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Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick

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Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick Zoom
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  • Aphrodite
  • Ballet Slipper
  • Bare It All
  • Boss Lady
  • Cher
  • Coachella
  • Ecstasy
  • Gravity
  • Honeymoon
  • Iced Mocha
  • Immortal
  • Invasion
  • Knight Rider
  • Madison Ave
  • Mercury Rising
  • Mile High
  • Nude
  • Plum Crazy
  • Ruby Slipper
  • Serenity
  • Skinny Dip
  • Strawberry Fields
  • Summer Lovin
  • West Coast
  • Wine Down
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5 River
I bought Everything Nice and Serenity on a whim and I am SO glad I did! The pigmentation is amazing and they last all day. I now have Mile High too and I'm just as impressed with this one! They're very easy to apply and don't smudge. I have very light, fair skin and these don't wash me out at all
4 Sammy
I bought Iced Mocha, Serenity and Ruby Slipper liquid lips. Love Iced Mocha and Serenity, long lasting and comfortable for a LL. They smell divine. Ruby Slipper unfortunately was a miss. Extremely streaky and drying. Can build the color up but it feels to caked on and drying. It also starts to crumble. It is hard to get off. You really need to use an oil cleanser. It does appear that getting the formula right for dark liquid lips is difficult. I found no problem with the others. Also bought 1995 lipstick. love the color and how comfortable it is.
4 Maariyah
I bought 1995 and Wine down. Both the liquid lipsticks did last all day however they do make your lips go dry and it can tend to go flaky on your lips if you do not moisturise them before applying the liquid lipstick.
5 Rafaella
Well, I'm just in love!! I have already 13 of them and it't unbelievable how LONG LASTING they are! Highly recommended!
5 Sandy
One of the best liquid lipstick! Got shade 1995 and received so many compliments and it last all day!!!!
5 Lindsay
I ABSOLUTLY LOVE THESE LIPSTICKS!!!!!!!I have bought like 6 of them and I cant stop buying them they are the only liquid lipstick I wear! they last all day and look amazing on the lips and the shipping is so fast!
5 Nida Tabish
Gerard cosmetics Hydra matte liquid lipsticks are worth every penny ..I'll suggest all to buy them instead of buying lipsticks :)
5 Laraib
These liquid lipsticks are the most wearable and long lasting that I have come across. I have purchased several shades of the liquid lipsticks and are all amazing. They're not drying and are pigmented with one swipe. I highly recommend these lipsticks
5 Drilona
I bought Bare it all and it's super pigmented.I love it .Its the best MATTE liquit lipstick.The shipping was super fast.
5 Rachel
Can't recommend this product enough, I've got so many of these lipsticks and they are better than any other brand I've tried - I now know I am better off sticking to these as nothing else compares! Lovely strong colours, doesn't dry and most importantly, last SO long. Can't wait for more colours!
5 Anja
I love it! What I like about it is that it's hydrating and doesn't leave your lips crusty and dry. On me it lasts up to 14 hours (i can eat and it won't move).
5 Stine
This is my favorite liquid lipsick ! I have a few now and I love them all, the pigmentation is amazing and it lasts all day without the lips feeling dry! Just perfect!
5 Fern
Iv never been a fan of Liquid Lipstick but after seeing all the 5* reviews i thought i would give this product a try and it really is AMAZING!! You really wont be disappointed! Stays on all day and doesn't smudge, will be buying more, Super fast delivery aswell :)
5 Fiona
Absolutely love the hydra mattes! My favourite liquid lipstick formula by far, dries completely matte but still so comfortable on the lips and lasts all day long. I have everything nice, 1995 and bare it all and they're all perfect nudes for medium skin tones!
4 Jessica Hedges
I really love Gerard Cosmetics and Skinny Dip has been my favourite colour however I recently purchased Skinny Dip again to re stock and I feel like the colour has actually changed, not sure whether it is just me but it seems that the colour is a lot lighter and more pastel like which is a shame as this has been my favourite colour, guess I will be trying some other ones from now.
5 Yeela
I got the 'serenity', lovely color, really good staying power and great matt
3 Shona
I bought three because of the good reviews but I'm slightly disappointed as the liquid lipstick bleeds and is sticky. I can not fult there eyeliner
5 Rabia sameer
Love love love gerard cosmetics matte lipstick i have all coloures in it. Love the texture love gerard lip pencils as well. As a mua i recommend to all my friends and others muas !!!!!!
3 Natalie
The formula of these is great and feels so hydrating even though it drys down to mat. I was really disappointed with the shade Invasion. I was excited to have a muted purple/grey colour in my collection but when I swatched it, it looked exactly like 'Everything Nice', which, although is a beautiful colour, is not what I wanted when ordering this shade.
2 Lauren
Most unimpressed with the colour of these lipsticks. Plum Crazy is near enough brown, Everything Nice is closer to orange than nude, and Mile High is far darker than the image shown, not to mention nearly identical to Cher! Great product but nowhere close to colours shown!!
5 Charlotte
I love this liquid lipstick!!! I have tried many, Kat Von d, Anastasia Beverly Hills, nyx, too faced but Gerard cosmetics will always top all of them!! It never moves, and stays on all day even if you're eating and drinking!! Love it
2 Maryam
Purchased the shade Ruby slipper and boss lady but really disappointed!! The shade boss lady is a total different shade to the picture and the Ruby slipper started to smudge!! Not to forget one of them didn't even look new!
5 nofar podgayevski
i love them at all, i bought 6 of them and i love this colors!!
5 Eva
Much to my surprise I REALLY love this lipstick. For the price and everything it's amazing. It does feel nourishing, far less drying than other liquid lips in my collection. Don't be fooled by what looks somewhat cheap, it definitely isn't cheap quality. Must buy
5 Erin
shades i have Everything nice and Plum Crazy, both beautiful especially everything nice, its my go to with any look, really good staying power and not too drying on lips, can be odd to layer if you let dry between coats so be quick
2 Ais
I purchased two of these liquid lipsticks. The colors are really nice but they are so drying. They sink into every line in your lips and dry them out. I would not repurchase.
5 Siret
I love this product! I have shade skinny dip and it is gorgeous. All my clients love it too!
4 Autumn
Great colours, last for quite a while. However, if you do touch ups, the formula changes slightly, and it can kind of clump together
5 Nevena
It's perfect !! I recomend !
5 Kristína
I love these liquid lipsticks. They are really great. Very pigmented even thouh the darker shades are a bit patchy so you have to work with them a little more but I definitely recommend. I have shades Everythink nice, 1995, Cher, Plum crazy and Knight rider. I gave Aphrodete to a friend and she loves it too.
4 Marianna
Overall it's good but not perfect.
4 Poppy
I got my lipsticks today. I ordered invasion and boss lady. The colours don't look exactly like the ones in the picture, but they're close enough. I love them!
5 Rafaella
Hello, I'm a makeup artist and this is the most amazing and long lasting lipstic I use. I have tried many of others but I don'change this one!!! Also it doesn't dry your lips as others...And LONG LONG LASTING...!!
5 Shannon
I bought Skinny Dip and the pigmentation is unbelievable! I love the formula of these liquid lipsticks too. I wore this for an entire night and it stayed put. Amazing quality and worth the money I paid. Definitely re-purchasing.
5 Babli
I love this brand lipsticks. I have everything nice and 1995. They stay all day and dont need to keep applying. I would defo recommend x
5 Kathryn
BEST MATTE LIP EVER! I have Skinny Dip, Boss Lady and 1995. They smell gorgeous (but not overpowering), you only need a thin layer for total coverage and they are quite pigmented. SO long lasting - I can eat a full meal and have a hot drink this stuff will stay 100% in tact! I've just ordered more!
5 Sunniva
These liquid lipsticks are absolutely great! a must have
5 Mima
Love the formula, it is long lasting, beautiful, and it doesn't dry my lips. So creamy, smooth, and pigmented, and it makes your lips look like velvet. And the smell is sooo nice, I just adore it. It goes on so beautifully. I truly recommend buying this lipstick. :)
4 Azima Khatun
Very good and comfortable to wear long lasting abs very pigmented, wish I got a lighter colour. I was looking for a perfect nude eg my lips but better. mine is mile high.
5 Isma
I have quite a few shades of the liquid lipsticks and I have to say these are my favourite liquid lipsticks! They are pigmented and don't dry your lips out. They get shipped straight away and are alwways in good condition!
1 Joanna
Got the shade serenity, was very dissapointed with the colour as it was nothing like the picture. More of an burnt orange.
5 Anna
This product is a must have! I bought it in skinny dip which is the perfect every day nude which stays on all day. The texture of this liquid lipstick is so light as well as being highly pigmented and not leaving my lips feeling dry and heavy like other liquid lipsticks do. The price is definitely worth it for the amazing formula. I will definitely be purchasing more
5 Adi
The best..Every lipstick dries my lips out,but these don't,plus they stay on a long time..Lovee it
5 Joanna
My favourite liquid lipstick formula! Perfect for nights out because it stays on through eating/drinking and the shades are gorgeous and flattering. Already have three and want more! A pleasure to wear and definitely recommend
5 Mariam
This are the best matt lipsticks I tried is got a winder staying power all day no matter if you drink or eat. By far my favourite lipsticks and you cant beat the price specially when it goes on sale.
5 Rosalie
Best matte liquid lipsticks ever!! I am a big fan of Gerard cosmetics. I have 9 different pigmented and long lasting. My favourite top 3 are Skinny Dip, Immortal and Everything Nice.
5 Hemilse
I bought serenity and I love it! I want to try more!!
5 caciulan
very good
4 Isabelle
For the price these lipsticks are really good, I've got three and the only problem I have is the colours in the pictures are actually really different to the actual colour so I would recommend looking at the photos of girls on their Instagram, it gives a lot better idea of colour, apart from that I can't fault them!
5 Linde
Mile high is more pink than shown on this photo
5 Preeti
Nice lipstick I brought in acer was my 1st liquid lipstick so thought of buying one n trying. It stayed all day long vl surely buy more shades
5 Jenny
LOVE! I purchased my first Gerard Cosmetics Liquid Lip in Ecstasy and matching liner and the colour is to die for! Not drying at all which I love. Going to collect them all now!!!
3 Sophie
Iv just received skinny dip quite disappointed it's not true to picture at all! Three times darker and more brown I really wanted a lighter colour as I already have one similar to this. It does feel nice on the lips I must say so that's y I giving it a 3
5 chassy
I purchased 4 lipsticks and 3 of them are amazing except one which is really sad my favourite colour... Ruby slipper is so disappointing :( it's so streaky I don't know if anyone have the same problem with me but I will keep buying more though! love the smell and everything !!
3 Emily
Ordered the shade 'Everything Nice' but the colour is nothing like it is advertised to be as it is much darker and almost red. This is not a reflection on Beauty Bay as they use Gerard Cosmetics' swatches.
5 Anika
It was fabulous! All the colours really stand and pop out which I love about! Long lasting look without smudges. Super natural!
5 Taz
I ordered various colours and I absolutely love them! Highly recommend these lipsticks. They dry really quick and are long lasting.
5 Ella
I now have skinny dip, iced mocha and everything nice in the hydra matte liquid lipsticks. Iced mocha is a beautiful brown/mauve colour, skinny dip is a subtle medium pink nude and everything nice is a brown nude. I have quite a fair complexion so the colours tend to come out quite darker on me and they look different compared to the swatches. The formula is amazing and stays on pretty much all day/night unless you eat oily food, which is the same with all liquid lipsticks! Definitely would recommend !
5 Risa
The tube was smaller than I expected but the formula is great and the small wand makes it easy to apply. Similar to Jeffree Stars formula these don't dry my lips at all and stay a little moist. Has no smell that I can tell and glides on nice, didn't stick to my teeth and doesn't have any taste when you accidentally lick your lips. Lots of glitter in Cherry Bomb and a really nice flattering almost natural red. Bleeds a tiny bit but nothing a good liner won't fix. Will be buying another colour for sure.
5 Chiara
amazing lipstick !
5 Sanjana
Bought this in skinny dip and mile high.. There's not much of a colour difference between the two, however these are both beautiful liquid lipstick colours and can be worn everyday. They take a while to dry but nevertheless they're lovely! Definitely a must buy.
5 Lauren
Bought Mile High and Skinny dip as I couldn't decide between the two and they are both amazing colours!! The formula is so nice and creamy and even though residue comes off if you have a drink or whatever, the same amount of product/colour is still on your lips. Will definitely be buying more of these!
5 Grace
I bought several of these lipsticks in one big order and absolutely love them! I must admit I got very similar shades but they're just of such an amazing quality. My favourite is Cher - I bought the matching lipliner and they look incredible together. Once applied the lipsticks last for ages and do not seem to be as drying as many others I have tried. I will certainly be adding to my collection, I love them so much!
5 Hayley Donald
Love love love these lipsticks! I've purchased so many recently as the quality is so amazing and lasts all day and night, you hardly need to reapply these lipsticks! They are very moisturising and do not leave your lips feeling dry whatsoever which is fantastic as this is usually the case with matte liquid lipsticks. The applicator is extremely good but I do like to use lip liner along with this to create a defined edge. I will definitely be expanding my forever growing collection of these!
5 yasmin
the shade 'everything nice' and the formula is perfect. feels so light on the lips. totes need more
5 Jenny Jackman
Absolutely LOVE these. Favourite elsewhere formula! I have gravity, knight rider, mile high, honeymoon and skinny dip and am obsessed! They are just perfect. So so comfortable and amazingly long lasting not to mention the colours are ALL gorgeous. I need the whole collection now!!!
5 Anne
Today I got Madison Ave. I love this shade (on me)! It's super pigmented and easy to swatch! I recommend it! And back to the shipping, SUPER FAST!!!!
5 Palma
The best liquid lipsticks ever! The colors are fantastic and their staying power amazed me! My favorite is Strawberry Fields, it's such a beautiful, real strawberry shade. Once it dries it stays where it is put. I put it on and then kissed my husband, it turned out to be kiss proof as well :) They don't dry out my lips. Amazing product, in fact I'm back here to get more shades :)
5 Kirsha
Ok so I never normally right reviews, but this lipstick is the absolute bomb! I put it on at about 9am before I went to work and this stuff stayed on all day with NO touch ups at all until I took it off at 6pm (it was still perfect) I literally can't recommend this product enough. It doesn't go flaky or dry up, it makes your lips look incredible! Seriously. Buy it.
3 Jan
Got the shade ruby slipper, I love the colour.However I found that it doesn't layer on well and becomes really drying.
5 Hana
one of the best ever matte lipsticks, dries perfectly would recommend this product 100%, for a nice dark nude - everything nice is perfectttt. xx
5 Michelle
You gotta love the result of this product! Besides that the price is great for the all day long lasting hydra matte lipsticks. I almost have every single one! If you like this product you should see the metallic ones !!!
5 Kathryn
I have tried a number of brands searching for the best matte liquid lip - and this is by far the best! I bought the shade 1995 and have completely fallen in love. It is a light pinkish- rusty brown tone that is neutral enough to wear during the day but you can dress it up with heavier eyes as well. It stays on your lips for hours (I ate a full greasy meal and had a drink and then waited 2+ hours to check my lips and to my surprise, they were pretty much perfectly in tact) and doesn't feel cakey and heavy like a lot of liquid lipsticks do. I've ordered more already!
5 Zena
I really like it not very matte and stay smooth and nice on the lips.Of course its fade a bit when i eat but its still really amazing.
5 K
First purchase and arrived really fast. I love this lip colour (everything nice) and dries pretty fast. They don't dry out my lips which is a big bonus. I can't wait to buy this again.
2 Chelsey
Usually love these but immortal is such a let down. More of a pink colour than a red (not like the pictures) and I find it harder to use than the other colours I have because the product feels a lot thicker.
5 Heather
These liquid lipsticks are incredible, I got Iced Mocha and it's so incredibly pigmented, not drying at all and is so comfy to wear! They even lasted after eating dinner out, my favourite liquid lips by far!
5 Aisha R
Ordered this last night and received it in less than 24 hours! So impressed with the shipping and the product itself is beautiful.
5 Rachel
I have three of these and i love them! They smell amazing, they stay on your lips all day despite eating/drinking. They don't make your lips feel dry infact you can't feel them on your lips! i have hooked two other members of my family on to them and i will be purchasing more myself!!
5 maggie
holy christ, these lipticks are my fave. especially for the price. they dont crumble, they stay on for a long time and they are so pigmented. my fav is iced mocha, but all of them are a must
4 nellie
got mine in 1995 - a lovely autumnal shade. Loved the application and formula: smooth application and not too drying.i wouldnt say it has the best staying power - with a mug of tea half of the lipstick had gone. Would recommend for daily use - just not for eating out/drinking out
5 Cole
Amazing colour and formula!!
5 Mila
I really like those liquid lipsticks! I've bought 6 of them and still want more! Highly recommended! They last all day, they're super matte and the colour range is amazing!
5 Karen
Absolutely love it! I have the shade Ecstasy, it's a really gorgeous and unique color. The texture is absolutely comfortable on the lips, it's not too dry and it dries fastly. The duration is also amazing! I'm looking forward to buying other shades of this.
5 Abigail
By far the best hydra matte liquid lipstick! once applied never comes on your lips or dosen't make your lips flakey like most liquid lipsticks do! i would highly recommend these I own nearly half of all of these which just shows you how much i love them! Deffo a top buy!
5 Maisie
Amazing product, I got the colour everything nice but it comes out more orangey than expected- still a really nice colour. Last all day without flaking.
5 Linde Maria
I bought skinny dip and mile high. I absolutely loooooove mile high!!!! Only because I like the color more. When you put it on,you CAN NOT rub your lips together. You cant even talk until it dries,which it does a few minuets later. But I love the texture and it stays all day long! But I think its better to use a lip brush. But all in all great product!
5 Grace
So pleased I purchased this product! Bought 3 and they are great on the lips. Long wearing and beautiful colours. 1995 is a must have.
