte and long lasting. The lipsticks are also really lightweight and super soft and don’t feel drying. The only negatives about these lipsticks is they do have a very strong clean smell, However these lipsticks are excellent quality and I would definitely purchase more shades in the future.
5 Natalie
By far my favourite matte liquid lip product. I have quite a collection and have surprised myself with daring I have become in my daily colour choices. Thanks Jefferee and BB
5 Jade
I recently bought Doll parts and I'm so impressed, I usually use poise k by Kylie Jenner and that's great but with shipping and customs it's more expensive and this lipstick is just as good if not better
5 Alice
I have 5 so far, androgyny, Gemini,saggitarius,designer blood and chrysanthemum and I'm looking to buy another. I can't decide there are so many colours!! Love this, it's my face purity brand by far
5 Maxine
Just got the liquid lip in the shade Mannequin OMG the best nude lipstick ever!!! Goes with everything and it is long lasting.
3 Mel
I love how they feel and i love the colours but they wear off really fast and I really really HATE the Applicator i can't get a nice clean harsh line.
5 Elaine
I am all about matt lips right now and have a huge collection of the occ lip tars but these just smash any other brands I have tried. I mainly used occ because of the funky colours. Let's face it these are products are vegan , smell great and feel lovely on , I won't be happy until I own them all
5 Rebecca
I have watched Jeffree for ages now maybe 2 years I`d say I only fantasized about getting one of his liquid lips as they are in dollars .. recently he briefed over beauty bay, I literally paused and hopped on over because YES! Okay they are a bit pricey but are they worth the hype? YES YES AND YES!! I bought checkmate , a beautiful red/orangey colour and its just blindingly perfect! I also got Celebrity skin which is well .. everything and is so so so perfect ! I LOVE them so much! The formula is so amazing and I cant wait to buy more , these are must haves now!! I recommend !!
4 Eva
It's a really good liquid lipstick however, I think it smells horrible, really chemically and gross. Everything else is nice but the smell puts me off to be honest
5 kirsty
I ordered pumpkin pie and androgyny, can't believe how good they are! Long wearing and colour is fantastic, can't wait to order more xx
2 Lana
Ordered Celebrity Skin after putting it off for months and really disappointed with the colour don't know if it was a dodgy one or what but the colour is way darker and more pink and looks a bit more like Leo. Not a fan of the smell and doe foot either.
5 Abi
I have quite a few of jeffrees liquid lipsticks no... celebrity skin, im nude, 714, unicorn blood, redrum,scorpio and im thinking about snatching up Pumpkin pie!they are the best liquid lipsticks ive ever tried. i get soooo many compliments when i wear them. i especially always wear redrum out to christmas parties and everyone always asks what lipstick is that!?!? its still on your lips even though youve just eat a roast dinner! i love them! can not give jeffree enough credit! if you havent bought any of his lipsticks yet and undecided definately get one! i would recommend 714 as that is too neon bright for me (it didnt look it in the picture) but the rest of the lipsticks ive got are amazing! okay ive decided .. im now going to purchase pumpkin pie!!
5 bethany
by far my favourite liquid lip formula!! really lightweight and super pigmented. I have eight very different shades (some nudes, reds and brights) and love them all!!
5 Lara
Absolutely love these liquid lipsticks. I've tried most matte liquid lipsticks, Huda, Kylie, mac, too faced and that's to name a few. Nothing compares to Jeffrey's quality, leaves your lips feeling soft and hydrated on and after application. Genuinely can't recommend this product enough, I bought mannequin as I have quite a fair complexion and it's the perfect nude. Looks beautiful with a clear gloss too. Will definitely be purchasing many more colours. Perfect for girls that have thin lips like me for over lining, makes lips look much fuller. Just amazing!
5 Stephen
I ordered Checkmate last night and it arrived today and honestly it's amazing! The delivery the packaging and the lipstick it's self I couldn't recommend more!
5 Evie
Celebrity Skin is so nice lasts ages and doesn't feel dry or sticky. It kind of has a purple undertone which was unexpected but I love it
5 C
Love these lipsticks so much they are lightweight and stay on! And beauty bay are really quick to send you the products!
5 Kira Biersack
ohh my gawd i bought leo and it was too die for xxx
5 Fianca
These lipsticks ae not drying at all, but if you have dry lips you need to use a lipbalm because the lipsticks show every line or crack in your lips. They are amazing, I can eat with them, go out and have a few drinks, that's no problem at all. Love these!
2 Ellie
Is it just me that feels these are overrated? I have androgyny and it turns a completely different purple colour when it's on and begins to flake and go all icky after a while. I'll maybe try some other colours..
5 Marnie
I have watermelon soda and I hope to get more. this is the best liquid lipstick ive ever used! I would totally recommend this its amazing . I would love to get blow pony Xxx
4 Dionne McGregor
Love the liquid lipstick but the Designer Blood I received didn't have the golden sheen as described on Jeffree's site.
5 Becca
Absolutely love these lipsticks. Couldn't recommend them enough! These lipsticks are the most pigmented, comfortable and long wearing mattes I've ever worn. I rate them over Kat von d, stilla, smash box and every other lipstick I've tried. I have mannequin, posh spice, Scorpio, red rum, Leo, designer blood and pumpkin pie, and I love them all! The nudes smell of root beer, but the smell goes away as soon as you've applied your lipstick so don't worry if you don't like it! None of my others have a smell. 100% recommend
5 Bis
I have tried soooooo many liquid lipsticks and this I said the best one I've ever tried. I bought the shade Leo and I am seriously in love, the formula is one of a kind, it's silky not drying and matte. Everyone needs at least one of these lipsticks in their life!!! Amazing x
5 Wendy
Okay, so im gonna give ya'll the T. I've got Mac liquid lipsticks, I've tried NYX and I even ordered Kylie Cosmetics lip kits and NOTHING compares to these. I have 10 of these bad boys and the formula is so pigmented and lightweight I forget I'm wearing them! The kylie ones are drying AF its like having the goddamn Sahara on your lips, if you're a first time buyer and don't know which brand to pick go for this one you will NOT regret it. Btw i recommend Mannequin/Celebrity Skin for a everyday nude x
5 Kayleigh
Love,Love,Love these liquid lipsticks!!!Ended up buying 3 in a week.They have great coverage and last all day!The colours are great and cannot recommend them enough.
5 Mija
The lipsticks that Jeffree Star produces are amazing. I already have lots but recently brought Abused and Blue Velvet. Both colours smell to me like root-beer and just one dip in the pot seems to cover my whole moth flawlessly. For the price you are paying, they are totally worth every single penny and will last a long time. There is no need for any lipliner (though if you wanted to, you could) and the drying time is very fast. There is no overall stickiness to the product when it is dry and lasts all night when the rules of his packaging are followed. I cannot wait to buy even more and always recommend them to friends.
5 Jade
The product and super quickly and was in perfect condition. The actual lipstick is gorgeous and lasts all day. I love it and will definitely be buying more shades
3 Laura
I have shade lea love the colour an doesn't completely dry but has a weird smell
2 Megan
I had never bought a JFC product before, I purchased Saggitarius and was very dissapointed. The initial application is great however it comes off after about an hour. Got sent a replacement and the same thing happened again.
5 Lizze
I've recently brought androgyny and absolutely love it; Gemini is next on my list! Fantastic liquid lipstick which dries into a beaut matte finish which is just to die for! I can honestly say that it does not dry out my lips at all (I am actually prone to dry lips) which shows how amazing the formula actually is. My only slight criticism I have is the smell of the formula before you apply; slightly chemically but completely disappears when applied! Just wish it was slightly cheaper so I could buy loads! Overall absolutely fantastic!
5 mia hunt
omfg ?????? i love these lipsticks tehey last a whole day i have the shade i'm nude and love that worth the money.
5 Francesca Amato
I really love these liquid lipsticks!!!! They are matte but they keep yourLips hydrated for the whole day. They also stay on all day without having to touch them up!!! It's a must buy!!!
5 Naomi
I know have Androgyny, Masochist, Checkmate and Rose Matter, best liquid lip I have tried isn't drying, matte finish and lasts all day without transfer. I want them all!
5 Adela
Some time ago I've ordered two of them. After finding out how PERFECT they are I couldn't help myself & now I have got 7 shades and planning to order more
5 Mira
My favorite lipsticks! I have Abused, Blue velvet, Watermelon soda, and Scorpio now and I love all of them. They apply really well, and stay on the entire day xxx
5 Jess
One of my favourite liquid lipsticks. Feels almost weight less and the colour range is amazing!
4 Ana
They're creamy and light but the colours look quite different against my dark brown skin tone. Androgyny is more of a deep purply-pink and Celebrity Skin is very peach and not brown like it said in the description, so didn't suit me sadly. I will definitely try other colours though.
5 Nicole
These are legit Jeffree Star products which I am very happy with as I have been scammed before but these are the real deal. The quality of these lipsticks are 10/10. I ordered 2 colours, Celebrity Skin and Designer Blood. I am quite pale and both of these colours suite me. They also dry very fast!!The Designer Blood lipstick sets with a gold shimmer which is lovely. Would definitely recommend to everyone. Worth every penny.
5 Natalie
Just recived Crocodile tears and Dreamhouse and they're both completely stunning and I love them! Followed jeffree for years and absolutely love all of his products and I would recommend all of his products to anyone they're outstanding! Thank you beauty bay for the amazing delivery, In bubble wrap so its protected and I was more than happy with the delievery time. Thank you Jeffree for creating such beautiful products, I'll definitely be buying again.
5 Nicole
I ordered the holiday shades Sagittarius and Crocodile Tears, before they disappeared. This was on Tuesday and they were delivered by Thursday lunchtime. Very pleased with packaging, the products themselves are in immaculate condition. So worth the money, they dry instantly and won't budge all day. Need some lip liners as I'm not the best at applying, end up using makeup wipes to tidy the edges. Colours are exactly what they look like which is a big positive. Will be ordering more shades !!
