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Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Powder Contour Kit Refill

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Powder Contour Kit Refill Zoom
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  • Clay
  • Copper Brown
  • Cream Soda
  • Golden Peach
  • Latte
  • L'Orange
  • Macchiato
  • Mellow Yellow
  • Peaches & Cream
  • Peachy
  • Sandstone
  • Terracotta
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5 Sub.H
I bought 4 shades for 4 each, great price, they are great quality with amazing pigmentation. One colour turned out very warm undertoned but became the perfect blush tone on my skin tone :))
5 Amra
I bought the shade Macchiato thinking it would be a great contour shade, but it is actually a highlighter for slightly deeper undertones. It is great as a blush though, I love bronzy shades as a blush anyways. The pigmentation is great, the powder is finely milled and glides smoothely over the face. There is no fallout, the texture is simply perfect...
5 Elaina
I bought a hot pink Z palette just for this contour. It's amazing. Silky and blends so well. Well done Anastasia!
4 Hayleigh
I love these contour refills to use as eye shaddow as they are very pigmeneted. I order 8 of them when they were priced at 4.25 but they have upped the price again which I was disappointed about when I.came on to order more.
5 Bey
When do u get banana shade back??
5 Aroobah
These contour powders are great, they're not too pigmented which means that it creates a natural effect on the face when applied and have minimal fallout which makes them easy to blend. The range of colours ensures that everyone has a perfect shade for themselves. They were securely packaged, which is great since they weren't in a palette. I have bought 23/29 of the powders and will be buying the rest once in stock.
5 Dovile
It's so pigmented, and easy to blend!!
5 Leto
I bought the L'Orange power and I think it is amazing with my medium tan skin tone, especially layered with a coral peach blush. it does look powdery and is the perfect amount of pigmentation so as that you get good colour pay off but you don't end up looking like a clown.
5 anna maria
beautiful!! amazing pigment and good price
5 Mubi
Soooo happy with the purchase. I use these contour colours as my eyeshadows and LOVE it.. what a great price though. LOVE U BEAUTY BAY!!
5 Laetizia
Absolutely amazing..... loooooooooooove it. Just life. Beginner friendly.
4 Ana
They are almost too pigmented, you have to be careful while applying but they last really long.
5 Clodagh walshe
5 Char
I ordered the shade golden peach and love it. I can use it as a very natural bronzer shade or as an eyeshadow. I purchased this and keep it in my Z palette, as I don't own the kit itself. I love it!! It's so creamy and pigmented. Would highly recommend buying, and they are on sale quite often so you can get it for a very good price!!!
5 Charlotte
I have purchased 2 different shades; java and nude to replace used ones in the contour kit (that had run out) and I love them. I would recommend buying an ABH contour kit or just refill pans as they work in Z palettes. They are very easy to use and blend like a dream, there are also many shades to choose from; including highlights and bronzers. really worth the money :)
4 Nikolina
Great colour payoff and blendability. Quite powdery, but work great on skin. Minus star because talc is listed as first ingredient (you can do better ABH).
5 Lucy
Amazing colours, bought them at such a good price, putting them in a Z palette
5 sejal
2 Sanne
Love the possibility of being able to order a refill, but why aren't there any shades available from the light-medium kit? I'd like to order a refill for my 'banana' and 'fawn' shade.
5 sophie
these powders are amazing, as a trainee makeup artist i need versatile shades for different skin tone and these offer the price is a bargain!!
5 Sharmin
I bought the Cinnamon, ash brown and nutmeg. I am of olive/brown colour and my favourite on my skin had to be the cinnamon and ash brown. Nutmeg is really good if you don't want a dramatic look and is going for a more neutral look. Overall, very pigmented and looks very smooth on the skin. Luuuuuv it x100 and it arrived so quick !!
5 Beth
I recently bought the contour powder in 'nude', i was worried that it would be too light for a contour powder, but too dark for a face powder, thankfully being a very pale person it works perfectly as a contour powder. If you're very light, I highly recommend it.
5 Megan
I love them! Such good value for money! A good tip is to get the 'peachy' refill and put it in a z-palette and use it as an eyeshadow (it's a bit of a dupe for kyshadow in 'peach'. Also, an average eyeshadow size is 1.8g and this is 3g so you get a great amount of product! Love it !!!
5 Nikol
Love them! So blendable
5 Karoliina
Pigmented, soft and easy to blend. I like the color 'Fawn', it's good for cool fair/very fair skintones. High quality and unique colours
5 kathixbeauty
The formula is just so great! Buttery and easy to blend. Not overly pigmented so beginners can use it too, great!