5 Casey
I ordered the Immortal shade! Perfect red, day or night! Lasted a good 7 plus hours without fading or transferring! During that time I had been eating, drinking, and talking a lot! Felt comfortable from start to finish and I didn't even need to apply a lip liner with this as the applicator was super precise!
5 Saima
One of the best liquid lipsticks i have ever used. Colours and pigmentation are amazing.
5 Kiran
I bought the shades Everything Nice and 1995 and they are two of my favourite lip colours. Apply so nicely and last for a long time. They are well worth it and I will definitely be repurchasing them in the future!
5 jodie
best lipstick ever
5 Aaliyah
I have these in Ruby slipper, 1995 and Iced Mocha. The colours are gorgeous, they stay on for ages and the ruby slipper has a hint of glitter in which completely took me by surprise when I first wore it but I love it for nights out and parties!
5 Marwa
Better then any other liquid matte's I have ever tried and surprisingly cheaper! Never purchasing any other brand
5 Poppy
Amazing colour and super long lasting! Not drying to your lips at all!
4 Emilie
I ordered .Cher. and .1995.. It is drying at the end of the day, but all day long, it is not going anywhere. Almost 100% kiss proof. It is easy to apply and pigmented. I have a huge lipstick collection and I had nothing similar to .Cher., so I was happy to own a new color.
5 Megan
love them! will be buying more and expanding my collection. light, watery consistency, extremely long lasting and gorgeous colours.
5 Miah
These are my favourite liquid lipsticks. They have long wear, a light on the lips and it feels like you're not wearing anything on them. My only problem is that the pictures shown of the shades are inaccurate.
5 emilia
LOVE LOVE LOVE, best lip stain ever. Lasts all night, even when you're eating and drinking.
5 Ruhama
This is by far the best liquid lipstick I've had! And it's matte! This lasted a long time at a event that I went to recently, and i've been getting soo many compliments. If your thinking of buying a lipstick that will stay, then buy these ones for sure! xx
5 Joy
Got this product in Iced Mocha with the Beauty Bay gift of Beauty bag and it's amazing! It doesn't feel dry, the colour is packed so you don't need to use a lot of product to achieve an all over lip colour. It also has tremendous staying power and doesn't chip or smudge away until you wash it off. Hooray!
4 Alex
I bought 1995 & everything nice. I must say I expected a lipstick tube size of kylie lipkits but it turned out to be smaller than what I expected. It's not a disappointment but that's what i was expecting. The colour is super beautiful and very comfortable on the lips, has a bit of funny chemical scent that is quite pungent but it goes away after awhile. Overall a good product. Definitely will purchase more!
5 Monica C.
Serenity is such a beautiful color and the pigmentation and wear are amazing. I cannot wear any other matte liquid lipstick as my lips are so dry and chapped but this one I love.
5 Nicole
One of the best matte lips I've tried. Doesn't dry out your lips like most others do! 100% worth the money
5 Nas
Love this lipstick! I cannot recommend this product enough. I have the colours Boss Lady and 1995 and they're perfect for warmer skin tones. The finish is matte and it lasts so long on the lips. Cannot wait to buy more!
4 Alyssa
The pigmentation was really good and I really liked the formula because it stays on for ages but one bad thing is that the colours are not what they are advertised like. I bought Invasion and Iced Mocha and although they were nice colours, they were basically identical and not the shade shown in the photo. I still really like them though and would recommend buying them.
5 Paige
Amazing! Stays on for so long and looks great. The invasion colour is gorgeous it's like a mauvey brown when it dries and looks incredible with a smokey eye
5 emila
best summer color! love you
5 Maria del Mar
me encanta tiene un color incredible y ademas no son tan secos como otros, cuando empieza a desaparecer lo hace de manera muy natural
5 luke
Amazing product. Its a must have. amazing pigmentation, super lightweight, not too trying, very moisturizing and a stunning colour. I defiantly recommend this product
5 Sacha
Love love love!! Have almost all of them!
5 Alexandra
This is a really lovely formula of liquid lipstick and doesn't make your lips feel really dry like most do. Very long wearing as well.
4 Ilaria
Really nice liquid lipsticks and they smell good. I bought Cher, 1995 and Wine down. The formula is amazing: light texture, good pigmentation (a little bit less for wine down, it needs two coats for a full coverage) and not much drying during the day. It takes around 5 minutes to dry to a matte finish. I think the colors are slightly darker than shown on the picture. The packaging has a good quality and the parcel arrived on time. Highly recommend!
5 Tee
These are worth investing in, really good quality liquid lipsticks. Can be compared to Kat Von D's and ABH's ones which are quite good. I bought these on promo and glad I bought it. Even at this price you can't go wrong. I prefer the liquid lipsticks over the Gerard lipsticks as its package is more sturdy (when my lipstick arrived it was broken).
3 Rabi
Well I think it is quite nice, I bought it in the colour 'serenity' and it is a bit more pinkish in reality than on the picture. It is longlasting however it easily comes off after eating etc
4 Melv
I bought Wine Down which I absolutely love!!! It's so pretty I would definitely recommend it and I have. It drys really nicely and it doesn't become patchy like some matte lipsticks. My only issue is that it isn't the same colour as the image with the lips it's a lot more purple so judge it by the first picture because I was expecting it to be more pink than purple but it is purple which is lucky because I do like purples :)
5 Shabrina
LOVE LOVE LOVE these liquid lipsticks! The formula is amazing - feel so comfortable on my lips, brilliant staying power and the shades are so pigmented. 1995 and Everything Nice are both lovely on Asian/Indian skin tones, although I found Plum Crazy dried very dark on my lips compared to the online swatches.
5 Holly
Was a bit disappointed with this product as the reviews made it sound really good and the price was reasonable so I bought the colour Wine Down. I don't like the coverage as some areas needed going over when it wasn't as intense and that made it quite thick and tacky and I didn't like the feel of it on my lips at all. The application ended up not very even or complete looking. However it is a lovely colour
3 Sophie
I love the formula and have Mile High, Everything Nice and Serenity.They're really nice and smooth. Long lasting. Non sticky. Highly pigmented. Stay put with gloss over them.But I can't give them top stars as all three shades I have look almost the same. It's hard to tell which I have on. They're not the shades shown at all. Even after I searched swatches on Google the ones I have are just nothing like the shades depicted.So as nice as the formula is I've ended up spending alot of money on what is more or less just one colour.Quite frustrating.
2 Dee
Plum Crazy is not purple toned. It is completely brown and a dull boring colour. Misleading description and photograph. Honeymoon is a lovely colour though and stays on all day.
5 Holly
By far my favourite liquid lipstick ever!! Amazing formula and staying power. Feels like you have nothing on the lips. 'Cher' is my favourite colour, '1995' and 'Serenity' are gorgeous too.
3 MJ
Great product i just wish there was more of it. For the price you should be getting more than 1.75ml of product
5 Amy Duffy
I bought this product just to test it and now its a liquid lipstick i cant live without!! totally recommend.
5 Nora
I LOVE THESE SO MUCH! I've got four of them (Iced Mocha, Cher, Everything Nice and Ruby Slipper) and they are so great! They don't dry out and they stay put throughout the day! truly impressed. I really want to buy Immortal so hopefully it'll come back soon! I really recommend these!!
5 A.N
One of the best liquid lipstick ever..repurchased shade 1995..absolutely love everything about it!!
5 Sophie
Bought three lipsticks in Serenity, Skinny Dip, and West Coast. Serenity and Skinny Dip are a dream come true. Serenity is just the perfect soft pink that looks great on a night out or casual. Skinny Dip is a colour I've been searching high and low for, it is a (on me) a light purple mauve that really suits my complexion! West Coast I was really not a fan, on the website and in the bottle it looks like a light peachy colour, but it is bright neon on the lips. Unfortunately I had to get rid of it because it just looked like a clown on me. However, still rating these lipsticks 5 as they are super lightweight, great staying power, and the other two colours are beautiful. Just ordered ecstasy, and I'm excited!
5 Jessica
This is one of the best liquid lipsticks I have ever tried, it's not drying and it goes on evenly and stays on for quite a while
1 Eloise
Going off of these reviews, I may be the only one that's had this issue or noticed this, maybe I just got a bad batch (but honestly, why would a company even put out a .bad batch.???!), but I would NOT recommend this product by any means (or the glosses by GC) ! I purchased a bundle deal a few months ago which included 2 lipsticks, a gloss and a nude coloured liquid lipstick. Don't get me wrong, the deal was pretty good but the only thing I wear is one of the stick lipsticks, these liquid lipsticks certainly aren't worth the price! They say they .dry matte. but after 10 mins the product is still sticky to the touch, when you wipe your finger across the .dry. lipstick it smudges all over the place. I've only had it for 3 months, kept it in perfect condition yet it's already beginning to smell horrible like play dough. They are a absolute chore to remove, which is surprising especially considering they don't completely dry down, not to mention when you press your lips together against each other, the lipstick flakes and sticks to the other lips making it look utterly horrible. sorry GC, not a fan!!
5 Hollie
This is by far the best liquid lipstick I have used, and that is a lot! Its very hydrating, doesn't crumble, and lasts all day, I apply 8am and have to take it off before I go to bed!
4 Sarah
One of the best liquid lipsticks I've used! So long lasting and pigmented and really good value for money. Can sometimes be a bit drying but just put something under it and it's fine! Best colours are 1995 and everything nice!
It 's definitely a must have, it may seem a very particular color but I think it fits well to any kind of complexion. Super durable and comfortable. I love it xx
5 KerriL
Why have these gone up? What a shame. Fab liquid lipsticks, on a par with Limecrime. Love Iced Mocha and Cher.
5 mahnaz
Best matte lipstick. Just love it.
5 Loola
Just bought wine down. Its a beautiful colour . Iv got pale skin but with full face make up it looks fab. Have a few from this range now and iv yet to be disappointed. They go on velvet giving time to correct if needed they took around 5 mins to totally dry and depending what i ate or drank i generally had to reapply once . Well worth the money
5 Tasnia
Oh Gerard cosmetics, Well done for creating one of the best liquid matte lippys out their. I have the hole bloody collection and love them all!!! I'm straight on beauty bay any time they get some new colours out!!! Love love love and would recommend these to any make up lovers and junkies or artists because this is a must have for your kits and collections.
5 Catia
I absolute adore this product , very light in texture and does not smudges easily .Feels great on the lips ...I have so far purchased 9 of these and intend to be buying a few more.Love it
4 L
i bought 1995 and serenity..i expected serenity to be more pink than not totally in love with the colors,but i have to admit the formula is really good!!they stay on the lips for hours!!!
5 Melissa
These are my favourite liquid lipsticks in the entire world! They aren't tacky and definitely are not drying at all. Stay super smooth and easy to glide onto your lips. I have a few shades but my favourite is iced mocha especially for the winter months! Most definitely worth the money.
5 Shanna
Love this product!! Super pigmented, comfortable to wear and lasts a long time! Definitely have to get my hands on more!
4 Renee
*BOSS LADY*Stays on for long as long as you're not kissing anyone or eating food. It bleeds way too easily onto lips and is much darker than pictured but still a good shade. Overall GC liquid mattes are pretty good
5 Anna
Best lipstick ever! I have 'everything nice' and it's absolutely gorgeous. Easy to apply and stays perfect all day!
4 Emer
Although this is product is very nice, I just bought 'skinny dip' and the colour in the pictures is quite different to when I put it on. Its comes off as more as the colour '1995' is shown.
5 Eb
In love with this matte lipstick!! Literally stays on all day and the colours are amazing!!
5 Megan
bought ecstasy and i am in love with it, will be buying more colours soon
5 Carman
Smells and vanilla cake. Love the shipped consistency, non drying. The colours are quite picky depending on your skin tone and eyeshadow colours.
5 Heather
Mateeeee these are my FAVOURITE liquid lipsticks I have ecstacy and iced mocha mine don't crack or go patchy they stay on all day I dont even need to reapply after eating and drinking I want them all :)
5 Sophie
5 Nat
It is the best Matte Liquid Lipstick. The color is last the whole day even after I brush my teeth during lunch time.
5 Christine
I bought this in Skinny Dip and Mile High. I'm quite pale and have quite a bit of pigment in my lips so find it hard at times to get a lipstick that will be accurate in colour once applied. Skinny Dip and Mile High are VERY similar to each other, the difference being that Skinny Dip is less pink. They're both almost the same shade as my natural lips making them the perfect nude 'my lips but better' and don't have an obvious line where the lipstick ends and my inner lip line begins. They took a bit longer than expected to dry down completely, but once dry they aren't going anywhere (unless you eat anything even slightly oily). They are very comfortable and don't dry out my lips. I can't wait to buy more shades!
5 Ajda
Really nice product. It applies very smoothly,it is not patchy and it is long wearing. It doesn't dry your lips at all. The application is very easy and it does not dry fast so you have time to apply it perfectly! I definitely recommend this product.
5 Katie
Just received the Hydra Matte liquid lipstick in 1995 and am extremely happy with it. Super easy to apply and actually gives lips a plumped up appearance, as you can overdraw the outline of the lips well. 1995 in particular is a little darker than shown in the photo - more of a brown-toned shade. Second time purchasing off Beauty Bay and will 100% be back. Quick and reliable delivery and a free sample thrown in for good measure :) thanks beauty bay!
3 Kim
Nice lipsticks, however they are very drying on lips and don't last as long as other brands. The price keeps increasing and I don't think they will be worth it if it goes up any more as you can get better quality for a few more pounds
5 Vicky
This is the only matte lipstick I've found, that doesn't dry my lips out, or go patchy. Not a big tube, but I get a full coat without having to dip back in to the tube for more, so will last a long time.
5 Efy
Light in texture, dense in colour, heavy on staying power and not drying - perfect! I wish I could see the colours in person as it's a bit hit and miss for my colouring (chestnut hair, v pale skin and brown eyes). Serenity - light-mid pink, hint of coral. Gravity-mix of taupe and mauve, hint of grey. Sounds intriguing but washes out all the colour in my face. Cher - mid-deep pink, hint of plum. 1995 - mid-deep pink with a hint of rust brown. Mile high - mid pink dusky rose. I love this for a neutral day wear pink and get lots of comments about it. I've tried Anastasia, Kat Von D, tarte for the same matte look, but this formula is my favourite. Especially for the price.
3 Catharina
Lasts very long, and it is cheaper to buy these at beautybay than on Gerards own website.Even though I like these a lot, there is some thing I do not enjoy.1. If you use these every day, your lips Will be very dry and skin will flake off - I moisturize and drink water, but the formula makes your lips dry out.2. The colours on the pictures is not accurate. It looks like very individual colours, but I bought 4 different, and it is difficult to swatch Them and see an actual difference. Some lights are better to swatch in, but I had to write on my lipsticks what colours they seemed like, after using many different lights, just so I can try to recall the slight difference. I bought gravity, invasion, mile high and ecstasy.. the most different colour is gravity because it is more purple.. But not anything like the picture, it is much more dark.Even though these are implications, I would recommend to buy these, they even last longer than lime crime liquid lipsticks, and I Can Eat and drink very often without any need for retouch
5 Une
Absolutely obsessed!!!! I NEED THEM ALL. I ordered iced mocha and cher, couldnt be more pleased!
5 Tamarini Peleseuma-Mauafu
LOVE THESE BABIES!! I ordered four (Immortal, Bosslady, Cher and 1995 and the textures for all four of them are SO SO GOOD!!!
5 Sukhy
Brilliant and long lasting colour! Bought 3 different shades which keep my lips hydrated whilst lasting (as I have a tenancy to bite my lips). Will definitely buy other shades
5 Kseniya
The best liquid lipstick I have ever had. The colours are spectacular, as the end of the day the lipstick is just as great as I have applied it in the morning. My favourite is Skinny Dip, perfect for everyday.
3 Harriet
Really like these, not drying and lovely colours. I have skinny dip which I love and 1995. Also ordered a 3rd two weeks ago but unfortunately isn't here. Emailed customer service a few times and they are not helpful at all!! Keep telling me they are looking into it every time I ask for an update. I've asked for them to send me another one or to have a refund and I'm being ignored!! So if you want to get one of these buy them somewhere else because if it gets lost then they aren't helpful!!!
4 Hayley
My boyfriend ordered me four last month, in shades Cher, sirenity, invasion and gravity and I have to say I'm extremely happy! They are great liquid lipsticks. Only issue is it comes off my bottom lip a lot when drinking stuff and I'm left with one coloured lip and one normal lip. But I'm extremely happy with the product over all and I defo recommend it!
5 Hazel
I have bought 4 of these. My favorite is serenity. Great colour pigment beautiful and very long lasting.The invasion lipstick i find is very dry and cracks but also feels was speedy. I find beauty bay is the place to buy all my makeup products. I wished they would sell more pixi products so hopefully they may think of this so i don't need to go anywhere else!!
5 kayleigh
Love these lipsticks so much. Best liquid lipstick I have ever tried, and the colours and formula are amazing, so long lasting. Only thing I would say is that the colours do show up different online, so would recommend googling swatches before buying.
4 Fanny
I got them in four shades now, and every one of them is so beautiful and longlasting!!
5 Márcia
Love it!!!! i bought two of them and i will purchase more!!!!! Beautiful pigmentation, very easy to apply, last all day, even if i eat and drink. I am really satisfied and i definitely recommend.
5 Sarah
Bought shade honeymoon few months ago. It is a superb liquid lipsticks, doesn't crack & not too sticky which is great. Lovin it and looking forward for other shades
5 Louise
Amazing product a friend bought me ectasy and it's one of the best liquid lips I have I compare them to the quality of the Kylie lip kits and coloured raine for a fraction of the price! Super pigmented quick dry time and feel good on the lips definitely recommend I've just purchased iced mocha and can't wait To try it and purchase other colours in the future!
3 Valeria
've been trying to find a matte lipstick that would be a bit cheaper than Lime Crime but just as good. I ordered this one in iced mocha, thinking the colour would be brown-ish, but it turned out to be more like a darker shade of pink. All in all, It's good enough for the money I paid for it but it dries my lips and after a couple ours it literally starts cracking on my lips. If you want a good matte lipstick I'd suggest to go for Lime Crime, because it is by far the best matte lipstick I've tried.