5 Melissa
The best formula ever
5 Rachael
I have quite a few of these liquid lipsticks as it is my favourite formula, these do not disappoint! Smell delicious, colour pay off is wonderful and opaque and the shade range is so extensive that everyone will find at the very least one to suit them. The formula isn't too drying (coming from a girl with very dry lips) and I find if you use a lip scrub before hand and follow with a lip balm your lips look full and moisturised even while wearing these liquid lipsticks! Absolutely love ????????
5 Line
I love these lipsticks, and I have androgyny, celebrity skin and mannequin, but I don't like that det price is so much higher now than i was some weeks ago ....
4 Kristina
These are brilliant, I have androgeny and designer blood and the pigment is amazing! I tested them on my hand before I used them on my lips and it literally took water, kitchen roll and a baby wipe to get it off! The colours are lovely but the only thing is that it smells a bit strange which isn't great because I'm used to expensive products smelling lovely, but once it's on your can't tell so not the end of the world!
4 Kiki Lawner
I have just bought weirdo and I love it it's pure black and it looks beautiful. I will say that the lipsticks smell disgusting though I'm probably getting one of his summer collections next just because they smell like watermelon and I feel like it wouldn't be more bareable
5 Rachel
Love this liquid lipstick the color stays on for hours even when eating! Gorgeous colors to pick from I have redrum and Gemini. One criticism would be its sometimes quite drying so make sure you use lip balm before!
5 Charlotte
Wow!! Honestly these are just amazing!! After receiving my first ever jeffree liquid lipstick today I can definitely say they are worth the hype. The packaging is of a good quality and is very pretty to look at, as well as having a decent amount of product in the lipstick its self. The formula is smooth to apply, quick to dry, long lasting and smells fantastic, honestly could not recommend this anymore. Beauty bay were exceptionally fast to deliver and their service was amazing! Recommend fully!!
5 Grace
Absolutely in love with jefree I only have 3 shades but cannot wait to add to my collection
5 Lucia
Ordered celebrity skin and it came so quickly. Was able to track it online and was surprised how fast it came. Product goes on so amazing and doesn't dry your lips out like most liquid lipsticks do, really lightweight and amazing colour.
5 shaun
one of the bets liquid lipsticks ever made! i have always loved jeffree star, i have followed him since his music career and now I'm so happy that I'm able to purchase his makeup products! Definitely worth the money, the lipstick stays on and doesn't transfer, totally kiss proof!
5 Nadia
I ordered 4 liquid lips; Androgyny, Gemini, Doll Parts and Rose Matter. They are all incredibly creamy and soft, and they quickly dry down to a beautifully pigmented matte. They last over ten hours and you can drink and eat whilst wearing them. The Bauty Bay package the liquid lips were shipped in impressed me immensely. They were carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and cardboard, encased in a sealed box to protect them from damage. I am ecstatic with my purchase, will buy again xx
5 Ellie
I have Posh Spice and Celebrity Skin and I love them both so much! They're the only lipsticks I wear because they don't wear off throughout the day, or come off when you eat or drink! They don't feel too drying on your lips like other liquid lipsticks do, and the pigment is great!
5 Chelsea
Just received my first velour liquid lipstick and thoroughly impressed. The product glides on like it says and doesnt dry out the lips! I'm in love with them! I was so nervous and excited to try them and they didn't dissapoint! I ordered on the 1st and it came on the 3rd (today) It was packaged very well and secure. I will be coming back for more !!
5 Elise
OH MY. So I haven been searching for the perfect matte liquid lipstick for the longest time. The closest I had come to finding perfection is the liquid suede lipsticks by NYX but these change everything. They are a thin formula but are beautifully pigmented and only need one swipe for application. They are comfortable to wear and last really well. I ordered celebrity skin which is a perfect brown toned nude and scorpio which dries as a stunning dark grey toned purple on me. I have finally found the perfect liquid lipstick and I will most certainly be ordering more from this range!
3 Joni
I bought the shade Velour and have to say I was really disappointed. It was really patchy and transparent on certain areas of my lips and if you tried to build it, it created a really horrible flaky texture. I made sure I prepped my lips beforehand because I know liquid lipsticks have a tendency to make your lips quite dry and even that didn't do much. I think if you get a darker colour you get better results - which I'm hoping is the case because I'm about to order Androgyny and give these another go!
5 Maddie
i ordered the Christmas edition in pumpkin pie and OH MY GOD i love it. i have been put off liquid lipsticks because of how uncomfortable they are to wear but i love the look of it so tried this one. its so lightweight and non drying at all i was shocked. i would reccomend this colour its beautiful, a burnt orange with subtle gold in it meaning its still matte. just amazing. so tempted to get more would be amazing if beauty bay stocked all shades
4 Sian
I have 2 Jeffree Star liquid lips so far with another 2 coming in the post (can't wait) and I absolutely love the formula, they are by far the best liquid lips I've tried! Not drying at all and extremely full coverage. The only complaint I have about this formula is the smell, they smell sort of chemically and I don't like that at all however once the liquid lip is on and has dried down the smell goes away so it's not too much of a problem. Overall a GREAT product.
5 rebecca
These liquid lipsticks are amazing!! i am a massive fan of Kylie lipkits but since finding J*, ive found kylie crumble easy and doesnt have as much staying power!
3 Chloë Read
Honestly these don't last as long as King K but they are so much thinner and I love the different applicator. I bought designer blood and androgyny and love them both dearly.
5 Vicky
I bought I'm Nude and I LOVE IT!! The formula is so nice, not drying at all. It's defiantly an everyday colour and worth every penny.
4 Tahlia
Love, love, love! I have five shades now, weirdo and androgyny from the regular line and chrysanthemum, designer blood and pumpkin pie from the holiday collection. I love the colours, I was worried pumpkin pie would be very similar to LC pumpkin but it is definitely worth having both of you love warm tones because they're both so unique! Designer blood is my favourite shade of the bunch as it really is a true blood red and absolutely one swipe pigmentation. The only reason I can't give five stars is because chrysanthemum is slightly patchy compared to the others and takes a long time to dry in between coats- I'd guessed the formula might perform differently due to the high concentration of sparkles but wasn't sure. It looks beautiful once layered it's just ever so slightly streaky even after the product has been mixed and shaken- which isn't too much hassle but still isn't exactly a pro. Either way I love them all. I wore androgyny to a meal the other day where we ended up eating fairly greasy food and to my surprise almost none of it wore off! Definitely worth the money, absolutely stunning.
5 Olivia
Jeffree Star has THE best formula I have ever come across! I've tried Kylie, coloured raine, colour pop, lime crime and a few others and Jeffree's formula is a million times better than all of them. I currently have Blue Velvet, Gemini, Doll Parts, Androgyny, Crocodile Tears, Pumpkin Pie, Deceased, Sagittarius, Designer Blood and Checkmate. He has such a wide variety of colours. Not all of these was purchased from BB, 4 were purchased from his site, I'm so thankful they got them on a UK site! No more custom fees for me!!
5 Millie
I have the colour 'Androgyny' which is a plum/mauve/brown shade and I am in love! Although its a matte finish, it doesnt leave your lips feeling dry and cracked. Its amazing! Its so pigmented and the formula is so smooth. Its long lasting and doesnt transfer which has been a problem when looking for liquid lipsticks in the past. So yes, this product is amazing and Im so excited to add to my collection!
5 Rebecca
I got shades Sagittarius and celebrity skin and although colours aren't the same as on the pictures on here, they are still so pretty!!!!! Not drying and won't come off unless you purposely try to. Literally goes on in one swipe.
5 Amber
I bought Designer Blood and I love it so so much! They are so creamy and pigmented. It dries down really quick and its super matte. I love that Beautybay is a retailer, thanks!
5 Amy
I have 33 of these liquid lipsticks and can honestly say they are amazing! They are my second favourite liquid lip to use
5 Ellie
I was worried after I ordered that it wouldn't live up to the hype, but thankfully my worries were futile. I ordered the colour Dirty Money and I love it! It was so pigmented (opaque after one swipe) and easy to apply. The only downside was the slightly gross smell, however that doesn't really matter to me and I've read reviews that say the smell fades/gets better over time. Overall, I think Jeffree has the best matte liquid lip on the market and I highly recommend!
1 kate
i bought scorpio and it is not the same as it looks on the swatches and reviews online, looks bright purple, formula is horrible and does not last WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 Meghan
I bought masochist and ITS AMAZING!I love it so much it's a really creamy formula very easy to apply would defiantly recommend! Because I like masochist so much I have now ordered Doll Parts
5 Erin
I have posh spice and I absolutely love the colour on me! The formula is so good and doesn't dry your lips at all, you can barely even tell you've got it on.
5 Suvi Koskinen
I love these liquid lipsticks! I have Gemini, Deceased and Posh Spice and they are all awesome! No need for a lip liner.
5 Jasmine
i just received my Designer Blood about 5 days ago and i'm still in love. i never leave my house without it. My credit card is telling me to stop but i just can't.. 2017 is just starting but i'm broke af.. Beauty bay is my life at the moment
5 Chloe
Absolutely stunning pigmentation, with long lasting wear. I own 6 of them and they all perform stunningly. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is thinking of purchasing one!
