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Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit Zoom
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4 Disha
Absolute beauty this one. Love the pigment and the glow. it works great for eyeshadow as well. Its is worth the money going out of your pocket. You get four glorious highlighters in the same palette, its rather a steal.
5 LidS
So pretty, I'm pretty sure I'll be using this all through my summer holidays. I'm quite pale so was a bit worried this would be too dark for my skin tone but moonstone, summer and tourmaline seem to work great and bronzed looks very pretty as an eye shadow. Also very nice to mix the shades together.
3 Read If you dont want to be disappointed!
So I bought this palette thinking it was real. This was my first highlighter platte from ABH, so I did not have anything to compare it with. I watched some videos on yt about how to aply the highlighters, and then I noticed that the ABH logo was not on mine. This is definetly a fake one, but it still works wonders. A little bit disappointed, but love the palette!!
5 Harry
Pigmented, blend-able and brown-girl friendly!
5 Sara A.
Before ordering, I had no idea that one day this palette would be my holy fricking' grail. Everything about it is amazzzzzzing. I collect highlighters from both highend & drugstore brands, and seriously I am willing to throw all my highlighters out for this one. THAT'S HOW CRAZY MY LOVE FOR THIS ONE IS!!!! It feels so silky and the pigmentation is unreal. LOVE YOU BEAUTYBAY xxxxx
5 Sarah
Best pallet out there after trying a lot !! the only down side is after a few months the The writing faded on the front,it's barely there now :( so that's the only thing I was disappointed with as the packaging should match the same quality as the product and price but it wouldn't stop me buying it again
5 maria
The best glow kit ever!!! I love the glow. Metallic finish non glittery!
5 Kat
This palette is stunning!! The highlighters are so creamy and pigmented, highly recommend to anyone :)
5 Mollie
This is amazing!! Honestly I've been waiting to get one for so long and I finally could, next day delivery is great and the pigment is just amazing, best highlighter I've ever used
4 Marizela santana
I love this products
5 nofar podgayevski
this pallette is adorable, i love it so much. so pigmented!!
5 concepcion
I love it! Highly pigmented highlighters. A perfect kit
5 Natalie Turley
4 Gina
Absolutely amazing! So stunning on the skin and the powders are so finely milled with just enough shimmer to create the most magically glow to the skin. I have really pale skin and I can wear all of these shades on my skin (using bronze as a bronzer topper and tourmaline as a blush topper int he winter) This kits is a truely amazing treat to get anyone in the summer spirit!
5 Collette
HELLO! HERE COMES THE GLOW Placed the order for ABH Sun Dipped Glow Kit on Friday night, after I noticed it was back in stock at Beauty Bay. I was so surprised when the package arrived Sunday morning. Beauty Bay is value for money and is very quick. Start spreading the news.
5 Amy
This glow kit is amazing! I had my doubts at first because I'm fair-skinned, but I can make all of them work for me. The darkest shade I use as a bronzer topper, and the other three I use as highlighters. The pigmentation is also great!
5 Dalila
the best highlighter out there!! Just finished one and im about to order again the same:)))
1 Abidha Khan
Bought this and it's not pigmented at all even though every ones is- thought it was a bad batch. I emailed beautybay but they said that didn't deem the product as faulty. Would not recommend
5 Sally
Highly pigmented highlighters. The colours are so beautiful and suit whatever makeup look you're doing.5
5 Alina
So pigmented and so beautiful! Fantastic for summer
5 Sarah
Highly pigmented highlighters. The colours are so beautiful and suit whatever makeup look you're doing.
4 Kat
I prefer THAT GLOW to this kit as it is creamier and more pigmented but overall great for a beginner
5 Meg
Was so dubious about buying this palette as so many fakes on the market. Read some reviews and thought would risk it, so glad I did!! Stunning, beautiful and well worth the money. I bought a few items an was so impressed with everything. The delivery was faultless, ordered yesterday and it arrived today with the premier delivery. Highly recommend this site for all beauty needs.