5 Danielle
LOVE LOVE LOVE these liquid lipsticks! I brought 1995 which for me looks a little pink/redish and its amazing! I've tried a lot of different liquid lipsticks and found that they haven't dried completely matte but these are the best i've used so far. They apply like a gloss and take around 5 minutes to dry to a matte finish. Although i am happy with the colour, i found that the picture didn't quite look the same to what it looked like on me but i guess the colour will look different on anyone. Overall i would definitely recommend!
5 Mina
I love this Liquid lipsticks i buy 4 and I am satisfied of the product and of beauty bay. In two weeks I received my package perfectly packed. They will order again from beauty bay.
5 Malin
The best liquid lipsticks on the whole market. I've tried at least 30 brands/different sorts and this one is forever my favourite. The affordable price is a big plus.
5 Nicki
I love this product! I bought immortal and mercury rising. Although their staying power isn't as good as some other brands I've had I'd still say all in all they're better! They're super pigmented and feel lovely on your lips. Other brands last a long time but are really drying but these feel nice and light on the lips and still stay on relatively well! They stay on well but begin to wear away whilst drinking and eating on the inner parts of the lips but a quick touch up and you're good to go. Good value, good product. Definitely recommend.
5 Lois
I bought two of these gorgeous lipsticks in the shades 1995 and Serenity, they are so so amazing!!! I bought these after seeing them mainly on social media, and they completely lived up to the hype! They don't dry out my lips and the appearance is smooth but still matte. Would definitely recommend! The only thing I would say is that the pictures shown here aren't quite an accurate representation of the true colour, as I found when I tried them they were slightly darker than shown on the pictures. I would recommend looking st swatches before buying, but even so they are perfect for me!
5 Sadiya
Bought Cher and Ballet Slipper. Both are gorgeous ! Cher is a lovely winter colour and Ballet slipper a pretty girly pink . Love how matte they are :)
5 H
By far my favourite liquid lipsticks even compared to other high end brands that are triple the price!! They are so long lasting and don't flake or dry your lips out!! Love these and the colour range is really good! Can't recommend these enough.
4 Emma
I bought three of these and I would rate them pretty well. They do take longer to dry than other liquid lips but at least they have minimal transference. The pigment is not patchy, streaky or sheer which for the price point is fantastic. If anyone is interested I bought these as dupes for the Kylie lip kit and the colour is spot on (Aphrodite for Dirty Peach, Plum Crazy for Love Bite and 1995 for Ginger.) Definitely recommend for people who want to try a liquid lip but don't want to spend an arm or leg on other brands.
5 Fatema
I've tried a lot of liquid lipsticks and these are honestly the best. The formula is lovely and not drying or uncomfortable to wear and the colour lasts all day even after drinking/eating, could not recommend more!
5 Siobhan
V v impressed with these lipsticks!! Not drying, long lasting and highly pigmentated!!! I got gravity, 1995 and mile high. All beautiful colours and I will definitely be buying more!!
1 Maria
Rediculously overpriced for the amount of product they contain. It's only 1,75ml. I have bought 3 shades and I have to say that the formula is nice. But I am not gonna buy again since there are other liquid lipsticks more value for money with the same or better formula.
4 Laura
These are really nice liquid lipsticks, they apply easily and the result is long-lasting. I got Serenity - it's popular for a reason, a great shade for any daytime look. They stay a tiny bit sticky throughout the day which I find annoying, but other than that, it's a fantastic product.
4 Amirah
These liquid lipsticks are really good. The colour range is great, I have six of them! They are quite pigmented, so I don't find myself needing to apply more than one coat. They are sticky when you first apply it and I find that it takes quite a while to dry and even when it has dried, the colour is still transferable (my reason for giving it 4*). They aren't ridiculously drying, which is a good thing (avoids crusty looking lips!) and they are quite long lasting. Overall, I would definitely recommend them.
5 Lizzie
I ordered BOSS LADY. It is a lot darker than the picture would suggest. But the formula is BOMB. My friends asked me yesterday how I could eat pizza and drink fizzy pop without my lipstick budging. It's awesome, smells lovely, maybe a little on the dry side, but I prefer that.
5 Jenna
I bought everything nice, not got a bad word to say about it! I expected it to dry my lips out a bit but it didn't, i only had to reapply once throughout the day so was very impressed. Will be buying more!
5 Hannah
This was recommended to me by a friend after I found a picture on Pinterest of a makeup look I loved but hadn't been able to find the lip colour to recreate it. I got this in Invasion and it's gorgeous. Perfect coverage, comfortable and long lasting. The colour is edgy enough to look modern whilst still appearing classic. I've also worn this under nude shades to cool them down and it's gorgeous. Would 100% recommend and I've already ordered three more colours.
5 Kathrine
Looooooove these. Not drying, sooo long wearing, beautiful colors! Absolutely a must have!
5 Imogen
5 Neelam
Amazinnngg soo in love with them
5 Laura
I really like these lipsticks, the formula is matte and does not dry too much. I have got Cher and Serenity, both colours are amazing. Excellent customer service from beautybay!
5 Daniela
I love these liquid lipsticks! My favourites are skinny dip and gravity. Awesome!!
5 Brigida
I absolutely love these liquid lipsticks, I'm a makeup artist and I have tried many many liquid lipsticks and I can say that the Gerard hydra matte liquid lipsticks are by far my favourite. I totally recommend them
5 Sana
Love the formula. Lasts all day long, it does fade in the middle of the lip if you eat an oily salad or drink hot drinks, and you can easily reapply without it making a mess.
5 Jay
I have a problem, I am totally addicted to these liquid lipsticks! I almost have all the colours and they are all fantastic! not drying, long lasting, and the colour selection is great. My favourites are 1995 (such a classic), Everything Nice and Serenity. I just ordered the new shades, can't wait for them to arrive.
3 Natasha
I bought boss lady and ruby slipper and I'm happy with boss lady, I think its extremely moisturising and long lasting. However, ruby slipper is not smooth and has little pink glitter bits running through the whole product, making it feel more like a lip exfoiliator than a liquid lipstick. It also bleeds really badly and is streaky!!! All in all, don't think I'll be buying any more from Gerard Cosmetics :(
4 Hello
I purchased the 1995 - a beautiful colour that I consider a very good nude for South Asians mainly because makeup products usually look different on different skin tones. The product is very long lasting (even through meals!) but it does transfer a little after application as it doesn't dry completely, but does look matte. It's pinker than I thought it would be and looks so in person, however in pictures it looks browner/darker and closer to the lip swatch above. Not complaining as it looks gorgeous both ways. It does sink into fine lines and emphasise those but I find that a little lip balm before application helps make it less noticeable. Despite this, the product is non-drying, feels hydrating, pigmented and an absolute must-have!
5 Victoria
This is without a doubt the best liquid lipstick I have come across (and this is coming from a girl who owns close to 50 lipsticks!) They are long lasting and matte, without drying your lips. I can wear this for hours without it smudging and I very rarely need to reapply. They also have a really pleasant scent. The only slight criticism I have is that the colours are a little darker than most of the swatches I've seen. I have the colour 1995, and it is a very dark red on me, much closer in colour to the swatch of Ruby Slipper.
5 Jess
Best liquid lipsticks I've used in a very long time, Does not dry the lips, and they're so comfortable to wear.
5 Claire
I'm not one for leaving reviews but this product throughly deserves it. The staying power is brilliant! I purchased the colour Invasion. Lovely colour. Would dedinately repurchase
5 Anita
super matte Lipstick, adds volume to the lips. thanks to the website that you want to sell such a quality product
4 Tori
For the price these liquid lipsticks are excellent, not overly drying and a great smooth looking finish once applied. My only criticism is that I do find them wearing off on the inner edges of my lips after eating or drinking, even with a good lip primer which is a bit of a shame, but easily fixable with a quick touchup. I think this would be a lot less noticable with the lighter shades though, Iced Mocha ends up VERY dark on me (which is fine) but does look pretty odd when it starts to wear!
5 Ðeni
Absolutely the best liquid lipstick. It lasts and doesnt dry my lips. For this price...i love it
4 Tiffany
i dont know if its only just me but my lip became extremely dry and cracked after used (i did moisturize my lip before use, so it could be only just me.) other than that the colour are great and well pigmented. However it goes to say that depending on your natural lip colour can vary on how the liquid lipstick will turn out.
2 nasima
i wish i love , after read all review then i purchase but i am unlucky as it is so tacky my lip soo dried out when i removed.and my shade is ruby slipper but its not compeletly matte otherwise its pigmented
5 Loola
Love these liquid lipsticks. Colours are great . Long lasting. Purchased ecstasy and gravity and there both a lovely shade. Most recent purchases were mile high which looks great on...iv got pale complexion and skinny dip which has to be my favourite shade. Looks great and isnt too over powering if you wore it during the day
5 Amy
I love this brand so I knew that this product would not be a disappoint. The pigment is so intense! It is not drying on the lips, does not wear easily and is easy to apply :-) colours are beautiful.
5 Eve
Great product! I bought ecstasy, iced mocha and Aphrodite... would recommend all of those colours they are amazing. They have a nice matte finish and stay on for hours. Rarely find myself re-applying.
5 Clair
These are the best mat liquid lipsticks I've tried they last all day long when I'm at work up to 10 hours! Not drying at all I have 5 shades now an will be getting more!!
5 Melissa
Love these! They're so comfortable to wear and last ages! Feel nice, look nice and great prices also!
5 Sophia
Excellent product. I ve just received them and I am excited ;) i hope to bring more soon because as I can at the moment you have only 2 colours left!!
3 Sophie
I bought the West Coast, i thought it looked like a soft pink in the picture but its arrived today and it more of a coral and completely fluorescent, so sadly wont be wearing it!
4 Aimee
Gorgeous colours i ordered Ecstacy, ruby slipper and skinny dip. Consistency is beautiful to apply and the pigmentation is to die for. Only reason for 4 star is that its not 100% transfer proof and smudgeproof. Apart from that they last very well and feel lovely on the lips ! Very affordable price too !
5 Lauren
These liquid lipsticks are amazing, they stay on my lips all day even after eating and I don't feel like they dry out my lips. The price for the lipsticks is great too and totally worth it.
5 Chloe
I bought 'serenity' and 'everything nice' and they are AMAZING!!!! They don't dry out my lips one bit, true to their colour, beautiful packaging, can easily over line lips with just this liquid lipstick! Would recommend to anybody! INLOVE!!
5 igapotato
absolutely love the way these feel on my lips! not drying at all, making it feel like you don't even have anything on your lips, which is a massive plus. However before buying these, I would go on google images, or even watch youtube videos on what the colours look like because in my experience, the ones on this website aren't accurate
5 Klara
I purchased this lipstick in the Everything Nice colour. I received a compliment on it straight away and have since ordered another three colours. The formula is fantastic and it lasts all day. It's the perfect Matte Liquid Lipstick.
5 Emily
Best liquid lipstick I've came across, had previously bought ruby slipper and just bought aphrodite which I'm in love with! its such a beautiful colour and I've gotten so many compliments on it, is very pigmented unlike other light coloured liquid lipsticks. Amazing quality for the price and they last all day
2 Mia
The darker colours for these lipsticks go on patchy and they never fully dry down. For a liquid lipstick you would expect these to be transfer proof, but I get lipstick in the middle of my chin just from talking with these- the transfer is terrible! They do come in a nice range of colours (although, again, if it's a patchy nice colour is it really a nice colour?) and they feel nice on the lips- not drying. The darker colours tend to bleed lighter at the edges of the lip, and the amount of product you get isn't very much for the price. Would not purchase their products again.
5 Grisilda
Ordered the Ruby Slipper and Immortal, and I must say, amazing formula. They smell like some sweet ice cream, are not drying and are transfer/kiss proof. I feel these lipsticks are better than some higher end brands without the high price tag. The only issue is the limited shades available. I'm not a fan of nude shades and I like bright colours so the options are limited for me, but nevertheless, it's a 5 start from me. !!
4 Alex
They're nice lipsticks, but they do come off when you eat and the crack horribly which doesn't look the nicest.
5 Marina
Its so long-lasting. I love it!
5 Jade
To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of liquid lipsticks because I can't get over the charm of a regular lipstick. From all of the brands I have tried and own (The Balm, Kylie Cosmetics, ABH, Smashbox, ...) the one I own by Gerard Cosmetics is by far the best! I currently use Iced Mocha, which is basically a tiny bit warmer toned than Mac's matte lipstick in Stone (I was asked whether or not I was wearing this one at Mac by a sales assistant) and he couldn't believe that, when I told him, it was by Gerard Cosmetics! So I believe that, for the price, I have found a better and more long lasting dupe for my all-time favourite shade of lipstick!
4 Misba
This liquid lipsticks are so hydrating, definitely one of my favorite liquid lipsticks. They do come off from the middle of your lip when eating and drinking so you do need to reapply again but they don't crumble or go on patchy so even reapplying you have a nice even layer all over your lips. The only one I'm disappointed with it Ruby Slipper. I thought it would be a nice maroon shade but it's very patchy so you have to apply a lot of layers to get a even colour then it just turns sticky and heavy and the colour turns in to a near enough black. The rest I have are Cher, Immortal and Gravity and I love them especially Gravity as it's such a unique blue/grey toned purple. It's fun to create make up look with it.
5 Sharday
The best lipsticks I've ever had/tried they actually last ALL DAY which it just amazing. Will definitely get more shades.
5 Alicia
Best liquid lipstick out there! Love this product
3 sakena
i wasnt really satisfied with mine i bought afphrodite not sure bought spelling!lovely package ,glides on nice,!!...but when i swatched it on my hand then got i shower it stayed on i had to scrub hard to get off so i thought great as thats what i want next day applied to lips and it only staye few hours amd wore off not as liquid lipstick stay on all day as im looking for unfortunately ,will use till finished but wont re purchase
5 Amalie Schmidt
I currently own 6 of these liquid lipsticks and for sure i am getting more from this brand. This is my favorite liquid lipstick consistency. It is easy to put on, sits comfortably, lasts a long time, color can be added if some part should have come of ect at eating. It is for the most part transfer proof, but if you need to get it all of you can if you rub a little. This is a great lipstick formula! Great prize, luxurious packaging and glorious colors that compliments my fair skintone so well and I get so many compliments when I wear these. Especially mile high and ecstacy are perfect.
5 Harlette
Dopo 8 giorni ho trovato il mio rossetto completamente intatto! Perfezionare
5 Cheyenne
Purchased the colours Iced Mocha and Gravity, these have both become my go-to liquid lipsticks!! Colour payoff is fantastic, it doesn't require multiple coats or go streaky, and lasts perfectly through the day. I also find it a lot less drying than others i've used!
5 saimah
I absolutely love these lipsticks! I bought 1995 and cher and oh wow the colour doesn't budge stays strong throughout the whole day. And they smell so good aswell. Cannot pick out one fault with thsee liquid lipsticks! So satisfied with my purchases can't wait to purchase more! Definitely recommend! xox
5 Lisa Scott
I have 2 of these lipsticks in 'Iced Mocha' and 'Invasion' and i've also purchased 'Serenity'. One of my favourite liquid lipstick formulas, i find it isn't as drying as Jeffree and LA Splash, and it also lasts ages!
5 Zeljka
I love this lipsticks. Many women ask me what is the makeup, attracting attention, I want to buy all colors
5 Sugar123
I bought 4 products for an amazing price a week back. Just purchased another one. Well worth it!! Love the product, long lasting and gorgeous colours.
5 Nassilove
Ne colle pas! Très agréable sur les lèvres, ne sèche pas les lèvres, les couleurs originales, je suis ravi :)
5 Bianka
Ils sont fabuleux !!!! Ils font très bien.
5 Gaëlle
So glad I found this website to buy gerard cosmetics products at such affordable costs. These matt liquid lipsticks are amazing. They stay quite well on the lips, they are very pigmented and the finish, oh my god the finish, is the most beautiful finish of all the others brands of matt liquid lipsticks I own. I ordered two of them, aphrodite and 1995, and though I love both of them the last one is my favorite ! This color is really gorgeous ! So if you're thinking about buying one, don't think about it twice and just go for it !
5 Alejandra
me encanto ! duradero , ligero en los labios y y mega pigmentado, recomendado xx
5 Iris
Best liquid lipsticks i've ever tried. It does not feel dry on the lips at all, and lasts forever!
5 Inês
I love my new lipsticks. I purchased Invasion and Skinny Dip and I will definitly buy more. I love the formula and the shades and they last all day! Thank you Beauty Bay
5 Chloe
Obsessed. Bought the serenity and I now want every colour.Very quickly becoming my favourite beauty brand
5 Melissa
I love these! I own Serenity, Mile High, Skinny Dip and Immortal. I'm so impressed with these! The formula is so consistent and look great on the lips! They're not too drying that they look cracked and can be layered without bunching up. I like these best with a thin lip balm and lip liner underneath and it lasts ages! I would recommend taking this with you if you would be out all day or going on a night out as the inside of my lip wears away (im an avid lip-licker) but I only have to reapply once and it still looks great! I'm definitely going to purchase more of these! Such a great price for a great product.
1 Jesi
I'm very disappointed my hydra matte in invasion was half empty. I love iced mocha such a perfect shade for everyday wear. Also the liquid lipsticks aren't hydrating at all they are slightly sticky on the lips.
5 Robynne
I love these liquid lipsticks! The formula is so pigmented and not too drying. I have shades Serenity, Ecstacy and Mile High and they are all beautiful and long lasting.
5 Olivia
These are my favourite liquid lipsticks. The formula is the best I have came across, as they are completely matte and the staying power is amazing, without drying out the lips at all. I currently own serenity, cher, everything nice and Mercury rising, and will certainly be purchasing more!
5 Rebecca
Absolutely love this liquid lipstick! It has such good staying power and has even lasted a whole night with drinks! It is slightly drying but I am yet to find a matte lipstick that isn't!