5 Lara
I recently purchased the shade 'Androgyny' and it looks amazing , formula is great. Will definitely be buying more
5 Lucy
So far in my collection I have Dirty Money, Blue Velvet, Androgyny, Crocodile Tears, Pumpkin Spice, Designer Blood, and Sagittarius. Can't even begin to describe how AMAZING the formula for these liquid lipsticks are!! I even tested how long it would last in the shower and it completely stayed perfect. It even lasted through most of a takeaway! The formula and consistency is stunning and I honestly can't wait to buy so many more of his products!! x
5 Rachael
Been buying from jeffree from the very beginning and is still the best matte liquid lipstick! Celebrity skin is my personal fave but Scorpio comes in a close second! Couldn't be happier with them
5 Molly
These are BY FAR my favourite liquid lipstick ever! Very long wearing, great colour pay off. 100% worth the money.
2 Liv
I bought chrysanthemum and was so excited to get it, then it arrived and none of my expectations were met, it felt bad on my lips, the consistency was too watery, it stayed on for little time and was streaky on my lips.Little bid sad as i was so excited to buy this, wasted money
5 Holly Jones
Best liquid lipsticks I've ever tried! Do not hesitate to purchase! Jeffree Star you are brilliant!
5 Roxy
So I'm turning into a JSC obsessed whore! I have: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Weirdo, Designer Blood, Crocodile Tears, Virginity, Queen Bee in the Velour Liquid Lip and Unicorn Blood and Granddaddy Purp in the Lip Ammunition.The formula is absolutely incredible, dries down fully matte but isn't too drying on the lips. The colours! Stunnosh! The only three I've had any trouble with are Weirdo; which I find smudges even after 5 minutes on, Queen Bee which is too streaky and doesn't improve after a second coat and Designer Blood which leaves a true lip stain after coming off and trying to get Designer Blood off was sooo difficult.The others I've had no troubles with and my favourite is between Crocodile Tears and Virginity.
5 Kiera
The best liquid lipstick I have tried! I now currently have three of his lipsticks and the formula is so lightweight. The colours I currently have are Checkmate, Masochist and Watermelon Soda. Each of lipsticks formula is so creamy and soft and when dry doesn't feel sticky or too drying. One dip goes a long way and when eating greasy food and drinking barely any of the lipstick comes off. One downside about Masochist is that it stains red slightly but other than that I cannot recommend them enough.
5 Chadz
I'm a freak when it comes to liquid lipsticks and I've bought many from different high end brands and when I first tried JS androgyny I was totally in love, the colour is of course beautiful BUT the formula, omg, it's one of the best that I have tried, non drying, lasts long and the best thing is you hardly realise it is there. I'm totally in love and I've bought two more and will slowly try and build the collection! And of course beauty bay, excellent service and great dilivery timing for someone like me that gets very impatient when ordering make up!
5 Lauryn
The best liquid lipstick on the market! I have the shades Posh Spice, Dirty Money, Leo, Unicorn Blood and Crocodile Tears and they're all I wear on my lips! The formula is lightweight and super pigmented. The packaging looks so pretty on display on my vanity along with my skin frosts and my Beauty Killer Palette! This liquid lipstick is a must have for any makeup lover who's a huge fan of Jeffree Star just as I am !
5 Talisha
I really love these liquid lips I have Pumpkin Pie, Sagittarius,Unicorn Blood, Watermelon soda and Flamethrower so far and am definitely getting more. I only wish that this site would be updated more so that it can carry more of his cosmetics and some of his newer ones.
5 Leonie
I first purchased Leo which is my favourite shade so far but have now went on to own pumpkin pie, masochist and saggitarius, so creamy, don't dry your lips out and apply like a dream!x
5 Lucy
I absolutely love the formula of these liquid lipsticks! So far I have Weirdo, Sagittarius, Androgyny, and Rose Matter. Weirdo is definitely the truest black lipstick I own and applies opaque in one coat for me. Definitely worth the price :)
5 Leah
(Sagittarius and Doll parts) the best liquid lip I have ever tried, goes on so easily and Sagittarius smells so good, worth the price and came the next day with no problems.
5 April
I have been wanting to try this lipstick brand for ages but did not want to pay international shipping fee's and customs so I was so happy to see that Beauty Bay stocks this brand. I have purchased celebrity skin and the colour is amazing and is great for every day wear! The formula is amazing and the brush is an amazing shape for great application! I have purchased koko K from Kylie Cosmetics and this lipstick is so much better!! I have purchased Mannequin and can't wait for it to arrive!
5 Ella
I bought 'Celebrity Skin' and it does not dry out my lips or make them look flaky! I wore it on Christmas Day and it lasted all day even though I was eating and drinking a lot! Definitely worth the money! It looks good on pale skin aswell which is sometimes hard to find.
5 Rhyanne
Love these so much! I tried Doll Parts first and had to buy more! They're long lasting, have amazing pigment and coverage and don't dry out your lips like other products. Definitely worth the price, I'd highly recommend these anyone :) xx
5 Andrea
I ordered Celebrity Skin and just got mine in the post. I absolutely love the color! I can't tell you enough about the formula, it's just amazing how long lasting it is. If you are looking for a great liquid lipstick, definitely go and try these ones out :)
5 kim
this was my first jeffree star lipstick and i will defiantly be buying more. the lipstick is amazing, it dried down fast and didn't flake or rub off and it lasted hours!
5 Sophie
I have the shade pumpkin pie and as i can see its one of the best liquid lipsticks I've tried! It's mot sticky but still stays on and has no scent which I like. Also i don't think the price is too bad for a high end liquid lipstick as drug store liquid lipsticks seem to be gradually going up in price. 100% recommend!
5 Georgina
i bought the colour celebrity skin and the product is great. nuce colour and stays on well. also very fast delivery
5 Daisy
I now have 7 of the liquid lipsticks in Leo, Posh spice, Celebrity Skin, Doll Parts, Rose matter,Virginity and Androgyny and one highlighter in the gold (forgot the name) i am in love with every colour and am so happy Beauty bay are keeping up to date with new releases!
5 christine
Best lipstick I've ever had, stays on after drinking and eating, so lightweight and comfortable, doesn't dry my lips out !! Definitely worth the money. And the wand is great, it curves perfectly to my lips and makes for easier application. Im ordering more!
5 Mary
By far my favourite lipsticks ever, and I try so many brands. So far my collection consists of watermelon soda, virginity, queen bee, rose matter, chrysanthemum & checkmate. They're all so nice and stay on through almost anything! I want to try every shade but my bank account hates me enough as it is. ??
5 Katie
I recently bought Scorpio and I fell in love with as soon as I got it out of the box. It's creamy, it drys matte perfectly and the colour is stunning! If you love a good smoky purple look no further, Scorpio is your colour! Absolutely perfect!
5 Anna
By far the BEST LIQUID LIPSTICK EVER! The packaging is beautiful and makes the product actually look a lot more expensive than it is! The formula is great, I've never experienced any streakiness when applying and it takes ages before it starts to move and come off. They aren't drying in the slightest meaning that its a lot easier to keep them on for longer lengths of time. They're overall AMAZING! Would recommend them to pretty much anyone who loves a liquid matte lip!
5 Sha
I was given Androgyny as a gift and OMG I am absolutely in love with this lipstick and shade. I have tried a lot of liquid lipsticks and I must say these are the best by far, really hydrating, does not dry out the lips at all and stays on all day. I will definitely be buying more shades. Well done Jeffree Star .
5 Denise
My curiousity won so I ordered two liquid lipsticks in the shades celebrity skin and rose matters. The parcel arrived after two weeks (I'm living in Germany). Had to try them immediately and I fell in love. These liquid lipsticks are the best one I've tried so far and absolutely worth the money. The product lasts for hours. Thanks beautybay for making it possible!
5 Asta
So perfect! Great pigmentation and formula oh my god these are the best.
5 Alexandria
I absolutely love Jefree's velour liquid lipstick range!! I've got seven and I couldn't fault any of them,They are lightweight, true to colour and long lasting, planning on having them all!! Would recommend :)
5 elina
LOVE THEM!!! I have Blue velvet, Abused and Celebrity skin. Celebrity skin is the best nude and Blue velvet and Abused is the perfect .out of the comfort zone. shades. They are dry but not uncomfortable and they stay all day. Want to have them all!!
5 Beth
I LOVE THESE LIPSTICKS! These are the best lipsticks I have ever had, in my collection I have Blue Velvet, Unicorn Blood, Leo, Androgyny, Redrum, Masochist and have just ordered Manniquin. I use them so often and there are amazing and long wearing products, they do not come off with water and remain in perfect condition all day. Cant wait to extend my collection with these gorgeous lipsticks x
5 Rhianna
I recently bought designer blood, and I have to say I'm so so so impressed!!! The colour payoff it's amazing and the formula is creamy and doesn't feel drying on my lips even though it is a matte formula. You also get a lot of product for your money, which is great as most liquid lipsticks don't have as much product. I am in love with the colour, and so happy as it was my first Jeffree Star purchase. Will definitely be buying more in the future!!!
5 Mollie
Super fast service!! Great products!!
5 Mary
Sagittarius is my first Jeffree Star liquid lipstick and it's amazing! The colour is gorgeous and it's super light weight. I only needed one dip to cover my entire mouth. I definitely recommend it, you won't regret it!
5 lois
the consistency isn't too thick or too thin and glides on beautifully. in the photos it doesn't show the gold sheen/pigments in the liquid lipstick. very very long wearing & i definitely recommend.
5 Ana
I have just received checkmate and masoquist and I can say that these are THE BEST LIQUID LIPSTICKS ON EARTH. They are so smooth and opaque, the colors are beautiful, and when they are dried they look like velvet.The packaging is so gorgeous that worth every penny.
5 soph
i've bought 3 of these, check mate, doll parts and i'm nude, i love all of them, best matte lipstick i've ever bought
5 Lucy
I LOVE this collection Jeffree is amazing and the formula is Brilliant. I love the colour selection and this is the fastest delivery ever, I got the products two days after ordering them.
5 Sarah
Beautiful colour and is bullet proof strong lol and will only come off if you eat anything oily. Due to the dark colour of Designer blood you have to be on point with application but yes it is gorgeous! Treat yourself and get one xxx
5 Katie
Favourite lippy's of all time. So long lasting and pigmented.