3 Neha
I ordered two highlight shades - 'Champagne' and 'Sand'. They are beautiful colours and give you a natural glow. Perfect for summer.However, if you are looking for a more pigmented, 'in-your-face' kinda highlight than these are not the perfect choice, but you could intensify these by mixing them together and/or with another highlighter. Overall I really do like the shades, especially Sand.
5 Diana
Great product, it helps achieving a natural looking face contour. For fair cool skin, I chose Fawn, Ash Brown, Jawa, Mink, Vanilla and Sand. All blend really well, great staying power.
5 Annie ali
Love this product.. very well pigmented very bendable.
5 Lauren
blends so easily and no fallout ! x
5 Leanne
I ordered the refill pan's in the shade 'champagne' and 'sand'. Both shades are absolutely beautiful, they give the skin a lovely subtle glow. I have never purchased anything from ABH before but so far I am very impressed!! Even more so now that I know the ABH brand is cruelty free!!
5 Laetitia
Just the perfect contour pan!
5 Maria
I was thinking of buying proper contour kit for ages but knew I'll never use all shades, so when I saw singles on 50% off i bought 2 shades I knew I'll use straightaway (vanilla and ash brown).I'm super pale and was afraid ash brown will be too dark but it's very good when used with light hand (I like very delicate contour).I love the product. Blends nicely, it's not over the top so looks really natural. That's exactly what I want. although if I paid full price for them I wouldn't be so happy. First - they are tiny! You only get 3g of product in a pan. Yes, you don't need much product to get a result but still, they are really small. Second - main ingredient of the product is talk. On one hand as long as the product delivers I don't mind it that much, but if I spend good money on such a small product I'd expect it not to have cheap filler as main ingredient.Third - Anastasia uses the trick I don't really like... companies do this now quite often. Instead of putting on packaging 'made in China' they'll put 'made in PRC' (PRC - Public Republic of China). Again, I don't mind it if I know it's produced to high standards and in proper environment etc, but I feel like it's a way to trick unaware customer. In comparison Makeup Geek contour pans are cheaper (Regular price), produced in USA and you get 1.25g more powder. It makes me think it must be much cheaper to produce the product for Anastasia than Makeup Geek, but we're paying more for Anastasia and getting less product.So I have mixed feeling. For sale price I love them and I think I'll be buying two more to filll up my little z palette, but for next contour I think I'll go for either Kat Von D palette or Makeup Geek singles, unless I'll find another 50% off on Anastasia or something new worth trying will appear on the makeup horizon ;)
5 Charlotte
I got the contour pan in the shade Java, when it i tried i fell in love! It's easy to blend, pigmented and gives a natural chisled look when blened.
5 Jayshri
I recently bought 3 contour powders and the one I like the most is banana shade. Perfect for under eyes. Love it !!
5 Jayshri
I recently received the contour powder in banana and vanilla and I am so glad I received it during the offer. . The banana powder is so gooooooddd. . I didn't even have to use concealer, just foundation and then banana powder to set it. . Got the perfect finish !
5 SI
Wasn't sure if I needed the whole kit so I just purchased one highlight shade (Banana) and one contour shade (Fawn) and oh my goodness I love the formula of these. Totally worth the hype. I used Banana as an under eye highlight and it didn't crease. I would recommend buying individual shade(s) if you want to see how it works on your skin before getting the the contour kit.
5 Guja
Vanilla totally deserves all the hype!Evens out the skin and covers up redness,I'm in love!Recommended!
5 Bethany
Lovely powders, but I wish the descriptions clearly stated which ones were matte and which were shimmer. Champagne is a shimmer shade so is not suitable for undereye area
4 Rachael
I purchased both the banana powder and contour pan after slowly building a z pallete. The delivery and service was exceptional as always and the products themselves do live up to the hype. However, whilst buying my contour collection, I also purchased some similar pans from make-up geek. The pigmentation from the rivalry brand was phenomenal and the pan size was also much larger.
5 Jana
Unbelievable, beautybay has got the refills. THANK YOU!Love these refills.Great quality and lovely packaging.Best banana powder and the contours shades has got great pigmentation.I can highly recommend.Hope you offer the single eyeshadows very soon!!!! I can't wait!
5 Chloe
5 Chloe
5 Ammarah Gulzar
This product is always on re-order as I use it everyday. A must recommendation of this with such an easy order process and delivery process !!

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