5 Zaina
these are so pigmented but still not drying . They are transfer proof and I love them . I ordered 6 and I ordering more :)
5 Sally
I got the shade serenity, i absolutely adore these lipsticks. The best liquid lipstick out there by a mile, they stay on for hours even when eating and drinking, they feel nicer on the lips than brands such as kylie jenner lip kits and mac.
5 Chantelle
I purchased 3 of these bad boys - Aphrodite, Serenity and Everything Nice and they are amazing! So pigmented and comfortable to wear all day or night. Very affordable on Beauty Bay compared to other websites and I qualified for free shipping to NZ which was super quick, arriving in about 5 days! Love them
5 Kelly
I love this product! It is realy soft and looks beautiful
3 Kitty
I bought Ecstasy and I really loved the colour. Also it didn't suck my lips dry, also it doesn't have any scent. So I really loved it until I realized every time I wear this liquid lipstick, my lips blow up afterwards all itchy and red. My lips are super sensitive and dry so if you're like me I'd stay away from these. Its such a shame, I liked the formula and the colours so much.
5 Hayley
I bought the shade Ruby Slipper and it is amazing. It sparkles and stays put really well and the formula didn't dry out my lips after a days usage.
5 Michelle
These are definitely one of the better matte liquid lipsticks on the market right now. Can't wait for my new shades to arrive! They glide on and last for most of the day without going dry and cakey! I'm still trying to find the perfect nude...currently addicted to Iced Mocha which is like deep brown, sometimes i mix with invasion to change it up! Go online to search for swatches as they do come across slightly different in person I find!
5 Katelyn
The consistency of this liquid lipstick is so nice, not drying at all and gives a nice even base. It is also very pigmented and lasts a long time, love love love!
4 lauren
Love these liquid lipsticks. I have invasion and just ordered serenity and mile high. I would definitely Google swatches before purchasing as when I got invasion it was a lot darker than the picture on here, but it is still a beautiful colour. 100% recommend and can't wait to buy loads more
4 Jan Sajulga
I got this in 1995 and Iced Mocha. Wonderful colors, although the Iced Mocha has a slight greyish tone on me, and 1995 has a more reddish tone on me. But I still love both of them! Getting Everything Nice next time! Delivery was super speedy! Well done Beauty Bay!
5 Taylor
This is my fave liquid lipstick formula it really is! Lasts so well and doesn't feel horrible!
5 kamola
Amazing lipstick really really love them I will order another colours aswell xx
5 Ntiana
I purchased Gravity.. And omg it is a wonderful colour... Thanks beauty bay for the fast delivery too!!! Keep it up!!!!
5 Patricia
This product is fabulous! I have 3 (1995, Mocha and Cher). The colours are lush but lighter than what I expected. After hearing mixed reviews about this product I had to try it for myself and I am happy with it! Only thing is that is is sticky, so when you press your lips together it is sticky although food doesn't get stuck on them. Also, for WOC, if buying a light shade, use a dark lip liner to tone it down a little. I plan to purchase more.
5 Kate
Amazing !! Tried this since my friend recommended it and the formula is so nice on your lips, not hard at all and doesn't go really dry. Really hydrates your lips! Really fast delivery too.
5 Ashley
These liquid lipsticks are incredible! They go on so smoothly, highly pigmented, non-streaky and they stay for aaaaages. Highly recommend to anyone!!
5 Katie
Love this product so much!! I have now been wearing serenity for over 10 hours and it is still nearly just as beautiful as I first applied it! For the price this is more than worth it for sure.
5 Sarah
These are my favourite liquid lipstick formula. They don't go really hard and dry or crackly on the lips. They are long lasting and are easy to touch up if you've eaten something and it's worn away in the middle. Cher, invasion and iced mocha are my go to colours. Love these!
5 Fatma
Love the colour and the staying power. Literally lasts all day.. its super matte but not drying at all. Will be trying other shades :)
5 Rebecca
I purchased Serenity and Im in love with the colour and especially the formula / consistency / staying power. Very easy to apply with a short wand to keep control of the application. Dries down matte, although there is little transfer I am completely happy with it as it keeps my lips hydrated throughout the day, as I have previously tried complete matte liquid lipsticks with no transfer and they are just too drying and end up flaking... So defo a good purchase at a great price too! Will be buying more.
5 Martina
I got the shade 1995 (which is also the year I was born in, hehe!) and it's SO beautiful. It gets matte, but it's still hydrating. Oh and it smells so good!
5 Lauren
I'm obsessed with these!! Although the colour palette doesn't do much for the colours.. Definitely google the swatches before buying. I have everything nice (warm brown), iced mocha (cool brown), west coast (coral) and Mercury (burnt orange) and I have compliments literally when I wear any of these. Can't wait to collect them all! But beauty bay when are the new shades coming? I neeeeed honey moon and boss lady! :(
5 Samina
In love with this product. Best Liquid Lipstick Ever. Stayed on all day and my lips didn't dry up one bit. Would definitely recommend.
5 Nevena
Lovely..for the first time I order those lipsticks,no need to re-apply at all..This is such a good buy for the price..qiuck delivery..Highly recommended!
4 Sofia
I really do love this Liquid lipstick from Gerard. It stays on for hours and looks great. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five is that it dries a little bit too much for my taste. The colors Iced Mocha and Invasion gets a lot darker after a few hours than after it has dried matte after the first application. Otherwise a really good liquid lipstick!
5 Victoria
Love this product. I can't believe how long lasting it is and without drying my lips. I have purchased Serenity which is a great everyday lipstick and Invasion for evening wear. Both look great! Quick delivery too!!
5 Elizabeth
I bought Serenity - really good lipgloss. Stays on, remains a little bit tacky but not bad. Good applicator. Not overly keen on the colour, but will certainly be trying it in different colours. Doesn't crack or flake unlike the LA Splash matte one I bought at the time time. This is much better and the packaging is classier too.
5 Amanda
Could not recommend this liquid matte more!! Hands down the best one I have ever bought. I can wear this on a night out and not need to re-apply at all. It also never goes dry and cracks up like I get with a lot of other liquid mattes. For the price as well this is such a good buy!
5 Rishika
Oh my God!! I own almost all shades and they are super gorgeous and have super stay!! They are not at all tacky and so comfortable and super hydrating!! I love them and yes will purchase more shades which I haven't yet!! Love u GC!!
5 Angela Davies
I have just become a customer of Beauty Bay and can not express how pleased I am after purchasing a couple of Gerard matte lip stick. Gravity is the most gorgeous colour and Mercury Rising is perfect for Summer. The pigment is fantastic and lasts forever. I have just bought Imortal and Ruby Slipper. Can't wait to try them and will definitely order again!
5 Yuka
I love this matte lipsticks! Comfortable, long-lasting and affordable. Must-haves from BB!
5 Jessica
I am absolutely in love with these! I have serentiy, west coast and immortal. West coast is more peach and have a stronger colour than it looks like on the picture, but I love it anyway. Serenity is perfect as an everyday lipstick. The lipsticks stays on forever, and does not crack up. It may feel a little bit sticky sometimes, but it's better than to feel like your lips are a dessert. I will definitely buy more of these!
5 Grace
I purchased this in the everything nice colour, I wanted a long lasting matte effect lip colour and thought this was a reasonable price to pay. I've tried other matte lip colours that go lumpy on your lips after an hour of wear and eventually fade not long after. This colour was really nice for everyday wear and it is long lasting maybe 4 hours before I reapply a small amount. Much better than a matte lipstick as it stays put and doesn't go between the cracks along the outside of your lips. Comes in a variety of colours and really reasonable. I will definitely only stick to this matte effect lip colour now!
5 Marita
I have this liquid lipstick in Serenity and I LOVE it! It's easy to apply, it doesn't dry out my lips and lasts for a long time! The color is also amazing! Will be buying more of them for sure! My favorite liquid lipstick ever!
5 Antri
I have 5 shades aphrodite, gravity, 1995,serenity, ruby slippers, seriously soooo good! Love all of them and my collection is definitely going to grow i love them!
5 Alyssa
I bought the shade Cher and it is absolutely gorgeous! I cannot stress enough how beautiful it is. I saw it on someone else and wasn't sure if I should buy, but went ahead anyway and I couldn';t be happier. A must have matte lipstick!
5 Laura
I thought i'd give liquid lipstick a go and I thought they stay on so well I love how nice and matte they appear when they dry and how easy it was to put on. I bought Aphrodite and for me its too orange a nude for day wear but it's lovely for the evening. I will definitely be buying more colours!
5 Maris Hencel
Just gorgeous! I love them so much I bought 5 shades and each are really beautiful and long lasting. Highly pigmented and won't dry your lips. I work 11 hour shifts and they stay on all day long!
3 Gemma
I ordered shade Aphrodite and although the product it's self is nice and a good coverage the shade doesn't look like the picture in my opinion it's very orange!
4 Eilidh
I just got Aphrodite, and first of all I want to say that the colour is a lot more orange than the picture, but it';s still really pretty!! I don't own many liquid lipsticks but the formula on this is so good, I can hardly feel it on my lips, it's so lightweight and feathery. It also doesn't feel drying in the slightest and wears really well!! Will definitely be buying more shades.
5 Joselyn
I'm so happy finally can get this gorgeous liquid lipstick! I have immortal and i can't love more this shade, I'm medium skin and looks so good! incredible pigmentation and very long lasting! is soo easy to apply. Is a very matte look but don't make my lips feel dry and also smell really good! For sure I'll buy more of this!
5 hannah
Absolutely amazing product definitely recommend 100% stays put all day long and no need to keep reapplying, even after eating the colour is still put. The colours are a bit darker than in there pictures but still awewome. Have bought more Gerard products and there all amazing.
5 Nicky
OMG very good products more I cant do without all the 'iced Mocha' my favorite, so I just love it the colors are beautiful ^^
5 saimah
I have heard a lot about these lipstick and finally purchased mine! I bought 1995 and cher. I'm so in love with the colours and the longetivity of the lipsticks such an amazing formula. Love love love! Will definitely be purchasing more xo
5 Olive
I bought Invasion and Iced Mocha and I'm chuffed to bits with both. I'm really happy with these as I've found liquid lipsticks to either dry and crack, or never dry properly and move about. This lipstick is comfortable and doesn't wear off the second you look at a cup of tea. Great product, fast delivery, nice packaging, 10 out of 10.
5 Aaliyah yaqub
I ordered 1995 after seeing it on a friend and I am in love!! Not quite the same as I imagined but thats probabaly due to my skin tone, I love it regardles!!!!
5 Shannon
These are amazing, Would highly recommend.
5 Naz
Tried out the Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipstick, and must say, I absolutely love it. With some brands, the liquid lipstick starts to chip away, but this is a must. It's a beautiful colour, that stays on without getting chipped. It also came very quickly, brilliant service! Highly recommend! :)
5 Ange
I'd never bought or tried liquid matte lipstick before, but wow! I'm so impressed by the color pay off, the way it feels on my lips, it doesn't feel drying like I thought it would. It didn't feather, which is a problem for me, even when I use liner with normal lipstick. I'll be buying every color! I bought Gravity and Ecstasy.
5 Isk
Bought one last month (Invasion), i'm in love with it! It lasts so long and it's such an amazing colour! This liquid lipstick hydrate your lips...I recommend it!
5 Amirah
1995 is one of my favourite colour. It doesn't dry out your lips and feels very hydrating. It's true to its name - hydra. It's not transferproof.
5 Silje M
Wow! First of all, I never wear any lipstick or gloss because after 20 minutes they are often all over my face. I bought the shade '1995' and I fell in love, it was love at first sight. It applied smoothly, it drys fast and looks absolutely amazing. I felt like a million bucks. I'm definitely going to purchase more shades.
5 Ruby
Definately worth the price! Very pigmented and lasts all day, didnt need to touch up at all. Most importantly it doesnt crack- will be buying more
4 Kamilla
I have extremely dry lips, so naturally, I've always been avoiding matte/liquid lipstick products. This one however, catched my attention with the words hydra& and moisturizing, so I ordered the shades Serenity and Everything Nice. The colors are beautiful, easy to apply, last forever and won't transfer - however, they are not moisturizing at all. As they dry down, I can feel my lips tighten and crack, it's not a cute look (the product itself won't crack tho). Of course, this is something you would expect from a matte liquid lipstick if you have extra dry skin/lips, but I was still kinda disappointed as the product claimed to be hydrating. Still, since I never tried any other brand, these might be hydrating compared to those, but if you have extra dry lips like I do, then these might not be as comfortable as you would expect them to be after reading the description and the reviews, but this really is my only criticism.
5 Syeda Rumana
Surprisingly I'm in love with the Gerard cosmetics liquid lipsticks, they are very hydrating considering most matte lipsticks tend to crack on the lips and look very chipped. However they work wonders. I am so impressed and I love the two shades I bought which are in Iced Mocha and 1995 both obsessed over. I will be purchasing more ????
5 Zara
These products are really good, would recommend it, stays on for a very long time.
5 Judit
Loving this! Bought Ecstasyand this is my first purchase from this brand. The formula is A-mazing - glides easily on the lips, the application is super easy. The applicator is picking up the ideal amount of colour (at least on my lips that's enough). No cracking, no drying effect. The vanilla ice-cream scent is just a cherry on top. Definitely going to buy more in the future!
5 Leneth
I ordered 1995 and Iced Mocha. One of the best matte lipsticks I've ever had. No need to reapply throughout the day. Doesn't Crack like the other mattes that I had. Definitely recommend this product any day!
5 Sarah
i brought invasion wasnt sure when i ordered it but this is by far the best lipstck i have ever owned. lasts all day feels good on.
5 Labiba
Bought only one of this at the start to see how the gerard cosmetic lippies were and I am in love with them! It feels so comfortable on your lips and it doesn't crack after long wear unlike other products. Bought the 1995 and Cher shade- can't to wear them! & cannot wait to buy more of the shades! xx
5 katrina
These are the best lipsticks ever! I've tried so many matt lipsticks and although they are stated they last for ages they never really do! But these liquid lipstick's seriously do. I apply them usually in the morning for work and you don't need to retouch it throughout the whole day even between meal's! They are great to wear on a night out where a lot of drinking is involved, its so annoying when the lipstick comes off and your having to retouch every time after a drink, no need too when you wear these! I have a total of 7, and each one is beautiful! I really wish they would release a dark/plum purple colour :)
5 Ellyn
I have brought four matte lip colours and they are amazing you can touch up and they don't build up and become clumps I've got (invasion,iced Mocha,West Cost,Gravity) it's worth the buy girlies!!
5 henna
I love love love this matt lipstick. I have been looking for a good matt lipstick for quite a while and I have found it!! it dry super quick without cracking and it is fully pigmented. I have got invasion, iced mocha and 1995
5 Tasnima
Amazing Product at a great price! Extremely satisfied with the product and beauty bay's service, delivered the products very quickly! Very pleased, thank you!
5 Nicole
Love these lipsticks, I got the shade 'summer lovin', it's stunning, will definitely be repurchasing
5 Emma
I have Iced Mocha, 1995, Cher and Invasion. The formula is amazing so much smoother and more comfortable to wear on your lips than a bunch of other liquid lipstick that I have! I will definitely buy them all haha also they don't crack on your lips and my lips that usually get dry easily felt smooth and soft even after removing this lipstick from my lips. Love love love this product, if you're interested in seeing some swatches of the colors i meantioned above you can go to my instagram: emmavampire. Stay fabulous! Xoxo
5 Annalise
I recently purchased the colour 'Iced Mocha' and I'm already inlove with both the colour and the formula. It dries very quickly and stays on my lips without any touch ups for a really long time. ( about 6/7 hours ) The colour is not only drop dead gorgeous but goes well for darker/medium skin tones. The formula is nowhere near as drying as other liquid lipsticks and does not sink into my lip lines. It's very easily removed when used with Vaseline or an oil based product. All in all I'm extremely happy with my purchase and will definately be buying another soon!
3 Gemma
Transfer a little, both shades I purchased are a lot darker in person than pictures. Still gorgeous though
5 Julia
My favorite liquid lipstick so far! I have already tried a few formulas and this one is my favorite. Does not go on patchy, dries down perfectly matte and stays on like a dream. In love - my favorite color is Everything nice.
5 Petra
I have the colour mercury rising and it is a beautiful orange red! It doesn't last as long as some other liquit lipsticks I have, but it is really comfortable to wear. If you want to re-aplly it during the day you don't have to take it off and it doesn't go patchy at all.
5 Claudia
I absolutely love this lipstick i have eventually bought them all of beauty bay as they are sooo cheap! And the delivery is amazing, i have recieved it next day almost every time !
4 Ruzen
I recently purchased this liquid lipstick in the shade cher very pigmented i love the formula and how it easily glides on the lips when you applied it however it didn't last long. When i ate and drink it fades out I still love it anyway!
5 Charlotte
I recently bought the hydra matte liquid lipstick in the shade 1995, and I can tell for sure that it is one of the best! It is not streaky, very opaque with only one coat on, and it does not flake or crack throughout the day. At the beginning it is quite tacky, but dries up beautifully on my lips. I would certainly recommend this to anyone looking for a good matte lip!
5 Elektra
Honestly amazed by these lip products! As a huge fan of liquid lipsticks, anyone will know just how drying they can be, not these. If anything these are moisturising, I haven't had the need for a lip balm since using them! Such a lovely range of colours and the staying power is seriously impressive. Not dry feeling at all when you rub your lips together, none of that horrible scratchy sound you can get sometimes with liquid lipsticks, they feel moisturised! I apologise for all the exclamation marks, I am just THAT enthusiastic about them!
5 Mary
Read the comments here before i bought mine and i thought some of these people were exegerating but i must admit best formula, feels so good on the lips most comfortable liquid lipstick so far. They are abit small tho thats the only con. But thats wont stop me from buying more.
5 Aimee
Obsessed with these! So pigmented and the colour lasts so long. Will for sure be purchasing more :)
5 Aminah
Absolutely amazing!! Used immortal on my sister in law for her bridal make up and didn't even need to touch it up once! And such a beautiful colour everyone was complementing her on it!