5 Jade
I've purchased so many now I'm in love!
5 Becky
BEST EVER!! I ordered my first liquid lipstick from the holiday collection and since then I've ordered three more. Super pigmented and don't feel dry on the lips. The fact that they're vegan and cruelty free is a bonus!
5 Emer
i only have Sagittarius so far but this is the best formulai have ever tried, the application is so smooth and perfect. would highly recommend and will definitely be purchasing more x
5 Chloe
Best liquid lipstick I have ever used! Sets to a nice matte colours so pigmented and it doesn't get bitty after a while?!
5 Jess
So far i have check mate and androgyny. Texture is amazing and smooth. Manages to stay on without any touch up on a night out. (Which is more impressive if you knew how many shots i consume on a night out.) Cant wait to get more
5 Masu
I got designer blood and chrysanthemum. I LOVE both colors. chrysanthemum has a bad reputation of being streaky but mine applies perfectly. designer blood is gorgeous. The formula is very long lasting and not drying at all. I'm definitely purchasing more colors.
5 Lauren
Ive got posh spice, celebrity skin, redrum, pumpkin pie, dirty money, dominatrix and chrysanthemum and they are all absolutely amazing! I must admit they all look much darker on me than on the professional swatches Jeffree uses. Ive tried kylie cosmetics, mac retro mattes and nyx suedes and none of them even compare to these beauties
5 Caroline
I got androgyny for Christmas and absolutely loved it. I put it straight on and it lasted all day (from 11am - midnight), even through food, drink, and a 2 hour nap! the colour is super pigmented and you don't need a lot on so it will go a long way. Really like it and look forwRd to buying other colours :)
5 Aj
By far my favourite lipsticks!! I now own 23 and won't stop until I have them all :D Beautybay are brilliant and such fast delivery! Fantastic service and incredible product
5 Lauren
I had my first jeffree star liquid lipstick for Xmas. Love it! Amazing coverage and wear and it doesn't even dry out my lips like other brands do! Will 100% re purchase
5 christine szlobodnik
I have Dirty Money & Blow Pony. I love them! The colors are so opaque & non-streaky. Lasts a long time providing you read the instructions on the bottle/box. My dream is to own EVERY Jeffree Star product. I love him too! His tutorials & personality is amazing #JeffreeForTheWin xo
5 Emma
OMG these are the the best Lquid lips ever, so far I have 13 of these love them all and want to get all, amazing!! You better work! Xxx
4 Alexandra
Currently i have designer blood, IT IS BEAUTIFUL. but it has its down sides it applys relly thick and yeah its mat but it doesnt set it smuges everywhere even when your trying to eat. it is good though and if you can deal with that then you should get it :) - Alexandra Walker
5 Heidi
I bought rose matter and it's a beautiful colour and it drys perfectly. It's so easy to apply and a little bit goes a long way! Defiantly worth the price
5 Ciara
By far the best liquid lipstick out of the ones i've tried. As of now, I have Celebrity Skin, Rose Matter, Mannequin, Gemini, Scorpio, Leo, Doll Parts and Chrysanthemum, and believe it or not, every single shade I have so far is OUTSTANDING! They are my go-to lipsticks, and I look forward to buying more! Would definitely recommend to anyone.
3 Amy
I have about 15 Jeffree star lipsticks and they're all amazing, but today I received Checkmate and it keeps drying and crusting off of my lips, it's completely unwearable. I don't know if it's just my one?
5 Cerys
I got some of these for Christmas after wanting them for ages and I am definately not disappointed! The formula is absolutely amazing, unlike any others I have tried! They feel so soft on your lips and do not crack or dry your lips up throughout the day! Plus they last hours!
5 shanley curran
the best liquid lipsticks ever, stay on for over 6 hours through eating and drinking and especially greasy food. highly highly recommend.
5 Chloe
Received pumpkin pie for Christmas and it's a gorgeous burnt orange with slight red in it, only worn it for a few hours but I'm already in love!
5 Kristin
I have 3 of these now: Mannequin, Redrum and Sagittarius, and I love them all. Sagittarius is a bit drying on the lips, but not to the extreme.
5 Laura
Although I don't really like Jeffree himself, these lipsticks are those which work best for me - and I've tried many.I now own 8 colours (will buy so many more!), and I can say that they all are very beautiful shades and last incredibly long. Also I love that he carries some unconventional shades.The scent, unfortunately, is a whole different story:although especially the limited edition have a very nice scent, there are a few shades which are not scented at all (like Androgyny) and they - honestly - smell like cat pee. It's really gross but luckily, it goes away right after application.
5 Georgina
LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have deceased (I don't believe they sell it on here yet) and Celebrity skin, they are both amazing colours. Will 100% be buying some more! Thank you Beauty Bay for bringing them to the UK!xxx
5 Rachel
This is hands down the best lip product I have ever used. The lipstick is so opaque and the colours I have tried so far are perfect. They dry down to be a little darker than the colour in the tube and I've had no issues with dryness or the product settling into lines on my lips.
5 Tiffany
I have wanted one of these for so long. I just received celebrity skin today and I am so happy. The colour is a beautiful dark nude that I know will get lots of wear! Although I had some trouble with receiving the correct item, beauty bay were so quick to resolve this, especially with it being Christmas! Now having received the liquid lipstick I am very happy!
5 Emily
Love this lipsticks! But more i love beauty bay! Everytime iv ordered its arrived right on time! Great customer services. Highly recommend! I was so shocked even being so near to Christmas i purchased some of these lipsticks on the 23rd. And it arrived on the 24th of December! Just in time for Christmas. Thank you so much xx
5 Victoria
Absolutely LOVE these liquid lipsticks they're my favourite formula I've ever tried. The formula is very very thin which means it is not drying at all but still very pigmented. They last for so long on the lips and if any does come off, it's so easy to reapply without going weird. Will definitely be buying more of these!
5 Niamh
Utterly amazing. I have five shades and I cannot begin to describe how good they are. One thing. Always look at jeffree's official website fr the colours, they are very far from accurate on here but as a jeffree fan that doesn't matter to me.
5 Melissa
Genuinely amazed with these, jeffree has came up with such a great formula. Aren't drying on the lips and don't start to crumble off like most other liquid lipsticks. Amazing colours too, only been collecting these for two weeks and have 4 already! In love! Thankyou
5 Kendra
I have Rose Matter, Doll Parts, Androgyny, Leo and Gemini and all of them are beautiful. They're so pigmented and the formula is amazing, no transfer and no stickiness. The applicator is super soft and fluffy, you don't need to use lip liner with these lipsticks. These liquid lipsticks dry really quickly, the colour stays on all day, and all you need is a makeup wipe to take them off. Love love love this brand can't wait to get some more!
5 Emilie
These are legit the BEST liquid lipsticks ever made!!!! I've got 2 shades now and I am so glad I bought them because the quality of them is amazing I honestly can't cope w them. Definitely recommend buying them because they're such good quality for the price !!!!!
4 Kristina
I own 2 liquid lipsticks: dollhouse and chrystanemum.The first one is just gorgeous and my favourite lipstick at the moment! I can totally recommend. But the second is seriously not worth the money. It s streaky and colour pay off is plainly bad. I try to make it work as a topper, but on its own.. just skip it10 stars for dollhouse; 0 for chrystanemum
5 kayleigh
AMAZING LIPSTICKS!!!!! Best liquid lipstick I have ever bought. Amazing formula, lasts for hours. Little product goes a whole way, and can cover the whole lips in one dip of the product. I bought Pumpkin Pie and it is the most gorgeous burnt orange colour I have been looking for for months. Will be starting a collection of these! i usually wear gerard cosmetics liquid lipsticks which are equally as good, so was reluctant to spend more money on Jeffree's but was definiately worth it.
5 Emma
Amazing product and fast delivery every time
5 Veronika
I have Celebrity Skin, Leo and Pumpkin Pie. So far it is the best liquid lipstick for me, the colours are pigmented, I never needed a second coat of this product. Also, Leo and Celebrity Skin are amazing nudes, perfect for everyday wear. Stays long enough and does not stain my lips. Also, I have recently got Pumpkin Pie, which has micro glitter in it - amazing burnt orange colour, also, quite glittery (which some people may not like, I would recommend this for holiday wear). Have to mention that delivery is super quick!
5 Emily
These are so long-lasting and creamy! Highly recommend!
5 Holly Sinclair
I decided to order one liquid lipstick to see what all the fuss was about and I'm glad I did! I chose Sagittarius (as a Sagittarius myself) and was thoroughly impressed with the quality! I will definitely be ordering more soon!
5 Orsi
Jeffree Star has the best liquid lipstick formula ever! Every time I use it my lips look plumper and it doesn't dry out my lips at all. I have many high end/drugstore liquid lipsticks, and I can honestly say that this is the BEST! I'm so happy I discovered this brand! I have Posh Spice, Androgyny, Celebrity Skin (the best!!), Rose Matter, Mannequin and Doll Parts. I am definitely planning on buying more! Can't wait for Unicorn Blood to come back in stock, that's my next purchase. :)
5 Nika
Best liquid lipsticks ever! I have Celebrity skin and recently got also Posh spice. By far the best light weight formula, lasts all day (if you eat something it may need a little touch up) and this is the best matte liquid lipsticks brand. Really happy, will probably buy other shades in the future!
5 sophie cook
mannequin and celebrity skin just arrived and they are STUNNING! couldn't be more happy with the pigmentation, lasting power, opaqueness and the way they feel on the lips! best liquid lip out there fo surreee! not drying AT ALL, just apply lip balm a bit before use and you're ready to go. can't wait to buy some more shades! would 100000% buy more, definitely worth the money. you slay my life jeffree!!!