5 Phoebe
This palette is AMAZING!!! This is the first glow kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills I have owned however I heard amazing things about the others, and the sun dipped one had my ideal choice of colours. I am medium to light skin tone and can work all of the colours from this kit. They're so pigmented with so much coming off from one swipe with the finger.
5 zoe claire
great kit ,the colours are fantastic for summer skin and great for using on the eyes with a slight damp brush for intensity .
5 Ryan
This palette is incredible! Never expected it to match the staying power of my beloved Becca Champagne Pop but it lasts and last all day even on the tear duct! Each shade works so well with all skin tones and can be combined to soften or enhance the glow factor! Its a must! xx
5 Joselyn
It just land my glow kit and i can't be more happy with it!!! pigmentation is amazing in all the four shades and really worth the money. is so easy to work with it, with just a little product you have an amazing look and also you can easily build the intensity. I find this kit perfect for medium tones like me. Maybe the shades can look a little darker but in the skin is just flawless and perfect glow. I will highly recommend this palette without a doubt and I'll purchase it again!
5 Becky Key
This is a gorgeous kit of highlighters. Each one is super finely milled, and gives a serious see-you-from-space glow! They really are beautiful and very easy to blend. I find they last around 8 hours even on my oily skin! Beautiful!
5 Sasha
This product was one of the best things I have ever owned, the quality and pigmentation is wonderful, I bought the zoeva 129 luxe fan brush and it picks the product up beautifully it applys it so smoothly. Despite the price I really don't think it is unreasonable, I would seriously recommend this if you love highlighters like me!
5 Fu
5 Elvira
I love this pallette! It is my very first glow kit and I am blown away with colour pay off and incredible shine on my cheekbones. Also great as an eyeshadow or deepest colour as an all over glow on your face. Perfect! Totally in love!
5 Grace
Oh my god ??! The best thing I have ever bought, the pigments are amazing! Delivery was so quick too, would definitely recommend!!
5 Marie
this palette is amazing!! I placed my order and it arrived here two weeks later. Weirdly the four highlighting shades from this particular glow kit are more pigmented and extremely buttery. I am a mixed girl and I would say that the Sun Dipped Kit is definitely more suitable for deeper skin tones. The shade summer; fits all skin tones but moonstone is a little too orange for people with a lighter complexion. And “bronzed“ would work great as a bronzer topper but even for me its a little bit too dark to use as a highlight. Tourmaline is a rare shade and can be worn as a blush topper or a decent highlight. I would definitely recommend this palette for people that enjoy a strong highlight and are more on the tan side but you there are no rules for makeup so just rock your highlight however you want to :)
5 Lucy
I'm in love with these glow kits
5 Shary
Was very excited when sun dipped glow kit was available on beauty bay, the colours are lovely very pigmented I like how there's a variety of four rather than just one shade. Excellent on medium to dark skin tones
3 Lucy
Very good and amazing that there's free shipping, but should be an email confirmation saying that the transactions come through
5 Amy
Love this. Great value for money. Great mix of colours. I use with my fix plus and it creates a great glow. Not the brightest highlighter i own but worth it for an everyday highlighter as get so much for your money.
5 Neelam
5 Shim
I have the first two glow kits in Gleam and That Glow. This one is really lovely for tanned skin and dark skin but you can use this regardless of skin tone. These glow kits are incredible value for money - each colour is about 5cm in diameter and a lovely quality so you get a lot for your money. I am olive skinned and I used 'Bronzed' lightly over cheeks and a very light dust near temples and jaw, then use 'Summer' to highlight cheekbones, nose, cupids bow and inner corner of eyes.
5 Ellyn prince
Amazing so pigmented last for hours use a setting spray after you've done your highlighting as it brings it out definitely worth the money
5 Shayma
So glad I invested in this, decided to splurge on something and this was a perfect purchase, the highlighters are just unreal, I feel like these are all completely different shades which would suit everyone.
5 Alice Taylor
I have just received my glow kit & wow the packaging is amazing & the highlighters even more amazing! Great delivery time too only ordered yesterday & it's here already?? You will not be disappointed already seeing what to order next!
5 Chanel
5 Jade
Amazing! I have the other two palettes!!!

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