5 Kate Ward
I brought it recently and it is instantly my new favourite thing. its goes on in a smooth motion, lasts forever and doesn't go tacky.
5 Emma-Lou
I never normally leave a review but I absolutely love this product I bought Serenity and Aphrodite to create a ombre look got so many compliments from my friends and it actually stays on and the price is great! gonna be buy more shades :-)
5 Megan
I purchased two of these serenity and ballet slipper. i have tried different liquid lipsticks in the past and these by far are the lest drying i found. They don't make want to smother a load of lip balm on after and during use. they last ages a least 8 hours i would say, the colours where beautiful and very pigmented. I absolutely love theses hydra matte liquid lipsticks and definatly will be buying more. I would 100% recommend them to any one especially people with really dry lips like my self as they don't dry out my lips. The formula isn't too liquidy and has almost a whipped moose texture. They have a very very faint scent which is perfect for people that aren't fans of strong scented things as you can't notice the scent when it is on your lips. They dry a tiny bit darker than what they look like when you first apply them. They don't crack or smear if you rub you lips together once they are dry. the applicator makes it easy to have sharp defend lines. They are amazing quality i can't sing there praises enough. Definitely one of my new holy grail products!
5 Nicole
Amazing lipstick lasts all day and doesnt dry lips out. Would definitely buy again, I have my friend hooked now! :) beautiful colours
5 Tea
I love these . I bought Invasion and Gravity some time ago and today I ordered Cher and Iced Mocha because these lipies are simply amazing . The colours are so unique and beautiful , very wearable . They are not 100% Kissproof but they are very resistent . They are not getting off with water, only with a makeup remover. They are very comfortable on the lips , not drying at all . I feel like they never completely dry so you cant really press your lips together wearing them but you can lick your lips and it wont get off . The first hour wearing them if you added a bit too much they might get on your teeth . You can totally reapply them and they are not sticky . Amazing price for really good quality !
5 Joanne
literally the best liquid lipstick i've ever used! applies so smoothly, a little bit goes a long way and it doesn't go patchy at all. one application also lasts me all day/night and it doesnt dry my lips out. i keep buying more!!
5 SI
These liquid lipsticks are so comfy to wear and they dry matte pretty fast. Love the shades invasion and ecstasy - cannot wait to try more colours from this line!
5 Sophie
I was a bit worried about purchasing a color online as I always like to usually see the color in real life first but I wasn't disappointed! And the formula! It glides on like a dream, isn't drying whatsoever and stays on all day! With lipstick I always have to put vaseline or something over the top but this formula actually somehow managaes to keep your lips hyrated all day, it's so silky. Love
5 Elinor
Absolutely incredible, will wear all day/all night, won't budge with consistent drinking. I will definitely be purchasing more
5 Lisa
These are some of the best liquid lipsticks I ever tried. The pigmentation is amazing, they feel nice on the lips and they stay put, even after having a bite to eat. I own Immortal, Iced Mocha, Serenity, Cher and Ecstasy. My two favorite colors are definitely Cher and Ecstasy!
5 Nikol Nikolova
I love them! They have full pigmentation and beautiful colours. My firls liquid lipsticks.
5 Zoe
Perfect! Love the colour (Invasion) and it lasts sooo well. Was still on the next day from the day before after a night out! Will be buying other colours
5 Lacey
Best liquid lipstick out there! Goes matte straight away without drying out my lips, will be buying more ;)
5 Nicole
I love them so much! I wear them for over 8+ hour since I go to university and do not need to go to the bathroom to put on another coat. When I go out they do no transfer on anything and the shade selection is amazing! They do not dry the skin and there are no streaks! One coat goe a long way!
4 Laura
I bought mine in the shade Cher and its a really pretty colour. It dries matte but stays slightly tacky. It isn't drying but it comes off a bit when you eat or drink anything.
5 Becki
Absolutely love it! Tried quite a few different brands of matte lipsticks/glosses and none compare. I'm a bit of a boy when it comes to make up so went for the more subtle shade (serenity) and it's perfect. Couldn't recommend it any more, will definitely be trying out a few more shades.looks perfect, stays perfect for hours & at that price it's an absolute steal!!!
5 sara
They come out really different on different lip colours but the pigmentation is still great and opaque. I have a darker upper lip but this makes my lips one colour- try a nude lipliner beneath (they just cane out with one) to get a true-to-the-swatches colour
4 Sofia
Purchased aphrodite and serenity about six months ago and after trying several other liquid lipstick formulas this is one of the most wearable brands imo. I have sensitive/dryish lips and many liquid lipsticks tend to dry up and leave my lips looking/feeling terrible... EVEN WITH A HEAVY MOISTURIZER and the 'high end'/hyped brands that most seem to love. GC is an exception. Great pigmentation but still remains creamy and doesn't crack off. You'll definitely get what you pay for. The only minus for me is that the shades are about twice darker/less bright in reality - serenity, aphrodite, 1995, everything nice. Maybe it's my light complexion but I find it hard to find good colors in general.
5 Rebecca
Purchased the shade iced mocha and am totally in love with it! The formula is not drying at all, and lasts for a huge amount of time on the lips without cracking. Would totally recommend!
2 Patience
OH MY GOSH GUYS DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! I am so angry as I read the reviews and watched videos on YouTube and thought, 'hey, let me buy this, it sounds good' MY BIGGEST MISTAKE. These lipsticks are so crap. I got iced mocha and ruby slipper. Ice mocha is soo watery, application is so messy. I know is liquid but come on! It always drips into my mouth when applying and goes on to my teeth. Ruby slipper is the nicer of the two, a really vampy red which I love. The consistency it better in my opinion, it's more creamy which makes application more easier. Also, when receiving it I was floored at how small it was! The price for this product and I have liquid lipsticks which are much bigger, better and cheaper!!! Another thing is that although it's very comfortable to wear it being a hydra matte, it is VERY tacky, meaning your lips always stick together meaning over time the product rubs off. If you want to waste your money, then this is the product for you! I will NEVER buy this again and I hope no one else does as well. The colours are nice but it's not worth it.
5 Sara
I just got my lipstick on iced mocha color and is a beautiful color has a great time on the lips. Super recommend , I will buy more certainty
4 Shaked
I ordered Cher and it arrived late but because of a problem at the post office. Beauty Bay immediately replied and were very helpful but thankfully my package arrived. This lipstick was kind of disappointing just because it looked NOTHING like the photos on this site or the swatches I saw online. I did a lot of research about the color and was very pleased with the countless of swatches I saw (on lots of skin tones) but it just looks different on me for some reason. Looking at photos now I'm pretty sure I received Ecstasy instead of Cher. The lipstick itself is wonderful and I would recommend it for sure, just not very happy about the color I received. If I wanted Ecstasy I would have ordered it.
5 Bronny
I just bought this in the shade Iced Mocha!! I absolutely love it, it's darker than I thought, but the formula is great! It stays for ages, and doesn't make my lips dry at all! I wish I could afford more colours!
5 Mabel
I got Invasion! It looks so gorgeous on the lips and it goes matte within seconds absolutely adore these lipsticks and will be planning to buy more in the future! Also very fast delivery Love Gerard Cosmetics matte lipstick highly recommend buying this! Invasion is a gorgeous colour! And so are many others
5 Rishika
I just got my GC liquid lipstick in Iced Mocha and OMG this is so creamy and moisturising.. Applies like butter on the lips.. And the color pay off is amazing. I love it and gonna buy more shades. Beauty bay I love uuuuuuuuuuuuu!!
5 Miriam
I got two in Cher and Ecstasy, they are amazing! I can easily go all day with these without having to retouch and the fading is really minimal and graceful, they last really well through eating and drinking, even with warm drinks! very impressed. will be getting more.
5 Shabba Hakim
I love love love this product. Very opaque, doesn't suck out the life out your lips like most liquid lipsticks. Smells like vanilla sugar which is yummy, passed the kiss test. But does feel slightly tacky on the lips. Another thing is you can remove it with a makeup wipe and don't need a oil or anything which is a bonus.
5 Annisa
Service: Same day dispatch and delivery within two days - extremely impressed with service received.Product: I purchased the shade Serenity and am extremely impressed with what I have received. The images of the shade on the lips allowed me to make an informed purchase and I was not disappointed. The texture is lovely and the product is not drying (like many others) and goes nicely with the Gerard Cosmetics Lip Liner in the Shade Cher.
5 Ilka Chalmers
I cannot get enough of these lipsticks! They glide on like an absolute dream and they really last, like for real, I went to town on a mango and my lips stayed looking awesome. They don't feel dry on your lips like many other versions of this product, they're highly pigmented and they smell amazing to boot! Great price for such high quality. Gimmie them ALL! :D
5 nancy aylin aleman romero
Los mejores productos
5 Sehr
Lasts all day , the colours are amazing & dry quick im so impressed !
5 Aimie
Omg I am in love! I ordered the colour serenity and it is gorgeous! The delivery was super fast! Defiantly recommend to anyone :)
5 Emilie
I really loved these matte lipsticks, compared to Nyx Lingerie matte lipsticks and the ones from La Splash, these ones does not feel too heavy or dry on the lips.. as they do not dry as quick as the other brands mentioned its easy to work with and does not patchWould probably recommend getting the matching lip pencils as well, any lover of matte lipsticks will know how difficult it is to shape the lipstick perfectly
5 Alison
This was the first GC product I bought and I can say it will definitely be a repurchase. The tube is smaller than I expected but worries went away when I applied it and the tiniest amount covered nearly my whole bottom lip. I bought Aphrodite and Iced Mocha, and I am so pleased with them as I find it hard to match lip colours to my very porcelain skin. They dry perfectly and have incredible pigmentation. I would recommend exfoliating the lips before applying though, as this is a very matte lipstick.
5 Aleema
I recently purchased ballet slipper the formula is so good its not dry to the lips and its long lasting.
5 Anne
I took Everything Nice and West Coast. They're incredible. You have no steaks, they are so wearable! 5 stars!!!!!
4 Pattiya
I really love this color, Immortal is super cool red. Texture is quite thick for me, but its affordable with discount price.
5 Amra
I bought Serenity and west coast a few days ago and I love the formula. It is not drying at all and its very very longlasting. Serenity is my my lips but better shade, great for every day and every look, and west coast is a lot brighter than I expected. It is almost neon and is good only for summer. Its too neon for me, unfortunately, but the formula is still excellent.
5 Leah
This lipstick lasts so long! Even after drinking/eating and it doesn't even do that horrible thing where it wears off the middle of the lipstick so it looks like you're just wearing lip liner. Love this product and will definitely buy another shade!
5 miche
Best matte lipstick ever. I've had enough of matte liquids that go on nicely but crack and dry and leave a harsh line of product on the inside of your lips but melt off everywhere else. This one is amazing. It feels comfortable because it goes on wet and then dries to a slightly tacky feeling rather than having a dry clay feeling on your lips. Totally kiss proof, too! I have this in Aphrodite and Serenity and they're easy to mix together as well if, like me, your MLBB shade is somewhere in between.
5 Nina
Best liquid lipstick ever! Absolutely love it!
5 Rajni Bunnery
Probs my favourite liquid lipstick formula of the many different brands in my kit. Such a wearable formula that doesn't dry the life out of your lips, beautiful colour pay-off, pretty much perfection.
5 farah
I love the formula compared to other liquid lipsticks, colour pay off is amazing and longlasting! I have Indian skintone and everything nice, Cher and serenity and perfect for my complexion. Waiting to get my hands on 1995!
5 Jazmin
Wow! This product is brilliant! I have the Invasion shade and it is great! Bright colour, first day of wearing and had it on for 5 hours and still no need of reapplying, even after drinking/eating. Cannot wait to order another colour! No dry feeling, does not crack, a lightweight feel! Delivery was super fast! Ordered around 1pm on a Saturday and was delivered the next day (on a Sunday!). Highly recommend!
5 Jessica
Favourite ever liquid lipstick! Fab shades and very long coverage with no cracks! Dries almost instantly and only needs one or two layers! Can apply at the start of a night out and it will literally last all night without no top ups! Recommend highly!!
4 Nina
I purchased the colour iced mocha and & serenity the formula is absolutely AMAZING,it glides on so smoothly and it smells so so so yummy. I've heard people say theirs dried very quickly, however mine took a bit long to dry. it was also sticky when dried. overall, great product
5 Emily
I bought two of these in Serenity and Invasion, they are very pigmented and so beautiful on all skin tones! I wore this to a concert and when I came out it was flawless and my lips didn't feel dry. Would love to buy all of the shades!
5 Bonnie
This is the best lipstick I have ever used! Goes on so nicely and stays put. Dries quickly and then doesn't smudge or transfer. Will be purchasing lots more colours!
5 Laura Kennedy
These liquid lipsticks were the first matte liquid lipsticks I'd ever tried and they blew me away. I bought Invasion and Cher and the colours are absolutely stunning. I got so many compliments on them, friends even told me they couldn't stop staring at my lips they looked that good. I've tried the LA Splash matte liquid lipsticks since and the quality of the two brands isn't even comparable. These are outstanding quality for the price, I would definitely recommend them.
2 Annabelle
I purchased iced mocha due to its popularity and it's really not like the pictures. It's coverage is very heavy and it makes the colour look hardly nude but a very dark purple.
5 Ellen
I love these liquid lipsticks! I bought 'cher' and 'ruby slippers' and they are both gorgeous colors. They are very thin but very opaque. Cher applies very easily. Ruby slippers is a little harder to apply, it gets patchy very easily and can get pretty messy, but it's very beautiful as well.
5 Giusy
Le hydra matte Gerard Cosmetics è tra i migliori rossetti liquidi opachi mai testati. Li amo avere un leggero, comodo cappotto completo di primo passaggio, grande durata! Colori fantastici e speriamo che continueranno a produrre nuovi colori! Sono al mio terzo ordine sulla baia di bellezza e sono davvero consegna molto veloce, gratuitamente con soli 20 euro un ottimo servizio! Continuerò ad acquistare da questo sito!
5 Amy Champion
Absolutely amazing! This is by far the best matte lipstick out there! My lips don't flake or crack with this and it lasts all day... And I mean all day! It goes on at 8am, I have breakfast, lunch and Dinner without having to reapply, and it will still look as fresh as first thing in the morning. I have never had to take a lipstick off at night with the rest of my makeup because none have every lasted as long! All the colours are gorgeous too! I now have 4!
5 Anastasia
In love with Gravity !!!!
3 Anna
I got this in 3 colours and I have mixed feeling about them.Serenity does look more brownish-peach than pink on my lips, but the application is easy and the formula is nice.Immortal is my favourite from all - nice colour,easy application and not drying.However Ruby Slipper is very drying,the colour is turns out always patchy and it comes off in flakes..The formula on this also feels different, it's not that wet;. I wouldn't condiser buying more of these, I think it's overhyped a tad by paid bloggers and gurus..
5 Tintin
I recently purchased everything nice neutral shade great lipstick stays on for ages best matt lipstick ever going to purchase another shade thanks to the girl that did my make up :-) I'm hooked
5 Yasmin
5 .
Fell in love with this product, but wish there were more colours!!!
5 Isabella
Just received my order.SUMMER LOVIN is the best. I'll be buying again
5 Jessica
Amazing lipsticks! The finish is gorgeous (with no cracks), especially shade Immortal. I also got Serenity which is a perfect shade for both day and night time. Highly pigmented and I personally only need one coat, and they stay on for hours.
5 Salma
Love this lipstick lasts long and the colours are stunning
5 Becca
These are so good! I bought one in the colour 'Cher' and am in love! Don't need to reapply if I wear it on a night out or to work, and it doesn't dry my lips out like some other matte lip products. Really easy to apply and leaves no streaks.
5 Danika
I love these liquid lipsticks they don't dry your lips out or crack and last all day!!
5 Lucy
Such a great product! I have these in Invasion and Cher and they're amazing! They apply really nice and stay on for ages, would definitely recommend, can't wait to get some more!
5 Hannah
Bought four shades- Aphrodite, Everything Nice, Serenity and Iced Mocha- and I'm so impressed! They're so comfortable to wear and look gorgeous on the lips. They don't dry completely matte or transfer proof but have incredible staying power and I don't have any problems with my dry lips. I usually stick to nude shades however Iced Mocha instantly became my new absolute favourite lipstick!All friends who have tried love them and I'll definitely be buying more shades!!
5 Charo G.D.
I'm very happy with my order with Beauty Bay..In Spain theren't many brands like Gerard cosmetics and I love all the products I brought and the B.B.service has been perfect...I just recived my second order...
5 Jessica
These are incredible! I started off with serenity which is a lovely colour. Stays on like a dream! Mercury Rising is my absolute favourite. It's a beautiful bold orange which is only going to look better as I get more tan. I also purchased west coast which was slightly disappointing as I found it to be quite patchy. But overall it's still a 5* product as it stays in for hours and is not drying at all. Will continue buying until I have them all!
5 KV
Absolutely love these! They are very pigmented and one coat is enough. They are not drying on the lips like other liquid lippies. Got a lot of compliments for the lip colour iced mocha. They also last a long time and are kissproof!
5 Hannah
Really long wearing and not too drying on the lips! Delivery was really quick so very happy overall
5 Amina
Absolutely love this liquid lipstick purchased in ice mocha and oh my goodness its a beautiful shade. Also, not drying at all.
5 Olivia
I ordered the Iced Mocha shade and I'm absolutely involve, its such a perfect colour!! Stays perfect and vibrant all day/night. Only thing is, the day after my lips were suffering as they were a little dried out as you would expect from a matte lipstick, but nothing a little lip balm didn't fix!!
5 Mary
Last week I ordered the three shades in Serenity, Ruby Slippers and Cher and I must say that thy are fantastic! The color last about 6 hours and they are really comfortable. I will buy others shades soon.
5 Sandra
For now , I have Invasion and Aphrodite . It's so perfect and stays all day on lips . I am going to buy more color definitely . p.s. thank you beautybay for having so much good products and fastes delivery.