1 Sarah Josephine
Bought unicorn blood back once Jeffree Star's liquid lipsticks became available on beautybay back in September. I was so eager to try it after hearing and seeing everyone go crazy over them. I was very disappointed the first time I tried it on. Was streaky and uneven, even after giving it a good ol' shake after the first application incase the ingredients had separated. Within seconds of it drying, the lipstick had vanished from the bit where the lips touch and was sticky and uncomfortable on the lips. I really wanted to like the formula but who could like something that costs this but isn't worth half of the price. If you want a liquid lipstick that lasts the whole day, feel likes nothing on the lips, isn't sticky nor patchy. Try Stila's liquid lipsticks. You won't regret it
5 Heather
So I bought the colour Designer Blood from the limited edition holiday 2016 collection. I've wanted unicorn blood for ages but I decided to go for designer blood because of the gold sheen it has. Oh my goodness it is so BEAUTIFUL! I literally have never seen a dark red look so stunning and non patchy in my life. It is so pigmented I only need one dip to get an even application. It lasted through a 5 hour shift and looked the same as when I first applied it, even through drinking. Definitely get your hands on this colour if you can!
5 Phoebe
I brought Leo and i am awaiting Sagittarius, but so far i am in LOVE i have never really worn dark lips but i cant stop wearing Leo SO PIGMENTED, applicator is an amazing shape, and soo long lasting, always would recommend
5 Berdie Wilkes
Amazing, really nice quality. They have a unique but nice smell to them, they dry quick and dont feel sticky. I purchased celebrity skin and androgyny which are my every day fav go to colours. Please bring more Jeffree Star products to the UK beauty bay
5 Hannah
The best liquid lipsticks ever! I am a liquid lipstick addict, having tried far too many brands to count. However I always return to Jeffree Star! The formula is creamy and not at all drying, and the range of colours that Beauty Bay offer suit my every need.However, I have noticed that formula varies from lipstick to lipstick. One shade in particular that I own is patchy (mannequin), but this can be combatted with layering. You need a Jeffree Star liquid lipstick! They are to die for!
4 Amanda
4 stars because the formula is unexpectable - I adore my Posh Spice, but Nude Beach from the summer 2016 collection wasnt as opaque, it was more wax-like, and theres basically no air-lock in it like in Posh Spice, it doesnt click close. Would've loved to try the christmas colours but I'm afraid the limited edition ones are on a lower level than the permanent collection. Otherwise, the pigmentation in the permanent collection is lovely and the applicator is perfection x
5 Jessica
Oh my god by far the best lipstick I have ever bought. Definitely worth the price! It's light, not sticky but not dry either. I bought celebrity skin and the colour is stunning. Already searching for my next purchase. 10/10!!
5 Megan
I have Androgyny and OH. MY. GOD. At first, I wasn't sure I liked it as it dried a lot darker but I actually love it. It's not an everyday colour, more of an evening liquid lipstick. The application process is beautiful, smell isn't that great but you can't smell it once you've applied it and it dries down SO QUICK. So looking forward to adding more to my collection!
5 chloe
Best liquid lipstick, love the unique shades and variety! Last forever so defo value for money.
5 Erin
These liquid lipsticks are perfect! I now have 3 of the colours and they are just perfect. The are so creamy and not drying at all. I was also very pleased with how quickly I got them, I will definitely be purchasing more!
5 Leila
I bought the shade Androgyny and it's awesome. The best liquid lipstick! My lips are so soft and cool!This product is so creamy and soft, you're lips will be very beautiful. I really appreciate jeffrey star cosmetics! I'm sure i will buy another one!
5 Katie
Girl you better work! These lipsticks are so flazeda, I swear by them and will be wearing them even to my funeral (caused by my mum killing me because I've spent so much on these) these are totally kissproof and foodproof and FOOLproof. Dirty money is my upmost favourite but other than that pumpkin pie is gorge
5 Alexandria
I purchased Androgyny and Celebrity skin and I love them both so much. Unbelievable formula's with bold pigment and exceptional staying power! I already have my eyes on Doll parts and Redrum. I love the brand and I would recommend anyone purchasing liquid lipsticks to abandon all others!! The nib on the applicator is such a unique part of the product that makes it so much easier to line your lips without lip liner! Well price pointed as I've previously bought more expensive brands that have been disappointing in comparrison! Thank you beauty bay for stocking these! xxx
1 Rebecca
I ordered this and it literally came the next day which is a good thing about this site but as for the product itself it burnt all around my lips and that's from one use of the product they are all swolllen and they feel so dry because of using this
5 Camille
I bought posh spice, the excellent texture and creamy formula, not at all dry. The lipstick also lasted me most of the day, I would recommend it to anyone!
5 Amy
These are without a doubt the best liquid lipsticks I have ever used! They're so opaque that you can apply a thin layer and your lips will be totally covered with no need to double dip. When they first dry it feels like you're wearing nothing on your lips because you can get away with such a thin layer of product. The only flaw is after a few hours it might still look perfect but my lips will begin to feel a little dry, but that's expected with a liquid lip and no big deal after several hours of wear. Also avoid oily food, eating and drinking is fine but any oil will wear the product off your mouth very quickly.
5 Katie
I purchased Celebrity Skin and Androgyny and can honestly say they are the best liquid to matt lipsticks I have ever used! Celebrity skin is the perfect nude for every day look, Androgyny is slightly darker than how it appears on the website, the colour is so beautiful! and stayed on my lips the whole night , no need to liner either. I hope Jeffree brings out more products!
5 emilie
nothing but love for you
5 amirah
i've got my doll parts and masochist just few days back and they are just a beauty. the formula are quite watery than other liquid lipsticks such as MAC and kat von d. but it feels the lightest on the lips than others. Very recommended to others
3 Courtney
I have purchased one of these lipsticks and I think it's super comfy and dries to a matte but doesn't dry out or is flaky, no transfer and smudge-proof. It's not streaky at all and super pigmented, definitely would recommend. I just have one problem, the colour. I bought 'doll parts' expecting it to be the colour on Jeffree Star's website, but I bought it off beauty bay as I live in the U.K and didn't want to pay for shipping. The colour is actually a warm purple on me and not flattering at all. I understand there can be slightly different variations in the colour depending on the colour of skin and pigment in lips, but I didn't think it would be an entirely different colour on me. And after all it's not like I could of tried it on before I ordered it. The lipstick has a great formula but I'm annoyed that I have wasted my money on a lipstick I'll never wear again, even though it's relatively cheap. I'd definitely recommend the product to anyone and buy it again, but not in the shade 'doll parts'. Hope this helped anyone wanting to purchase it X
5 Becki
I don't normally write reviews but thought this really deserved a review . I ordered lipsticks and they came within days, and completely amazing . Products . I'm a bit wary of make up sites but this is amazing Will be using this site again for sure X
5 Francesca
I bought Gemini for a friend on here yesterday, and it came this morning with standard delivery. The service was amazing and my friend loves it and the colour suits her perfectly - pale skin and brown hair. Amazing! would definitely buy from here again again!
5 Megan
These are the best lipsticks I have ever used! So far I have I'm Nude, Mannequin, Celebrity Skin, Chrysanthemum, Sagittarius and Rose Matter. They are the perfect consistency, they dry matte but don't leave your lips dry and stay on all day, even after eating and drinking. They're such good value for money and the colours are beautiful. I would definitely recommend!
5 Dante
I'm in love with the liquid lips!! I have .Doll Parts. and .Gemini. and .JawBreaker. they are absolutely gorgeous on!! I haven't wore JawBreaker that's my little sisters the shades dry down to a gorgeous matte I found Doll Parts wasn't wanting to come off lol but Gemani came off fine I also bought the lip ammunition in the shade .Celebrity Skin. which I'm also in love with!! That was more creamy than matte and wasn't hard to come off, well worth the money!!
5 Kiera
I am in love! So far I have purchased Rose Matter, Celebrity Skin, Androgyny, Virginity, Leo, Flamethrower, Doll Parts and Posh Spice! These dry to a matte finish but don't dry your lips out I also think they are very pigminted. I cannot wait to buy more.
5 Giulia
I never review products online, but damn! I recently purchased two Designer Blood, one for me and one for my friend as a gift and I couldn't be happier with my choice. I own plenty of liquid lipsticks ( most from NYX ) and nothing can compare to this. I knew it from the moment I swiped it on: great coverage, no drying at all, doesn't enhance the lines in my lips, comfortable, long lasting.. in other words PERFECT! The color is amazing, I've never seen something similar and I can definately see the gold sheen in it, which is pretty amazing. I will for sure wear this a lot and buy more, great product and great service from beautybay. They took only four days to get to Italy, and they even arrived on a Saturday. Congrats to Jeffree, I'm a great fan of his and he didn'T disappoint. And congrats to beautybay.
5 nora
the best liquid lipstick i have ever tried! i have 2, waiting for 6 more in the mail! 10/10 reccomend!
5 Fgyu
5 Charlotte
Loved Jeffree for so long and have always wanted one of his liquid lipsticks so when they first arrived at beauty bay i bought Dominatrix, which i love tons. Also got my hands on Sagittarius which is also beautiful. They last forever, dry quickly and dont flake. Definitely need to expand my collection
5 Erin
The BEST liquid lipstick I've ever used. The consistency is great its not overly drying and don't leave your lips feeling sticky like some liquid lips, my only issue is that they can transfer onto your teeth a little bit while they're drying but it easily comes off, the variety of colours is so good and they're is a shade for everyone whether its a nude or a bright blue/ pink. Well worth the money and cant wait to add more to my collection this Christmas!!!
5 Chloe
I bought the colour Gemini which I have been wanting for ages now, and I am not disappointed at all! Amazing product and gorgeous colour! Was amazed at how easy it applied and loved the way it doesn't dry my lips out and show the lines even though it is beautifully matte! Will definitely be buying more in the future!
