Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer

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4 Jessica Johnson
For my first ABH product, I was impressed. The colour is 100% as described. Only flaw is that you do have to press down quite hard for a result but considering it lasts all day I can deal with it!
4 Gabi
Absolutely in love with this product!! I agree that you have to press down quite hard to get a good amount of the product or it might just be the colour I've chosen which is soft brown but anyways I love it and it's definitely worth the amount of money you pay! I totally recommend it !
4 Gabi
Absolutely love it! I found that I have to press quite hard to get a good amount of the product on but it really defines my eyebrows and I find it easy to use, I also use the Anastasia pomade which is another this I absolutely love and couldn't do without but overall you definitely get your moneys worth with this product!!
5 Nadezgda
It was my first product from ABH - brow definer really works well. why i love this product - it doesn't make you brows waxy and blends perfectly! Next step will be dipbrow pomade)
5 Patrycja Swiatkiewicz
Love this product! Brows looks amazing when I use it.
3 Enlli
I love the formula and the product does its job well but unfortunately it doesn't last which is a flaw for me as it means that i have to repurchase it within a short amount of time.
5 Chloe
I have bought this product twice now within the space of 2 months which is kind of a flaw. However it is so worth it. The formula is perfect, it glides easily on the brow without adding too much product (like the dip brow). It makes the eyebrows appear almost natural yet it still fully covers areas with sparse amounts of hair. I ADORE this product, definitely worth the investment.
5 Lorna
I love this product because it gives you natural brows, it's all about blending and not about exaggerating your eyebrows but filling them out. For darker bolder eyebrows I'd say use the brow dip. I'd never use another product for my eyebrows, this is 100% amazing!! Tip: there are videos on YouTube from ABH showing how to use it, they're very helpful as they're from Anastasia herself so you're getting the right advise and you can see in the video how natural your eyebrows look!
5 Rachael
I've been a die hard ABH brow fan for the past two years and my go to product has ALWAYS been the brow powders which are one of the best products I've ever used for filling in & shaping sparse brows. But this product totally converted me, it's amazing and I can't imagine ever using anything else! 10/10
4 Lucia
I absolutely LOVE this product! I was unsure whether to go for the brow definer, brow wiz or dip brow. I find dip brow is very thick and heavy eyebrow makeup and brow wiz is for a more natural look so I think the brow definer is a perfect inbetween it's long lasting and stays on all day and evens out my eyebrows (I don't have much eyebrow hair) without giving them a cakey look! The only issue I would say is that the product doesn't last long as I fill my eyebrows in majority of the time and I've only had it for a month... Still the best brow product I have used and will continue paying the money!
3 Poppy
I find that you have to press quite hard to get a decent amount of pigment- however I have only tried the shade granite which has different ingredients to the rest. I think the formula with this shade isn't creamy enough. However the shape of the product does work really well to define the eyebrows, and I still use this product often. You don't get much product', but as per usual you're paying for the ABH brand!
5 Katerina
I just got mine a week ago, I used to be all about the brow wiz but let me tell you! This makes everything so much easier and the application so smooth! Stays on forever and gives me eyebrows on fleeek! I love this product, 100% recommended!
5 Mia
Lovely texture , a little goes a long way , brush a bit better than on brow wiz, overall loving it.
5 Maya
I purchased this one on my trip to the USA and since Day 1, i am loving it. My brows are naturally good but they turn out perfect with the brow definer by ABH. I can highly recommend that product and will surely rebuy it.
3 Charleyne
I think it is a great product because you can really do your eyebrows fast and the color was perfect on me but I won't purchase it again because it broke on me like after 1 or 2 weeks and it lasted me only 2 months because of this I think you pay way to much for this. Next time I will purchase the brow dip because I have heard that it will last a year and is waterproof as well.
2 Dannica
Good product just barely any of it!!! Poor amount for what you pay for.
5 Jemma
ABH Have done it again with this amazing brow definer! Easy to use, great colour match to my brows. Looks natural and flawless, must have for any make up bag!
3 Kathryn
This is by far the best eyebrow product I've used, it's so quick and easy to apply and makes my eyebrows look amazing. My only disappointment with this is how little product you get it only lasted me about a month before it ran out.
5 Rebecca
So amazing!! Makes filling in my brows so much quicker and easier and so long wearing too, another win from Anastasia.
5 tamara
The best brow product I've ever used, much better than dipbrow I must say!
4 Bryony
Product is great if it didn't break so easily! Ordered 1 and the led broke within a week so beauty bay kindly sent me another one as a replacement. A few weeks later on and the second led has broken too, such a shame because it's impossible to use properly when the led just keeps falling out. Bare in mind I do not travel and the product is just left in my makeup bag. Such a shame because when it's working the colour and effect is perfect!