5 Meadhbh
Ordered the shades iced mocha and cher. Two gorgeous and highly pigmented liquid lipsticks. Fast delivery and a happy customer! Will be purchasing more!
5 Fabiha Chowdhury
In loveeeee with them !! I have 1995, Everything Nice & Cher. They are absolutely gorgeous and also long lasting.. Dry beautifully! Perfect for South Asian Skin tones (tan/brown/darker skin tones).
5 Elysha
Got this in Iced Mocha and I love the quality of this product. Delivery for the item was swift and on time. The lipstick is very worth the price, it glides on so well upon application, does not dry out your lips at all. In fact your lips will feel nice and soft all day, but remember to apply some chapstick prior to application. I had to top it up only once after my lunch, but even then the colour was still put. Everyone complimented me on the colour, it's just a fabulous lipstick and I will be purchasing more. Very happy with Beauty bay!
5 Victoria
I absolute love this liquid lipstick, nice finish and long lasting !I purchased the colour CHER and am obsessed ! I want them all
5 missnoe
omg!!!i am in love!! these matte liquid lipstick are the best! it stays on all day it might come off a little bit when you eat but it doesn't leave patches !!! it only completely comes off when you rub your lips with wipes. I'm addicted literally have almost all the colours now
5 Sofia
Bought the shades Everything Nice and Ecstasy. They are beautiful colours and the lipstick itself lasts all day.
3 Felicia
I have cher and i LOVE it! But why dont you have serenity! :(((
5 Izzy
I absolutely adore these liquid lipsticks! I have Ecstasy, Ruby Slipper, Cher and Iced Mocha. They are sooo long lasting! Light weight on the lips and very matte without drying your lips out. Smudge/transfer proof...for example, I can eat a burger without it getting on the tip of my nose and around my mouth haha! A perfect look for these lipstick can either be a natural or a Heaney night out look. You can also combine shades together to correct a ombre contrast! I highly recommend these liquid lipsticks if you're looking for a affordable, quality, long lasting lipstick!
5 Emma
Recently purchased the shade 'Iced Mocha' & so far have only good things to say about the product. The formula is lovely and smooth, but not too fluid which can be an inconvenience. It's fast-drying and dries perfectly matte. The product packaging is sleek and refined and the smell is good!
5 Aniqa
Absolutely love the new shades 1995 and Everything Nice. They both apply so smoothly and are so pigmented. It's an everyday wear for me! Plus Beauty Bay's service is the most amazing service I've seen in a very long time. No other website compares to Beauty Bay in terms of customer service and delivery timings. Keep up the good work Beauty bay!!
5 Chloe
Love these! I purchased 1995 & Everything nice! So pigmented and last all day! Amazing quality! The perfect matte and don't dry the lips out! Will be buying more shades!
5 Jena
Recently ordered two of these in the shade '1995' and 'iced mocha' and oh my gaaaawd! I am in love with the colours! They are so pigmented and blend so perfectly on the lips. I love liquid matte lipsticks but I hate how some of them can be streaky, but the consistency of these are just perfect! Lastly the packaging is just so cute and classy. Will definitely be repurchasing some more soon!
5 Jessica
I am in LOVE with these liquid lippies. They are not drying at all I am obsessed! I have 6 different shades !
5 Alexandra
La textura es increíble ... y los colores son muy intensos. Estoy emocionado por la calidad del producto y la seriedad de esta página, tengo todo perfecto y muy rápido!
5 Lesley
Bought 2 and I've been wearing them every day so excited to order more shades. Brilliant product!
5 Megan
I ordered this after seeing really good reviews but I never expected it to be this good it stays on for so long! Stayed on for hours and didn't crack off at all. Defiantly will be getting more of them.
5 Sarah
Bought Serenity and Iced Mocha is really pleased with them the formula is amazing they are not dry at all plus love the selection of colors want to purchase more
5 Sarrah
Literally the best liquid lipstick! I have got gravity, ruby slipper, Cher and iced mocha. All of them are absolutely beautiful - it stays on for the majority of the day as well, requiring little top up! Amazing!
5 Chloe
I am so impressed with this formula.. Iced mocha is the perfect brown and the picture doesn't do it justice.
5 Pascale
I have Iced Mocha and Cher and I love both of them. The colour is so intense and even and once the product dries down it won't move. It doesn't chip or flake off but does fade a little bit in the centre of the lips if I eat something like a burger. Such a great product and such great quality!!!!
5 Lucy
My favourite lipstick absolutely love it!! Creamy, matte and doesn't dry lips out and stays on all day, bought 4 now:)
4 Georgy
Fab colours with great pigment. However, I found the product does seem to crack in the crevasses of my lips, but not where I could rub it off, just that it wouldn't sit. All the other reviews here seem to say the opposite though so perhaps there was just something about that batch? Not sure, still a good product.
5 Miriama
IN LOVE with these lipsticks!! They are so creamy,not drying at all. Have a few shades already,definately ordering more!
5 Megan
I think am in love with this lipstick!!!! I have serenity and invasion and I fell in love straight away. It's a creamy formula and it stays on!!! I had a ice cream to put it to the text and it stays on
5 Mehak Aamer
I have been trying to get the ballet slippers lip shade but it is not here. Can you please get this shade on the website so i can order it as i am in love with it.
5 Lisa
I nearly gave the whole collection. Am absolutely in love with the Gerard Cosmetics hydra matte quick delivery also! Smooth formula, long wearing & so pigmented! Will be ordering more again soon.
5 Jenny
Recently bought the colour ecstasy&and absolutely love it! Lightweight and non drying and I have such dry lips! Hope they bring out more colours
5 Angelica
in love!
5 Simona
I've got this Ecstasy shade and i must tell you i am in deeply love with this product. It is so good stays all day on your lips, feels nice and is not drying. Is just the perfect matte lip product, definitely I will buy more shades!
5 Angela
I ordered the colour Cher its darker on me because i'm pale but still very nice and unique color. Wears very well and doesnt crumble
5 Chloe
Purchased the colour 'Invasion' and must say, I'm completely in love with both the colour and formula! I took this with me on a night out, and didn't end up needing to touch up at all! All of my friends ending up using it and fell in love too! Such a pigmented and long-lasting product, that didn't dry out my lips whatsoever, and so easy to apply with no need for lip liner. Definitely will be purchasing more ASAP, just dying for some more shades!
5 Jaz
These are my new favourite liquid lipsticks! I bought them in Serenity (perfect peachy nude), cher, mercury rising and immortal. All great colours although mercury rising can make my teeth look a little yellow so beware of that! Amazing formula, super long lasting and not too thick or dry. I usually have to apply lip balm a lot with liquid lipstick but these are really not drying at all so a little before I apply lasts me all day
5 davrianne heslop
I absolutely love this product + so long wearing. Might actually buy many shades
5 Sasiya
I have order many colors : Cher , Ecstasy ,ballet slipper , serenity , immortal , invasion, iced mocha ,Gravity I love them all It the best lip that i will buy more for sure i love this brand please bring more color for choice
5 soph
love love loveee this product, really hard to find a matte lipstick which doesn't feel dry and sticky on the lips, finishes absolutely gorgeously on the lips and looks amazing. 100% recommend this product for anyone looking for a hydrating matte lippy, purchased the colour iced mocha which is such a lovely colour and had to go back for me! so amazing for the price too!
5 Nahida
In love with this formula, defenitley one of my favourite lip products/brands at the moment. So pigmented and doesn't dry the lip. I purchased iced mocha, invasion, ruby slipper and ecstasy. Iced mocha is my favourite out of the 4, I had to repurchase it because I knew I would finish if very fast!
5 Betija
The formula is fantastic, doesn't even feel like I am wearing it! Dries very quickly. The price for such high quality product is amazing!
5 Fiona
I never write reviews but this lipstick is amazing. I recently purchased the colour serenity and it lasts the full day, whether you're drinking or eating; I actually find it hard to remove it when I'm taking off my makeup. It's so pigmented and it feels so creamy when applying. Will definitely be buying other colours. I highly recommend.
5 Jo
So I got the shade serenity and GOSH is it the best nude lip I could ever hope for. A NW48/50. I always pair it with chestnut MAC and the effect is amazing. It last 8 hours of work without RETOUCH . I'm so on love with Gerald cosmetics line. If you're also a woc, try CHER and IMMORTAL ....?? IT'S SO PRETTY !!!
2 Kate
Very drying on the lips, make them feel bitty and not smooth!! Matte lipsticks from other brands are much better.
5 Abi
I bought two shades - 'Iced Mocha' and 'Cher'. Oh my goodness these liquid lipsticks are absolutely amazing for the price! They are incredible light weight, have a really good staying power and are not drying in the slightest - which is wonderful as that can be an issue for liquid lipsticks. You can mix the colours if you like on the back of your hand and apply with a lip brush, giving you so many more uses for these lippies.
4 Laura
Purchased serenity which was great, appeared darker on my lips than most other peoples swatches did, but it covered my lips in one swipe, amazing quality. Also purchased in ballet shoes which is very pink! Didn't seem to be as high quality as serenity and didn't cover my lips straight away it took time... But I do love these glosses...Never seem to feel actually dry but tend to go more damp
5 Cassandra sotomayor
I have in the last month purchased Aphrodite , invasion, serenity & 1995 !! And I am absolutely in love ?? They are perfect ! Smooth, easy to apply and last all day .. The pigments are so beautiful and compliment each skin tone! I highly recommend this brand over anything !
4 Sharon
The formula: The pigmentation is great, it's opaque in one swipe & its definitely not streaky. It dries and stays tacky and isn't drying or tight on the lips. It does however emphasise the lines in your lips, also the colour cher is not as berry toned as expected it has a some what lilac undertone to it.
5 Amber
I love these lipsticks ?? I own Serenity & Cher. Both beautiful colours. They go on fully pigmented, no streaks & dries within seconds. They last for hours and stay put. No smudging! I would 100% recommended any lipsticks.
5 Abigail
Outstanding product! Recently baught in serenity and now I'm after ruby slipper and iced mocha. By far the best lipstick I've ever had and great value!
5 Kelsey
I just received iced mocha and ecstasy and I have to say I was a bit skeptical as I have somewhat small lips but they do really plump them up! I instantly fell in love! The formula is great to apply and it isn't sticky, it doesn't transfer and it is also long lasting! I'm definitely going to buy more and recommending these to friends and family because they're so beautiful :)
5 Anne
Omg, just oooh myyyy god! I was not really expecting much when i ordered two of GC liquid lipsticks, but it's hands down the best formula ever. I love how hydrating they feel on my lips, and the color pigmentation is remarkable. I bought the shades Serenity and Cher, and they are amazing for us who have fair skin. Last for at least 6 hours, even through eating and drinking.Greate product, i need to get more shades!
5 Tamara
I bought a color Sereneti ! I liked the quality. On the lips lasts a long time , very nice color ! I will be ordering more other colors !
5 Adar Berwari
I got my items yesterday and they are AMAZING I love how they stay on for sooo long even when I tried washing it off it didn't come off which is amazing can't wait to get more now,!!! GIRLS you all need to get your hands on these absolutely amazing,!!!!! The shipping was great my items came within a two days everything was great thank you so much!!!
5 Emelia
First bought this in serenity, and although the colour didn't suit me i absolutely loved the formula of the lipstick- it stays on all day and doesn't fade on my dry lips. Couldn't resist but to buy these in 3 other colours which im obsessed with!
5 Georgia
Girls/boys,if this can stay on throughout a rave for 5 hours of constant dancing to drum and base,and also sweating like a pig,this can stay on throughout anything!
4 Anneka
I just received my order of iced mocha, ecstasy and invasion. OMG they're amazing!! Best liquid lipsticks I've ever used!!
5 Caoimhe
I purchased Invasion and it's so perfect, the colour stayed for hours on a night out. Definitely buying more!
5 Annie
Just bought two of these lipsticks in Iced Mocha and Ruby Slipper. These are gorgeous lipsticks, they go on like a gloss and then mattify on your lips without drying your lips out. I wore one on a night out and I didn't have to top up once which was brilliant as I always loose my lipsticks when I'm out, and now I can just put these on and go without having to take the tube with me! Buying another two now, better than MAC lipstick and half the price! Well worth a purchase.
5 Hannah
Best liquid lipstick I've tried, formula is amazing!! X
5 Rhianne
I have had my eye on this product and finally decided to go for it and order two, and i am so so glad I did. I LOVE THEM! They go on so smoothly and dry quickly, then stay put. The colours are absolutely lovely. They are absolute bargains and will definitely be ordering more, I currently have Iced Mocha and Invasion. The quick delivery also was a nice added bonus, I ordered them sunday afternoon and they arrived Monday morning!
5 Kasida
Amazing long lasting product, good value, would definitely recommend this to others,
5 Catarina
OMG by far the best liquid lipsticks that i ever owned! I bough Serenity and Iced Mocha, both beautiful. The only thing that i have to say is that i'm quite fair and iced mocha on me looks like a true cold brown, but still love it!
5 Annie
I have four of these now and I am SO in love. The best quality for such an affordable price. I am so impressed with the durability and the long-wear of this product. I can drink/eat and it will still look immaculate!! I will be buying every single shade. IN LOVE.
5 Rosie Todman
These really are the best lip colour product I have ever bought! I bought shades invasion and iced mocha and am so happy with both. The shades I bought are really cool tones and not like anything else I have tried. They are non drying, not tacky and stay put all day. the coverage is superb and in sure my lips look more volumised afterwards. I never write reviews but felt like I had to on this product. Would 100% recommend and will definitely buy again. Xxx
5 Dayna Scully
I own 6 of these (no joke) and love every single one of them. The first two I bought were serenity and Aphrodite, really pretty shades that go with almost everything. These last allllll night and really don't budge once applied. They have a lovely matte finish but at the same time don't dry your lips out. I now own other bolder colours such as Cher, invasion, ecstasy and iced mocha. Iced mocha is a little too dark for my skin (fair) but I still like to wear it for nights out. Can't wait to purchase some more (got eyes on everything nice) once in stock!
3 Tamara
I have two colors - ballet slipper and serenity. Both pull extremely warm on my pale skin. So they are more orange than pink on me.The formula of serenity is decent for the price - not as good as some of the other high end brands liquid lipsticks - but you get what you pay for . I also have the color ballet slipper - which looks like a pale yet vibrant peachy coral color as opposed to pink. The formula of ballet slipper is not as good as serenity in comparison and this was disappointing.
1 Gloria
Purchased 'Ruby Slipper', gorgeous color, nice texture and pretty good pricing for a liquid lippie, but I will definitely not repurchase any of these GC ones again. It accentuates dry spots on the lips and does not dry completely matte (hydra matte liquid lipstick). It feels sticky on the lips. If you like lip glosses and want to try out a liquid lipstick that does not dry your lips out, i would recommend it. Oh, and it's definitely not smooch proof. When you swipe over it, it is every where (hot mess…)
5 Parvin
I love these lipsticks they are super blendable Which is perfect for contouring and it feels so smooth on the lips
5 imogen
got this liquid lip in iced mocha and honestly one of the best formulas ive tried, still dries down to a matte finish yet stays hydrating on the lips so no cracking !
5 Ayesha
Great liquid lipstick, can't beat the price, does last a long time and stays on but would recommend wearing with a lip liner
5 Olivia
I absolutely LOVE these liquid lipsticks, I wear them near enough every day that I wear makeup and find them to last forever without cracking or anything on my lips. I had heard amazing things about this product before and therefore wanted to try it out for myself. The price range on these are awesome, so affordable and also super quick delivery! I love the shade range of these and I have a total of 3 colours at the moment but I intend on buying them all. Highly recommend!
5 haleema
Love!!! Long lasting, and amazing quality! I bought iced mocha and can't wait to try the other colours! Last all day and didn't crack at all! Highly recommend!
5 lauren
I ordered invasion on Friday night and due to it being the easter weekend I thought that it was going to take ages to come but my parcel arrived today. Although the colour is a bit darker than what it looks like in the picture, it is still a stunning shade. Can't wait to purchase more!!
5 Meeki
Originally purchased Seranity and became so obsessed I couldn't help but buy half the rest of the shades! Such amazing quality for the price
5 Danielle
I have this in Ecstasy and Serenity; and I absolutely love the both!! They're so hydrating and smooth which is so unusual for a matte lipstick.. highly recommend!!
4 odelya
it's very soft on the lips but I find it little bit drying I bought two shades sher an ecstasy and for a medium tan girl ecstasy it's little bit too cool
5 Liraz
Smooth and the only liquid lipstick that not makes the lips dry. High quality, smells amazing, and stay for hours
5 Katie
I'm not one to leave reviews but I had to for this product This is amazing always get compliments when I wear this out, I bought iced mocha and will be getting them all It dries Matt lasts so long, it isn't lip drying atal very smooth texture dries quickly aswell brilliant product. Very happy!
5 Grace
Bought iced mocha, and I have never been happier. I have been looking for something of this colour for so long and I don't think I could have purchased a better product. I am prone to getting really, really dry and cracked lips very often so I've always struggled especially with matte lipsticks, but this has solved it all. Perfect application, feels absolutely amazing and lasts all day. I've only had to reapply mine once in one day, and that's only on the very inside part of my lip after I had eaten and drank a LOT that day. I never bother with reviews normally but this is so fantastic I just had to. Would recommend to anyone and I will be buying every colour I possibly can!
5 Marit
Are you gonna buy the new colors, for example 1995? Because I would totally buy those.
5 Maria
I really love these. The pigmentation is amazing, they are easy to apply, the price is good, and they last for a very long time.
5 Skye
Absolutely overwhelmed by this product, I've tried other liquid lipsticks however the Gerard Cosmetics Matt are my favourite! Feels so light and silky, definitely something I will continue to buy!