5 Natalie
I absolutely adore these lipsticks, they're beautiful! They're matte but don't dry your lips out at all which is something I didn't think was possible, and to find them here at such a reasonable price was a dream come true! I was so worried they would be fakes because of the price but they're not! They're 100% genuine and I now own 5 of them! I can't wear anything else on my lips now because of how good they are haha!
5 Seren
I bought the shade Leo and it's absolutely amazing, it's one of the best liquid lipsticks ever, you only need to apply a tiny bit as its really pigmented and lasts all day. Can't wait to buy more.
5 Rachel
First ever Jeffree lip and I LOVE it. Super thin formula, smells gorgeous, colour is to die for a dries like a dream. I will be wearing Checkmate for the whole of Christmas:)
5 Layla
Bought the shade celebrity skin and so glad I did, beautiful colour nourishing and long lasting, new favorite!
5 Sophia
This formula - on point. Jeffree's are my favourite liquid lipsticks - even prefer these to Huda's! Would recommend to anyone, I know some colours might be a bit intimidating - but there are some really wearable day colours. I will say though, make sure you shake before use.
5 Kenza
J'adore c'est rouge &; l;vre il sont tellement beaux.
5 Kayleigh
love these liquid lipsticks. they are a bit pricey but i do think they are worth the price you pay . i have celebrity skin and chrysanthemum. the temptation to buy more is there! really wanting designer blood now though :)
5 Isabella
my order just arrived today.. my very first JS lipsticks: watermelon soda, designer blood, pumpkin pie, sagittarius and my first lip ammunition baby spice. I just fell in love with them! The color, the finishes, the formular it is just perfect and the best liquid lipsticks I've ever tried. I love Jeffrey Star and his products and this will be not my last order! xoxo
5 Alana
I just bought Sagittarius, Pumpkin Pie and Domanatrix and I'm so pleased! They are amazing and so long wearing. They are very accurate to colour and you barely need any for full coverage. The packaging is also very pleasing, the boxes are very pretty and they lids click shut. Very happy and will be buying more soon. x
5 Sophie
DECEASED is such a beautiful unique colour. Jeffree's lipsticks are definitely worth the money ordered Designer blood too because the holiday liquid formula seems to feel so much lighter on the lips.
5 Jane Rampling
Excellent quality
5 Natasha
The best liquid lipsticks I have ever used. I know the price may feel a lot, but it really is worth it. The pigment is so great and it feels so lightweight on the lips. I bought three to begin with and I can't wait to buy more. I wish beautybay sold the discounted bundles that jeffree has on his website too. Overall a fantastic product.
5 Molly
LOVE LOVE love love! I purchased the shade 'Crocodile tears' due to Incredible reviews, so when I bought it I had extremely high expectations and the liquid lipstick met them all and above! The formular is creamy, and easy to apply! I only had to dip my brush into the liquid lipstick once for full high pigment coverage! I've had the liquid lipstick on 6 hours now and it hasn't come off at all (I've ate and drink ALOT). It doesn't dry out your lips at all, and feels really light weight! COULD NOT FAULT! Fav liquid lipstick formula.
5 Laura
I have Mannequin, celebrity skin and redrum. Stunning colours but as pale as I am with a red undertone, Celebrity doesn't look that good on me :D Amazing lipsticks though. They don't have a strong scent which I appreciate. I will buy more of these (y)
5 Chloe
I have androgyny, celebrity skin and recently got scorpio. These are the best liquid lipsticks I've ever tried even better than kylie lip kits, when eating the lip kits feel so drying and crumble off however jeffrees are so comfortable and hardly fade! The colours are gorgeous and the quality is so high, I would definitely recommend!
5 courtney
I'm soo happy with these. I got rose matter, chrysanthemum and androgyny and they stay on pretty much all day! best liquid lipsticks ive ever owned cant wait to get more
5 BenC
So I bought Androgyny and loved it so much! The formula is great, definitely one of the best high end lipsticks, worth the money! I also went back and ordered a Celebrity skin lip ammunition, lavender snow skin frost and Chrysanthemum from the holiday collection! Can't wait to try them!
5 Abbey
Recently purchased Mannequin and can't believe how amazing it is! I've never had the change to try one of Jeffree's Velour Liquid Lipsticks before and wasn't sure if they lived up to the hype or not but I was so not disappointed. Long lasting, super pigmented and a really wide colour range. The only thing I will say is make sure your lips have been scrubbed clean of dead skin and apply lip balm before-hand for max wear, anything other than that, FLAWLESS.
5 Claire-Anne
I have a total of 13 of Jeffree's velour liquid lips now, and I'm in love with each and every one of them! They're not as drying as other liquid lips I've tried in the past, they're lightweight and extremely pigmented! I would highly recommend these to anybody looking for a long lasting, comfortable lipstick with beautiful colours!
5 Hayley
My first jeffree star product, really impressed, this glides on so easily leaving the perfect finish. Quick drying and stayed on my lips even through drinking. I'll be purchasing more.
5 beka
These liquid lipsticks need to come with a warning...HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!!! I have shades Androgyny, Blue Velvet, Gemini, Crocodile tears, Designer blood and Abused and Unicorn Blood are on order from his website. The formula is amazing, no streaks however the darker ones tend to come off more easily when eating but still they last and look amazing! Very highly recommend
4 Ty
I have nothing to complain about service from beauty bag never fails it's amazing but I do have one thing to say about the shade swatches of these licquid lipsticks are not accurate I got the shade Leo but I had to google it on the lips because the shade given is 100% not the colour of Leo I'm not sure if that's for all of shades but I'm pleased with everything else but the shade situation:)
5 Sonny
So thankful that Beauty Bay are not stocking Jeffree Star! Before I had to order from Amercia & it cost a fortune. There was 1 UK seller who was awful only sold the good colours in their store in England & I live in Ireland. I now have 13 shades from Jeffrees liquid lips which are by far the best out there without a doubt. Only1 application is needed they have no streaks & dry fully matte & doesnt budge off your lips. They are very light weight on ur lips & non sticky. I just recently purchased 4 new colours 3 from the new holiday collection Sagittarius Designer Blood & Checkmate they are everything I look for in a lipstick. I also purchased Scorpio which didnt disappoint. I love Designer Blood but theres not much difference in that & Unicorn Blood id recommend buying 1 or the other.
5 Kezza
Thinking of getting Kylie Jenner liquid lipsticks? Think again. I've got about 10 of these lipsticks and they are absolutely amazing. Affordable, easy application, light weight, matte flawless finish, extensive range of colours. They are unbelievable and I wouldn't use any other liquid lip.
5 Amanda
I've purchased Androgyny, Leo and Celebrity Skin and I cannot fault anything about these liquid lipsticks. The pigment is crazy and the formula is so smooth and doesn't feel dry on your lips at all! AMAZING!
5 Claire Walker
LOVE this lipstick - celebrity skin and androgyny are perfect - are you going to be stocking deceased? I'm going to order I'm nude and mannequin but want to stock up if possible!
5 Nes
Omg. This formula is the bomb! Not at all drying, it is super pigmented. I have the shade celebrity skin, it is awesome everyday nude colour! arrived on time, good packaging, perfect formula. I think everyone should have one of these lipsticks!
5 adelle
Love these liquid lipsticks! So glad we can get them in the UK + free delivery! I have androgyny and the formula is amazing, definitely worth the hype. They are the best liquid lipsticks I have tried.
5 Alexandria
Best liquid lipstick you could buy! Stays in ALL DAY, barely comes off when you eat or drink and feels like nothing is on your lips. Totally worth the money !!
5 Hope Goldsmith
Literally the best product ever. Super pigmented, extremely lightweight, decent price, amazing packaging, long-lasting, beautiful colours. I will not be trying any other liquid lipsticks other than these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 fsjegryusgxufysz
makes a great gift, buy the gift box when checking out and its so nicely wrapped and special! great quality lipstick
5 Julia
The best liquid lipstick formula i have tried!! I'm literally in love! x
5 Imogen Smith
This is my first time buying a Jeffree Star product, I bought the shade Gemini and it is a little darker than I expected but still worth every penny. The lipstick dries within about 2 mins and has barely budged since I applied it this morning. Fab.
5 Laura Brown
Absolutely love these! After having a bad experience through a different website with a fake it's been wonderful to finally receive the real Celebrity Skin!! I wear it most days and it lasts longer than any other lipstick I have experienced.
5 Ala
The best liquid lipstick ever
5 Anna
I ordered the shade dirty money and I have to say apart from the odd smell it stayed on my lips and felt very light weight. Im a heavy smoker and I find that it always takes off my lipstick BUT with these the only thing that removes it was when I had some greasy food.
5 AlanaDeadly
I currently have Chrysanthemum, Designer Blood, Gemini, Mannequin, Leo, Saggitarius, Celebrity Skin & Posh Spice, and I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!! Chrysanthemum makes an amazing highlight colour when used with Gemini btw ;)The only issue I have had is with Designer Blood-you def need to use a small lip brush to line your lips with the colour first, as getting a perfect line with the applicator is tricky, but it's no big deal, considering how amazing these lips are-Im in LOVE xxx
5 Juno
Incredibly pigmented and long lasting. Doesn't flake off unattractively, or dry your lips. Just a pre-warning certain shades (particularly the light ones) tend to be a bit streaky and settle into the lines, but you can build up the colour without it looking cakey or layer over a liner so it's not all bad.
5 Sherelle
Always have trouble finding a nice liquid lipsticks thats not to thick , but this brand is absolutely amazing . I had no problem applying the product , the delivery arrived in no time , i would recommend this website and the brand to any make up lover .