5 Charlotte
So happy with this, perfect colour match with easy application. So much better than a powder or liquid based product, both for precision and a natural finish
5 Janika
The best brow product I've used! Easy to apply.
5 Rose
I really like this brow definer, I find it so quick and easy to use and you can achieve a more natural or more perfected brow with this. The one thing I would say is that if you like a very defined tail to your eyebrow, you would probably need to use another product as this is quite thick and drawing a tiny, thin line would be tricky. Great for quick, natural and fuller looking brows.
5 Ilona
Absolutely LOVE this product! Delivery was quick even though I live in the Netherlands. Got my package today and I&'m loving the result! My order came in a super cute box. Will definitely order again, great customer service
5 Grace
Love this product! Easy to use and it's a great texture. Angle tip allows for hair like strokes as well as filling in. I guessed my colour and went for caramel and it's perfect.
5 Paula
I literally ordered this yesterday and they delivered it today and it's a Sunday. So that was great. Product is amazing. I love it.
5 Marianne Haddow
Very pleased with this purchase. Beauty Bay is the fairest priced location to buy ABH products in the UK and they also offer free prompt delivery. The product itself is one of the best brow products I have bought. Application is very simple and gives for a very natural full looking brow. Will definitely be using both Beauty Bay and ABH products again!
5 Maryam
This was my first time trying Anastasia's brow product. I was going to get the much loved brow wiz but since this was a new product out and equally hyped I decided to give this a try.. I have to say its the best pencil that's touched my brows!! Does not take too much time, quick easy and perfect for my thick brows!! I got the shade dark brown which was a perfect match! Very happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend!!
5 Sara
Love this product, it gives you natural eyebrown look. Best brow product I ever used!!
5 Urszula
Yyy... Product is amazing don't get me wrong, but i have quite thin brows and definitely prefer brow wiz. I need give 5* for your customer service as you replaced broken one immediately! Product would get a 4* from me
2 Stephanie
The product is fine (prefer the brow wiz) but only lasts a very short time. My brow wiz usually lasts about 6 months but this only a month!! I do not have particularly thick or sparse brows and do not use every day so I honestly do not thin worth the money. I checked with Beauty Bay to see if mine was faulty but they confirmed there is a lot less product within the tube.
5 Anastassia
It's amazing product, very simple to create beautiful brows, I'm 100% satisfied
5 Zara
An amazing product! So I was slightly worried that this would look really unnatural but I was totally wrong. I use the colour dark brown and apply it very lightly. So I am very happy with this purchase and have become obsessed with beauty bay!
5 Shani
Really good product gave colour to my brows after trying so many products this is the only one that has helped me but it is quite hard to apply overall Amazing
4 Sabi
Great great product, very easy to use and the triangular shape definitely makes it better than any other brow pencil. The color match is great, too (I use taupe for blonde to ash-blonde hair). Only bad thing I could say is that I assume it will run out quickly on a daily use-basis, so only four stars considering the price.
5 Zoe
2016 was the year I started to try out getting my brows done, waxed shaped tinted for the first time in over 20 years. I'm so glad I purchased this after seeing so many amazing reviews and it has helped me so much! I would definitely recommend this even for beginners like myself. ONLY trouble I've had is, I've had it only 3weeks!! And the twisty motion thing doesn't work properly and it's broken off the tip of the pencil so I can't use it any longer and I still have plenty of product left! So yes I'll have to re buy one and hopefully same thing doesn't happen. Still doesn't put me off to go ahead and purchase another one though.
5 Val
THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING. It's better than any brow pencil I've ever used and makes my brows look super natural. It's also easy to use and a little goes a long way. The only thing I'm upset about is how short the actual product is - when I winded the definer the whole way up there wasn't that much product in it. Other than that, fab!!
5 Linda
Love! Bought ABH pomade at first but this is so much easier and gives a much more natural result!!!
5 Eilidh M
I was just about to buy the Wiz when this product launched and I can safely say that this product is well worth every single penny. So easy and versatile as you can do thick and natural brow looks with this, ABH have hit the jackpot with this.
3 Laura
Slightly disappointing! Pros: Great colour match, Perfect for filling in brows giving them a fuller look Cons: Tiny amount of product, Not as good for precision as I'd have hoped (maybe I'm just too used to applying with a angled brush).
5 Debby
Fantastic product. Will definitely be purchasing again.
5 Alexandra
Amazing product! Now I can do my brows in seconds.
5 Stannigrace
THE MOST AMAZING PRODUCT FOR QUICK BUT BEAUTIFUL BROWS. It usually takes me ten minutes plus to do my brows/make them look amazing - using various products but with this, it's so quick & looks flawless! expensive for how much product you get for the price point but apart from that, amazing.