5 chanelle jade
I recently purchased one of these in the shade iced mocha and oh my god I'm in love! the formula feels so nice on the lips and it isn't drying what so ever like most matte lip products. i think i may of found my favourite lip product! now we need more shades ;)
5 Marissa
I'm absolutely in love with these liquid lippies!! They last all day and they're not tacky or anything! They feel very soft on the lips! I got mine in 4 shades such as Invasion, Iced Mocha, Cher and Ecstasy and I love every single one of them! As they dry out the colour will set a little darker as while applying! I have reeeeeealy dry lips thats because I was a little afraid to try them but I can't say anything bad about them! My tip for you girls with very dry lips out there: use some chapstick before applying your make up;)
5 Jasmine scott
Go on fully pigmented with no streaks what so ever. Dry in about 10 seconds to a slightly tacky feeling and stay that way for the rest of the wear, last a long time ( about 7 hours) and don't crack off. Not drying at all even on dry lips and don't smear around your face throughout the day. Amazing quality especially for the price!
5 Jessica
I was a bit sceptical about buying a few of these for my kit but just decided to go for it because this price for a liquid lipstick isn't that pricey when it comes to makeup! I now have Iced Mocha and Ballet Slipper - I am in love!! They last all day with drinking etc. They are really matte and sometimes my clients like a little bit more shine so I add a clear gloss over the top and it works just as well! Will definitely buy more, I want them all!
5 Kirsty
Lasts for ages, doesn't crack, feels so nice on your lips and so easy to apply!! I'll be buying every colour
5 Zoe
I absolutely love these! I have gravity and invasion. I tend to wear invasion more but both colours are lush. Will definitely be buying more. They stay put all day!
4 Ceri
One of the best formulas out there. I have a lot of liquid lipsticks from high end to the high street brand and its really hard to find a formula this light that doesn't dry out the lips. I have the shades Ecstasy and Aphrodite and both are super pigmented. The shade Aphrodite however doesn't work for my skin tone so I use it to mix with other liquid lipsticks that have a dryer consistency. So yes, you can mix these to create your own personal shades which is a big plus, and they won't separate awkwardly. The quality for the price is really good.
5 Hannah
I bought this product in two of the darker shades as I'd heard good things about how long and well lasting they are once on and intended to use them for evenings out. I had never used this type of product before and now there's simply no going back! They're amazing! I may just have to buy every shade. They don't make your lips dry out and the finishing look is fantastic! Thank you Gerard Cosmetics!
5 Pamela
Bought two of these fab liquid lipsticks, Invasion and Depravity. Both unusual cool tones that wear so comfortably on the lips and last ages! So impressed with them and the price is amazing for such a quality product! Iced Mocha and Cher are next on my list! Totally recommend! X
5 Anna
I had heard so much about these liquid lipsticks so I decided to give them a go. I bought Serenity and Invasion. What I have noticed with several other brands, is that they are fine to begin with but after an hour or so they start to crack and awkwardly wear off... but with Gerard Cosmetics, they are so hydrating!! It doesn't crack or anything and it stays on perfectly for ages!! I went out for hours and didn't even need to reapply. Only criticism I have is that the colours look quite different in person. Serenity looks like it is more of a coral colour? but when I received it, it is more of a pink which is actually the exact colour that I was looking for. Overall would most definitely recommend.
4 Veronique
Mixed reviews on this product. Great pigmentation and feels like absolutely nothing on your lips, almost as if you're just wearing a smooth lip balm. However, they take a while to dry and because of this, the product might smudge around and come off. Also, the product came off a little on the inner rim of my lips during the day. I bought the colours Serenity and Invasion and I also made the mistake of purchasing invasion which is an exact dupe for the Stila stay all day liquid lipstick in Baci. Overall, a decent liquid lipstick that doesn't feel dry or heavy on the lips.
5 Rizzy
Bought this in Cher just to try it out. I don't normally wear lipsticks as they all seem to dry out my lips but MY GOD. This lipstick is BEYOND PERFECT! Lasts for a really long time, it's not even drying on my lips! I will definitely be purchasing more soon!!!
5 Lorna
These are the best liquid lipsticks I have tried up to date! The pigmentation is wonderful and they smell of vanilla, the casing is this really pretty frosted glass with a golden lid. Initially when I received it if I'm honest I was shocked at how small the tube actually is, however when it came to application one swipe of the wand was enough to cover both lips decently so the product should last a long while! Application was easy if a little sticky at first, it does dry nicely and you can barely feel it once it is there and it wont budge, I ate, drank AND showered with it on and the only difference was perhaps the colouration after I showered. I bought this shade in Invasion and it is a lot darker than the colour shown in the bottle and on this website (especially if your lips are naturally quite pink like mine), if you want a softer colour I'd suggest applying a foundation to your lips beforehand so the natural colour can't affect the true colour of the lipstick! Final note is that when I took it off at the end of the day my lips still felt moisturised :) all in all I would definitely recommend these, but do bare in mind that the colours are darker than they appear on the website here.
5 Katie
I bought iced mocha thinking it would be a brown/nude shade but when I received it it was dark brown!! I would never normally pick this colour however I am pleasantly surprised with how good it looks! Colour stays on well even through eating and drinking, highly recommend for the money :)
5 shanta Begum
Best lipstick I ever bought. Just amazing. Worth every penny.
5 Maria
I bought gravity, and I love it! the texture is really pretty and smooth. This really looks nice on women of colour. Has grey with some plum undertones.
5 Henna
I have to say I brought the Gerard cosmetics lipsticks from the GC website they took forever to arrive and I had to pay custom charge alongside the fact that the colours didn't last as long as the hydra matte liquid lipsticks I brought from beautybay. They were long wear and arrived in due time and were packed well. Would definitely recommend this website to friends. Also I have made my second purchase already with beautybay just a few moments ago. Thank you BB.
5 Bela
Cher was the very first liquid lipstick I bought from this line (and the first matte liquid lipstick I've ever owned) and it honestly made me want all of the liquid lipsticks, ever. I've bought Serenity and Immortal, and will buy more - the consistency is lovely, drying to a creamy matte finish on the lips. I'm wearing Immortal today for work, (my new favourite red matching my pale skin) I applied at half 8 this morning and after 5 and a half hours, it's still in place, even after cups of tea and cakes! Overly grateful to Beauty Bay for stocking brands that are difficult or a hassle to get delivered to the UK!
5 Chloe
I bought this product and it came after a day! Super fast delivery which I wasn't expecting, the product it really good, it's easy to apply and long lasting, wore it for a full day and only used one application! Very happy with it and will be buying a few more shades!
5 Chloe
I purchased ecstasy and completely loved it to bits, the formula is amazing and not too drying , I have unfortunately lost it but I am definitely going to repurchase as it was such a lovely product.
5 Shaay
I brought serenity and invasion, they don't dry out your lips and feel so comfortable to wear. I wore invasion when I went out for a meal and I didn't have to re-apply all night; I would 100% recommend!
3 Rose
I bought this in Ecstasy and while I love the colour, I do find that it starts to disappear in the centre of my lips quite soon after application.
5 Henna
Love these lipsticks! Ecstasy and iced mocha are amazing.
5 Jasdeep
Love the formula for these, they smell nice as well and apply so smoothly. I love serenity, so beautiful and lasts the whole day! I can't wait to order more of these liquid lipsticks.
5 Katrina
I've tried all different brands that supply matte lipsticks, but this brand has to be the best by far! I bought gravity and aphrodite and they are stunning colours, they are long lasting and stay on for hours even after eating/drinking. I've had a lot of compliments on them and I would recommend these lipsticks too everyone, they are incredible. I will definitely be buying every other colour!
5 Sophie
Really love these matte liquid lipsticks, they come in a range of colours and aren't too drying. Although they aren't as durable as LimeCrime Velvetines, they're a good alternative and a fraction of the price.
3 Michelle
I love the colours and they don't dry my lips out like other liquid lipsticks, which is great but they are not long lasting as they transfer and if you reapply the colour is not the same and becomes a darker shade. DOC all the way!
5 Dimitar
Love this Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick!!! They are so pigmented and easy to apply on your lips. The shade Iced Mocha is pure perfection!!! I would recommend this product to everyone. :)
5 Yasmine
After wanting to try Gerard Cosmetics for some time now, I finally got round to purchasing the liquid lipstick in Iced Mocha for myself Cher for my mum to give to her for Mother's Day tomorrow. I am so impressed and happy that I bought them! I'm very into stoney brown shades at the moment and Iced Mocha is perfect! The staying power is incredible, even after eating and drinking, it does last all day. As far as I can find, Beauty Bay is the only UK stockist as well! Will definitely be ordering more! Thankyou to Beauty Bay and Gerard Cosmetics!
5 Emily
I LOVE these liquid lipsticks, growing a collection of them. Ecstacy is my all time favourite. Colours are true to the picture, all day long lasting formula, don't dry your lips out, dries matte very quickly and the packaging is beautiful. 10/10.
5 Birgitta
I bought these in ecstasy and gravity. I'm in love these matte colours! I highly recommend and also shipping was very quick!
5 Madalena
All good
5 Beki
Perfect lippy! A blogger i follow recommended these and i thought i would give them a try as i love matte lip products at the moment. I bought ecstasy, iced mocha and gravity. They are slightly sticky when first applied but after a few seconds it drys and lasts all day! Each one I wore I got so many complements, cant wait to try invasion and cher!
5 Helen
I brought ecstasy and it's amazing it stays on for ages and I love it I got the lips London fog as well and that's just as good the colours come out darker than expected but I'm very happy with them
5 S.
Serenity is such a pretty shade and I can't wait to order some other colours. They are cheap, sticks around really well and doesn't dry out THAT much. Only thing I found a bit difficult at first was the applicator because it's a bit harder to apply then a lipstick, but practice makes perfect.
5 Sophie Svenstrup
LOVE IT! Bought 3 colours at first and now I'm getting them all! I put it on in the morning before work and it lasts the entire 8-hour day at work AND 2 hours workout after work without the need to refresh! The only minus is that the dark colours can be a bit tricky to get off - if you call that a minus! Simply love this product!
5 saima
OMG these are now my favourite liquid lipstick from all other liquid lippys I've tried till now... I mean oh my goodness they're amazing! they're matte but you won't feel that they're matte and oh yesss they're smudgeproof. LOVE THEM will buy more (I got only Iced mocha)
5 Rachel
I used Ruby Slipper and although it was just a couple shades too dark for my skin tone (Ginger and very pale) I was really impressed with the formula. It wasn't drying and I really liked the application of the product. Going to buy more shades as I gave my ruby slipper to my friend and it stayed on all night. Really pleased with the product and great price.
5 Lulia
This lipstick is very good, the quality is incredible for such a low price. Highly recommended.
5 Ilaria
I loooove this product!!!! I bought Ballet Slipper and it's such an amazing shade!!
5 Ellen
Love these liquid lipsticks! I got the colour Cher and it is so beautiful and has the most perfect finish on your lips. I will definitely be buying the other colours because they are just so good! The price put me off a little at first because I thought that it might be just like a drugstore type of lipstick but I was so wrong! The quality is so good I would expect this of Bobbi Brown etc, amazing! Would recommend to anyone!
5 Becky
Love Serenity! These lipsticks are sooo good, and don't dry out your lips at all.
5 Liz
Love these, long lasting and non drying! Fab pigment too
5 Tenikka
I bought the colour serenity and love it so much, it is such a pretty colour and doesn't feel dry on the lips, also transfer proof, I'm definitely glad I finally purchased it!
5 mona
amazing amazing amazing, need i say more
3 Inga
I bought this product to see if I could wear a matte liquid lipstick when I have really dry lips. Unfortunately, the product dried out my lips. However, I do not think I can wear any matte liquid lipstick because of my extremely dry lips. I think a person with less dry lips would be really happy with this product. It is a good price and several nice colors.
5 alice
received mine today! shipping took 1,5 week to Sweden. i bought ecstasy and ballet slipper, and i love them!!! definitely going to buy more!
5 Nilay
Hallo, ich bin vllig begeistert von diesen Produkt sie ist einfach beim auftragen und ist sehr angenehmen auf den Lippen bin verliebt hab sie in 7 verschiedenen Farben und kann sie jeden weiter empfehlen :) BEAUTYBAY i Love the Liquid Lipsticks :)
5 Sheena
I bought Invasion, Ruby Slipper and Iced Mocha and I'm already obsessed with them! They're so pigmented and easy to apply, the shades I got are gorgeous! They're not a liquid lipstick that would last ALL day, you will need to top up the centre of the lips but other than that they're amazing 100% worth the money!
5 Penny
I bought Cher and Serenity and couldn't believe how impressed I was! Absolutely amazing liquid lipsticks, totally worth the hype, and the price is amazing too!
5 Lucy
These lipsticks say on through out the day without having to reapply, very good!
5 Charli
bought this lipstick in Iced Mocha and was really apprehensive but absolutely loved the result and went on perfectly first time!! would definitely recommend
5 Lissa
Beautiful liquid lipsticks! Perfect to apply, highly pigmented, not drying and stay on all day. A perfect dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lips. Ecstacy and Iced Mocha are my favourites, but Ballet Slipper is a let down - a bit wishy washy!
5 Beth
fantastic. ruby slippers is my favourite colour for during the day and lasts all day even through meals! Great formula, great price
5 Eleri
Most hydrating liquid lipstick I own! I bought the shades ecstasy, iced mocha and cher and the colour pay-off is amazing. Best part is the price tag! Not too expensive but enough to know you aren't getting a bad quality product. Will definitely be getting serenity for spring/summer.
5 Stacey
I bought these in Serenity, Iced Mocha and Cher. They're fairly dark on me as I am super duper pale, but I fully expected this and they are such lovely colours! The formula is really nice, applies easily and it's true - they don't completely dry your lips. They almost stay kind of waxy, but completely matte. Lovely! Cannot wait to try them out for all day. Still so impressed by the things Beauty Bay stocks, never stop being fabulous!
5 Beth
Can't believe this product is so cheap; it stays on all day and doesn't dry out lips like some liquid lipsticks do. I bought ecstasy and it is perfect, colour is exactly as described/shown in the picture too!
5 Clare
Love Ecstasy it's beautiful and stays on all day! Would definitely recommend.
5 Nicole
Love these, amazing formula! Have four of them and since using these nothing else compares, defo worth it by far the best liquid lips! You need these in your collection.
5 Honey
Yesterday I got my parcel. Thumbs up for being on time. I bought the shade in serenity and ecstacy . They are beautiful colors . Serenity is my new favourite . They are bit sticky but very good and wearable. Just put lip balm before to apply smoothly.
5 sadia
love these lipsticks! ive tried many matte lipsticks brands and gerard cosmetics is my favourite. i bought cher and serenity and i love the colours! i cant wait to order more :D
5 Rachel
I've never bought a matte lipgloss or any lip make up online so I was really cautious about buying this Cher matte lipgloss. I thought it would arrive in two weeks time but it arrived 2 days after I got it! I was so pleased, and the colour is exactly like the one shown on the Internet. It drys quickly however it doesn't dry my lips which is a good thing because other matte lipglosses and lipsticks do. I would definitely recommend Cher matte lipgloss from Gerard cosmetics. I'm so pleased!
5 Kad
Perfect nude for all - I'm blackskin its wonderful. The texture are just amazing. Quick delivery 1 week for France.
5 Alisha
I've just received my first beauty bay order (super fast delivery) and I ordered Aphrodite... these liquid lipsticks are amazing!!! They are so matte and literally stay in place all day. Aphrodite is a true nude and can't believe the quality for the price. I'm already planning my next order and it'll definitely include more of these!!!
5 Debby
Have a few of these liquid lipsticks now and love them. Don't dry my lips out & stays on for hours.
4 ME
I bought ecstasy, everything is perfect with it - stays on, doesn't dry out my lips etc but I feel the colour is darker than I wanted/thought it would be.
5 Maria Gordon
I have tried a lot of different liquid lipsticks and they dry my lips out like Sahara. But not these! They stay on but are still pretty easy to get off, it's very pigmented and creamy! And it looks beautiful on my lips for Many hours without my lips are screaming for help. Immediately purchased 2 more :)
5 Kirstie
I've now bought this in almost every colour! Absolutely love this product! Lasts all night, amazing!
5 Kelly
Serenity is absolutely amazing! I didn't think I would love it as much as I do. The formula is amazing, it's not too drying on my lips and it is really matte. At first I thought it would be too pale for me (I'm shade C3 in the mac face & body), but it's perfect! Manny MUA did an amazing job creating this shade. I'm definitely going to repurchase!
5 Zaynab
Bought this on a Friday evening & it arrived in Sunday morning!! I was constantly updated of when it was dispatched and even when it was delivered. Absolutely fantastic customer service. I bought it in the colour Cher and have to say I am not disappointed! Bought this for such a bargain and he colour is so pigmented and doesn't come off at all. Will definitely be buying more in the other colours!
5 Marta
WOW! I'm literally amazed with this lipstick! I've got serenity and it is a lovely warm pink that compliments my tanned skin and warm blonde hair. First lipstick that doesn't dry my lips either! Just wow, wow, WOW :)
5 Olivia
I bought Serenity and it is a gorgeous pinky-neutral colour, it really sticks to your lips and lasts forever! Absolutely love it. Highly recommend!
5 Rachel
I just got serenity in the post and it is the ultimate liquid lipstick! I am so glad that Beauty Bay has this lipstick, I will be forever buying it. The colour is perfect for evening and everyday wear. The colour is exactly the same on the model which was so easy to shop for. I would 100% recommend this lipstick to anyone looking to look glamorous as it lasts all day and doesn't transfer! Dries perfectly and is a pleasure to wear.
5 Sophie
Serenity is a little brighter than in the picture, more of a deep peachy pink but a gorgeous colour and so hyrdating and doesn't feel cakey or like I had to apply more than one coat, best liquid lipstick I've tried although it does come of a little if you eat or drink.
5 Ana Maria
Color preciso y muy favorecedor. Huele muy bien y muy muy comodo de llevar en los labios. Sin duda una compra buenisima!!! Ha merecido esperar un mes para tenerlo!
5 Maja
Love Ecstacy, Cher and Iced Mocha! I'm definitely going to buy them again, and try Gravity and Serenity!