5 Ellie Cockett
If I could give more than five stars I would. These lipsticks are amazing, they have a great shade range, are long lasting, feel amazing on the lips. They're like a high end luxury product at a great price and in modern packaging. My favourite shade has to be celebrity skin - but I can't wait to expand my collection. Every time I get paid I come back to this site to get another of these wonderful lipsticks!
3 Jaymii-Lee
I ordered the Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in the colour Doll Parts and wasn't overly impressed... I've been wanting to try a Jeffree lipstick for so long and instantly fell in love with Doll Parts. When I received it, straight away I did a swatch on the back of my hand and noticed the colour wasn't like pictured. It's more pink than what the picture showed and I'm not keen on pink lipstick on myself. The second thing I wasn't impressed on was the wear, to me it came off quickly especially when you eat or drink. For the price you'd expect it to stay on and for a long time. I have brought a liquid lipstick before and it holds up 100x better than this. Don't know if I'd try again maybe a different colour... but for me the lipsticks didn't last at all. Be prepared to re-apply a lot.
5 Demi MacPhail
Such a good lipstick best thing ever !!
5 Carley
Just received my first 2 Jeffree star liquid lips and couldn't be happier!! They look beautiful on!
5 Anne
I got the Androgyny liquid lipstick, in November. The lipstick dries in second, and only needed two strokes for my lips! It's perfect, and lovely colour. About the shipping, it took 3-7 days before it got here. Which I AM NOT SURPRISED about, it usually takes that long to get here to Denmark. I was skeptical over a few reviews about their costumer and shipping service, but i gave it a shot anyways. I have no complaints from here, it went smoothly and the package was sealed nicely.
3 Finn
These liquid lips are incredibly inconsistent. I have shades: Watermelon Soda, Nude Beach, 714, Rose Matter & Chrysanthemum. Watermelon Soda & Rose Matter are very pigmented and only need one layer. Chrysanthemum 7 Nude Beach are quiet sheer, however they are buildable and you are able to make them work with some effort. Although 714 is a down right mess. Too sheer and no matter how many coats are applied. avoid at all costs. When you select a good shade, these lipsticks are amazing but when they aren't, it is quite disappointing
5 Alice
I have just bought Androgyny and Scorpio after wanting these for ages. I wore Androgyny all weekend and it didn't budge! The formula is so light and it doesn't dry my lips out like other matt lipsticks do. It really is my new favourite brand!!
5 Teigan Rose
3 Scarlett Parnell
Amazing liquid lipstick! Only just recieved it today and it's so easy to apply. The package came so quickly. But it has a slightly purple under tone but it's very subtle
5 lucy meehan
ordered this product at around 6.30pm sunday and received it around 12-1pm monday! i love these liquid lipsticks so buttery not drying at all x
5 Chels
BEST LIPSTICK IVE EVER HAD!!I got androgyny and it's such a beautiful colour and I get so many compliments on it and on a plus side it makes your teeth look super white, looks like I'll be buying another soon as I've nearly used up my first tube! Thank you Jeffree and thank you beauty bay!
5 Lauren
Can't believe the pigmentation and long wear of these liquid lipstick it's my first time trying jeffree star cosmetics and I can't wait to buy more!!!
5 Gemma
Amazing Lipstick!!! Androgyny and Scorpio are my first Jeffree Star products will definitely be getting more! 100% would recommend :) XO
5 Isabella gabrielli
Great next day delivery and perfect colour as described!
5 Nichola
Absolutely love Jeffree Star products!! His liquid lipsticks are the best ever. The formula is just simply amazing! So lightweight and opaque. This won't dry your lips out at all. Lasts all day and literally have to scrub my lips to death each night to get it off as it stays so well! I usually buy Jeffree's make up direct from his US website but can't justify the custom fees each time. This is my first time using Beauty Bay and I ordered the shade 'Sagittarius'(which is AMAZING by the way) on Thursday evening and it arrived on Sunday morning! Super impressed. Free postage too which is a bonus. Beauty Bay kept me updated every step of the way on the progress my order. Thanks Beauty Bay - will definitely be using this site alot!
5 Carolina
I'm from Brazil and I love lipsticks! I always look to find the best lipsick and I really found it !!!! But the problem was the delivery ... Now no more because I discovery BEAUTYBAY!!!! Thank's ??
5 Jodie
I brought the new designer blood from the Christmas collection and I love it!! It's the perfect deep red ??Absolutely obsessed also it lasts for ages will definitely be purchasing more
5 Suzanne
I undoubtedly in love with this liquid lipstick range! At first I was wary, due to the large , once I took the plunge, ordered it and tried it I am absolutely in love with it. I ordered Posh spice and the only issue I had with it was how the colour is a lot darker once on your lips ( I'm not sure about others but it was for this one) so my recommendation is if your looking for not a dark brown I would look a shade or two down. Other than that I am over the moon with it, its so creamy and light to put on and you need barley and product. Overall definitely worth the money.
5 Emily
Amazing!! Just ordered my 2nd one so yes I'm still a noob. Androgyny is amazing. My only complaint is that the neck/where the lid twists on gets covered in lipstick even though I'm careful I'm not entirely sure why. I can't remember if it was like that when I first opened it but I'm sure that it has gradually gotten worse still love the lipstick though!!
5 Charlotte
I love the formula of these liquid lipsticks! I have androgyny and rose matter and chrysanthemum and pumpkin pie from the holiday collection. These beat the formula of the kylie cosmetics liquid lipsticks for me every time and are also much friendlier on the budget. Definitely going to be buying many more of these, thank you Jeffree Star for just getting it so right.
5 Abbey
Usually when I buy make up I just think 'Just something else to add to the collection' but with Jeffree's amazing products you get excited, and are counting down the days till it comes. these liquid lipsticks are absolutely amazing! Long lasting, don't feel heavy at all, and look great in general, even without lip liner! If anyone is thinking of buying one then I think you should, and with the large and gorgeous variety of colours, there's a perfect liquid lipstick for everybody!
5 Ellie
I have just purchased my three favourite shades from the limited addition holiday collection which I thought I may have missed out on assuming they were only going to be sold in America on Jeffree's official website. The shades were crocodile tears, pumpkin pie and designer blood which means I now own ten Jeffree Star lipsticks thanks to beauty bay and I could not praise the brand more. The smell is amazing (especially celebrity skin) the formula is consistent, they truly are non drying and incredibly long lasting. The only downside is that they are ridiculously addictive, but at such a good price I certainly can't complain.! Thank you beauty bay for bringing these quality products to the UK and keeping them so well stocked.
5 Rachel
Got Androgyny and I absolutely love it! Best liquid lipstick i have EVER used and doesn't bunch up or flake off at all! I have quite naturally dry skin and lips (especially in this winter weather) but this lipstick isn't drying at all and I am so happy with it! Cant wait to add a few more to my collection! xxx
5 Perrine
I got Unicorn Blood and Androgyny, they look gorgeous. When I first tried Androgyny, I thought it was more brown and darker than I expected, but it really depends on the light. I love it anyway, and it stays even after a meal. The only downside for me is the smell, but it disappears as son as you put the product on.
5 Maggie Burrage
i love these lipsticks, i bulk bought and i dont regret a thing. love themmmmmm, last all day and beautifully full coverage. would definatly recomend!!!!!
5 ellie
i now own three of Jeffree's lipsticks and i am so in love with them. i cant wait to get more
5 Becky
Ordered posh spice & androgyny came really fast! Love posh spice going to order some more today !!
5 Ceara
5 Kat Gower
Ordered these on Thursday evening and they arrived Saturday morning. They surpass my expectations of them and I am SO HAPPY!!! I ordered Redrum and Gemini ?? Love love love. Can't wait for xmas as I had a few and a jeffree stars highlighter on my list xxx
5 Hannah
I love this liquid lipstick it smells like cough drops though and has a slightry tacky sticky texture but other than that gorgeous
5 catherine
Brilliant lipsticks definitely recommend
4 Jodie
Applies really lovely, & has such a smooth formula. The staying power is pretty good, although I feel needs reapplying at least once a day.
4 Jade
So far I have Androgyny and Designer Blood (from the winter 2016 collection) I'm in love with the androgyny shade, the formula is so thin yet so opaque and it lasts so long throughout the day. However, the formula for Designer Blood is very different, its thicker and application is really hard, I think the applicator is slightly bigger but it doesn't absorb the product so you end up dipping back into the tube. I also find it to be a lot more drying (I can wear androgyny all day, yet when I had Designer Blood on for 2 minutes, it wasn't very comfortable) So far i'm not a fan of this shade but I will continue to try it out.
5 Davina
I own Designer Blood, Posh Spice and Celebrity Skin.... they are all so pigmented and vibrant! They dry to a lovely matte finish and last pretty much all day, whether I'm eating or drinking! Love them... I'm about to buy some more! Probably Dominatrix and Chrysanthemum!
5 Abbie
Best matte lipstick, the formula is perfect, really thin but so pigmented and comfortable on your lips. I bought it in celebrity skin which is a perfect nude with pink undertones, I have fair skin so I was slightly worried that it would look darker than expected on me but they are very true to colour! The applicator gives you the perfect amount to apply to the whole lip and makes it so easy to apply making there no need to use a liner.
5 Elyse
I have now 5 lipsticks from Jeffree and I am in LOVE.I have androgyny, rose matter, Leo, unicorn blood and masochist. All are the amazing to me.I am totally in love, I recommend them to everyone.Can wait to try more!Xx
1 Hannah
Lovely liquid lipstick! I wear celebrity skin with a bb cream, mascara and eyeliner on a daily basis for a natural but flawless look! Would really recommend it!