5 Susie
Amazing product! Better than anything else I've used on my brows and takes seconds to apply! Perfect colour match which I've never had with other products, love!!
5 Kursum
Worth the hype? Yes! It gives your eyebrows the exact shape you want. It makes them look sharp and full. Sooo happy I finally got one. Mine was in Medium Brown and I have dark brown eyebrows.
5 Zee
Honestly, ABH products never fail!!! Anastasia said that the formula for the brow wiz and brow definer are the exact same! The only difference is the shape and you can use the brow definer in more ways than the brow wiz, also you get a little more product in the brow definer! Such a great product to get perfect defined looking eyebrows without it looking un-natural! Thanks Beauty Bay for stocking this :)
5 Elle
Amazing fast delivery as always from BB & the fact that they stock amazing brands that are hard to find here in the UK is even better! Thank you! I just LOVE this product! So easy to use with the angular shape and brow brush, the lovely soft waxy formula glides on with no mess or choppy lookingness! I am a Makeup Artist & I am always looking for something Good Quality, Quick & Easy out the door brow product that looks amazing and I defiantly recommend this product if you're looking for the same. I also purchased the Brow Wiz from ABH for my sister who has slightly finer sparse brows than me and that is amazing if you want to create beautiful detailed brow strokes! I ordered the shade Medium Brown which is Perfect I have have Dark Brown hair and Dark eyebrows. Give it a go, you won't regret!
5 Fiona
I am obsessed with getting my eyebrows on point. My eyebrows are very sparse and fair and I like to create a really defined eyebrow, I have tried a regular pencil and shadow products before and I have to say this is the best eyebrow product I've used. My eyebrows have never looked so good, I was contemplating either getting this or the pomade however I think this is just easier and more convenient and achieves the same result. I purchased this in soft brown and it couldn't have been a better match! With my order I also received a two free samples as well as the one I had originally chosen!
5 Nurdana
I love this product!!!!! Excellent quality and material!!!!!!!!!! Anastasia Beverly Hills brow definer is excellent choice and i am willing to pay this price again.
4 Helen
I have the ABH Dip Brow Pomade + #12 brush, and also use a brow powder with a Zoeva 322 brush, but bought this as I wanted something less time consuming to use when I don't have the time to faff about with that, e.g. after swimming in the morning when I get ready in a rush in a changing room. The pay off with the brow definer is good time wise, it has reduced the amount of time to do my brows a lot and the design is ergonomic and the brow looks groomed straight off the bat. However, there does not seem to be a lot of product for the price, unlike the Dip Brow pomade. Also I don't like the coverage, by this I mean the way the product goes on. I have naturally thin brows, and I like to stick with the natural line of my own brows but thicken it up a little around the arches and the tail; I don't draw on a whole new beautiful thick brow - as I'm no way this proficient! But, I found with the Brow Definer you can clearly see where the brows are drawn away from the areas with natural brow, i.e. it looks drawn on and almost abnormal - an effect which I do not get with the pomade or powders, or even other brow pencils I have tried before, even though the Brow Definer shade (medium brown) is spot on for me. A touch of brow powder does even it out, and for drawing an outline for powder or pomade it's great - but I didn't really need a product for that and I was really hoping for a perfect stand alone product. This is not quite it, so it's a 4* from me.
5 Rebecca
This is such a great product to use! Love ABH! You can use it as hard or light as you want and still have amazing results! Highly recommend this!
5 Sophie
This brow definer is by far the best brow product around! Absolutely adore it. I spend loads of money on products for my brows and hate them all once they arrive but this was so different. I'm so excited to continue using this. I love the colour (soft brown) I purchased and the colour range available, I'm a huge fan of the amazing price, and I love the overall design of the product. Congrats ABH on creating such a fab product and congrats Beauty Bay for stocking this amazing creation.
5 Bethany fullard
This is the best thing I have ever used on my eyebrows! I have always struggled with finding something that I can make my eyebrows look thicker with, I have never dark eyebrows and I went with the shade ebony and it is the perfect match. Will be purchasing another one for the front of my eyebrows. Love love love.
5 Chloe
This is honestly one of the best things I have ever brought, and even the price doesn't justify how good it is! this product completely changed my eyebrows, what I like most about it is it looks so natural and its so easy to apply. really recommend this if you're looking for a new brow product, you will never look back once buying this. I'm completely in love, will be purchasing more of these soon!
5 Hannah Hassan
The ABH Brow definer is amazing. It makes my brows so much easier to do and creates a consistent shape for them. This is the best product for the brows by far.

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