5 Phoebe
Love this product! Best liquid lipstick! Has a little wear in the centre after a while but stays on really well elsewhere. I bought the shade Cher because I love the movie clueless and it's the perfect muted purple grey for my skintone, so glad I bought this!
5 Amelia
Absolutely love these! My holy grail! First I brought invasion and loved it and then purchased ruby slippers, iced mocha, Cher and serenity! Doesn't dry your lips and lasts ages!!! So if your reading this because your considering of buying then definitely at it!! I got so many family and friends into these and they love them too!!
5 Migle
The best Liquid lipstick I have ever tried, amazing colour, long lasting, not drying my lips.. I recommend it for everyone :) Serenity is my new favourite :)
5 Debby
Absolutely love these lip products. Lovely formula. Stays on for hours. Does not fade... have got 3 of them now & will buy more for my professional kit as well. Don't hesitate to buy. They're amazing.
5 Iida
Love these! I bought ecstasy, iced mocha and gravity. They are all everything and even more than I was hoping! They stay on your lips for hours without creasing, no matter what you eat or drink. They are a bit drying, but if you add a tiny amount of lipbalm with your finger every now and then you will be good to go! Oh and by the way no need for lipliner. I guess I'll purchase serenity and ruby slipper next...
5 Elanta
Serenity is great color! Especially for spring and summer :) Didn't dry my lips!
4 SazanHeni
I bought it in the colour Ecstasy and Cher. Ecstasy is exactly how it is shown on the model, it's a pretty purply/licacly colour. Cher is my favourite its the closest colour to mac whirl for me. They're pigmented, apply easily and are quite comfortable to wear. Although for the price it is worth purchasing, I noticed on myself I need to wear a lip primer and lip pencil underneath both colours for them to last 2-3 hours when I eat and drink.
5 Annette
Love Ecstacy. Fab matte, will be buying more.
5 Lizzie
I brought Cher, Ecstacy, Iced Mocha and Ruby Slipper and I love them! They are smaller than I expected but the pigmentation is incredible!! :)
5 Emma
Bought ecstasy as my first liquid lipstick and WOW! Love all about it! And the shade, so beautyful. I loved the lipstick so much I had to order more. Bought Ruby slippers, Gravity, Serenety and Cher, waiting impatiently for them to reach my mail.
4 Linda
Bought Serenity, total different colour that I thought... very pigmented and last all day, think it works best with something under (before you apply) Will buy other shades!
5 Kayleigh
I have just recently bought Iced Mocha, I originally wanted Invasion but it is out of stock! Nevertheless, I am thrilled with this lipstick, it is not drying and it really does stay on for hours. I additionally bought blue venom plumping lips gloss which I wear underneath Iced Mocha and it just makes my lips pop! I will definitely be buying more colours. Hopefully invasion will be back in stock soon!
5 Lauren
Loved serenity! It goes matt without being drying love it! Just ordered iced mocha and ecstasy:)
5 Elaine
Iced mocha is a beautiful shade! Very pigmented and these last all day! Thank you Beauty Bay for bring these products to us.
5 Nicole
I've just bought Iced Mocha and Ruby Slipper and I'm already obsessed! Tried both shades without lipliner (next on my to-buy list) and Iced Mocha in particular went on like a dream and looked fabulous - Ruby Slipper looked good too but I'll definitely need a liner for it. Lips still feel soft and hydrated, and it's also worth mentioning that the product smells lovely too!
5 Anna
Not only am I so impressed with this lipstick (invasion) and will definitely be back to buy more but the company is perfect! Ordered on a Sunday afternoon and received the next day! So impressed! 10*!
5 Laura
I've ordered so many of these lip colours now, they are amazing & give a perfect matte finish! Very reasonable price & the delivery was so quick.
5 Zafren
Love this liquid lipstick in Cher, beautiful colour and an amazing product. So glad Beauty Bay sells such awesome products!
5 Pilar
Bought SERENITY and APHRODITE. Serenity is basically a pink, but in a dusty rose with a peach undertone, which makes it more wearable if your not into pinks. Love it. Aphrodite is peach nude, very orangey and quite pale, so go for it only if you are very fair. If not, it would look irreal, but it is beautiful special nude for pale skin. They both are quite opaque and liquid, which is good, but they set a little bit on the lines, and feel a little sticky. For the price, I couldn't be happier, because the color range is quite unique and vivid.
5 Elodie
I purchased these liquid to matte lipsticks in Cher and Serenity. They are fabulous and very pigmented! They don't dry out your lips and look gorgeous on. The colours are very vibrant and there is a huge range to choose from. I'm very happy with the quality of this product and how it was packaged by Beauty Bay.
5 Lauren
These are amazing! I ordered Cher and Iced Mocha and they are so Matte! Last for hours and feels like there's nothing on your lips!!! 10/10
4 andri
I bought serenity! very beautiful color & long lasting !! But the ml is small!!
5 SofiA
I recently bought serenity and invasion. They are stunning colors! So pigmented, they last for hours even though you will eat or drink. Also, they are not drying at all. I will purchase more colors soon.
5 Nazeera
Amazing product! Purchased Serenity - beautiful color, stays on all day and doesn't dry out your lips. Best liquid lipstick I've tried!
5 Erin
Bought iced mocha and invasion I love them they are so pigmented and don't budge off your lips but with other matte liquids made my lips dry and flaky and these don't at all so glad Beauty Bay is stocking them I will be buying more shades.
5 Natalie
Ordered both Ruby slipper and Iced mocha and was quite surprised by how pigmented they were. Glided on smoothly however I could recommend using a lip liner (as they can get very messy!) product is very good value for money and will be recommending to everyone :)
5 Suzie
Bought serenity and invansion and absolutely love them, invasion in particular! They last so long and sit perfectly:)
5 Andželika
Want to purchase Serenity so bad...!!! Please please please Beauty Bay bring this shade back in stock!!!
5 Zunera
I purchased ecstasy I love the colour it such a beautiful colour, my lips feel super soft not dry at all and it stays on for such a long time. However the colours that are shown above don't look the same so I would advise to look on YouTube or Instagram to see the colours of different skin types,other than that I love it X
5 Jessica
I bought Iced Mocha - its such a gorgeous colour! The shade selector online is true to colour. They stay on all day honestly and they don't flake away at all. Would definitely recommend!
5 Shanley
Absolutely amazing, perfect application, I got Cher and it's so gorgeous, reminds me of Mac Mehr lipstick x definitely worth the price x
5 Jodie
I LOVE THESE! Ordered the Aphrodite and Mercury rising colours and they are amazing, I recommend wiping excess off on to the side of the tube before applying to your lips. they have such an all over even coverage and dry to a lovely matte colour that stays on for hours! Just ordered Serenity and Ruby Slipper. Can't wait for them to arrive!
5 Tina Kvist
I've bought several of these liquid lipsticks, and I love them! Easy to work with and last for a long time! They don't dry my lips at all. The colours are beautiful, and you can easily combine them.
5 Anita
I really love this liquid lipsticks! they are not sticky. The pigmentation is really awesome, the colours are beautiful. They should do more colours! I would buy all!
5 Sophie
I purchased serenity. Such a gorgeous colour on the lips. It's actually my third purchase from the matte range I also have ecstasy and iced mocha. They are fab lip products with great staying power and that don't break the bank. Well worth the money...
5 Stacey
I purchased Aphrodite & Serenity, both lovely colours! Easy to apply and lasted all day!
5 Elida
I purchased this is the shade serenity and I love it! It does not budge!! Best lip product I have used, by far!
5 Moumita
Mercury Rising - such a gorgeous Orange! Thanks a lot Beauty Bay for stocking. The staying power is AMAZING (had it on for 10 hours) and it feels so comfortable on! One thing to keep in mind is to not have much oily food as it tends to bleed and go off with excess of oils. The texture is to be ADORED as unlike all other Mattes, Its a HYDRA one - MUCH HYDRATING MATTE!! Perfect for the Moisture Lovers who refrain from matte lipsticks. Extremely satisfied with this product, definitely treat yourself! Looking forward to purchase more shades. Love!
5 Linda
I bought Ecstasy, and I love it! the texture is so smooth. I wear this lipstick with mac's night moth lip liner or chestnut and it really makes my lips pop. looks great on women of color. Has a lovely light purple undertone.
5 Adrianna
This is my second liquid lipstick from Gerard Cosmetics. I would say this is one of best for this price. I will order more.
5 Sandra
This is my new obsession ! I got Invasion and it's so unique color and the best of all is a texture . Now I want every single color !
5 Krissy
Love this! I've never been a huge fan of liquid lipsticks but this isn't drying at all and doesn't crumble off which is the problem I always have, I'll definitely be buying more colours!
5 Rachael Connor
Fantastic product. I bought Serenity; a beautiful pink/coral shade and a great nude for those who don't like particularly pale shades. Great formula that glides on easily with wonderful pigmentation and does not dry out your lips. I will definitely be purchasing every shade - believe the hype!!
5 Emily
I brought these off the Gerard's cosmetics website a couple months ago but they're cheaper on here and you have to pay a large customs fee if you order from Gerard Cosmetics. So I wish I got it from here instead! The lipstick itself is absolutely gorgeous I own 4 of these but my favourite ones are 100% Cher and Ecstacy, they apply so easily and dry really quick. They have such a long last and I relieved a lot of compliments. A definite must have!
5 Bhavini Soni
When I first found Beauty Bay I went crazy. After receiving, I fell in love with Gerard Hydra Matte Lipsticks. Now ordering more and more. Can't stop myself from buying them. The best website I want to buy again and again. Thank you. Hugs and Kisses. :* Please get more matte lipsticks from different brands.
5 Lilly
Pretty good lasting power and smell is delicious!
5 Asa
I got the colour Immortal and I love it! The formula is great and not drying at all. It last for hours and won't come off without waterproof makeup remover. Will definitely get more! :)
5 Mollie
I have 5 of these now and I cannot get enough!! Love how long they last and how they do not dry my lips like some liquid lipsticks.... Will probably buy all the colours at the rate I'm going lol!!!!
5 Laura
I bought invasion and it has made me want all colours they are that great, probs the best lip product I have used as it lasts so long and no need for reapplying all the time, great for the money as well.
5 Zuzana
One of my favourite liquid lipstick formulas so far. Aphrodite is beautiful on fair skin.
5 Nicole
Totally in love with this liquid lipstick, I'm so happy with my purchase! The shade Ecstasy is amazing, so so beautiful and the lipstick is so long lasting, stays on my lips for hours! I will get the others asap :)
5 Edita
Love all the liquid lipsticks from Gerard Cosmetics, they stay in place all day and it feels comfortable on.
5 Tyler-Ann
Very easy to apply, no lip pencil needed. Perfect matte finish and are opaque in one use. I purchased ecstasy and serenity and couldn't be happier, both beautiful colours and both very wearable. They last practically all day with eating and drinking, only needing minor touch ups. Comfortable to wear and don't leave stains on glasses when drinking.
5 Laura
Love, love, love it!!! Got ecstasy, stayed on all day was a little tacky but I used Dior's lip Max over the top!! Perfect.
4 Jessica
I got the colour immortal after purchasing all the other colours, this one let me down it was quite drying and the colour didn't stay on for long at all, but I love serenity, invasion and ecstasy!
5 Mariebelle
I bought the color Invasion which is a grey kinda colour. It doesn't come off until I remove my makeup, which is very important when it comes to liquid lipsticks! A great price too!
5 Inga
Ordered serenity and Aphrodite on Saturday it's Monday today and I just received the parcel! Such quick delivery. I love this company, can always rely on my products arrival on time! The lipsticks are amazing. I love serenity, such easy application and I only needed one coat! Will definitely be purchasing again from this brand, and it also smells good!
5 Holly
Love these, long lasting, fast drying to matte, not drying to the lips.
5 Millie
I bought this liquid lipstick after failing to get my hands on the Kylie Lip Kit. I went for the colour 'Serenity' as I thought it was similar to Kylie's Candy K shade. This liquid lipstick is quiet sticky when first applied, but dried down quickly to a matte powdery consistency, and only needed one coat. I adore the colour too! I just wish that there were matching lip liners for these products, as I found that by the end up the day the product had become blurry round the edge of my lips. The packaging is also gorgeous!
5 Chloe
I have this liquid lipstick in the shade Ectasy, it is a lovely colour but it is a lot darker than what it looks. It applies nice and easy and it stays put for a long time!
5 Claire
Bought serenity - smooth, non sticky formula and stays on while making my way through a meal! Doesn't crease or feel dry on the lips, amazing value for money! Aphrodite and Ecstasy will be next.
4 Emma
I purchased Ecstasy, beautiful deep mauve. Dried down very matte but comfortable to wear, lasted for a good few hours! Received many compliments whilst wearing this colour at work!
5 Sophie
Omg such gorgeous lip products. I ordered ecstasy and it felt and looked amazing on my lips. Got lots of compliments when worn. Also they are so long lasting. I popped mine on @ 8am and by evening it was still on. Most of the time with liquid lipsticks I have to touch up at lunch time. So yes thumbs up for these liquid lipsticks you won't regret if you purchase.
5 Maryam
Overall I am really impressed with these liquid lipsticks. They’re extremely long lasting and are really comfortable to wear. the formula is a bit dry but it's so pigmented. Moreover you do not need any lip liner for these lipsticks. Completely recommend to buy. For buying from Beauty Bay I give the thumbs up. As a buyer from Sweden I am totally satisfied with shipping time and cost. I recommend to buy from Beauty Bay.
5 Naz
I purchased Ecstacy and it's the most gorgeous gorgeousssss and I repeat, gorgeous colour ever! I absolutely love how matte and smooth the product is. So easy to apply and I'm ready to purchase more colours to add to the collection now! :)
5 Melissa
I bought ecstasy and serenity and I'm absolutely in love with them! So glad I bought them.
5 Heidi Burns
Have serenity and its my favourite liquid lipstick formula ever! So comfortable on the lips the and wears amazingly! Will definitely be getting more shades.
5 Laura
I purchased 2 of these invasion and ecstasy . Both colours are gorgeous. Staying power is fantastic that good I struggled to get it off. Colours are slightly darker than expected so be aware of this. I purchased these during black Friday sale but would happily pay the full price as they are great.
5 Zeba
OMGGGGGGG I am so in love with this colour honestly this is the first time I have ordered from Beauty Bay and this is the first time trying Gerrard Cosmetics and I am so in love this colour reminds me of stone from dose of colors.. Also these lippies smell amazing and are not drying.
5 Kim
This liquid lipstick literally lasts all day even when eating and drinking. It has a beautiful matte finish and doesn't dry out the lips as much as other liquid lipsticks. I got the colour Invasion and personally feel it doesn't suit me that well but I will definitely be purchasing the other colours!
5 maria
I purchased Ecstasy and I LOVE it!everyone complimented me for the colour! That suits at every skin tone I think! Very satisfied with this product ill come back for more colours!
5 Daisy
Adore this lipstick in serenity- smells gorgeous, easy to apply, looks amazing and the colour is stunning! A great price too!
4 Jessica
I purchased Serenity and Ecstasy, both lovely colours, very matte but I found they were a bit sticky but everyone complimented me on the great colours, especially ecstasy!
5 Chlo
Long wearing formula, and the colour ecstasy is beautiful, however it's a lot darker than what I thought it'd be but still really nice!
5 Morgan
Purchased Ecstasy - such a gorgeous mauve colour! The staying power is AMAZING and it feels so comfortable on, whereas with cheaper brands the formula tends to get crumbly after a couple of hours - had this on a 9-5 shift and only had to reapply after lunch, but I barely had to reapply any and it was only because I was so excited about it! (any excuse eh!). Very satisfied with this product, definitely treat yourself!
5 Karen
I got Serenity and Invasion - love them both. They're not at all drying, and really long lasting. Serenity literally doesn't come off! I'll be getting the other four colours soon!
4 Paige
This liquids lipstick has a very liquid-y formula but dries to a matte finish. It is not sticky and feels comfortable to wear. This lipstick is very long wearing and would last all day. It applies evenly and only needs one coat. However, it is quite tricky to remove but that does not put me off at all. Absolutely love this product.
5 Rhian
Purchased as a gift... Shade serenity and Aphrodite - gorgeous texture and light on lips, not aware of wearing it as so comfortable. Applies very efficiently and no tackiness. Shades are gorgeous!!
5 Ally
This is my favourite liquid lipstick formula of every one I've tried! The colour pay-off is second to none, it dries completely matte, it lasts all day and it doesn't dry your lips or clump up! It costs a lot less than most high-end lipsticks and, in my opinion, is better than them too. You also don't need a lipliner for this because of the dofer applicator which is another big thumbs up for me. Cannot recommend this lipstick enough!
5 Beth
These are amazing! They last for a good 4-5 hours even with eating/drinking. They are completely matte but not too drying.
3 Elwira
Well I was actually surprised they're not as good as I thought they would be.
5 India
Serenity came today and it's such a pretty, everyday wear sort of colour, perfect for every skin tone. Glides on like a gloss and highly pigmented. I didn't prep my lips before so it was a bit sticky when it dried but hopefully when I prep them beforehand it will sit better.
5 Tia
These hydra matte lipsticks are amazing and so cheap considering it's a high end brand, I'm in love with mine in the shade serenity usually matte lipsticks make my lips dry but not these ones they feel amazing on my lips so hydrating and the colours are also gorgeous!
5 Marwa
I absolutely adore hydra matte lipstick in mecury rising , it's a really stunning colour but also nourishes the lips while providing a beautiful pigmented colour that lasted me throughout the whole day without any touch ups , it also didn't smudge or bleed it stayed put all through I hours I wore it, it's mate without the mate feeling I even forgot I was wearing any thing and I got so much compliments on how beautiful the lipstick looked On me which is rare ... I really recommend this lipstick to anyone who loves mate formulas but hates the sticky icky feeling they provide.
5 Amy Lees
Best site for make up, has great brands and reasonable delivery prices unlike other beauty sites
5 Oksana
This lipstick is amazing! Color, finish - all is good.

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