5 Lottie
I can't stop buying these lipsticks- everytime an order arrives I place another one because I can't resist getting more. Normally I HATE lipstick- whether they're liquid or otherwise- but I tried Jeffree Star because they were so raved about and they completely exceeded my expectations. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
5 Tommy James
Damn! Jeffree Star is king. When I kiss my Ryan Gosling poster the liquid lip does not budge! its a dream. Would 10/0 recommend
5 Abi
I have Rose Matter and it is a gorgeous dusty pink, it doesn't feel drying and it is so pigmented! Love it! Definitely buy more!
5 Sofija Stanisic
Love Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks!! In november I ordered Posh spice and I got so many compliments :)) and also I ordered just now a brand new one, Designer blood form his Holiday collection
1 Tommy James
Damnnnnnnnnnnn, Jeffree is on fiyaaaa.
5 Annie
I've tried most lipstick brands and have loads of mac lipsticks, but I brought one of these (in shade androgony) to try and I've converted to liquid lipstick now. I want to buy all of them! I'm one of them people that make-up lasts an hour or two on then it completely fades - especially lipstick! however this actually does last allll day. 10000% reccommend and can't wait to try some more shades
5 Pernille
I love Jeffree Star's velour liquid lipstick! I have 14 shades by now and they're my favorite liquid lipsticks. They're not too dry and they're not patchy on the lips, they feel very good and they stay for long. I love how many different shades there is! The packaging is so bomb and I can really recommend these lipsticks :)
5 Alice
Ordered my first Jeffree Star product on the 6th and got next day delivery. Came on time at round about 12:00 and very satisfied with the product. Will be buying another in the future!!
5 Eva
Best liquid lip of all times. The shade is perfect and s suited for all skin tones! Holy grail for sure!
3 Sarah
I bought the colours Androgyny and Watermelon Soda. The packaging is super cute and the liquid lipsticks apply like a dream. I love the smell of watermelon soda but Androgyny has a weird gone off kinda smell.
5 Sarah
Bought my best friend this for Christmas, although she knows she's getting it but she loves t already!!! Suuuper fast delivery I was blown away, packaging is gorge and very reasonable price for how much you get!! I'll definitely be robbing this off her when I get a chance!! X
5 Henrik
These lipsticks are amazing! Long lasting, non drying, creative colours and light weight. What more can you want!
5 vicky
i love these lipsticks!! stay on forever! not drying, can eat and drink with them on!! just wondering though, i now have 3 of these, the shade 'im nude' has more of a gold writing and silver stars on the lid which rub off quite easily? it smells the same as the others and wears the same, it must be legit right? just weird how the packaging is slighty different
5 Tasha
Brilliant liquid lipstick. Love the consistency and they way it feels on my lips. This lipstick last very long.
5 Gemma
Best liquid lipstick I have ever bought. Well worth the purchase (and Beauty Bay doesn't charge customs fees - bonus!)
5 arlene
So far I have Posh Spice and Watermelon Soda and I am seriously in LOVE. These lipsticks are just amazing. I cant wait to add to my collection. Posh spice dries to be dark on myself with a slightly purple/mauve/brown tint, but when your make up is all done it looks gorgeous, no need for liner. Watermelon Soda, seems to dry and flake on me, but I love the colour so I make sure I scrub and put on lip balm before. Can not wait to increase my collection of these lipsticks xx
5 Chelsea
Oh my gosh!! I currently have Leo, Androdgony and Posh spice, as well as 2 of his highlighters (king tut and peach goddess) I've just ordered lavender snow and Sagittarius!! These products are amazing!! I havehighly sensitive skin and these don't brin me out in a rash. They're so creamy and the colour is so pigmented!!
5 Sophie
THE BEST LIQUID LIPSTICK!!! Wow, I've never used a liquid lipstick as good as Jeffrees, the formula, the colours, the packaging..just everything. I can't recommend them enough. I have a couple of Kylie lip kits and they're so drying and I feel for a fuller looking lip like Kylie's herself..but dayum not with Jeffree's, if you are looking at getting a different liquid lip then look for the Jeffree alternative, they're just the best. Celebrity Skin is a must have, an easy everyday nude X
5 Saskia
Best lipstick I've ever bought!!! Smells funny though, but you get used to it.
5 Chloe
I love these liquid lips. They last long on the lips and also don't budge. I highly recommend these!!
5 Ty
I think the swatches on this website of someone of the shades are much lighter than the actual lip product itself
5 Annabel
Just got my first Jeffree star Liquid Lip. Androgyny is definitely a new favorite and goes with a lot of my make up styles
5 Sophia
I bought the shade celebrity and it's a lovely colour. You only need a little to apply it to all of your lips so you don't waste product. It's definitely worth the price.
5 Marta
Hello, I will like to say that this lipsticks are the best in the market. I'm so glad of having them. They are perfect!
5 Catherine
I started off with Prom Night and then tried Jawbreaker and omgosh love them both! I want them all! So creamy and soft, dries to a matte and so pigmented. Isn't drying and doesnt show up all the lines on your lips
5 Nicky
I used to get these from Jeffree Star's website but the customs charges were awful! So glad they are on Beauty Bay. So comfortable and long wearing. I find that the darker colours transfer onto my teeth a bit so I tend to blend it a little with my finger after application but Mannequin is my ride or die lip product for sure. Knocks all other liquid lips out the park, least drying formula ever x
5 Ella
Leo: such a good colour, even for my pale skin. Formula is amazing as usual, lightweight, non-drying and lasts for hours. Best formula I've tried
5 Laura
One of the best liquid lipsticks, pigmented & last all day long.
5 Rebecca
By far the best liquid lipstick range I have ever used. Super easy application, unbelievable staying power, So lightweight you can barely feel anything on your lips. PLUS a gorgeous range of colours so there's definitely a shade for everybody!
5 Lib
Absolutley incredible, not one thing I could put down. Such a reasonable price for what you get, really puts every other liquid lip formula to shame, never going to look back now!
5 Hannah
AMAZING! I love these, they are without a doubt, the best lipstick ever made. Fantastic!
5 alison
Great product..came in gorgeous gift box..defo use beauty bay again !!
5 Eva
I was hesitant at first because so many liquid lipsticks claim to not dry out the lips and then ten minutes later your lips are crumbling off, not with these! I'm literally in love and now want the whole collection! Jeffrey is my spirit animal. Thank you Jeffrey and thank you beauty bae!
5 Laura
Best liquid lipstick on the market! Vegan/ cruelty free, quick drying and has such good pigment you only require one layer (A little goes a long way!). So lightweight you can't feel it on your lips and it doesn't budge once it's on! I've tried every liquid lip on the market and nothing compares!
4 Abbie
These lipsticks are good, the lighter shades stay on pretty much all day but the darker shades do come off a little after eating and they dry my lips out! but the postage was great and came back within 2 days:)
5 Aimie
Love this brand and love Jeffree star!! The lipsticks are amazing , I've currently purchased 2 and will not stop until I have them all!!!
5 Esher
Absolute favourite formula. I've always had dry lips and many liquid mattes are just too drying for me, they ball up and look ridiculous. Not the case with Jeffree's, I even use these on clients with confidence.
I am a liquid lipstick junkie! So, i have bought and try a liquid lipstick from almost any brand that there is out there! I didn't expect it, although i had read so many good reviews, but these are just awesome! They are the most comfortable liquid lipsticks in the world! Great range of colours and nice feeling on the lips. I wear them for at least 12 hours without drying out my lips. Everyone have to try at least one of them. Also vegan/cruelty free. Thank you beautybay for giving us the oppurtunity to reach them.
5 Holly
Have one myself and got 2 for my friends, love them myself and hope they will too! Great quality, nice smell and definitely worth the money
5 Paola
I purchased Androgyny and the formula is amazing! It's lightweight yet very pigmented, and it lasts soooo long! I love the fact that it's a very good amount of product and a little goes a long way
5 Charlotte
So creamy, feels like you're wearing nothing at all. Doesn't dry out your lips. Such pretty and interesting colours. I would recommend rose matter (if you want something subtle) or 714 for something bright. AMAZING
5 Sophie
I'm obsessed with Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I basically own all of his products. I purchase something new every month... Currently counting down the days to payday. Don't get me started on the velour liquid lipsticks! They are incredibly pigmented and super light weight on the lips. Lets not forget how cute the packaging is!!! Beauty Bay is my go to place for every JSC I own. Such a great company & their customer service team are so lovely! Thanks again.
4 Courtney
Great lasting power with these liquid lipsticks except when you eat anything oily. The colours are all beautiful as you can get anything from neutrals to the brightest colours you can think of! only down side for this is if you have slightly dry lips this does not help at all, i usually use a heavy moisturizer on my lips 5 mins before applying lipstick otherwise your lips will end up looking like a dried out mess.
5 Jords
Amazing came in 2 days loved it!!!!!!! Amazing colour and doesn't dry out lips like other liquid lipsticks
3 Charlotte
I bought masochist and was so surprised by the pigment, its amazing! It has such a great formula and looks so pretty on the lips. My only problem with this product is its slightly sticky and is an absolute nightmare to get off and stains so badly.
5 Lea
These liquid lipsticks are amaaazing, I love the texture. I like that they don't transfer as well. super fast shipping by the way!! Got mine in two days x
5 Sonia
Such a comfortable liquid lipstick. I have really dry lips so I was abit worried that it would make my lips super dry and flakey but it did not do that at all!! So comfortable to wear and long lasting. I bought the shade Celebrity Skin, such a beautiful nude. It's a colour that will suit everyone
5 Kirsti
This is my favourite matte lipstick ever. The colours are just amazing. I can't wait for beauty bay to get the rest of the range especially his new metallic one!! They really do stay on all day unless you have oily food. I have most colours and my favourite is masochist.
5 Syeda
Absolutely beautiful, what more can be expected from Jeffree Star! Both my fatter who is 14 and I love his makeup's and we are delighted that we no longer hllave to purchase from USA.Received items the next day of my order ! Please re- stock unicorn boos soon ??