Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer Palette

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer Palette

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5 Amy
YES YES YES YES YES AND MORE YES. This palette is A-MA-ZING. Even if you don't like bold makeup looks you can still use the BRIGHT FREAKING PINK to make gorgeous subtle eye looks. If you're unsure about buying this palette let me help you.... BUY IT NOW
5 Megan
Amazing colours so pigmented!! Only problem I had was the gold one didn't go on too well but apart from that it's definitely worth the buy.
5 Anjum
I love these colours, my friend ordered it and wore a couple of the shades and I was so impressed with the look I bought one too! Love!
4 Aiesha
This palette is fantastic, I pondered over whether I should take the plunge and purchase this product. I thought everyone was exaggerating over the pan size and I just wasn't sold on the colour story. However, seeing it in person I see I was smitten. The pan sizes are 1.75x that of a normal single. The formula isn't consistent across the palette, but I don't think it's a bad thing. Rich Bitch might a divisive shade because although it's gorgeous and the colour payoff is great, it's a bit gritty in texture. You can also use the shade Princess as a cheekbone highlight.
5 Kelly morgan
Love love love
5 Aleksandra
Love this eyeshadow palette! It's definitely worth the money. Pigmentation is amazing and the large pans will last you for a really long time.
5 Laurie May
This Palette is gorgeous! I've used it for eye shadow, highlighter (princess is perfect for highlight) and on my lips. Well worth the money.
5 B
I was unsure when this first came out however i got it when it went live on beautybay and is now my fav palette! such gorgeous colours for a bright eye, so many different looks that can suit everyone! so pigmented and defo worth the money!
5 Laura
This eyeshadow palette is a must for the collection. It's so versatile! From neutral looks to really put there is has it all... no regrets buying this even just before pay day meaning I have to live off beans for 2 weeks #jeffreeisbae
5 OJboyy
Looove this pallete, so happy with all of the colours. So pigmented, large pans and beautiful finish. Get yours while you can!
5 Lyndsey
This is by far one of the best palettes I have ever owned. Very pigmented and all the colours blend very well together. This palette is an investment! Jeffree Star came throuuuugh!
5 Katie
Gorgeous palette. Feels heavy and colour swatches highly pigmented. Worth every penny. Must have
5 Sarahanne
Love the colours, are a little hard to blend, but overall really good
5 Hollie
In love with this palette! Amazing colours and they blend so well! The pigment of these shades are insane, you can create so many different looks with this palette as well. If you don't have one I recommend you get one!
5 Kathleen
5 Hannah
Absolutely love my beauty killer palette!! The pans of the eyeshadows are huge and the colours are gorgeous!!
5 Sophie
Love this palette the colours blend really well together and are very pigmented. It's also a great introduction to colour as they blend so well but Also has great neutral shades to work with them. And don't be fooled you can create some really natural looks too! The packaging is also very pretty and sleek
4 Zara
I ordered this on the day it came out and it was delivered by Saturday so it came very quickly ! Overall the colours in the palette and pigmented and buttery however I found with the gold shade the eyeshadow wouldn't even swatch felt like chunks of glitter so I was kind of disappointed with that but the other shades are amazing !
4 Anji
I wanted to buy this but was a bit put off by the bright colours and how wearable thay would be for me, as I'm no teenager.....but I thought oh why not! I used it this morning for the first time and really enjoyed using it. The colours are butter soft and blend beautifully. There is a bit of fallout however. Haven't used the blue or pink but the other colours are lovely and I may be brave and try the bright ones sometime! Huge amount of product too!
5 Hannah Singer
I love this eye shadow palette. Nice colours but not for every day use for me. The shadows are creamy and very pigmented!
5 Jess
I have just received this palette and it is lovely! The pigment is gorgeous apart from the gold but I used a bit of prep and prime on a brush and it changes to a lovely creamy gold. Definitely worth the price as the amount of shadow you get in the pans is huge compared to most palettes
5 J
5 GemBeanz
This is such an amazing palette! Definitely worth the money as it's more expensive on Jeffree's website with shipping costs etc... all of the colours are so pigmented! BUY IT!
5 Greta
yas, love it.
5 Jen
Love this palette! Beautiful colors and very pigmented.

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